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Date Posted: 2015-01-29 16:25:45
Where is the Pride in the Rise? I feel offended no Iowa Boy or Girl is in the McDonald's All American Game and I would want it to be Iowa vs. Everyone Else. I feel it is all good in fun to say what's all candy, but, I don't want people to stay for the candy like the Beer, Food and Advice. I feel a sense of territoralism taking root in my corner beyond Mom, Dad, Aunt, Uncle, Grandma and Grandpa. If being more of an offense than the West Coast, I'd prefer defense not be excluded as 50 Up NEEDS Defense.

Date Posted: 2015-01-25 12:45:20
And, just because we don't get SPEED no more don't mean doing the Rolex Correct and inviting the NASCAR Drivers can't be done better. I wish that the Road Racers had as many chances to race like their 2 Wheel Equals.

Date Posted: 2015-01-25 12:04:08
What is crazy is we are in a dawn of a weird year, because it is weird to see John Force's Cars with a different paint than Green and Lucas Oil vs. Castrol GTX. And, tomorrow morning we get Commissioner of Baseball Manfred, and where is Sportsmanship? Being shallow when its time to go deep and deep when its time to go shallow is not a good look.

Date Posted: 2015-01-23 12:30:45
I almost think people don't want Sideshows like they are Mel, the more negligible Sideshow on the Simpsons, Impersonators like Fake Scott Van Pelt or Fake Tony LaRussa or Needlers like Fake Bo Pelini (The Real Bo Pelini was just as firewagon happy,too), or Unofficals like Every Single Day,because I know there are states who prosecute not just Impersonating Officers or Military, which is federal now, but the Fire Department Red like the Police Department Blue, Brian Burke, which I am saying Sports Athlete or Official, Teach, or any other official because we got way too many Doogie Howsers even though Neil Patrick said "CUT" in 1993 with that role, and more worse, Charlie Bartletts. I hate to rant just to throw air, but, the strength besides out the door is authenticity and I'd prefer a Fast and Faster Indianapolis Pole Day or Pro Stock Motorcycle vs. a Fast and Faster Internet which Rural and Those who truly don't got Net get stuck in a 2 to 3 Day Internetherworld like it was for us Suburban and Townsfolks, 2 or 3 Times around the net.

Date Posted: 2015-01-22 12:48:32
With Jeff Gordon's Retirement, it also would be the last driver from the First 50 Years of NASCAR to Retire out of the Cup Division. And, I wonder if eventually, have a return to 1 or 2 Car Teams in Cup to eliminate the overhead.

Date Posted: 2015-01-21 05:51:47
I wonder if there is fenceline sponsors still willing to finance a Rick Crawford or Ron Hornaday,Jr.? I would feel if Jeff Gordon wasn't to race, I'd RATHER see a 50 or 59 or 99 instead of a 24 or 25. And, I can't even stand why the Rolex doesn't have as many NASCAR Guys and Girls as before.

Date Posted: 2015-01-18 12:24:46
I'm glad Rico Abreu won the Chili Bowl, but, it took 15 Years after TNN and 18 Months after SPEED to realize Motorsports and Problem Solving Skills had to come. 300+ Racers never happened to even a Great Indy 500 and If there was a Winter USAC, DuQuion and Tulsa would be Major 1 and Major 2. Even though IRacing and the Southern Super Series has helped reinstate the Super Late Model, but, I'd like to see more Eddy-Senneker racing, even if it is Texas. But, I could see Jimmy Owens or Scott Bloomquist get "Called" to NASCAR because we have run the youth movement out and I don't see very many actual adolescents support theirs except Chase and Dylan K.

Date Posted: 2015-01-16 16:15:16
I wonder if the economic returns on a Championship or a Dynasty are worth more than just a few zeroes? And, if Tony Ave ran Hickory and Madison ONCE, let alone regular, would he be better off than Tasker Phillips and Road America and Road Atlanta?

Date Posted: 2015-01-15 17:18:02
Why are we too married to Sales? In truth, the code of a Season Ticket Holder don't just be in and out on their commitment. And what is worse, letting anyone buy ain't nobody's idea of security and the good,honest people of the Clean,Green, Pristine Pearly White Gates of West Des Moines are not all wanting to see any anyone for a profit, and if so and so wants to expect someone else but them finance their cause, that's a bigger problem than the lotto.

Date Posted: 2015-01-15 07:55:43
What is nuts, is even now, having a Rogan and Stanhope after Corolla and Kimmel, a Kelly after Kathie Lee and a Big Ol' Michael Strahan after Regis is not always an option, because, there is so much media and absent minded belief anything can happen from anywhere. That is a hard and scary thought.
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