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hotrod1994 04-16-2012 04:10 PM

fuel pump gph
hey guys i have a mild 350
477/477 lift 268/268 duration cam
stock heads milled to get 9.5:1
Holley 600
edelbrok torker intake

what gallons per hour at what psi should i run?

im looking for mechanical fuel pump that dosen't need a regulator at a good price so what kind of gallons per hour at what psi should i look for

thanks guys

bluedawg357 04-16-2012 10:12 PM

I'm running a 110 gph on my 400 sbc, and ran the stock gm on my 350 with a slightly larger cam with edelbrock heads, so I would say a stock gm would work just fine. Just my .02$

hotrod1994 04-17-2012 09:02 AM

ok i was thinking of running one that was equivalent to a more performance sbc from the early 70's the motor is in a 76 camaro

Notalent 05-25-2012 05:28 AM

You can get away with an 80GPH or 110GPH and have it set at about 5.5 PSI. The Holley 12-834 or 12-327-11 will be a great option and wont break the bank and no need for a regulator, but it IS want to know whats going on and just because these pumps come preset, does not mean they are putting out that much PSI. It could be more or less.

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