1934 Custom Ford Truck; - $74,995

Chopped, Channeled, Louvered, 383 SBC, 700R4

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HYXcuMA9JCQ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vCgjvDRWos0

This is an AS IS sale.

The only issues I can tell you about at this point, with the truck having 1,360 miles on it and being completed at the end of 2012, other than normal aging & wear & tear of driving to events, 1)is that it has a small indention on the bottom side of the gas tank which is slight and does not affect the tank in any way, when my friend I built it for, had the jack slip off of the rearend and that's when this issue happened; 2)it does come with the matching louvered hood but it doesn't fit correctly due to the new frame being different than the original one when the hood was actually fitted and was kept on at that time, but as you can see, it looks great without anyway.

For Sale: 1934 Ford Truck; all metal, no fiberglass. This fully custom built show truck was originally built in Canada, which was identical to the US version. It most likely was a delivery truck for one of the large beer brewery in Vancouver. Sometime in the 90’s an aviation mechanic in Canada got his hands on it and started the first stage of this truck’s custom life. He made and installed a custom, helicopter styled interior trimmed & finished in riveted aluminum. He then had the top chopped 3” and the body channeled by a well-respected builder/fabricator on the West Coast, who also built the new box and tailgate. The louvering was done with class but yet, not overdone with the 401 louvers throughout the truck. At the time, he put a 1949 chassis under it with a Chevy 283/Powerglide as the drivetrain/power plant with leaf spring suspension. My very good friend/customer purchased it and had it shipped down here to the Hill Country of Texas where at the time only had 1500 miles since completion. Once it got here and he drove it, he immediately called me and asked me if I could make some changes as he did not like the way it ran or handled. This now took us into the phase that changed it from an uptown Rat Rod to the complete custom show build that it is today. Needless to say, a few changes ended up a year + 1/2-long project that was completed at the beginning of 2013. I believe you will agree that the results were worth the time, effort, blood, sweat and money.
As for me, the builder, I am Ed of Texas Attitude Racing. I have been building drag and muscle/custom cars for over 30 years starting at the age of 14. Once out of the Marine Corps in 1988 and a brief stint as an A&P mechanic/inspector & civilian pilot, I have owned automotive shops in California and Texas since 1990. In 2000 I turned to building custom muscle and drag cars only here in my home state where I’ll be till my end.
The details of the build are as follows; it started here for us. The body was removed, disassembled, Soda Blasted, repaired any rust w/metal welded patches, prepped, pained Hot Rod Black and then reassembled with the exception of the louvered hood, which comes with the truck but does not fit due to the changes made during the rebuild. The complete running and rolling chassis that came with this truck from our purchase was sold so that we could replace it with a fully custom and modern chassis with an awesome power plant/drivetrain combination. From this point on, this build was done with every detail attended to by logging in over 1000 hours by the time it was completed. Every single part, accessory, nut, bolt, etc. that was installed under the hood and body is brand new and top name quality. Really only the body/sheet metal was reused.
From this point, a complete and fully upgraded Pete & Jakes 1934 Ford IFS Rolling Chassis kit was purchased. We started out by painting the frame Hot Rod Black where we then installed the tubular front control arm package with the adjustable QA1 coil over shocks fitted w/custom rated springs and thrust bearings along with GM front rotors with Black Powder coated Wilwood dual piston calipers. We then painted the Ford 9” housing Hot Rod Black and assembled it with the TruTrac Posi, 3.50 geared, 31 splined differential. After we installed the Street Series axles we installed the New GM 11” drum brake kit as well as the GM Dual manual master cylinder w/pedal mounted brake switch. The entire brake system was upgraded and fitted with stainless steel lines and AN fittings mounted by aluminum clamps that are strategically placed along the inside of the frame. The rearend was special ordered with a 57.5” width to fit the original styled custom made & sized wheels that are fitted with G70-15 Firestone Tires that you see in the pictures. The front tires are also Firestone Dragster series 820-15’s. The rearend was hung & mounted up with the 4-Link system w/Panard bar and adjustable QA1 coil over shocks w/ custom rated springs and thrust bearings.
Now for the heartbeat of this bad boy; we have a custom built 383 stroker built by Texas Attitude Racing as well. The block was one of my personal stocks that I had had for many years. It has a casting# of 366245 which is one of the first know over the counter Bow Tie Blocks sold by GM. If you look it up, it will come translate to a 350 Bowtie, High tin, 4-bolt w/ARP studs. As I do with all of my blocks, this one, after machining and cleaning, was deburred, screened and glyptal’d. This block would be good for 8500-9500rpm with the ARP bolts and studs that are used as well at the Eagle Forged and internally balanced rotating assembly. This block was then fully machined and clearance so that the Eagle 383 stroker kit would fit with precision. The part# for this kit from Summit Racing is ESP-B12011030. Added to this kit were a Fluid Dampr and a JW Performance SFI rated Flexplate. If you need tech info, please look that part# up at Summit or go to Eagle Specialty Products website because this ad has so much info as it is, I don’t want to add another page for specs alone. I will tell you some of the basics; bore 4.030; stroke 3.750; Forged 4340 crank; Forged pistons w/file to fit rings; H-beam rods and compression with the New & competition prepared AFR 227 angle plug heads is approx.. 10.75 to 1; this kit can be used to produce a minimum of 550 horsepower therefore adding NOS would not be a problem especially since SCE Titan Copper Head gaskets that were used to bolt them down. This combination allowed the engine to produce an astounding 1% leak down across the 8 cylinders when tested after the initial test & tune. The engine is a full roller build with a Crane PowerMax Hydraulic-roller camshaft w/ Crane Premium Hydraulic-Roller Lifters and Trick Flow Chromemoly Hardened pushrods. It utilizes the Pete Jackson Gear Drive that sits behind a Cloyes Aluminum Timing cover and is complemented by the Jesel Shaft mounted Rocker System covered by Edelbrock aluminum valve covers w/billet PCV/breathers. The best of everything was used to complete this long block such as the ARP stud mounted Summit High Volume, High Pressure oil pump with a Milodon oil pan & Steel Braided Dipstick. There is also a Canton billet oil filter bypass adapter that uses a Tru-Filter Billet reusable oil filter filled with Royal Purple Extreme synthetic oil. All nuts, bolts & studs are ARP and are either black oxide and/or stainless steel. Even the motor mounts are top notch Poly. Talk about details, even the remaining critical gaskets were all reusable one-piece high dollar gaskets, thus not kidding when I say the best of the best were used on this build.
