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Date Posted: 2015-07-03 06:47:56
The loss in this period is FOCUS. What is painful is having people A. Benefit Too Much and B. Not Benefit Enough. Being elemental to the circumstances doesn't really help as Old History keeps fading away in a big way.

Date Posted: 2015-06-25 13:24:05
I hate to see where everyone has to be like Bud Moore after his Ford Support got yanked, or Nigel Mansell not knowing when to quit racing, looking like he had 2 Whole Pizzas difference when he couldn't beg a league for work. I think there are reasons people are who they are, even if someone hired all their uneducated friends with law records to coach Texas Football. The truth is, if we all hired our friends, relatives and friends relatives for plums, we'd look like fools. And, I wish that emotions weren't always a reflex, but, common sense was.

Date Posted: 2015-06-21 13:16:49
Is it just my imagination or does EVERY Schumacher-Force-Kalitta Collision has to be huge? The one that broke Sarge's Asterisk Streak (Not in NHRA Literature, but, I say it in 2008 when they went 1000 Foot) was JR Todd and he was not a Kalitta then. And its crazy to admit that is true.

Date Posted: 2015-06-12 16:40:51
It drives me bats reputations are hard, and worse when there bad-earned vs. hard-earned. And, local or regional is a hot box as is when everyone else does the Western USA but the West or the Midwest but us. I hate the everyone else but me with a passionate bone, and that is if it was earned or unearned. It tough enough to earn one claim to fame, let alone act like the postmodern day Lamar Hunt, as there are too many cats lurking in the Cali Stacks like weeds. Morally, people feel better about good things instead of Monday Morning being Bogus and Bad for the wrong reasons every fall.

Date Posted: 2015-06-01 14:30:51
With Oakland and Pro Sports, simple answers or Without Sports like ESPN did 10 Years Ago would be hard to find. The Warriors would have to be Bay Area or Nobody, and that would include Las Vegas or the Seattle Supersonics. The A's and The Raiders have to be Las Vegas or No Nobody because I doubt America has patience with relocated teams or money and wins being hard to come by. I think anywhere else, attendance would be grassroots, and the Alameda County Coliseum hasn't had good A's Attendance since the Bash Brothers in the Regular Season and Concord de La Salle's Last Loss for years trumped any Raider Football Coliseum Memory good or bad as greatest Football Memory in Alameda County History. Even though the Autumn Wind is a Raider, the Whole Year is A 49er in the Bay and Ticket Runs don't add up. If tickets alone was what kept Charlotte alive, would we have been quicker to abdicate Dover by now?

Date Posted: 2015-05-11 06:55:49
I think with the stat line with Danica Patrick is : IT DON'T ADD UP! 1 Win With Half The Field for 11 Years of Professionalism is not a good look.

Date Posted: 2015-05-08 14:13:17
Okay, letting Chase Elliott do the Wild Card Race is telling me Sprint All Star Race exclusively exists for Corporate America and America. Turning the Racing Equal to the Masters into Take Art is wrong, and if Crazy Uncle's Cousin Charlie went from unemployed to CEO in a Week, and we are stuck on the plums when we argue off the hill for anyone.

Date Posted: 2015-04-28 13:16:02
I think not hiding from the ones who do it right needs to happen. We have so much icolonialism that money trumps merit and that is never good. AAU Coaches needle the rules and I think we don't here Manny this,Manny that, because he would have been a worse Lance Armstrong if he did a third of what Mayweather did.

Date Posted: 2015-04-10 07:21:43
I think way too many extra parts cause way too many bad habits. I think would trying to send in Madden Players to the outside World help like trying to turn a Video Gamer into A Racer? Having an unhealthy fixation with the 3 Rings and no one knows Places is not a good deal.

Date Posted: 2015-04-03 13:06:30
I think Europewide, I think they lost their cool when Formula One tried to be regal after Schumi. Coming out the other other side of 2009, they've tried to pump Man U like Simeon and we've tried pumping regions in lieu of scripts, but, I'd like knowing the end of the mystery and mystique kept as-was.
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