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Thread: what gear to run

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    what gear to run

    went to track today (too damn hot) it went 11.19 @ 122.9 with a 1.72 60 and 104.3 1/8 . i had some issues. ok now what in the world is wrong why does it go thru the traps at 6000 .i went 11.11 @ 122 on a 75 degree day. but with a 400 turbo now i have a glide but i still have a 4.11 gear . im thinking of a 4.88. heres my thoughts if i shift at 6000 rpm's it will go thru the traps at 6000 but if i shift at 6500 and up it goes thru at 6200 so if i go with a 4.88 and keep my 28 tire then i'll goes thru arond 550 more . i thought for sure the glide would just rock but so far im not so happy. what combo's are you guys running . im just wanting it go better. it is a .060 over 5.7 rod 400 sbc with 256 266 at 50 with 666 lift solid roller i have a set of afr 210 raised runner with full cnc porting .13 to1 and bowtie intake with 950 hp dp im running glide with 5000 stall and 4.10 gear with 28" tires in s 10 . please let me know what you guys think thanks

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    that gear you have in here is killing your combo!! you should have started with the gear :lol:

    and your right its hot as heck ! in the fall you will be in the 10.'s as is
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    thanks david
    im looking to see what those heads will do (the one's i got off you) i.ll change gear soon and wait til fall . i was suppose to be in pinks all out in two weeks but im going to pass on that one . i was just checking other opinions. thanks

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    Do you ever intend to you NOS in the future ?..also let me ask...are you shifting at 6,000rpm ?

    the rule of thumb is to shift about 200 rpm above the max that when it goes into high gear it will not drop below the max HP rpm .

    ..most moderate 23 degree 400's i have had experience with over the years make the max hp in between 6500-7000..but i'm not saying your's does or doesn' do not read more into this than what it is...LOL........i am also not saying all 400's fall into this range...just the majority of the ones i have come across in the past including the last 3 i have owned...i have also noticed its more of a TQ motor rather than a high rpm HP motor compared to the 355ci...

    My last 406 made 615hp at 6800..pretty decent steel head motor. aluminum rod's, 670 solid roller..

    My wifes 406 is very very mild, dart iron eagle steel heads 520 flat tappet cam and it made 480hp at 6400......
    ohh yeah..she has 26x10's et streets with a 4.56 gear..turns 6500 thru the lights in high gear (Turbo 350)..its just right for all motor...if we ever placed any spray on this motor we would have to drop gear to at least a 4.30 (Minimum) depending on how big of pills we use.. most likely 150 shot...also keep in mind a turbo 350 will create more wheel speed than a glide.......

    So with all this said i believe a 456 gear will help you out if your 400 is anything other than mule...but i think you would have painted yourself in a corner if you go with a 456 if SPRAY is ever in your future....the extra gear will also be for nothing if you SHORT SHIFT it..



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    i try to shift at 6500 it feels great there but my qt mile mph say differant. i have a 4.88 pro gear that is free so i thought about running a 29" slick with it but i would like to run a 28 . im dont want to spend the money on a 4.56 if it dont help but i might if i find one soon. i have zero intention on running nos. just a all motor truck.. thanks

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    Like I told you in the EARLIER POST?PUT THE 4.88 in,do you remember me telling you that i ran a 4.86 Gear?Put the 4.88 Gear in and 10.80's shold be NO Problem!I ran 10.30's with a 355,you have LOTTS more Motor!
    Mid 10's should NOT be out of the Question,unles your Truck has a Bed full of CONCRETE BLOCKS??????????
    G 8)

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    i'll give her hell and see what it does . i figured a 4.88 would be a good try . that will give me mathmatically about the same first gear ratio as my old 400 that gave me 1.52 60 foots and have a steeper high gear to harder thru the traps . thanks im curious on what us7race runs for a gear he seams to have bit taller tire too

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    One Last Question?
    Is the 950 your using a 3-Barrel Carb?If it is,take it Off and get about a 20lb Sledgehammer and TUNE-IT UP!
    G 8)

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    if i had a 3 barrel i would 20 lb sledge it.but no it's a 950 holley hp double pumper. i think i need to upgrade cams . im not happy with a 256 266 @ 50 with 625 lift solid roller i should just throw in a 278 280 645 645 on a 108 solit flat tappet and be happy but i wanted to try my first full roller and it was free to use so it went in . thanks for the advise

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    just to let everyone know i am also running a moroso 4 hole 1" spacer. it might be hurting my top end

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