2009 46',8" Showhauler/Volvo 19 Garage 25,862 miles - $195,000

Immaculate Condition Like A Very Nice 2018

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2009 46',8" Showhauler/Volvo 19 Garage 25,862 miles 2009 46',8" Showhauler/Volvo 19 Garage 25,862 miles 2009 46',8" Showhauler/Volvo 19 Garage 25,862 miles 2009 46',8" Showhauler/Volvo 19 Garage 25,862 miles 2009 46',8" Showhauler/Volvo 19 Garage 25,862 miles 2009 46',8" Showhauler/Volvo 19 Garage 25,862 miles 2009 46',8" Showhauler/Volvo 19 Garage 25,862 miles 2009 46',8" Showhauler/Volvo 19 Garage 25,862 miles 2009 46',8" Showhauler/Volvo 19 Garage 25,862 miles 2009 46',8" Showhauler/Volvo 19 Garage 25,862 miles 2009 46',8" Showhauler/Volvo 19 Garage 25,862 miles 2009 46',8" Showhauler/Volvo 19 Garage 25,862 miles 2009 46',8" Showhauler/Volvo 19 Garage 25,862 miles 2009 46',8" Showhauler/Volvo 19 Garage 25,862 miles 2009 46',8" Showhauler/Volvo 19 Garage 25,862 miles 2009 46',8" Showhauler/Volvo 19 Garage 25,862 miles 2009 46',8" Showhauler/Volvo 19 Garage 25,862 miles 2009 46',8" Showhauler/Volvo 19 Garage 25,862 miles 2009 46',8" Showhauler/Volvo 19 Garage 25,862 miles 2009 46',8" Showhauler/Volvo 19 Garage 25,862 miles 2009 46',8" Showhauler/Volvo 19 Garage 25,862 miles 2009 46',8" Showhauler/Volvo 19 Garage 25,862 miles 2009 46',8" Showhauler/Volvo 19 Garage 25,862 miles 2009 46',8" Showhauler/Volvo 19 Garage 25,862 miles 2009 46',8" Showhauler/Volvo 19 Garage 25,862 miles 2009 46',8" Showhauler/Volvo 19 Garage 25,862 miles 2009 46',8" Showhauler/Volvo 19 Garage 25,862 miles 2009 46',8" Showhauler/Volvo 19 Garage 25,862 miles 2009 46',8" Showhauler/Volvo 19 Garage 25,862 miles 2009 46',8" Showhauler/Volvo 19 Garage 25,862 miles 2009 46',8" Showhauler/Volvo 19 Garage 25,862 miles 2009 46',8" Showhauler/Volvo 19 Garage 25,862 miles 2009 46',8" Showhauler/Volvo 19 Garage 25,862 miles 2009 46',8" Showhauler/Volvo 19 Garage 25,862 miles 2009 46',8" Showhauler/Volvo 19 Garage 25,862 miles 2009 46',8" Showhauler/Volvo 19 Garage 25,862 miles 2009 46',8" Showhauler/Volvo 19 Garage 25,862 miles 2009 46',8" Showhauler/Volvo 19 Garage 25,862 miles 2009 46',8" Showhauler/Volvo 19 Garage 25,862 miles 2009 46',8" Showhauler/Volvo 19 Garage 25,862 miles 2009 46',8" Showhauler/Volvo 19 Garage 25,862 miles 2009 46',8" Showhauler/Volvo 19 Garage 25,862 miles 2009 46',8" Showhauler/Volvo 19 Garage 25,862 miles 2009 46',8" Showhauler/Volvo 19 Garage 25,862 miles 2009 46',8" Showhauler/Volvo 19 Garage 25,862 miles 2009 46',8" Showhauler/Volvo 19 Garage 25,862 miles 2009 46',8" Showhauler/Volvo 19 Garage 25,862 miles 2009 46',8" Showhauler/Volvo 19 Garage 25,862 miles 2009 46',8" Showhauler/Volvo 19 Garage 25,862 miles 2009 46',8" Showhauler/Volvo 19 Garage 25,862 miles
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As I mentioned before all Ten Tires were replaced with new ones April 16, 2018. At that time the coach had 22,625 miles. So that makes the total miles of the new tires 3,236 miles as of today 6/23/19.

Please see the below links for over 200 additional photos and 35 videos.

