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Thread: Problem when i turn on fuel pump

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    Problem when i turn on fuel pump

    I changed out the center bodies of my holley 650's(2) to the proform center bodies.Started the car it sounded as if it was missing while fuel pump was running.I turned the fuel pump off and after a few seconds it cleared up and very responsive but thats right when the bowls were running out of gas.So i flipped the pump on to put gas in the carbs and started missing.Turned off pump a few secs later it cleared up then ran out of gas in the bowls.Did not have this problem till i changed the main bodies.Any ideas for a fix? Thanks in advance Rick

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    sounds like either a air leak, (VAC. LEAK) , bad casting! I personally dont like proform stuff, havent seen anything that works well. someone else may have more to say on it also. David.

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    i would say that the carb sounds like it's getting a beeter air read and is pulling more fuel . i would check float level and turn idle air screws to one turn out and start from there.

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    I just took 1 of the carbs apart to compare it to the original holley main body and noticed that the proform piece did not have the same amount of port holes where the metering blocks go as the holley piece.Could that be a problem?I'll also try your idea z28 thanx.

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    sounds like sticky needle and seat to me...

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