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cam67152 03-22-2010 04:50 PM

poor idle
A friend of mine just received his new motor 440 mopar edelbrock performer heads, 11:1 comp, not sure on cam specs but I no its the largest solid flat tappet that mopar performance makes, single plane intake with a 1050 dominator.
The problem is we cant seem to get a decent idle, seems like a lean backfire but burn your eyes out its so rich.
It clears up nice after mid range right up to max rpm.
on the way back down it takes a long time to get to idle, then stumbles and stalls, if you try to give it throttle it backfires!

we changed to a 850 with a little improvement but not much!
it also takes along time to get to temp.

I'm thinking cam timing? or vacuum leak?

Thanks Kirk

I KNOW............ ITS A MOPAR :? :roll: :? :roll: :? :roll: :?

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