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Thread: And just where are the Bamster's priorities ???.......

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    And just where are the Bamster's priorities ???.......

    ...attacking the FOX news channel, attacking the US Chamber of Commerce, attacking the American People, attacking capitalism, attacking the American way of Life,....and of course playing GOLF. But NOT giving our troops the backing they need !!!!!!
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    to those who

    God Bless our folks in uniform
    "We the People, have your backs"

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    October 1, Glenn Beck referred to Rush Limbaugh’s
    remark: I hope he fails because we need the money. Even
    with a flight to Copenhagen in 2 planes, jet fuel, green
    house emissions, publicity, and other associated costs, the
    failure of holding the Olympic Games in Chicago saved the
    taxpayers a costly burden. No doubt, you and I were going
    to foot the bill. That news died “like a candle in the wind”.
    I wonder how General Stanley McChrystal felt, sitting
    on Airforce One in a meeting prior to Obama’s flight
    to Copenhagen? Was his request for 40,000 troups of
    secondary importance to the world wide attention that
    would be gained if attaining the olympics in Chicago?
    McChrystal has had 3 short meetings with Obama since
    he, McChrystal, was called as Coalition Commander in
    Afghanistan. Until 10 days ago he had not been given
    time by the president to discuss his strategy. Casualties
    increase as delays drag on. Rahm Emmanuel stated before
    the Asssociated Press last week that, Bush is to blame for
    handing the administration the mess in Afghanistan. Are
    “their” excuses uncreative or just plain tiresome!! Dick
    Cheney found no humor in the remark claiming that a
    “stategy plan” was given to the incoming president during
    a transition meeting. Further, that the Obama team had
    requested that it be kept quiet. The plan closely resembles
    the plan now being considered, according to Cheney.
    It seems that we have a president that can’t make a
    decision. He’s caught in the middle and damned if he does
    and damned if he doesn’t. In the meantime, soldiers die.
    McChrystal is waiting for an answer from his commanderin-
    chief, an answer that was to have been fulfilled months
    The American public deserves the benefit of hearing
    from the top U.S. military commander on the ground in
    Afghanistan. This is especially true when the debate in
    Washington over the war has become particularly muddled
    and confused and statements from President Obama have,
    again, proven contradictory. Americans want a decision-
    ”Provide the resources for our military men and women to
    win or bring them home”!
    Recently, President Obama rightly told a gathering of the
    Veterans of Foreign Wars that the war in Afghanistan was
    “fundamental to the defense of the American people.” Now
    we read that he is considering scaling back in Afghanistan
    and shifting the strategy from a focus on counter-insurgency
    to counterterrorism.
    Obama, implementing political strategy to appear decisive during
    his campaign, claimed that he would send more troops. Mr. Obama
    is ‘weenieing’ out.
    Gen. McChrystal, who was tasked by the president to assess
    the situation and provide his advice has to be frustrated, to say
    the least. As casualties rise, Kerry and Obama mix politics with
    rhetoric to front indecision while we watch our soldiers die.
    For more, see Speaking Up About Afghanistan by Lisa Curtis,
    October 9, 2009
    to those who

    God Bless our folks in uniform
    "We the People, have your backs"

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