Additional Showhauler Photos:

Additional Showhauler Videos:
https://photos.app.goo.gl/9La7YuZ1XQAVddDY7 Above Added: Fri June 28, 2019, 9:18 am PST

******** Please note if you think you may have any serious interest in this coach it is my intension to ad a link to this copy on or before 6/25/2019 that will bring you to many more photos and many videos of every area of this immaculate vehicle ********
• I did my best to try and make the following description 100% accurate. However, it is a machine with many options and I am far less than perfect so please feel free to ask about or further investigate anything you desire. If I have made any mistakes it surely was by accident for that reason I can’t guarantee 100% accuracy of this fact sheet. I am guessing that my errors if any will be that I forgotten to list all the equipment that this coach actually has.
I very sadly offer this awesome 19’ Showhauler garage, RV (If you put a tape to the garage it is actually 18’8” from the front to the rear water tight roll up door. However, in dry conditions you can lift that roll up door and leave it up to obtain another 7” of length making the total available 19”, 2”) car carrying, Toy hauler for sale because I must use the warehouse it lives in for another purpose. It is a 2009 year model Showhauler conversion (Showhauler refers to it as their build # 829) delivered new August 5th, 2008. However, the Coach is titled in my personal name in the State of florida as a 2008 Volvo Motorhome V.I.N. # 4V5NC9EJ48N497488 for private use. In my opinion the Showhauler makes the best quality conversions. Having a complete welded steel box (which allows you to walk on the roof should you desire for events) frame underneath that beautiful exterior really makes for a safe, strong unit. For a person that has valuable, quality, collector cars under 3750 lb’s and below the length stated above, this is the only way to go to keep you and your prized cars as safe and secure as possible. Frankly, as rare and nice as some cars I have brought to shows have been, many times this rig has been the source of more interest. This rig has only 25,862 miles and the generator has only 305 hours since brand new. With no significant mechanical problems in it’s lifetime, always garage kept (many years in air conditioning), always used to transport the owner’s personal collector cars, never smoked in, no water leaks, no pets, never striped, never wrapped, never damaged, clean title, no truck related oil of fluid leaks. I am the type who has seat covers, floor mats and even puts towels over those. My girlfriend and I found the living / RV area very comfortable to travel in and stay on. However, please keep in mind that this is a serious, specially made vehicle to also haul an automobile. When you have a 19’ garage that does take away cabin space. So if either you or your partner is not a car person please acquire a full motorhome. A class C is generally considered far safer than a class A in a frontal collision. This also would be awesome to use as a travel / residence while towing motorcycles, snowmobiles or just to carry a simple transportation car much safer, cheaper and easier than towing it. Please note all the videos of the rig, all the interior shots (except for the ones that show a car in the garage because I have kept some art work leaving no marks at all on the walls), all the storage compartment and mechanical photos are new and depict what goes with the rig. All the exterior shots have been taken over the years of my ownership. So you may see some that depict it before things I have mentioned were added. I assure you the exterior looks as good now as in any of the photos.

