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Tech Tips

DIY tech tips for wrenching, plus engine and tuning modifications for muscle cars, drag cars, and performance enhancement.

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Braking Into the Corners

The “slow in, fast out” school of braking is not the only way to approach a corner, particularly if you want to achieve more speed on the track. Read More


Ask The Expert: Locking Header Bolts

We reached out to header bolt experts Mr. Gasket to find out what are header bolts, and why are they so important in protecting your car from exhaust leaks and horsepower losses. Read More


Perfecting the Subtle Slide: The Art of Zero Steer

The art of zero steer is the difference between a tiny drift that imperceptibly gets you around a corner faster than your competitor and a full-on spin out on the track. Here’s some suggestions for improving your driving technique. Read More