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Been pretty quiet lately.

We haven't had the car out a whole lot the last few seasons as economics caught up with us.  Had a rough patch that we were fortunate to get through.

The FlashBack has been updated with a FunnyCar style cage that has it certified down to the 7.50 range if I remember correctly. The fuel cell/battery install was cleaned up quite nicely in that process as well.

The car is as killer as ever...we made a few passes at a test-n-tune day last year and so when the funds are there I know that we can still run with the best of them! We'd really like to get back to running the NMCA events at some point in the near future.

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Where'd the year go?

We have one Midwest Open Comp Series Race left on the schedule as we got rained out last weekend....Oct.24th will be the finale if it's not snowing by then!!

We've been in all three previous event finals this season and have won two times...not bad for an abbreviated season.



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Finally Spring......

Is it springtime already....well we may get more snow this weekend so I'm not totally sure!

The car needs to have the valves set and a new set of slicks put on but other than that we're ready to roll.



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It's a wrap....

We ended the season at CFR at the two-day Terry Stumpf Memorial Races and although we didn't win either day (we had a semi-final and a quarter-final finish) we had some of the best racing action that we'd had in a long time!

The reaction times were killer (one perfect .000 was put down) and the racing at the stripe was as close as one could be without losing!

We had alot of our friends show up for the weekends racing and it was good to see alot of racers and fans alike in attendance.

April is a long way off at this point and I can't wait until we can get back to the track and improve on the semifinal finish!!

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On the straight and narrow

Well, the car was pulling pretty severely to the right during the racing at the Night of Fire event so it was obvious that our adjustments were not quite right and we needed a helping hand.  We had made some adjustment in the rear suspension and the front alignment and now had them both out of sync.

So, we hauled the car over to Andersen's Automotve Service (one of our sponsors and a fellow racer to boot...ProMod that is)...Marshall got out the tape measure and the FlashBack went up on the alignment rack as well...a short time later we had the car back to being square and we were ready to go!

After a couple more weekends of the track being closed for further repairs we headed out to the Harley's & HotRods charity event at Cedar Falls Raceway.  The went straight as an arrow once again and the consistency was back as well!!


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Cedar Falls Raceway Update





Cedar Falls Raceway will re-open after major flooding on Saturday, July 26, 2008 with the American Red Cross NIGHT OF FIRE. All proceeds of the event will go to the Iowa Tornado & Flood Relief Fund of The American Red Cross. As part of the promotion, spectators will get free access (admission) on the spectator side of the race track. "We were touched by the flooding ourselves, but not to the level of many people in the region" said Dan Driscoll. "There are also many victims of the tornados and it seems between the two catastrophes many peoples life has been altered" he continued.

Working with the American Red Cross Hawkeye Chapter the program was put in place. The Hawkeye Chapter will have representatives on hand accepting "free will" donations. Pro racers from all across the Midwest are participating at this event at little of no cost allowing for the opportunity to create funds for the cause as well as put a show on with no admission to the public. In addition to the feature show, a $2,000 to win bracket race will be contested. "We will be posting a full purse" said Promoter Scott Gardner. "However, we will accept any donations back from the sportsman racers to increase the funds to the Red Cross" he mentioned.

While the final list of professional entries attending the Night of Fire is not complete, below are confirmed supporters of the event:

Danny Crownhart - Jet Funny Car
Diamond Jim Crownhart - Jet Funny Car

Benny "The Human Bomb"

Lance Van Hauen - Van Hauen Brothers Supercharged Funny Car

Dale Suhr - Nitro Nostalgia Top Fuel Dragster
Dan Russell - Nitro Nostalgia Top Fuel Dragster
Kevin Brewer - Nitro Nostalgia Top Fuel Dragster
Dragster Dave - Frantic Fueler Nitro Nostalgia Top Fuel Dragster

Ozark Mountain Super Shifters

Mike Garlich - Mr's B's Pontiac Vs Blastro Supercharged Van

Allen Peterson - Top Fuel Harley Motorcycle Vs Bob Kobernese - Top Fuel Harley Motorcycle

This list will be updated as confirmations get made. MORE NAMES TO COME

By Scott Gardner 

Having now operated race tracks for more 12 years, I have seen a lot of things transpire. Some good and others not. Gracious champions and sore losers have been seen over the years as well as people that would do almost anything for anyone and others who thought that everyone owes them something. The good thing is that an overwhelming number of racers, crew and fans are positive uplifting people who truly care about each other. 

