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Thread: Distributor sets at angle???

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    Distributor sets at angle???

    I have a 72 LT-1 350 I recently bought that was a total rebuild. Has not been fired yet, and had no distributor. When I got one and dropped it in the distr. sets at an angle (at the distributor seat)in relation to the manifold. I`ve never seen this before. Its almost like the distr. hole in the manifold is towards the center to much??? Its a hurricane style single plane intake. I did see somes pics on the net of intakes with an angled seat for the distr. Whats the deal here, has anybody run into this problem?? Help!!

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    Could be that their mold slipped or they had a problem during the casting process and Q/A didnt catch it, I would not run it that way.

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    Thanx for the input, I think I`m gonna try another intake and take some measurements

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    If you look at a SBC or BBC close from the front or rear the distributor does tilt toward one side just a little.

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    Where the distributor sets on the manifold there is a good 1/8" gap on the outer side while the other side is resting on the manifold, very noticeable! I know oil would really run out of there. I read on one of these forums someone had the same issue and he took to a machine shop, they made him a tappered shim and I guess he ran it that way.....does`nt sound right to me?

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    If there is a gap then your intake isn't right but the distributor in a Chevy v8 will be at an angle.It's how they are.

    I assume it is because the cam is in the center of the engine and the distributor has to be to one side for the gears to mesh. :?:

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    The dist.angle is to get the oil pump drive outside the rear main bearing bore.Nova79 I think you could have that intake machined to match one that's right.Be sure to check gear alinment and oil pump drive free play.Bill.

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    I never noticed that angle much until now... the bottom pic really shows how much it is... interesting.
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