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Thread: 1 piece oil pan gasket

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    1 piece oil pan gasket

    used the wrong one piece oil pan gasket in my sbc. used the thin front seal in front instead of the thick seal up front. (NOTE- all aftermarket pans use the thick front seal pan gasket), it leaks only when i shut car off, not while running., my frien rick in florida says he has been successful in fixing this by loosening front of pan, cleaning thoroughly with brakekleen, and then applying permatex Right Stuff sealer to part of gasket that connects to the bottom of timing cover and tighten up and then smooths it out with finger rub. has anyone done this successfully.? another idea i had was to add a thin strip of gasket material on top side of existing gasket and some sealer and tighten up. this strip would make up the difference of the thickness of the thick and thin gaskets. any comments. thanks art

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    1 piece

    You are not out much if you try it and it works, have at it and let us know.

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    I had the same issue last season. I dropped the front of pan as your friend said and sealed it up. It would still leak or seep a little on the trailer or when the engine was cold. I ran all year (2011) like that but I am changing for the right (thicker) gasket this winter.

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    since you have to loosen all the bolts down the rail anyway why not just change it room? does it leak enough to warrant all the work invovled. if not id let it leak i wouldnt. fix it and let us know what you did.

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    Dunno what the complaint is . . Never seen a SBC that didn't try to leak oil . . unless it didn't have any in it . . And they're worse when they're cold and sitting . .

    Honestly they can be sealed up, but it's another one of those things you worry about when you have nothing else TO worry about.

    And you can keep it from leaking on the floor or Trailer with a small piece of cardboard . . . . Heh, heh . .

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