Forward Cab Related Equipment:
- 25,862 miles since brand new with little if any repairs ever needed. Many lessor motorhomes chassis’s are made by good manufacturers in a quality much less than they make for their over the road trucks, solely for a motorhome purpose. Showhauler’s are made from trucks equal to the big rigs you’ll share the road with that might have a million miles on them.
- D-13 Volvo 485 hp turbo charged 6 cylinder in line diesel.
- Drawtite “Activater II” electric trailer brake controller.
- Cobra “Sound Tracker” in dash CB radio.
- Diesel engines built shortly after this year were Federally required to use DEF fluid (diesel exhaust fluid) This is an extremely low mileage unit that does not use DEF fluid nor was it ever required to do so. A DEF system is a nuisance at the least, requires much more maintenance and can be very costly to maintain.
- 12 speed automatic ZF Freedomline TP-20170 transmission. It is built to start off in 3rd gear because 1 and 2 are so low. If needed for extreme, extreme inclines it can be shifted manually into 1st, 2nd and through all gears. This amazing transmission allows this substantial rig to generally do between 7 ½ and 8 ½ miles per gallon on regular pump diesel fuel.
- Cruise control with in dash computer read out.
- Factory Volvo AM- FM, CD with in dash read out, steering wheel button switches and wireless remote control.
- Power air brakes.
- These big Volvo trucks come with a very nice high traffic, vinyl floor in the cab. I had bought factory Volvo floor mats with plush black carpeting. Wanting a nicer, warmer look I matched that black carpeting and had the same black carpeting installed throughout the cab just like a high line automobile. This required removing everything including the seats for a perfect installation.
- Tilt and telescopic steering column.
- Dual very large and electrically controlled, heated, side mirrors on the doors.
- Newer Volvo trucks (2015) in addition were offered the option of awesome dual factory matching mirrors that mounted up on the front on the sides of the nose behind the radiator grill. I bought those factory mirrors and had them installed. They look fantastic but mostly are a huge, safety feature giving you a much better look at vehicles in the lanes beside you.
- Power steering.
- Rear air ride suspension.
- Unlike the largest of motorhomes that only have what’s called a trailing rear axle with a single retracting tire on each side with no propulsion. This has two complete rear axles with four tires each. If you need additional traction at low speed all eight rear tires can become drive tires if you wish with the press of an electrical switch on the dash.
- Both of the front Backcycler brand, National 2000 Series helm chairs have dual adjustable arm rests, air ride, massage function, lumbar support, heat and air height adjustment.
- Fire extinguisher and emergency road reflector kit by the drivers door. A second extinguisher is mounted at the RV entrance. Fire extinguishers are required to be inspected and certified yearly, most aren’t. Both aboard this rig are in current certification.
- Extra 12 volt power outlets and 80 Watt 110 volt power from a small DC to AC inverter. This inverter can be powered either by the truck batteries or the RV batteries via a battery selector switch.
- The seats are a grey leather like and in great shape under complete custom fitted tan seat covers including armrest coverage.
- I had both the driver and passenger windows tinted with heat limiting ceramic film that in addition is the very darkest possible tint legal on all roads in the U.S.
- Keyed and Key Fob wireless remote entry with two factory Volvo remotes on the drivers door. Wireless Key Fob entry on the passenger door.
- Power windows.
- Dual optional LED stern lift loading light controls.
- Power door locks.
- Equipped with a 110 volt engine block heater should the rig be kept in winter climates.
- Four big series 31 - 12 volt DC batteries. (all four replaced and installed new with DEKA brand lead acid batteries 5/26/2018)
- As of April 2018 this rig had all ten of it’s original tires. They looked absolutely brand new tread wise and without one exterior crack on any on them. (I have complete photos of them the day they were changed out) Just because of their age I had all ten tires replaced with brand new Goodyear tires 4/16/2018. Fully loaded with the original tires I was under the recommended weight load on the front tires and way under on the rear tires. Although, more costly I choose to buy the new front tires - Goodyear G670 RV MRT 295/80R-22.5 16 PLY which are one load range higher for extra protection. I replaced all eight rear tires in the original factory load range with Goodyear Marathon LHD 295/75R-225 14 PLY. All ten rims are beautiful Alcoa aluminum mag wheels with individual chrome plated lug nut caps.
- Knowing that I was about to offer this coach for sale I brought it to an authorized Volvo big truck dealer April 29th, 2019 with 25,796 miles on it. I had them change the engine oil, all the oil filters, primary fuel filter, secondary fuel filter, coolant filter, power steering filter, transmission moisture filter, grease the entire chassis and all the drive shaft u joints. I also had them do an entire, official, DOT (Department of Transportation) Annual inspection. Every commercial big truck on the road must pass this stringent DOT test yearly and carry proof with them. As a private not for hire motorhome this vehicle is exempt from that extensive yearly, inspection. However, legally if stopped this vehicle is required to have all of the same equipment up to date and operational. I had it done April 29, 2019 to give a potential buyer piece of mind. I also had the Volvo dealer check out this rig as if I were purchasing this vehicle myself that day. This vehicle now inside my warehouse with exactly 66 miles on it since all that was done. Volvo requires an oil change every 30,000 miles or one year. Even though this vehicle to this day does not even have 26,000 miles on it since new the oil and filters have been changed a total of 9 times.
- Two closed circuit camera screens both Voyager brand models VOM74TQ and AOM713. One shows two cameras mounted low just behind the drivers and passengers door facing aft that come on when you turn on your respective side directional. The other shows your back up camera and a camera in the garage to watch whatever you have in the garage.