It seems because of a variety of circumstances the people of Cedar Valley have been hammered and to some degree includes us at Cedar Falls Raceway. After years of little or no management at the track with a revolving door of operators, there are still many who question our sincere approach to operating the facility. In the larger look of things, that doesn't bother me much. I'm confident in our ability at a team to operate CFR and in fact some day put the operation into the black. However, we are more concerned now for the people directly effected by the recent horrific storms that have left so many with little or nothing. We hope in some small way we can improve the lives of people with what we do; operating race tracks including CFR. 

Therefore, we are boldly moving forward with the Red Cross Night of Fire event. Is it the show we originally planned? No, it is not. We are not in the position to present such an event as I also believe most of our potential customers have other more serious priorities to spend money on. Clearly, drag racing or any entertainment venue is not vital to ones survival. Also, it's clear that the opportunity to let people escape reality is also good medicine. 

Cedar Falls Raceway will re-open on Saturday, July 26 with free admission on our spectator side and resume regular operations from that point forward. What we ask of you is simple. Please spread the word about the Red Cross Night of Fire and please support CFR in manner you can. With everyone working on a common cause, the road to recovery will be easier for all. 

Thanks for your consideration and thanks to all the special feature racers who are volunteering to make this happen. We'll see everyone at the Night of Fire!

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RIP Scotty Kallita

A sad day indeed...RIP Champ!!!!

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Quarter-Finals last weekend..Flooded Out This Weeekend

The heat and low air pressure kept the FlashBack in the 10.37 range as far as et goes but a string of .008 / .005 / .001 lights kept us in the hunt until a slight delay in the program knocked me out of the groove and my reaction time went south on me in the quarters....

This weekends Midwest Open Comp race has been cancelled due the heavy flooding we've experienced the last few days...Prayers Up to all that have been affected.


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SemiFinals First Race of 2008

Well, we didn't pick up the win but I was mildly happy with the semi-final finish. We treed the competition the first three rounds and then lit the red-lite in the semi's.

Car was running in the 10 teen to 10 twenty range in some very bad air so that's encouraging...and the new brakes worked flawlessly!

Can't wait til next weekend!!

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Now we're talking!!

The second weekend out we posted times of a 10.13 / 10.16 / 10.16 / 10.12 all at the 131mph mark!

The two 10.16 passes we tried upping the rpm on the launch, seemed to spin the tires a touch more is all so we went back to the lower rpm for the last past and gained the three hundreths back!


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First passses of '08

Well we thrashed on the car Saturday to get the little details finished up and hit the track on Sunday finally!!
After a soft launch to make sure the car would launch straight and stop straight we were back in the pits making a shiftcable adjustment.
Then we fired off consectutive runs of a 10.26 / 10.27 / 10.28 all at 130 mph!
Not too bad as last season we were struggling to hit the 10.20 zone!!
We've got a brake shimmy coming through the steering wheel that we need to find the cause and cure for but everything seems to working good and there's no leaks anywhere...I HATE LEAKS!!!!

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What's Up......

