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roadkill2 10-25-2013 08:24 AM

Circular Firing Squad?
Heh, heh . . . Now, since the "Roll Out" of Obamacare, the Republicans are squawking about the inability of the Administration's inability to "make a web site work" . . just before that, they were squawking about "Repealing" or "de-funding" it. Is there no pleasing the Republicans?

Now, all of a sudden, all the Democrat Base are also squawking about the inability of the Administration's inability to do much of anything associated with Obamacare . . And they're blaming everybody but Obama . . They're hollering for Sec'y Sebiullus' head on a pike, fire all the software engineers, and shoot the Republicans who are "Waging a war against Obamacare!" . . .

As I have said so many times before, it's time for the Republicans to sit down and shut up. They are their own worst enemies. If they would just let the Dems do what they do best, they'll shoot themselves in the foot without any help from the Republicans. Obama has taken care of that for them . .

And if you don't yet believe that, just look at what O'Bozo has done for the country's foreign relations. Anybody who has diplomatic relations with the USA believe anything O'Bozo says?

Or worse, Jay Carney? Or . . John Kerry?

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