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Date Posted: 2014-12-16 16:03:55
Where is the true relief drivers? I think if Brian Vickers' health became terminal, I'd like to know who's truly volunteering their bid to be a true relief driver because one free agent for another free agent to pick and choose and grin only dims true call ups, and I'd like to see Stock Car Jobs in Atlanta, Nashville, Knoxville, South Carolina and Birmingham again.

Date Posted: 2014-12-16 15:59:21
I think what isn't real positive is towns that can't afford to lose jobs ever like Clinton, with Target closing at the end of next month no thanks to the hack,which hacked Target's Racing Commitments and would leave Ganassi empty, doesn't add a thing. With more Chicago Rappers deceased or in prison than record deals,than any other market in US or Canada doesn't help Hip Hop and I feel here in Eastern Iowa, the undue influence creates a long next 10 Years and I would not be thrilled to hoove to West Des Moines in this future over safe anything, but, in real reality, if Clinton needed a New Riverfront Stadium, it'd be as convoluted as Birmingham and to add to the heartache, the rules of the road should be being mindful to the territory that folks are in or tied to, and 12 Month Swoons are nothing good and big money never means big rings with no big commitment at all. I feel People need believability, not just jokers pumping money left, right and Saturday Night.

Date Posted: 2014-12-10 07:56:50
Back on September 9th or 10th, after the Ole! Ole ! Ole! Free Food! Free Food! disappeared from Brazil and the truth was that World Cup was Upset Heavy and Poorly Handled (Or, In Scandaleze, It's Been Mishandled.), and the obvious is being apathetic to regular season fortunes come up now and with everyone acting like they are a casino and let any and everybody win Bet Money like everything was a parlay and some of these folks realize they'd only have that kind of resources prefab with the 1st Division Job, Trophy Wife, Trophy Kids, Trophy Pets, Trophy Boat and Cars, and the only problem is even if we where in the Clean,Green, Pristine, Pearly White Gates of West Des Moines, we can't turn folks 2 or 3 Feet from the Plane to Winners. My state could let my aunt fly all over the world if they wanted to, but, that's not them. And the stone cold truth out of the Pulp Fiction is Women see through the Macho Man or the Frat Boy or the Meek Milhouse thinking he is a Millionaire, and the boat, the kids, the cars, the wife, the home, the 1st Division Job goes and don't got plans to come back home and that is another truism, and its easy to be easy, but, what about Problem Solving Skills? Would Troy Ave make a better New York Knick than Melo? There are reasons why Home is not just a place to stay home and slack off and even if I was Playoff Commissioner, I'd do better than the Fundraiserarama of a Commissioner/AD they installed out of Arkansas, and I hate to throw Vents like I am Big KRIT, but, in real reality, we all have St. Louises and Detroits in our regions,even if I wasn't 1000 Percent Aware of Both Lores and just broaching them in offense is so not a good look.

Date Posted: 2014-12-03 18:01:36
I hate to keep kicking the Moral Obligation Texas Football, but, if there is no low hanging F1 Teams, we need to at least defend Monaco as the Weekend after the Indy 500 and 2 Weekends before LeMans. I would like to see enough structure that if there is no F1 in 2016, at least have it either be Cup,IndyCar, NASCAR Europe, LeMans Preview or Formula 2 or 3000 because we are running into a Formula Consolidated between Formula 2 AND 3.

Date Posted: 2014-11-28 18:57:16
I know calling this Friday "Black" in a Pitch Black Year ONLY makes as much sense Caterham trying to justify being F1. I think with Bayern Munich and other Non English International Football Clubs working harder because they don't have unreal overhead that has them all over the world, but, the issue at heart is people gravitate to Good Anything or the Promise of Good Any Any Any Thing. Return of Investment has a way to make folks scatter in this Strapped Period, but, I'd almost prefer Merit Racers, Athletes, and Entertainers instead of being paid 25 Million to be ONLY 25th Place. If 250 Million meant every year deep in the Postseason or MVP Dialogue, we'd be okay and wealthier, but, not if it is DuckTales.

Date Posted: 2014-11-28 13:55:27
For at least a day and a half, BK Racing had us going with Cole Whitt going to Front Row Racing. If that was true, Cole Whitt would have had a good ride and David Ragan would have had a Rookie Year of XFinity Racing.Has anyone spoken up for Ryan Truex yet?

