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Thread: BEWARE of dealing with testa1 (#80038) David Testa

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    BEWARE of dealing with testa1 (#80038) David Testa

    This fellow Dave Testa from 2920 CHENOAK AVE. BALTIMORE, MD 21234 Phone Numbers: 410-288-9656 - 410-982-3331 is a bit of a scammer, cheat & liar. I purchased parts from him back in August-2007 and Aug-28-2007 is when Money order was cashed. It took forever to get the parts (Received Oct-11-2007). But some parts are still missing.
    I contacted Dave about the missing parts; his first response was that he shipped everything. Then after more emails, Dave said he had the missing parts and would ship them out. Dave's email stating this to me was October 16, 2007. I have not received the missing parts or heard back from him since. I have sent several more emails, no reply. Dave is still using RJ to post ads and I have waited until he has posted new ads on RJ to prove all the emails I sent him were going to a active account. No excuse Dave. Dave’s current posted ads: testa1 (#80038) 1075546 Posted: 2008-01-08, 1076791 Posted: 2008-01-09, 1085795 Posted: 2008-01-17, 1092587 Posted: 2008-01-23. Dave made up some type of excuse not to send the parts in the beginning. Dave emailed me 3 times he was shipping the parts out the next day and never did. Each time I asked him why he emailed me to say parts are being shipped and not follow through. He would avoid the question and make up another reason for not sending the parts out. Why tell someone something and not follow through.
    Dave’s Excuses:
    His first excuse after telling me he was shipping the parts out was, I forgot and went on holidays (You can tell where his priorities are).
    Then he told me again he was shipping out the parts and when I did not receive the parts he blamed the bank.
    Then he said he was shipping out again and I never got the parts. He blamed the bank again and said that money orders could be reversed. I never heard of this one and I know when I purchase a money order, I pay cash for them. I sent other fellow RJ members the same type of money orders without any problems and one fellow told me his bank made a simple phone call to a government agency and cash it right away. I think Dave just makes up stories. I hope this helps any fellow RJ members that may be thinking of dealing with Dave now or in the future. Why tell someone you are going to do something and not follow through. You may want to deal with this fellow, but beware if he is going to ship you parts. It is not worth the aggravation to me. People like this makes it hard in dealing online through the different web sites.
    Sorry for the delay in posting this Scam alert.
    I believe in giving everyone a fair chance to redeem him or her selves.
    Dennis :wink:

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    I have messaged Dave,let see if he replys

    I like to hear both sides but I agree this should have been handled along time ago
    There Is 1 Thing Better Than Cubic Inches,,,More Of Them

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    i think you gave him more than enough time. before you came on here to vent it out.and to warn others..

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    Just to update everyone. I never did receive the missing parts from David Testa.
    If anyone knows of any ads David Testa has running on RJ or any other web sites. Please post them. Maybe we can help stop these scammers from scamming another buyer. It would be worth the post update.
    Dennis :wink:

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    I believe in giving everyone a fair chance but 3 years???If your concerned about others being scammed by this guy why would You wait 3 years??? Sounds like you just cant get over being scammed instead of worring about others being scammed?? JMO

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