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hartlanddude 06-23-2019 07:58 AM

Scammer Found & one method to detect them
SELLING SCAMMER FOUND (Possible)- USER NAME - mdjohnston Phone: 515-207-0316 Joined Jan 2019
Found 3 Ads on this site from him and price was reasonable so I contacted him and the number is google voice, he was texting very well but would not answer.
he is selling a B&J 3 speed trans for $1500 and other parts.... I checked the pics he had posted on Google pics (great way to see if pics are from another site) and the exact same pics he sent me were on - they were exactly the same and in the same order he even used the same description and was selling for $1000 less than on other site.
He did call me finally and the VM he left was NOT American sounding, I did not bother to talk to him just ignored. (every time I called went to Google voicemail)
Please Please be aware people are scammers from other countries and we need to be very careful

If you see something that is not looking honest or you are just Leary about doing business with them, copy the pics into this google site to see if their from another site:
If your using IOS or android here are instructions on how to use:

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