The cooling system uses a Custom Built Walker Radiator with electric Meziere Billet High Flow water pump w/Stainless steel hoses filled w/Be-Cool coolant and Royal Purple Ice additive. This engine gets cranked up by a Summit Chrome 1.9hp mini starter. An Edelbrock Quiet Hi-Flow electric fuel pump send the fuel to an Edelbrock Endurashine Dual Quad Air Gap manifold that was port matched to the AFR 227 heads and a set of Edelbrock Endurashine 500cfm Performer carbs topped with the Edelbrock aluminum/K&N dual air filter; 1 carb has the electric choke for cold weather start assistance. Also the carbs were both recalibrated and jetted for the initial running of the engine after break-in. connecting the Lokar billet gas pedal to the chrome carb bracket is the Lokar steel braided throttle cable along with a Lokar braided kick down as well. The entire fuel system is fitted with black anodized AN fittings starting back at the custom built Rock Valley stainless steel fuel tank w/dual inline billet AN fuel filters up the dual quads on top of this 383 stroker. The entire high output ignition system is all MSD from the 6AL to the small capped Billet MSD distributor. The charging system duties are handled by a Powermaster 140amp Chrome alternator that charges a deep cycle Optima battery that is Taylor steel braided battery cabled w/ a 100amp resettable breaker for protection back to an 18 circuit Hot Rod Fuse box kit where all the wiring on the truck is weather treated, heat shrunk and power braided for its protection; weather pack connectors were used wherever possible. All looms are hung with rubber treated stainless clamps for routing and stability.
The entire exhaust was a custom cut stainless steel system starting at the engine w/polished stainless steel Tru-Ram manifolds connecting to the 2.5” polished stainless steel Hot Rod exhaust pipe kit, hung with stainless hangars that end up coming out of a set of tunable Super Trapp stainless mufflers for a truly one-off exhaust system. Due to the custom nature of the exhaust system, SS strapped Lava wrap was used to keep the heat down & away from components it came close to.
The transmission is a custom heavy duty built 700R4 unit w/a 2500rpm stall converter, steel braided cooling lines, Lokar Kick down cable, poly mounted to a tubular cross-member, filled w/full synthetic ATF. The trans yoke is a Moser billet 1350 unit connected to a custom Kiesler Built Aluminum balanced driveshaft w/ a Moser billet 1350 pinion yoke. This transmission is shifted by a cabled TCI Outlaw shifter w/the aluminum cover.
Now as far as the cab, bed, interior and accessories go, this was all done with the same attention to details attitude. First of all, the entire inside was all dynamatted. Now starting with the floors, the transmission tunnel was reshaped to give it a better contour and fit for the black carpet and the custom ordered floor mats. The seat was custom made & form fitted and covered in Real Black Leather w/aluminum mounts and fitted w/seat belts for safety. The Stereo System has a single remote controlled, 200watt powered CD player/receiver mounted under the seat, and opposite of the Black Billet mounted Chrome Fire Extinguisher that is connected to an 8 speaker configuration. The front speakers are mounted behind the Aluminum Kick panels, where you’ll find 2 sets of Dual Pioneer Hi-Powered dash speakers while in the behind the seat you’ll find the same speakers for the rear sound; these speakers came from OPGI. The entire interior of the truck is tastefully detailed with riveted custom installed aviation aluminum panels made to fit as if the truck came like this from Ford with Leather Saddle Bag type door pockets. The dash is fitted with Autometer Old Tyme White analog style gauges that fit the era of this truck perfectly but with modern precision as we discarded the Stewart Warner gauges that came in the truck; all of the new gauges work as they should and are accurate. There is also a stainless steel Flaming River Tilt Column that is mounted with a billet spaced beautiful Flaming River leather wrapped Billet steering wheel with an engraved horn button that ends up blowing the attention getting Air Horn system that has its tank and compressor in a one-off cage & mounted under the bed of the truck; it is fitted w/pressure relief valves and condensation petcock. You can see in the pictures, the glass is in awesome condition and the windows do roll up and down properly. All but the windshield is tinted. All door handles are new in and out with working locks and window cranks. There is a 3rd brake light in the rear window.
Now for the last but definitely not least closing details; the headlights are zenon bulb fitted units but are not connected as of now, but can be before pickup. The LED tail lights need to be re-connected now that the bed is in for good and can also be done before pickup is arranged. The bed is a show stopper!!!! I hate to keep using this term but if you ever wanted a custom one-off bed, here it is! The wood came from the Hill Country of Texas and is Mesquite that has been black epoxy-filled, cut & sanded to perfection, coated 6 times on both sides, w/clear poly urethane. The polished stainless steel inserts are perfectly spaced and bolted through an equally prepared ¾” plywood sheet that sandwiches a custom fitted ¼” steel plate. This was all done to have not only a bed that’s never be more beautifully done but trying to also add at least 300lbs of weight to the rear for driving stability and traction; it was a success! but it takes more than one person to slide it out when wanting it removed.

