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Thread: roller rockers

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    roller rockers

    i've seen guys run two deference size rocker 1.6 and 1.5 at the same time can someone explain the advantage of doing that and way not just run all 1.6 rockers or the 1.5's, thanks.

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    I'm going to say that most people do this without knowledge of why they are doing it. It's because someone said it works better. But in reality that's not the truth. It all has to do with your setup and what you need to do. With that say i'll let some of the other tuners put their foot in their mouth , HeHe, then i'll coment later. Come on guys, lets see how we compare :lol:


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    roller rockers

    I just think it is something guys are doing because they like the extra work I guess. You can pick-up more lift (maybe) an average of .030". I don't see too many guys doing this now days. You could end up realizing you were better off w/ what you had before changing 8 rockers. IMO, some of them do it because its easier than changing the cam maybe to run nitrous. Just a thought

    If it were easy, EVERYBODY would be doing it!!!!

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    I have my opinions on this but I'm sure they are not informed opinions. I would not run 1.5 on anything (talking SBC anyway). Here is some reading that might give a little insight.


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    man door, i was almost late for work reading all the post on that site. thanks for the link, it's like a good book i just couldn't put it down my wife turn my computer off and told me to get the hell out go to work. lol !!!

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    My small block has 1.7 intake and 1.6 exhaust shaft rockers. It bumps my advertised .660 / .630 cam up to .748 / .672. My motor was built by Zimmermans in Indiana. My guess is that the higher rocker ratio makes the pushrod ratio better.
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    Only reason I could think of would be if they decided they needed to change their cam specs a little on either side for whatever reason and it is easier to swap rockers than cams.

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