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gibham 10-14-2010 03:54 PM

Street Stock Big Bar Soft Spring Set up help needed
Im a dirt racer looking to switch to asphalt, I have a 75 chevelle chassis car that has been shortened to 108" wheel base. I am racing on a 1/4 short track with 17 degrees of banking, ive been told that the BB/SS setup is what's winning the races there. any help with springs, sway bar, caster/camber or any other information would be greatly appreciated.
I purchased the steve smith book on BB/SS but it only deals with latemodel type coil over cars. thanks guys!

TheYellaBrick 10-15-2010 06:22 PM

Need more info;
What class
Steel or plastic body
Weight of car
what is allowed to be changed ie: stock 'type' anti sway bar with stock mounting points' or do you have an open bar rule.
Same as above in regards with springs

For several years now, the big boys in Cup have used the BB/SS setup. I've used it myself in my circle track and road racing cars with great success.
The heavy sway bars pull the soft springs down which pulls the whole car down (lower center of gravity=less tipover leverage)

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