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Thread: valve seals yes or no

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    valve seals yes or no

    iron egale heads on dirt mod. bilt this mortor two year ago, the guys on the dirt forum talked me out of oil restrictors , and to make the return holes larger. also when we went with bigger cam with kit , could not get the umbrella seals in the triple springs and the valves do not have a place to put o rings. so we ran it 7 nights that way, smoked in line up and oiled the plugs up, so i thought i had filed the rings wrong, took it down and they were fine. i think we were pumping to much oil to the valve covers and runing down the gides. will the oil restrictors help or should i cut the guides to take the after market seals.

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    I ran a motor without valve seals for one season (drag race) and like you said it oiled the plugs and tops of pistons and i did not like that so i had the guides cut and put valve seals on.

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    i have a reher morison 509 that from new has no guide seals and the tops of the pistons had oil on them during dissasembly and some on the intake valves that were in the closed position. they must have there reason. the machine shop local to me said to put seals on all valve to keep oil out of the combustion chamber as it could cause early detonation. i also have a scott schafferof 565 and fron new has the seals with triple springs. figure that one out. two well know engine builders with two different ideas and reasons, good luck

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    Don't restrict the oil,your valve springs need all they can get. install positive valve stem seals and your problem will go away.Bill
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    The seals I use, as with most guys these days, are the rubber viton, with the little spring on the top. These do a great job of limiting oil, but not to good of a job, if that makes sense. Compared to the old scholl white teflon seals, that did to good a job in the begginging, then, not good enough after a short time. The viton material stays the same, for the life of the seal.

    The reasoning for no seals from R&M, did this engine have a vacc pump? One reason could be simply they didn;t want any chance of sticking a guide. They may set the guides up tight, and leave the seal off for insurance. You can get away with a seal on the intake, and none on the ex. The vaccum on the intake stroke, can ands will suck oil in from the guides, it won;t do that on the ex.

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