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matt822 03-02-2009 04:07 PM

C-4 reverse servo keeps breaking any ideas why?
I have a small block ford mustang with a C-4 3500 converter stock internals with a B&M shift kit.
I been running this set up for 7 years in this car with no trouble until the servo and the application fork for the reverse band broke
since then it has broke three times after i rebuild the trans changed the valve body with a different stock valve body readjusted the bands three times.the application fork is broken right down the middle like it has been broken by the servo pushing on it to hard.

I did not find anything that looked out of the ordinary inside the trans

has any one ever had this problem or does any body have any idea why this would happen

longm1958 03-06-2009 05:05 AM

trans issues
I had a similar issue with a c-4. I never did find the problem. Ended up going with a different transmission altogether. A powerglide. I had the c-4 built 3 times,changing bands,servo, valve body and still when I simply put it into gear, nothing.
That trans is sitting on the floor of my shop fresh but questionable.
I know this doesn't help but responding as I have been there,done that.

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