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Thread: 68 mustang lights don't work

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    68 mustang lights don't work

    My brother has a 68 mustang and when the headlights are off the brake lights work. When the headlights are on he has no running lights or brake lights. About every 5-7 seconds he hears a clicking noise that sounds like it is under the dash and the headlights flicker. Can anyone help lead me in the right direction on fixing this. He already changed the light switch and that didn't help.

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    Hey Michael,

    This is going to be a process of elimination. I would start with the fuse box. You have an unwanted ground or something going on. Ask him if he has installed anything lately: new sterio? guages? go back and find the ground problem there first if so. Something is crossed up & causing the reverse senario you describe. I wish I had the answer, but you need to find the ground/wiring problem. Get your 12Vt tester out & start checking the problem areas. If you are getting a "click" or blinking, take a look at the flasher (or replace) & wiring around there too.

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    I went and helped my brother today and found the problem. It was in the light switch that had a hot wire going to a ground wire. It wasn't a very hard find once I got down to his house and looked at it myself. It would only act up when I turned the switch on and off so I knew it was in that area. Thanks for all the help.

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