Exterior and Construction:
- Single Liftco Model 400301 machinery for the dinette slide on the drivers side.
- .063 Exterior aluminum exterior surface that has a white finish.
- 110 volt covered exterior outlet on the passenger side exterior.
- Many galvanized steel constructed storage compartments. All of them shut and lock (except the LP compartment) with vinyl floors and carpeted walls. Most with 12 volt lighting. A switch inside the coach can turn them all on or off at once. In addition each light has its own individual shut off switch.
- Tubular steel floor frame.
- All welded steel cage construction.
- ¾” plywood floor.
- I did not like the way the exhaust system tips looked in raw steel for the truck engine and the generator so I bought custom stainless steel, chrome tips and installed them.
- All walls, floors and ceilings are insulated.
- Dual LED loading lights up high in the rear for loading cars at night.
- ITC Illumagrip Lighted RV entrance assistance handle.
- 2” by 2” tag hitch with a 7 way Bargman connector to power trailer lights and a potential trailer with electric brakes. (I have never towed a trailer of any kind.)
- Manual, steel, entry step with optional diamond plate kick plate and carpeting.
- This rig does not have and has never had a washer / dryer. However, one could be installed.
- Rubberized undercoating.
- Optional LED porch light.
- Waste hose.
- Custom Coax cable mount to connect the on board TV to Cable TV at RV parks.
- The truck has a significant air compressor and three large accumulator tanks. I attached a custom quick release air line to that system with a tire fill chuck to fill car tires.
- Larger than standard, built in, 31.3 gallon LP tank.
- Two 75 gallon aluminum diesel fuel tanks one on the drivers side and one on the passenger side for a total of 150 gallons of diesel fuel.
- 72 gallon grey waste tank.
- 72 gallon black waste tank.
- One piece aluminum metal roof with walk on capability.
- Pressurized water fill with optional, tank protecting, flow limiter on the main 70 gallon main fresh water system.
- LED tail, Clearance, running, brake, marking and reverse lights.
- 100” wide body.
- Radius RV entrance door with a deadbolt lock. There is a separate screen door inside this door.
- Optional 21’ 12 volt wall controlled and wireless remote controlled Weather Pro awning with optional acrylic fabric.
- Optional 50 AMP 220 volt shore cord with power on, LED indicator light.
- Three prong 110 volt small adapter to put on the male end of 220 volt cord if needed for minimal AC electrical connection.
- Optional chrome designed “Showhauler” wide width mud flap with custom, “hold horizontal” system for backing up inclines.
- Optional Thieman Model TDR-66 electric / hydraulic automobile lift. It has a 16’ total length, two piece aluminum bed and it has a lifting capacity of up to 3750 lb’s. From the factory these lift gates are powered constantly. While at Showhauler I had them install a heavy duty shut off switch that is only accessible behind a locked compartment to prevent unauthorized tampering. * note: the car lift operates from the truck batteries
Bathroom & supporting water related systems:
- Optional Thetford Marine toilet.
- Fiberglass shower enclosure with retracting anti mildew shower curtain / door.
- Factory option of larger than normal plastic main fresh water tank increased to 70 gallons. This is powered by an on relayed SHURflo (replaced new in 2018) constant pressure pump.
- Second there is a completely separate fresh water system with a 100 gallon aluminum tank. This also has the same model SHURflo pump (2 in total operation aboard) that simply powers a hose spigot. Located and on / off controlled with a toggle switch in the most aft lower compartment on the drivers side. This is primarily meant as a source of pressured water to car wash show cars. However, it can be used as a huge source of water to refill the main tank or even power that whole system in an emergency.
- Create a Breeze model BV8100 Fantastic Fan exhaust fan / roof hatch with screen.
- Stainless steel sink.
- Bath convenience accessories.
- Ample 12 volt lighting.
- Custom 110 volt light under the mirrored medicine cabinet.
- Upgraded Delta faucet from the factory.
- Retracting, magnified, two sided beauty mirror.
- Three high line Kohler bath robe hooks. Two on the inside and out of the bathroom door one on the wall next to the shower for a towel.
- Four liquid dispenser for shampoo, conditioner, soap etc. on shower wall.
- Granite soap dispenser.
- Ample towel racks.
- Suburban model SW12DE 12 gallon LP, 110 volt, 12 volt water heater.
- Ground fault 110 volt outlet.
- Custom installed Blue Seas professional DC voltage meter to check battery voltage
- Custom installed Blue Seas professional AC voltage meter to check AC voltage quality from both the shore power and generator.
- Night light.

