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Vinamite 12-06-2017 06:37 AM

Motor Plate / Mid-Plate Install
Hello all, I am currently building a big-block equipped, street/strip 70 Chevelle from the ground up. I expect low 10 second quarter mile times. It will race on 10-1/2" street slicks and have a fully adjustable, factory style 4 link rear suspension from Dick Miller Racing. It will be built on it's original chassis plus some modifications and a roll cage later in the build. At this time, I am trying to configure a front motor plate and mid-plate (with engine limiter). I don't want to move the engine forward or back at all, but I suspect there is an opportunity here to improve the original engine mounting angle.
Does anyone have any input before I weld the engine into the exact location that GM used?

adamwilla 05-13-2020 10:46 AM

Improve mounting angle? what do you mean?

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