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Thread: SCAMMER Alert PHONE NUMBER 586-888-8718

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    Angry SCAMMER Alert PHONE NUMBER 586-888-8718

    Went thru this once these people are just sick....hope this helps a legit person out...rock on!!!

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    Details? What's the scam?

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    If you Follow my name down a couple of threads I explain the whole process...This Just Happen'd to me about a month or two ago...Clowns need something Better to do besides Jacking a round someone who works Had for there short somehow they are able to cancel there chk after a week or two and screw you and they get Your part that you sent ...I really just got Jack'd for cashing a bad Chk as I thought something was up whith The way that want'd to have the shipping done so I alertd my Bank Teller to keep an eye on the chk and sure enough it was Junk...I never sent the Part so I was only out 12 buck...Still Pissed me off so I just posted another Part two day ago and I get the same scam from another Number which is the one I posted here I also posted the first number in another post earlier...Hope This Helps..

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    This is happening to me right now. The "buyer" contacted me and said he wanted the item I was selling and said he would arrange for shipping. I got the text today that the check was sent and he supplied a tracking number. the total for the check was more than double what he was to give me for the item. I was to keep my portion and the rest was to go to the shipper. I felt something was fishy with the way he was persistent In buying the item and didn't even try to make a lower offer than what I was asking. I am glad I read this forum to know for sure.

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    Me to today. Did number start with 901 area code

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    Same thing happened to me.I got a check for $2,699.00 for a $400.00 item. They wouldn't answer my phone calls so I'll just hang on to this check and see what else happens. Revenge on a scammer is now on my bucket list.
    Here's the phone number he was texting from: (513)839-9672
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    Got the same $2699 for my $550 listing. Didn't seem very interested in the part, i don't have a picture in the listing, he never asked. First text from (409)220-8786 then followed with (513)839-9672.

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    After texting back and forth with a Nelson Romero somewhere in Kansas (phone number 785-363-0877)he agreed to buy item paying with PayPal. I got an PayPal email saying that I had money, $1100 for a $750 sale and that I was to send the extra $450 by western union to a freight carrier Name : Dolores Marie Montgomery
    City : Colorado Springs, State : CO Zipcode : 80910 Country : United States.
    The three emails I got from Paypal for this transaction just didn't look right so I forwarded them to PayPal. They confirmed the scam.

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    Same thing just happened to us. Add on racing junk, contacted us with text (773-724-3541), wanted us to email him ( Wanted to purchase a 25,000 car with one picture posted, pay us through pay pal and when it cleared our account he would send a shipper for the car. I asked for his paypal address to send invoice first and he sent e-mail back but didn't supply his address. Told him we wanted him to inspect in person and pay cash, because we did not want to pay paypal fees for transaction and he said he would pay that also. Finally sent him an email and said didn't want to be involved in his scam. Paypal told me I would not be protected selling from another site and money through them.

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    For one single item posted in different sites, I have been contacted by 3 different phone numbers:

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