Garage Area:
- Interior escape hatch and ladder leading to the roof.
- White Caframo model 807CA-WBX 360 degree, 12 volt, high output, low power drain, fan.
- 19’ garage model (actually 18’,8” if you put a tape on it)
- Coleman Airxcel Model 47204A879 15,000 BTU roof air conditioner with reverse cycle heat. Controlled by a wall mounted RV Comfort HP thermostat. This rig was not ordered with garage air when new. I brought the whole rig to the Showhauler’s Indiana factory and had many items added brand new in September of 2014. This was one of those items.
- Closed circuit camera on the forward bulkhead facing aft keep an eye on your treasured toys.
- Lit Corvette clock.
- Three DC fluorescent lights.
- Two large AC fluorescent lights
- One small DC LED light to mildly illuminate the room to get an even better picture from the garage camera when all other garage lights are shut off.
- Optional roll up rear garage door.
- Four 110 volt outlets.
- “Pit Pal Racing” aluminum wall mounted locking Hans devise holder.
- “Pit Pal Racing” aluminum wall mounted Safety shelf that stores helmet above and hanging clothes below.
- Custom aluminum wall mounted equipment hanging setup.
- Custom winch aboard system, should you ever have a malfunction with your show car or wish to transport a vehicle that is not running. Consisting of a thick aluminum plate mounted on the floor in the front portion of the garage. I had a custom winch mount system made out of solid T6 aluminum. This mount system has a 3500 lb 12 Volt DC Badland electric winch with a wired remote control switch. Custom made to perform two functions. One side is a 2” by 2” shaft that simply slips in the rigs tag hitch so as to draw the car onto the car lift ramp. You simply pull it out and without any dismantling, it bolts on the garage floor plate and electrically draws your show car into the garage. There is also a long, thick gauge, power extension cord with quick connection electrical outlets. There are two different quick connect 12 volt power sources wired for the winch. Fortunately, I never had a mechanical problem with a car I have moved so this entire system has never been used and is in brand new condition.
- Optional thicker interior garage walls finished in white.
- 4 – 6’ lengths of VersaTie Track #3 on the garage floor to easily tie down a car or cargo.
- Optional oil / gas resistant one piece rubber floor covering.
- Two mounted paper towel holders
- Two wall mounted clamps to hang a broom, dust pan, etc. on.
- 48” escape door so that once you’ve driven your car into the garage you can simply open the door comfortably and exit the car.
- I found the escape door needed a drip molding in the area of the exterior top. So I had a beautiful custom one fabricated out of raw stainless steel.

Galley Area:
- Norcold Model N64N two way, 6.3 Cubic foot refrigerator / freezer. It can be run on either 110 volt AC power or LP gas.
- Factory upgraded Maple cabinets with raised panel doors.
- Coleman Airxcel Model 8433E776 roof mounted air conditioner. The living area was factory equipped with the air conditioning ducts routed inside the ceiling. Controlled by a wall mounted RV Comfort HP thermostat.
- Suburban Model NT-16S heating furnace.
- Sharp “Grill to Convection” model R-820BK-F microwave / convection oven with an interior turntable and stainless steel interior.
- Upgraded hot and cold Delta faucet.
- Very attractive beveled edge formica used in the kitchen counters and dinette table.
- Stainless steel sink with counter top matching cover. (When the cover is flipped over it becomes a cutting board.)
- Hanging wine glass rack with four plastic wine glasses.
- Two burner Atwood Wedgewood Vision model 56283 LP gas cooktop.
- Jensen range hood for cooktop with an exhaust fan and lighting.
- Custom built silverware drawer with heavy duty slides.
- Two large storage drawers.
- Water / holding tank system control and monitoring panel.
- Dinette that comfortably dines four with a 110 volt AC outlet and plush carpet underneath.
- Patterned vinyl wallboard finish on the walls.
- Wooden window valances.
- Pleated shades. You can enjoy either comfortable ambient light coming in with privacy, in the daytime or their privacy with light canceling ability.
- There is a custom 110 volt AC outlet counter sunk in the dinette top, with two outlets and two USB ports for cellular charging.
- Paper towel holder.
- Granite dish sponge holder.