This truck has a clear Texas Title and has always had current registration; it has been always kept inside unless of course it is at a car show, event or driven to destinations. IT HAS NEVER BEEN A TRAILER KING.

In closing, this is TRULY, A ONE OF A KIND vehicle that you rarely come across. If you want something that is awesome and unique that none of the JONES have, here you go. Now you ask, why would your friend want to sell something this awesome, rare and unique? Well, it ended up being a comfort issue. You see, he is 6’4” Cowboy and after an hour or so of driving, his back is about to kill him being that he always wears his cowboy hat and has a habit of leaning forward a bit, so with this small of a drivers' area, this truck works out better for a person under 6 foot tall. He wanted this built because he absolutely loved the look of this truck before we even started our part, but when it’s all said and done, it will be the odd man out if you will, especially when I finish his pro-street chevy. I don’t know if you’ve been keeping up, but you might have noticed how much money that you believe has gone into this build while also counting my 1000+ hours of labor, the original cost of buying it, transporting it, the Sub-Labor work and all the brand new parts installed during the build which is practically every piece, nut & bolt except the original sheet metal. I will give you, with the purchase, all of the receipts that are still available that were used to build this truck along with any other help or info I can give you. Bottom line, we won't get all his money back but please, weigh it out, ask any questions you like, compare it to all of the half done and/or unfinished deals and then look at this one again. I believe once you do all that, you’ll want this all steel 1934 CHOPPED, CHANNELED, ONE-OFF, CUSTOM, BAD TO THE BONE FORD, CHEVY POWERED TRUCK!! Of course there are too many pictures to put in any add, so to all of those seriously potential buyers, who would like every tasty picture I have while documenting this build, I will gladly email them to you. Also, it was too extensive of a build so I know that some of the details were left out of this ad, so please ask any questions you have about anything you see in the pictures and I’ll gladly answer them accurately and honestly. Thanks for your time, take care and God Bless.

Buyer is responsible for all transport arrangements and costs. Local pickup is also alright. $5000.Deposit is required upon purchase agreement via Paypal. The balance is due upon pickup. Once funds are cleared, vehicle can be then transported.

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TradesAccepted: I will only consider a trade for a Professionally Built 66 or 67 Chevy2/Nova or a super nice 65 Vette. Trade value needs to be in the $70,000 range but cash price we can talk about. Serious inquiries only. Thanks
Accepted Payment Methods Paypal, Cash

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