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4.0L WHIPPLE SUPERCHARGER KIT for LS7  for Sale $8,400 4.0L WHIPPLE SUPERCHARGER KIT for LS7  for Sale $8,400 4.0L WHIPPLE SUPERCHARGER KIT for LS7  for Sale $8,400 4.0L WHIPPLE SUPERCHARGER KIT for LS7  for Sale $8,400 4.0L WHIPPLE SUPERCHARGER KIT for LS7  for Sale $8,400 4.0L WHIPPLE SUPERCHARGER KIT for LS7  for Sale $8,400 4.0L WHIPPLE SUPERCHARGER KIT for LS7  for Sale $8,400 4.0L WHIPPLE SUPERCHARGER KIT for LS7  for Sale $8,400 4.0L WHIPPLE SUPERCHARGER KIT for LS7  for Sale $8,400 4.0L WHIPPLE SUPERCHARGER KIT for LS7  for Sale $8,400 4.0L WHIPPLE SUPERCHARGER KIT for LS7  for Sale $8,400
Business Seller - Borowski Race Engines, Inc.
Rockdale, IL
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Borowski Race Engines, Inc. is a leader in cutting-edge engine builds using Whipple superchargers. Two such builds have been featured in Engine Labs magazine.

- Supercharged Borowski Built Dart LS Next LS7 Screams Money (2.9L Whipple)
- Borowski Built Blown 427 LS Engine with LS Next Block (4.0L Whipple)

Chevy Hardcore featured one of our Whipple-supercharged, big-block marine builds:
- On The Dyno – Borowski Race Enterprises Cranks Out 1,206HP

We have been using Whipple products for years. Our hands-on experience can be a big help to you once you get started on your project.

We stock Whipple Superchargers both for our own use and for resale as authorized dealers. This ad features the 4.0 L /LS7 kit, but we can work with you on whatever type supercharger application you have in mind. Here’s what the 4.0L Whipple Supercharger Kit for LS7 includes:

-170MM Crusher Inlet
-Polished Blower Case
-Built-in Intercooler
-10 Rib 4.5 Inch Pulley
-Upgraded LS7 Manifold
-Includes Throttle Body
-Injectors Not Included
-Remote Idle Air Control (IAC)

Base Price $8,400 (does not include optional Dressing & Serpentine Kits)

**Optional Dressing and Serpentine Kits (as shown in photos)**

Optional Dressing Kit includes:
- Polished Borowski Valve Covers W/ Relocation Brackets
- MSD LS7 Coils #82878
- Custom Borowski Plug Wires available in 7 colors
- Coil Harness (2) GM#12579355
Dressing Kit: $1,800

Optional 4.0L Polished Serpentine Kit includes:
- Power Steering
- Air Conditioning
- 225 amp Alternator
- Water Pump
- ATI Dampener
Polished 4.0L Serpentine Kit: $3,800

*Whipple also offers their own power train warranty for late model vehicles that covers up to 5 years and 100,000 miles*

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is a serious power added that provides near instantaneous torque. You need to make sure that the rest of the vehicle is capable of withstanding the jump in low-end power that will come from using this product. If you have any questions, please call at 815-725-2727 or email via EBay.


- Superior performance and reliability to ALL other superchargers
- Massive air-to-water intercooler core
- Aeromotive high-flow fuel rails standard
- No "boost lag" as with centrifugals and turbos
- Multiple pulley combinations for all different engine combinations
- Oversized bypass valve so that you can cruise naturally aspirated (with NA gas mileage) but still get instantaneous power once you put your foot into it
- Internally lubricated. No tapping holes in pan required
- Manufactured in the USA
- Superior noise level in comparison to previous design, virtually noise free operation.
- High flow rotor coating for increased efficiency and increased durability.
- Increased bearing lubrication for lower operating temps and increased durability.
- Serviceable supercharger, replaceable and upgradeable component design.
- More robust design, double angular front bearing and sealed roller rear bearing for improved reliability.
- Oil sight glass for proper oil level inspection.
- 100,000 mile oil change intervals.


