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Thread: 572 with 1071 BDS blower for $6,500

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    572 with 1071 BDS blower for $6,500

    I got scammed by this guy, they took his ad offline. Is there anyone else that got scammed too? I could use some help. I knew it was too good to be true and of course it was. This motor did show up for $15,000, but this guy really does have it.

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    Senior Member RACING JUNKIE lively's Avatar
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    Nov 2004
    HUH---- NO STINKING INFO--ADD#######/DEAL???/ LOSE MONEY??????

    CAN'T HELP YA ops: ops: ops: :shock: :shock:

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    Senior Member RACING JUNKIE mopar1968's Avatar
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    Dec 2006
    Info please name,number,e-mail, :roll: :roll:
    Head's up the true drag race!!

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    racingjunk deleted the ad, but the number was #1998472
    it was a 572, Dart Block, Dart Heads, 1071 BDS blower, xfi injection, etc.
    hope this helps

    His name is Zach Pierce 702-573-0932 I do not know his email address

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    O yeah I lost several grand, and another guy lost some cash too.

    this guy stole some pics off a craigslist ad and posted it on racingjunk and the original owner posted later on racingkunk for 15,000

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    Senior Member RACING JUNKIE BEAST477's Avatar
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    You're not really saying you sent money for an engine you never saw? :roll:

    Only a rich man can afford to use cheap parts.

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    Senior Member DYNO OPERATOR
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    Chelsea Oklahoma
    thats like saying i have a Lambo for 4500.00 just send me the money and i will send the car.. well crap ,, if it sounds way to good to be true,, then i would have taken 4 days off work, loaded up my weenie dog and away we go, she loves road trips,,then after i pulled the pan and checked a few bearings, then i would have said DAMN now thats a smokin deal,, load it up.. but too send cash for a motor,, to somebody i dont know,, SCREW THAT !!!! but i did read your post and 15k probably wasnt a bad price in todays market,, but to send 15k,, come on.. your allmost asking for it,

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    Senior Member RACING JUNKIE
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    I think from his post he sent $6500.00 not $15,000.00 but still i'd drive across country for an engine of either value.



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    yes I made a bone head mistake, but he sounded legit on the phone and new his stuff. I guess I pissed that cash away.

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    Senior Member DYNO OPERATOR
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    Jul 2003
    Chelsea Oklahoma
    yep,, i didnt meen to come off as a ass. you really have to watch out for these scammers.. i hope it alls works out for ya,,

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