Well, we got hit with a doozy of a storm last Sunday and we couldn't get out until Wednesday a.m. when a neighbor a mile up the road came down with his snowblower/tractor combo to bail us out!
We're headed back into town to work on the car some more tomorrow...didn't get as much done last weekend as I had hoped to but we plugged away at it.
The rear end is due to be done this coming week and we should be able to pick up the engine next weekend...been tough to get up to his shop here lately too as he's about 75 miles northeast of us and it's kind of a get-together when we all head up to work on the engine and benchrace with Joe at Midnight Machining....I think he has got the heads all ready to go for us,we'll need to measure up the length of the pushrods we'll be needing and that'll wrap up that loose end.
We'll be redoing the fuel line and finishing up the wiring loose ends tomorrow and next weekend we should be able to mount the rearend in and go to town on the new brake setup that we started last weekend.
Got the truck in the shop to get the PS leak figured out now too...Once we get the car done I need to get Scott backto finishing up the wiring for the trailer backup lites and get a better backup camera installed.........It never ends!!!!!

Feb 28:
Well, more snow and wind tonite...possibly some ice by Saturday a.m. I think I've been late or missed work about every other day for about two weeks now!!
Trying to coordinate picking up the new rearend assembly and finish up the brake work and fuel-line redo this weekend with the crew guys...all weather permitting at this point.
Had thought about running over to Indy this weekend but I've missed so much worktime already this month that I can't afford to get any further behind on stuff...some of the messages being left aren't too kind
If we don't get anything done on the car this weekend there's always some paperwork that I can get caught up on!!!
We did manage to sneak off last weekend and attend the Monticello Rod and Custom Car Show where I was able to get Paul LeMat (aka John Milner...American Graffitti) to autograph some of my more prized American Graffitti memorabilia......he's a pretty cool dude in real life too.

March 13:
Well...we finally got the rearaxle assembly back and will be getting that installed this weekend.
The pushrods are due here today or tomorrow so we may be making atrip to Midnight Machining to pickup the engine as well.
The brake project will get wrapped up this weekend as well...be nice to get her off the jack stands again!!!!!

March 18:
Well, we didn't get the brakeline project handled as of yet, but it is on the ground on all fours again!
We got the pushrods up to Midnight Machine and the engine is ready to go!!!!
Hope to get the engine/trans installed this next weekend and get the measurements for the new driveshaft all figured out....then we gotta get the brakelines done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

March 22:
Heading up today to get the engine/trans back in place and get the d-shaft measurements so we can get that ordered this week.
The brakes will have to wait until next weekend to get plumbed.
New ladder bars due here by Monday as well.

March 26:
Engine/Trans/Rearend all back in place, the Dynotech driveshaft is on order, the Chris Alston Chassisworks ladders bars will go on this weekend and we'll get Dwayne to work on plumbig the brakelines.
Scott's project will to be finish up the wiring and other misc loose ends.
I'll be getting the rear suspension pieces put in place and getting the chassis squared away.

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Progressing Slowly

It seems that every weekend we've been hit by storm after storm...snow, ice, wind, etc. We've been able to make some progress despite the weather but it seems that we're finally (hopefully) past the worst of it and will be able to step up the pace!
We're picking up the new rearend assembly tomorrow from Quick Performance.
We have the transmission back from Transmission Rebuilders and it's ready to go!
Diamonds Body Shop has fixed the front bumper for us and is also where we've been working on the car to get it all back into one piece, Thanks for letting us take up some space and alot of your time Jim!!!!
Joe, at Midnight Machining has the engine ready to go for us after performing a little touch up work on the heads....the mill should have some more "POP" this season!!!!
I can't wait to get thing rolling here in '08 as we head out to the track with our new RACINGJUNK.COM sponsorship to showcase!!
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'08 Begins....

Thr rearend housing is at Quick Performance being fitted with some top notch Moser pieces and some Wilwood rear discs as well.
We're going to start laying out the new brake system and doing some minor bodywork this weekend...and posibly some cylinder head mods.
The new front brakes and alternator/bracketry will be next on the list...then we'll update the belts and window net so we'll be legal there for another couple of seasons.
'08...here we come.
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Thanks Again!!!

