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08-25-2007, 08:20 PM



this is the 69 camaro i built for my wife several years ago..small block 400 (406), Dart iron eagle heads (steel). flat tappet solid roller 520 lift ( small)
steel h beam rods, gm 400 crank, forged pistons...roller rockers, stud girdles..nothing really speacial in motor...wanted a tamer street machine for the wife. even the holley 750 dp is new out of the box..i adjusted it and bolted on....car is un- cut,,all light blinkers,horn works,26x10's on rear DOT ET STREETS ( NO SLICKS)...12 bolt rear 4.56 gear (1/8)..turbo 350 tranny...basically stock chassis except some subframe connectors,slapper bars and i turned the pinion down justs a little more than normal to get a good bite...

last run
footbraking, thru the mufflers,DOT street tires,in street trim the car ran 7.60 at 90 mph and a 1.56 60 ft...in the heat of day..let me say it took a few passes and the track to work in before we got the 1.56 60 ft. but it did get it...not made for a stock suspension full trim camaro at 3300lbs plus driver...

we also use 93 octane pump gas....lol

its s fun car with no eletronics on board except the 6al box and a line lock.
please remember this is a lady (mother) driven with a car seat in the back..and you are subject to see her at the super market in it.......

we realize we could do some work and change the heads and go with a more agressive camshaft and squeeze another 100-150 hp out of it ...but its sort of a mute point at this time......by the way the motor was dynoed and made a little over 480hp and about the same amount of TQ....

my wife loves driving and i love being her pit guy...

i am also in the background when the picture was taken by her...lol


08-26-2007, 04:40 AM
Very nice ride Joyce and I know you can't wait to get behind the wheel of a vette. Well you two have fun and keep it safe.

08-26-2007, 05:30 AM
Gorgeous 69!!!!

Now to get your daughter a jr dragster and start her getting ready for when she is old enough to drive it. 8)

08-26-2007, 06:57 AM
brian you just have sweet ass rides, now that is a pretty car, bet the wife loves it, and weld draglites, looks sweet!!!!!!!!!! 8)