Date Posted: 2014-11-26 08:35:01
This is IndyMyIndy dropping volumes like I carried textbooks on my head in High School (Real Story). We lived through this Donna Summer,with respect to her legacy, as in Enough is Enough and its on WHO? like W-H-O needs to be the real Capitalists and not the 08 Bullies in Des Moines. I don't love scare tactics like no no one else and I don't think its fair that every Truck and K and N Driver is ceaselessly open to the Rumor Mill every Thanksgiving. And speaking of the Pressure Cooker so hot, that you can fry your own chicken at home, instead of just reheating, we are in all that and it ain't good, especially when real memory gets involved like an Old Computer. I think Front Row is going to be a 3 Car Team or is either David Gilliand or Ragan getting punk'd? And, I know money talks in Stock Cars, but, people don't want John Wes Townley as the Golden Rule in Atlanta is Transcend or Nothing.

Date Posted: 2014-11-24 08:59:28
Ending The Game 87.7 has to smack down of another "My So Called Life" vs. "Friends" Conundrum, when "My So Called Life" should have been Claire Danes for 10 Years and an edgier "Welcome Freshmen", but, America was quicker to welcome a Good Sitcom to their homes. To me, Viacom's "Clarissa" Problem is a company wide,Music Industry Wide, and Entertainment Industry Wide Gutrot where it got to the point you had to tell me 106 AND Park Ended but NOT Rap City? I feel that we put "bet money" on the wrong kind of politicans, the wrong kind of athletes, the wrong kind of educators who deform learning and the wrong kind of entertainers. Even my school friends where down with Tanya Tucker's "I Ain't That Kind of Girl", but I see Young Adults and Adolescents today filling out roles that they didn't earn or walked 3 Feet In To. I'd paid to see Mayweather-Pacaqiao I, but reality and agendas hurt like crazy.

Date Posted: 2014-11-23 15:46:36
In my bitterly ardent belief of the SPEED Reflex getting out and crashing Sports Radio and one bad or one good thing always leading to another, I think The Chicago Tribune laid a dirty,filthy, nasty Big Yellow Egg for deleting The Game( Ex-The Score) and the Score was better,too, and leaving the stain for Kap, Haugh and the Rest of America. Where are our GOOD or GREAT Days? And, I feel strong that Newspapers have to serve a purpose, especially if we don't want Redneck 1 or Redneck 2 Doing Wrong or a Real 1 Year Old Doing Sports like that one time that tot disrupted preset and forget about it FAA Flight Patterns. The whole point of support is someone or everyone having money and not just letting a Freddy Freeloader ride all day,every day like Lil Wayne, and if we are on our own, at least try to collectively problem solve or bill collect. I think with the Ghost of Swan Racing laying a Big Yellow Egg on an equally nonexistent Xtreme Motorsports and how did we fall for its unawareness for 2 Months! Its no differenter than the Arizona Crook passing his lawsuits in a Nashville Court. Just because we are in overdrive, doesn't mean we can't have what to do or not do in ink. I don't mean to vent like Big KRIT sitting on too nice numbers while another idiot rides spinners and has more jewelry than a married couple but does squat, even if the pressure and the heat is on. Ovi and Melo is the Opposite of Bill Russell and Rocket Richard and Michael Jordan and Wayne Gretzky because Intangible is the line between Rusty Wallace and Kevin Harvick.

Date Posted: 2014-11-07 14:44:27
And with this year truly being Nole after the World Cup and it not being Florida State or Ole, but, I feel sad and sorry for Bobby LaBonte not getting his 25th Win when he had the chance. I hate to go Bruno Mars all on America, but, with Kurt Busch being accused of Domestic Violence and that sinking not only his career, but Gene Haas' Attempt at Formula One. And, we had real life Snakes, Mongooses, Swamp Rats, and DA's and that does NOT mean Don Prudhomme, Tom McEwen, Don Garlits and Darrell Alderman. Even though I hate snowballing the Old Line Race Fans True Black Hat without being an enormously paralyzing Lightning Rod, like later, but, I think Lawyers are never good and there are more reasons to do your field or sport if you do it right and play by the rules. Even though Hater is all over in 2014, but, I'd prefer seeing the Sequel to 1992 rather than the misses in Good Times to drive us mad, or even low water days like Last and This Year.
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