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Wheels and Tires From Street to Strip – Part III

Our drag race and street-strip wheel and tire series rolls on. This time we’ll look at the rubber part of the equation. Years ago, slicks ruled the roost in terms of drag race tires. You wanted to race? You ran slicks. But today, many popular racing categories mandate radial tires. Read More


Low Viscosity Motor Oils

The fluids you put in your vehicle – whether your daily driver or dragster – can make a huge difference in performance and longevity. Recently, The Burnout had a chance to sit down with some engineers from Mobil 1 and talk about low viscosity motor oils. Read More


Tuning Tips: Taking Bigger Gulps of Fuel

Drag Race 101: Tuning Tips for the Drag Strip Part II. This final installment of tuning for the drag strip is going to deal with getting more fuel to the engine now that we have more air going and the ignition installed. Read More


Congratulations to Van T. Free III, Winner of the 2014 Chevrolet Silverado!

It’s been a long fun ride for us, collecting entries all over the country and meeting the great folks who entered the contest to win the AED Performance/RacingJunk.com 2014 Chevrolet Silverado given away to help celebrate RacingJunk.com’s 15th Anniversary! Thanks to our friends at AED Performance for making the giveaway possible, thanks to everyone who entered,… Read More

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