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jaykz1000 05-09-2007 06:48 PM

4 LINK technical ?????
when a 4 link suspension car takes off and the rear end tucks up in the body which way does the housing go increase pinion angle// decrease pinion angle or does the housing stay straight??? 2. are most 4 link bars even in length top and bottom or one longer than the other..??

mcracecars 05-10-2007 04:41 AM

when launching any rear wheel drive car, the pinion will try to climb the ring gear, so the housing is trying to flip over backwards. The 4 link bars are attached, hopefully, and the bottom bars will initially try to push the car forward, top bars will be pulling back on the chassis brackets. So the pinion will come up a few degrees and hopefully align with the driveshaft if all is set up correctly.
You do not want the cars housing to tuck up under the body, (squat)
Ideally it should have very little movement on a full chassis car.
As for top bar being same length, it depends.
On a back half or full chassis ideally the top bars are the same length, but can be somewhat shorter to fit the brackets and maintain proper pinion angle.
In a car like a super stock car, were you cannot do a typical backhalf because you must or want to keep the stock floor and trunk area, then you can have a much shorter upper bar to fit the confines of the area.

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