Coach Electrical:
- 8KW Powertech generator model PT-8KSI. As of 6/18/2019 it only has 305 hours since new. In addition the generator’s crankcase oil, oil filter and fuel filter was changed 5/15/2019 with 0 hours run time since. This is a more costly generator when new than normal generators. They are more often found in ambulances because of their dependability. It features a sound dampening hard sound shield and starting controls right on the generator. This generator is also equipped with a quick oil change system. Thick rubber feet are located between the generator and where it mounts to the frame to lesson potential vibration. (there is also a remote starting control panel in the main salon with an hour meter, which negates the small hour meter on the generator itself) (* Note: the generator starts off the RV batteries.)
- When delivered new this coach had four small automotive size 12 volt batteries. They were replaced new 11/15/2018 with four much larger series 31 Deka lead acid batteries exactly like the size Volvo uses in the truck portion. This was done for two reasons: 1.) When not on generator or shore power you have much more DC amperage and DC staying power. 2.) The coach batteries and the truck batteries are only located six feet from one another. Should you accidently run down your truck batteries (or vise versa with your coach batteries) these would have more than enough amperage to get you started simply using some heavy duty jumper cables.
- Misc. Items:
- I have taken a lot of pride in maintaining this rig. Part of being able to do that is information. There are two accordion style file holders each with many separate compartments. These are all properly categorized and labeled containing owners manuals for virtuously every option and system on board.
- Part of the joy of the RV life is getting away from it all. The catch with that is at times repair parts are hard to find. Consulting with people in the know I acquired approximately $2,500.00 worth of key spare parts for this rigs many systems to keep on board just in case. (at least a $1,000.00 are related to the rear car lift) This rig has so problem free the only thing I used from that group of parts was a new fresh water pump for been the main RV water system. So the balance of these new parts will be included in sale benefiting the new owner.
- I have many spare keys to go to every different keyed and or lockable item on this coach.
- I intend to deliver this coach to its new owner with both tanks full of diesel fuel. (150 gallons)

Interior and Décor:
- Decorative mounted ceiling lights.
- Showhauler delivered this rig with one natural Maple wood magazine rack. I bought six more directly from Showhauler and now have a total of seven.
- Samsung model T24C550ND flat screen remote control color tv.
- DVD player with remote control.
- Vinyl flooring in the main salon and bathroom.
- Sony AM-FM, CD player with wireless remote control.
- 7’ interior height. (4” less at the ceiling lights)
- It has a custom additional Maple wood, interior, grip entry handle,
- LP and CO2 fume / leak dectectors.
- Black Caframo model 807CA-BBX 360 degree 12 volt high output, low power drain, fan.
- Wall clock.
- Natural wood ladder to access the cabover berth.
- Entry floor stair filler.
- Wardrobe closet.
- Storage closet.
- Two custom made Maple finished cabinets with heavy duty slides. Both of these were professionally finished to perfectly match the coaches interior. The one on the drivers side is all storage. The one on the passenger side has a great deal of storage plus houses the TV, DVD, TV antenna, DC to AC inverter, DC and AC power indicator lights, Interior light that illuminates when door is opened, DC power outlets, magazine racks and the entertainment accessory battery switch.
- Custom made black, light cancelling, heat insulated privacy curtain between the custom cabinets.
- Custom made stainless steel threshold as you go from the RV area to the truck cab.
- Natural, light Maple, wood finished, interior.
- 42” cabover with 7’, 8 ½” wide by 3’,5” deep mattress berth and lights. Please note that although the berth is huge there is not really adequate height to maneuver for adults (it has only 13” above the mattress). This is a great spot for young kids to sleep when the vehicle is not in motion. It is however, a huge, fantastic, area for storage if you don’t choose to use it for sleeping. There is plenty of room on top of the mattress but if you remove the mattress you would have a full 17 ½” of height and of course the entire above noted size of the mattress. Showhauler has already finished the cabover floor in carpeting so goods could be carried easily without damaging the coach or your stores.
- The dinette converts to a 6’, 3” wide by 3’, 2” deep berth in seconds.
- The sofa converts to a 6”, 2” wide by 3’, 8” deep berth in seconds.
Equipment list finished 6/18/19 Above Added: Tue June 18, 2019, 12:37 pm PST

Very rare automobile size garage Above Added: Sat June 8, 2019, 5:24 pm PST


485 HP D13 Volvo Turbo Diesel.

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TradesAccepted: Possibly a local to Fort Lauderdale, FL collector car trade if it is financially advantageous to me?

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Not currently interested in any assistance with selling this vehicle. Principles only please.

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