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11-23-2011, 01:08 PM
Hi after peoples thoughts on a 440 allready blown BDS 871 engine having the following added when rebuilding, i am looking to make around the 1000 hp mark.
440-H1-1 heads bare--Indy
440-R4-10 External oil kit
OPT-H01-A Std shaft mount
MPI-V1-440-1I 2.190" Inlet valves x 8
MPI-V1-440-1E 1.810" Exhaust valves x 8
ALL-S2-K950 K motion valve springs
ALL-L3-611-1 10 Deg valve locks
ALL-R1-732T 10 Deg valve caps
ALL-V3-529V Viton valve seals
440-V5-6 Valley cover plate
440-I4-20 Blower manifold
440-R4-4-1.5 rocker arms
440-R4-11 Rocker studs
440-R4-14 Rocker shafts
440-P5-9K Push rods
440-H3-16 head bolt set
Eagle forged stroker crank 4.375" stroke
H-beam conrods 7.1"
JE Blower forged pistons
Total seal rings
Cam bearings
ARP main studs
Main bearings
Rod bearings
Oil pump
oil pump drive shaft
and trans

TF727 with 5 plate clutchs,
Billit Fwd drum & input shaft.
Rev shift patten trans brake.
Ridgid front band
5.0 ratio band apply lever
Deep alloy Sump pan kit
Alloy direct clutch drum kit
Rear support kit with roller bearings
Super Spragg
4 pinion gearsets

well this is what i am being recomended and as i am spending a fare amount i would be very interested in replies

11-23-2011, 05:59 PM
Do we have to ask twice?