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What a three weeks

I'm sorry it's been a while since I posted.  It has been a wild three weeks.  I started out in Bonneville with the SCTA guys, and man what a time!  If you've never been to Bonneville let me tell you it's worth the trip.  Seen a lot of great customer's and friends and made a lot of new ones.  My hat's off to Lee and Kiwi and everyone at SCTA they run their butts off.

Then it was off to Knoxville for my first Nationals.  It was everything I hoped it would be.  120 of the best sprint cars in the country fighting it out over four days for a 24 car field.  Only the Chili Bowl beats it.  Tim Shaffer and the whole Call Motorsports group to get Tim's first win at Knoxville.  He had all our stuff Nets, Seat belts, restraint-it was awesome baby!!  Donny was the car to beat the whole weekend, while he didn't wear the device that night, he says he's so comfortable he wears it 80% of the time.  Lucas Wolfe did a great job making the A-Main the first night as well.  Kerry and Randy suffered some hard luck unfortunately.  I had a great time and can't wait to see the 50th anniversary.

Upon returning from Knoxville I found that we had a huge demand for our seatbelts in NASCAR.  So while I was in Knoxville, Trevor went to Michiagan with Lori Lucas of Randall Race Parts and installed seatbelts in Dale Jr's cup car and Carl Edwards Nationwide car and Cup car.  Jr finished third which is the highest he's placed all year (must have been the belts)  haha!  Since then Carl has won in the Nationwide car in Montreal with them and teams have been switching to them rapidly.

This had me go to Bristol for the Truck race and the modified race.  Lori has been doing a great job by switching these guys over to our belts.  Donny Lia put on a show and did a great job of driving to beat Ted Christopher.  Skinner started on the outside of the front row and was a threat at the end.

From there I went to Maple Grove to see the NHRA boys.  I met Kurt Johnson and Justin Humphreys and can't tell you how nice of guys they are.  The race was plagued by rain (as normal) so I got great time to visit with Morgan, Matt, and Spencer.  As well as the others.  Everyone in the Pennsylvania area was so cool and the area reminds me of North Carolina.

While at the race track I found out that my uncles condition was terminal and that I should start to make plans to get home.  The weird thing was that they started to schedule therapy for him.  We lost him sunday morning.

By Sunday evening I was in Fargo comforting my aunt and visiting with my cousin.  The prayer service was tuesday and funeral on Wednesday.  On Friday I went to my home track of Red River Valley Speedway to return some normalcy to my life.  I went fishing with my dad the next day to relax alittle and after having breakfast with my loving grand mother returned home.

Hope to see you at the Track soon!!

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Man what an adventure!!  Started out in Bonneville with the land speed guys-Wow they know how to go!  Met a lot of great people, RJ'ers and non.  Can't thank Lee and Kiwi Steve enough...  Albert, Steve huge thanks!  Great to see my old boss Mike Ege out there with Mike Cook.  Mike's such a good guy.  Had a lot of fun, seen alot of interesting things.  Had a great time!

From there on to Knoxville.  I have been waiting my whole racing career to go to Knoxville.  FINALLY got there.  What a place!!!!!  I'd go back in a heart beat.  Great people, great racing, great facility great everything!  Huge thanks to my friend Jack Hickman of Waterman Racing Components.  My Knoxville experience wouldn't be the same without him.  On a personal note congradulations to my friend Bill Moore and Dawn on their wedding Saturday morning.  I crew cheifed for Bill in ASCS and USCS for 3 years and never thought I'd see the day.  Congrats!

Congrats goes out to Tim Shaffer for his win Wed night!  We got our first Knoxville victory-our seat belts, our driver nets, our head restraint a big win and a great run for the whole Call Motorsports team!  To Donny for Spankn' them!  Knoxville has become his house, and he sure proved it again.  Ricky, Bill, Danny and Shane way to go! 

To Morgan Lucas on win number 2, and Tony Pedregon, Greg Anderson great job!  We'll see you this weekend in Maple Grove!

To all of our drivers and friends great job on keeping the winning tradition and staying safe.


See you at the track!



