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holeshotta 04-05-2014 01:19 PM

Electrical help needed
i have a bb chevy dragster and went to track today and fuel pump fuse is blowing after ignition is turned on. Car sat all winter an neveran issue before. I have a painless 6 switch panel with fuses. i am thinking a ground or a damaged wire. Its a real pain to pull apart so wanted smarter people than me to weigh in. thanks for any help you can lend.

SuperComp1R 04-05-2014 04:22 PM

fuel pump is locked up

holeshotta 04-06-2014 09:53 AM

ran fine the day before for 20 minutes idling getting ready, will check however, thanks!

farnson 04-27-2014 03:47 AM

Disconnect wire at pump and pull the fuse. With an ohm meter check contiguity to the chassis. if you get a reading the wire is grounded to the chassis.
Good luck, electrical problems.....

shybx1969 06-05-2014 04:43 PM

Originally Posted by badfordfreak (Post 269176)
fuel pump is locked up

yup i agree, somethings overloading..

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