Well, we had a great time down at the PRI Show in Orlando!!
Thanks for all the votes from the RJC membership...our 2nd place finish is very much appreciated and the 7500.00 will go straight into fixing up all the carnage we created on our last pass of the '07 season!!!
We've got a pretty fresh engine and now the trans and rearend will be top notch as well...'08 should be a great season!
The whole RJC crew made sure the whole deal ran smooth and kept us all as relaxed as we could be when someone is sticking a microphone in your face and pointing TV cameras your way as well...not to mention that they brought in the likes of Cruz Pedregon to hand out the winnings!
Emily and Gavin...thanks in particular for making us feel right at home...and Thanks To Everyone at RJC for making the whole trip a great experience. We will do our best to represent you and all the RJC family throughout the '08 season!!!

Gene "FlashBack" Hinders & Crew
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Thanks to everyone who voted!!!


The e-mails I've recieved from some of our heroes serving in the military who seen this and shot us a vote was a real boost!!!

Congrats to the other finalists as well:
Mary Baltzell and Gail Whisnant too!!!!!

Gene "FlashBack" Hinders
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Carnage at the track!

Well, this last weekend was the end of the season for the Flashback.
On a last minute 'test run' before loading up to head home we messed up a whole lotta stuff!
The car was running the best it has all year with runs in the 10.30's at over 130mph....on the fatal pass we let go of the transbrake button as usual but the nose of the car came down suddenly and there was a very nasty sound coming from underneath car. After I got myself unstrapped from the harness and looked underneath the car it wasn't a pretty site. There was a ton of pieces from the rearend all over as well as some very slippery gearlube and trans fluid...the tranny had a nice hole in the tailshaft as well as the driveshaft was split in two and the ladder bar mount on the passenger side took a hard 'whack' along with the now bow-shaped diagnol-link which casued the tires to be offset pretty severley to the left.
We winched her up into the trailer and will begin to assess the damage more thoroughly this weekend.

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Patriot Day

We took the truck/trailer/car down to Des Moines Tuesday, the morning of Sept.11 2007, to join in the caravan that's traveling across country from California to Washington DC to show the Troops and Veterans of this country that we do appreciate the job they're doing/have done.
We traveled eastward to Cedar Rapids where they held a rally at Veterans Memorial Park...it was a great day!
We met veterans from WWII, Korea, Vietnam, GulfWar1, and our current war...the fact that these guys/gals and the mothers and fathers of those serving were so thankful about us having the decals of The Wounded Warrior Project and Move America Forward (both organizations that support our troops)and that we were willing to show up and show our support of them was too much, it really hit me hard. I just told them that what I was doing was insignificant compared to what they all have done and continue to do so that we can live free and pursue our dreams.
If you see one of our country's veterans somewhere, anywhere....just tell them Thank You for their service...It's the least we can do.
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We've been running a bit in the NMCA OpenComp class the last few years and have started a local series that run similar rules...the Midwest Open Comp Series.
Most of our races are held at Cedar Falls Raceway (soon to be re-named NIETA Raceway) in Cedar Falls, Iowa. We have run a few events at Tri-State Raceway and at Cordova Dragway Park as well but the turnout and logistics is better at CFR for now.
I've run brackets since the 1984 season and we tried our hand at the NMCA ProStock class one year back in '02 but problems with engine builders and then cashflow knocked us back into the Open Comp class. O/C is a great class to run if you want to try your hand at the Pro Tree...it IS A BLAST for those of you that haven't tried it!! We run two or three qualifying passes and then our race index is set at one-tenth below our best qualifying pass. The start is handicapped like in the brackets but we get to run off the ProTree like the "Pros" do (it is a .500 tree though...which is great for heavier/slower cars)...it's the best of both worlds.
Check out our site www.elimn8u.com for our Midwest schedule or for NMCA and NMRA schedules go to www.nmcadigital.com (all-brands)or www.nmradigital.com (all Fords) for their schedules.
Our next race is September 22nd at CFR.
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