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Drags and Sprints

Wow!  What a weekend!  Matt Hagen with his first pole postition in NHRA!  That's just great he deserves it.  He's such a great driver.  I was in Richmond for the ADRL race and Kenny sure has it goin' on.  Thank you to Kenny and all the ADRL staff for their hospitality.  It was like going home.  There are som many friends from IHRA over there, I'm glad I found them.  Jason and Chip had an little tifts, glad they are ok.  Their devices held up easily.  Great job goes out to Todd on runner up, he sure has that car fast.  It was great to see so many of those guys and watch such great action.

On Saturday I went to Harris for the USCS sprint cars.  I used to run with these guys pretty regular back in the day, so it was great to see them.  Tim Perry was a little to loose all night, but ended up 7th.  My good buddy Johnny Bridges beat Terry Gray for a great win.

I have to say congrats to Trevor Lewis and Davey Sammons-two great friends that both scored wins in URC this weekend as well.

Congrats go out to Tim Wilkerson for  back to back wins, Mike Skinner for a great battle in the Truck series, and to all of our safe drivers out there-Way to go!

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Mid July

Here we are in the lul of the summer and at the start of the BIG money races.  Congradulations to Donny Schatz on taking the Kings Royal!  I saw him whip the King at Elodora to take the Historical Big One and knew he'd get it done for the King's Royal.

Also a big congrats goes out Tim Wilkerson on his Nitro Funny car win.  He's been struggling this year and it was good to see him get one.

Glad to see Raymond is ok after putting a nail in the coffin of the Mckamis Pro Mod that Melanie wrecked.  Tim and the guys build one hell of a car.  I'm sure there's a new one on order after this weekend.  To all of our racer's and customers great job this weekend and we'll see you at the races!

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Josh Weller

Congradulations to Josh Weller on his URC win last night!  Way to go!!  Josh and his family are great people that I have been friends with for years.  I was at Brasstown for his first win, and it was incredible.  Josh climed in the stands with the checkered flag and had little checkered flags that he personally handed out to all the kids in celebration of his first win.  They are world class people and great talent behind the wheel.

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Just got back from a wild first time at Crandon International!  What a time!!  We won't talk about the flights, what a nightmare.  But the racing, the atmosphere, the people, sure made up for all that time in the hotel and airport.

Congrats goes out to all of our drivers, we really "stink up the show" with these guys, but this is what we do.....we keep them safe and they know it.  From Greaves, Huseman, Taylor, Leduc, Cenni, Kinkaid, Kleikamp, Porter (Both), Jenkins (what a series), Hoek, Holtger's, Demeny, Beauchamp's, to everyone you are all world class and I had a wonderful time and can't wait to see you again!  Check out some of the new pics I have added to the Gallery.

Till next time........See you at the track



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Another one in the books

Well, I've got another racing weekend in the books.  I spent friday and saturday at Richmond Dragway for the IHRA Sportsman National, and Saturday night at Farmington for the quick 8 promod race.  What a great time and seeing Tutterow flying down the 1/8 at over 200mph is always cool.

I spent the previous weekend playing in the rain in Atlanta with Johnny and the guys from ORSCA.  I can't thank them enough for their hospitality.  Cudos to you.


I must say that I am hurt this morning after finding out that we lost another driver this weekend.  Chad McDaniel lost his life at Knoxville in a midget.  I don't have any details, but he was not wearing one of our devices.  Please guys, focus in on safety, the purpose is to have fun and go home to your wife and kids, not leave them behind.  RIP Chad


I'll be in Ohio this week, and at Eldora so look for me and come introduce yourself to me.  I'd love to meet you.



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How bout Skinner?

Did you guys see Mike Skinner's wreck in the truck race at Lowe's?  It was pretty spectacular, what most people will never realize is that this was the same wreck that took two other driver's lives.  Can you beleive that NO one will make a big deal about that?

In NHRA news congradulations to Mike Edwards on his win, and to Greg Anderson for his final round appearence.  Congradulations go out to Tony Pedregon on his final round appearence in Funny cars and to good friend Burton Auxier for his win in Pro Mod.

I had the pleasure of meeting several great ORSCA drivers this weekend in Atlanta.  It was a real pleasure meeting Johnny Finn, and Tony.  Bobby worked incredibly hard to get there, to just load up after the event was postponed to rain.  AT least the chassis is cert.  It was a shame to be rained out, but after talking to many of the driver's and the event being postponed I headed home. 

It will be a wild weekend of Sprintcar racing this weekend with all of the Outlaws here for Friday night, and Saturday night I'll be at 311 with my buds. 


