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TheYellaBrick 11-19-2014 06:41 PM

Got a question, guys !
What is that center mounted 'blade' the Pro Mods are sporting on the frontal area nowadays ?
What is the technical term ?

curtisreed 11-20-2014 03:57 AM

It's a stripe taker. The newer bodied cars have much more overhang than the older body style cars. This extends the front end to an equal amount so you get to the stripe first if you are running quicker. Cars stage with the front wheels but take the finish with the body.

Some bracket cars run them also so they consistently take the stripe the same instead of varying when you get on the brakes and the front end dives.


TheYellaBrick 11-20-2014 01:37 PM

And here I thought it was some new aerodynamic / airflow control device !

So is there a set max distance from front axle centerline to the leading edge of the 'taker' ?

curtisreed 11-21-2014 03:46 AM

For NHRA in Pro Stock and Pro Mod it is 45" max. Although Pro Stock can't use a stripe taker, the bodies on their cars have to overhang that much. Not sure on Pro Mod if they can use them in NHRA.


TheEngineer 11-24-2014 06:28 AM

Curtis, I've heard them called a, "pecker stretcher" in the Pro-Mod arena! LOL!

curtisreed 11-24-2014 12:29 PM

Yep. Heard that myself.

TheEngineer 11-26-2014 09:51 AM

Curtis, are you doing any upgrades to your car off-season? Boyd's is making really good progress on my engine. It is already bored/honed, crankshaft polished/installed and the short-block is probably completely assemble by now. Then, all that is left is the touch-up on the valve job and I will reassemble the heads (springs/valves installed height, etc.).

curtisreed 11-26-2014 07:19 PM


I'm going to pull the motor apart and look the bottom end over, I have 235 passes on it since I put a new crank and rods in. Probably have a valve job done. Looking at a new converter from FTI or A-1. I was having some issues from 60' to 330' and I am wondering if it is the older converter I have been running. Might send my carb to Davinci or by a new one from him depending how the money works out. I would also like to go back to a 4.88 from the 4.56s. Need to do some rewiring also. I don't know if I can fit that all in or not.


TheEngineer 12-03-2014 04:03 AM


It sounds like you've got a lot of work to get done off-season! Good luck with everything!


curtisreed 12-04-2014 03:25 AM

Pulled the trigger on the FTI converter yesterday. I found what looks like an intake valve trying to pull through the retainer on #5 intake valve. Pulling the heads off tonight to see what's up.


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