Inlet Phase – The male and female rotors rotate counter to each other. As the lobes of each rotor travel past each inlet port, air is trapped between consecutive lobes and the cylindrical casing. The air moves axially (forward) throughout the case and fills the inner-lobe space between adjacent lobes (see blue tint photo).

Compression Phase – As the rotors mesh, the air is trapped between the rotors and the casing. Continued rotation progressively reduces the space occupied by the air causing compression (see purple tint photo).

Discharge Phase – Compression continues until the inner-lobe space becomes exposed to the outlet port, through which the air is discharged into the manifold. The compression sequence continues on all rotor segments simultaneously. Timing gears synchronize the rotors. The rotors do not touch the casing or each other thus assuring long life, consistent performance and low parasitic losses (see red tint photo).


- Positive displacement twin screw design has the highest efficiency of all superchargers including roots and centrifugal
- Higher efficiency means more power at all rpm levels
- Unique Whipple twin screw design provides the largest power gains across entire rpm range
- Latest screw compressor rotor profile designed today, offering superior flow vs. efficiency vs. physical dimensions
- Conformal rotor coating for increased performance
- Lowest tolerance level of all aftermarket positive displacement superchargers, offering the highest quality
- Low tolerance levels increase performance across entire rpm operating range
- Double angular front bearings for superior strength and durability
- Rear roller bearing, with double seal for superior durability
- Precision cut helical gears for precise rotor clearances, for superior performance and low noise levels
- Rear bearing out design for increased clearance for packaging restraints
- Serviceable and upgradable design for superior longevity
- Similar screw compressor design as the Ford GT supercar
- Similar screw compressor technology that Mercedes has utilized on all their latest vehicles including the 600hp McLaren SLR, E55AMG, S55, CL55, SLK32 and SL55
- Dyno proven to produce more horsepower and torque than any other supercharger throughout the entire rpm range
- Industry leading near-zero noise levels (db)


“Whereas everyone loves to quote peak horsepower and torque numbers, the true measurement of an engine’s output is how much power it produces across its operating range” - Motor Trend

“The overall power curve was awesome with the Whipple…Acceleration went from invigorating to instantaneous. Whipple should add goggles to its kit” - Hot Boat

“Because the engine worked easily, towing acceleration and fuel economy were vastly improved” - Trailer Boats Magazine

“Unlike centrifugal superchargers, which make boost proportional to rpm, the twin screw design develops all of its boost just above idle – around 2000 rpm – and keeps it all the way to redline. The sensation is rather like a big block; lots of stump pulling torque and long, fat midrange pull” - Muscle Mustang “Life with Mr. Whipple”

“A 23 mph top-end gain and wild mid-range acceleration performance-blew us away” -Powerboat Magazine

“The finished engine compartment looks like it just rolled off the factory assembly line… like it was born there, but provides power this engine never realized it had” - Truckin Magazine

“The power is very impressive; no turbocharged car that I have driven really has anywhere near the instant throttle response that these supercharged (Porsches) cars have” - Excellence

“Were we ever knocked out of our socks when Whipple’s Silver Bullet launched itself to a 13.58-second pass at 103.6 mph!” - Sport Truck

“You can’t get enough horsepower out of the roots type. A helical (screw-type) can get it.” - Wolf Zimmerman, AMG’s Director of Powertrain Engineering, May 14, 2001

“I’m just having a blast driving my pick-up truck…It’s made so much difference in the performance of the truck, and it looks like it was put in by the factory” - Drag Racing Legend Don “The Snake” Prudhomme

“The Whipple added so much power, I was truly astonished with the night and day difference it made” - Indy 500 Winner Parnelli Jones

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Borowski Race Engines, Inc.
Member Since October 2008
1545 Mound Road
Rockdale, IL 60436
(815) 725-2727
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