Hope to see you at the track!

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An interesting but busy weekend

Here we are on another monday after a weekend at the races.  I have to say that everywhere I go I get to meet the nicest racers in the world!  This past weekend I started out at Piedmont dragway for a night with the Big Dawgs.  Congrats goes out to Brian Williams on his victory. 

Friday night was a strange occurance as I took a night off to go out on a date (yes, Lisa-same girl).  Everything went well and I had a good time.

Saturday I was up early and off to VIR with Randy and Johnny of the Joie of Seating.  What a beautiful facility.  If you've never been there and you like road racing I highly recommend attending.

I want to say a huge congradulations to Kyle Larson on his big win.  Kyle has been wearing our products since he startd driving and has an incredible amount of talent.  Way to go.

Great job to everyone for staying safe this weekend and having a good time.  See you at the races!



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What a weekend

In a frenzy of races and great weather, what a weekend!  Phoenix was great, great people, great racing.

Seeing Kevin Probst, Carl Renezeder, Mike Cohen, Alan Pflueger, and all those great kids!  The weather was great, and the action was hot.  I couldn't have asked for a greater time.  For my first time to the desert it was better than expected. 

A big congradulations goes out to Mike Skinner for winning last week's truck race.  Since the race was pushed to Monday I think alot of people over looked it.

Congrats to Carey Goforth on his first win in IHRA, it's been a while coming and I'm so happy to see it for Chris, Rod, Kevin and the whole crew.

How about Jeg!  He scared the hell out of Jason.  Del, we'll see you at Bristol for your new device.  I'm glad to hear that after making the switch Spencer no longer has a headache.  Antron, that was a great win. 

To all of our other friends and customers congradulations on a successful and safe weekend of great racing.  See you at the track!


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6 tracks-3 Days!!

What a wild weekend this was.  It started off with a trip to Mooresville to lend a hand to Chris Holbrook who was testing there.  From there it was off to Rockingham for the IHRA Spring Nationals.  It was great to see everyone as I missed the first race of the year in Baton Rouge.  I stayed there Thursday night and was there on Friday as well.  Friday night I left and went to Carolina speedway for a night with my friends at USCS.  Tony was fast, but managed to flip out of the park the first lap.  Sorry bout your luck smoke.  In to the wee hours of the morning I made it home and off to Rockingham on Saturday for more Nitro action.  I stopped on the way and visited the CV trailer at Z-Max.  The Pinks all out event was going on and what a crowd.  It was great to see such large crowds at both Z-Max and Rockingham.  From there I went to Harris Motorspeedway for yet another night of USCS action.  After finally getting home at 3 am, it was time to call it a night.  Congradulations goes out to Terry Gray, Carey Goforth, and all of our customers with there luck this past weekend.  Can't wait to see you all at the races!

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Had an awesome time in Atlanta with the draggers!  Mike Neff, Robert Height, and Jeff Arend all switched to our seat belts!  They all remarked how much tighter and more comfortable they were in the car.  Spencer went to the final round and did a great job to save it on such a wild ride, he still had a bad head ache on tuesday!  He will have our device on next week in St Louis.  What a great time, seeing our good friends!  Congrats to Jeg for runner up, Jack Beckman and Ashley for final round, and to Morgan Lucas for his first win!

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Lee County Mud

WOW!  What a weekend!  It was a great time going to Lee county, seein hill and hole for the first time, what an experience.  I met 2 great racingjunk people, Bobby and Lisa, Darryl the owner, and everyone involved with the track was absolutely great to work with.  I really recommend checking it out. 

Congradulations goes out to Ron Capps, and Jeg Caughlin on thier big wins along with a great run to Matt Hagen on his runner up! 

In Sprint cars a huge congrats goes to Tim Shaffer on his All Stars win, "Looking good Tim".  To all of our other friends and customers good luck next weekend we'll see you at the track!


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Brendon Gaughn

Huge congrats to Brendon Gaughn for getting the pole at Bristol!

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Weekend Winner's

A HUGE congrats goes out to Bob Tasca and to Mike Castellana for them picking up their first NHRA wins! They both put together awesome runs to bring home the Wally.

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New here to RacinJunk!  I'm just a racer, I travel around to all these tracks trying to educate and help keep racers safe.  I hope to make lots of new friends, and see you all at the tracks!

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