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Thread: NItrous motor buildup

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    NItrous motor buildup

    I am wanting to build a SBC nitrous motor. I will probably be wanting to run a max of about 150 shot of NOS. I will be using a scat forged crank and forged 5.7 connecting rods. pistons are planned to be forged speed pro with 9.72 CR on a 64cc combustion chamber. I am wanting to run the motor on street with some track time, so what cam should i be looking at? Would a nitrous cam be appropriate?? Any suggestions for my buildup would be helpful. Also what heads should i be wanting to use?

    Thank you for your time.l

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    Give more information.

    What do you already have?

    Nirous cams can help depending on.

    I do not understand why your compression unless you are builing this to run 87 octane regular gas.

    My typical street 87 octane gas engine is 9.60-1 to 10.00-1 compression.

    You going to use a roller cam or regular cam?
    Solids or hydraulic?
    Do you know yet?

    Need all the engine info you can supply. Not of what you think you want but of what you have already?

    Need to know your honest budget of how much total you will spend.

    What about the vehicle? What is it? tell us all about it.

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    As of now all i have is a SBC 4 bolt main block with a current .30 bore. The motor will be going in a 67 Camaro that will be a street strip car. It is tubbed with a 4 link suspension and has a ford 9 in rear with 410 gears. The transmission i have for it is a TCI TH 350

    As for a Cam i had a hyrdaulic roller in mind.

    I am ready to order parts which is why im trying to find out what i should be buying for my build

    I have a 5,000 budget for parts. if more is needed i can come up with it


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    I will suggest more compression unless you are trying to run it on 87 octane regular. If so what you are doing is it.

    If you have not bought heads yet what are you thinking about using.

    A working running example of a daily street 383 type engine.

    I have a customer in Kansas City with a 385 cu in engine with ported Canfield heads, TPIS Mini-Ram with EFI and 11.30 -1 compression in a 3,500 lb car Hyd Roller cam and .595 in lift - .576 exhuast lift 245 @ .050 in and 252 @ .050 ex 114 LSA with 3 inch exhaust that is running at 122 - 124 mph in 1/4 spraying a 150 shot.

    Drives it to the track and to street races. Until this year was driving it daily and it was first fired up in Feb of 2002. Still running now with no issues and has never needed to re-adjust the rockers from my first adjustment on my engine stand. It is revved to 6,800 rpm frequently.

    At 3,700 lbs he drove it as a highway car and averaged 20 mpg with it while highway cruising with a 7004R. Now it has it's second turbo 400 after busting two built Jet 7004R trannys.

    You can likely get more power with a carbed engine in yours. I am trying to show you that using the HYD Roller is not that bad if it is set up right and benefits of higher compression in street cars. BUT the compression you named is better for using cheaper gas.

    The engine. Note the date stamp. Car has been running that long with only the intake gasket changed.

    " Let all things that hath breath, praise the Lord. Praise Ye the Lord" Psalms 150 vs 6.

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    With your imput in mind i will plan to run higher compression pistons

    For heads i plan to use the Dart Pro 1 aluminum head with 64 cc chamebers and 215cc intake runners. Would this be a good choice? IF not what would be a better choice??

    I am going to run a carburated motor and i have an older High performance holley 750.

    Anything else i should keep in mind??


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