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Thread: power opinions and examples please

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    power opinions and examples please

    i have a 350 flat top zero deck heigth 4 valve releifs and with 210 afr fully cnc'd in a 3100 s10 with 488 gear 5000 stall powerglide . has bowtie intake and 950 vacuum carb it has a 275 284 at .050 with 625 628 on a 108 solid roller with 670 lift with 1.6 rockers.i think carb is a little big for application but it's all i have . i would like to make this 350 run as good as they get.
    can you guys post some 350 examples that are similar for componants maybe it will help my decision .
    i have everything to build the 350 but i have everything but balance and deck heigth to build a budget cast 383. the 383 will have cast pistons and crank but the 350 has forged crank and pistons with decent rods and is fresh .. i just want to push this little truck to a 10 sec run...on motor...
    my only other choice is to slapp the 350 in andbuild a nice 3.875 stroke 350 block 6 inch rods engine this fall ..... thanks guys

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    Not sure what CC chambers the heads are? From what I've read, I think you need more compression and loose the 1.6 rockers for this combination. More lift isn't always better, unless your talking about cubic inches.

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    I think you have a lot of good high horsepower parts to stick on a junk 350 with no compression and no power handling capabilites if you somehow could make it run.

    Cam too big
    heads too big
    intake and carb too big

    Don't do it. It will be a dog and you will be angry with yourself for it.

    Wait until you can buy some decent pistons. Watch ebay. Thay sell good used forged pistons there all the time. Even a KB Hypereutetic would be better. Much better.

    What do you mean by a cast 383 crank? If you mean a factory 400 that is cut down. IF it is go for it. That is a strong crank. if you are talking about an aftermarket cast steel crank I would be scared to do above 500 hp with that.

    You have a biunch of parts that were designed to work well with a good strong higher compression engine with some rpm.

    You are wanting to put race car heads, cam, intake, carb, etc onto a stock short block. Not a good match.

    You will have to really cut some deep valve notches in those thin cast pistons for even your cam. It will cost almost half as much just to get those POS pistons cut as a new set of Hypereutetics would cost. They might not clear either.

    I hope no one comes on here and encourages you to put all this stuff together.

    " Let all things that hath breath, praise the Lord. Praise Ye the Lord" Psalms 150 vs 6.

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    I completely agree with Ed. Was just hoping to let you down easy!

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