View Full Version : 302 timing question

09-13-2009, 02:29 PM
Hey guys, I'm having a little trouble getting my timing dialed in.
I did have it set once where it would break free from a standstill but now it's just bogging down then going and I can't seem to find that sweet spot again. I've been everywhere from 5 BDC to 40 BDC and it runs best between 25-35 BDC. But I'm not sure where it should be with this cam, Any ideas?

The cam is a Crower 15512
from website-
PERFORMANCE LEVEL 2 - Most popular Ford hyd roller grind, blows
away Chevrolets. Heavy mid-range.
302 cid / 2400 - 5700 rpm / Redline: 6200 rpm maximum

Grind/lobe center

Advertised duration
Intake Exhaust
282* 286*

Duration @ .050"
Intake Exhaust
222* 228*

Gross lift
Intake Exhaust
.496" .512"

Ignition is motorcraft distributor with autolite platinum plugs and wires.
Holley 4 barrel, size?
Edelbrock performer rpm intake
Stock heads
It is currently at 29 BDC at idle which goes up to about 35+ BDC when revved. But it is still bogging on take off? Any lower than 25 BDC and it starts to run like crap and runs better in the 35 - 40 BDC when revving range? Is this too much or normal with this cam?