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From The Pagoda On...

Week 8 2015 Driver of the Year

1 Mason Mitchell ARCA 25 25

2 Clay Millican NHRA 16 16

3 Eddie Krawiek NHRA 14 14

4 Bryce Van Genderen Lucas Oil Pro Pulling 12 12

5 Calvin Van Genderen Lucas Oil Pro Pulling 10 10

6 Alfonso Celis,Jr. LATAM Challenge Series 8 8

7 Christopher Bell USAC 6 6

8 Scotty Lumbert Lucas Oil Drag Boat  5 5

9 Ho-Ping Tung Asian LeMans 4 4

10 Dale Earnhardt,Jr. Sprint Cup 3 3

11 Tim Brown Wh. So. Mods 2 2

12 Tony Kanaan IndyCar 1 1

After 8 of 40 Events

1 Mike Nichols IMCA  50   -

2 Andy Eckrich IMCA 33 17

3 Chris Porter ANDRA 31 19

4 Aric Amirola Sprint Cup 29 21

5 Mason Mitchell ARCA 25 25

Editor's Note: Since ARCA didn't run Newton Last Year, there has to be a Sense of Mason Mitchell doing better than Grant Enfinger at Mobile and Iowa in 2015.

6 Dennis Mwenda WRC 25 25

7 Trey Marcham USAC 25 25

8 Mike Garvey SSS 25 25

9 Johnny Herrera ASCS 25 25

10 Jordan Weaver ASCS 24 26

11 Jimmy Owens Lucas Oil 17 33

12 Clay Millican NHRA 16 34

13 Nehreen Ismail WRC 16 34

14 Austin Dillon Sprint Cup 16 34

15 Danny Jennings ASCS 16 34

16 Martin Fuentes SCCA World Challenge 16 34

17 Wade Young Motorsports S. Africa 16 34

18 Eddie Krawiek NHRA 14 36

19 Tamara Jones WRC 14 36

20 Ken Block Global Rallycross 14 36

21 Danny Lasoski ASCS 14 36

22 Michael Courtney Southern Natls Series 14 36

23 Todd Jackins Intl Snowmobile Racing 14 36

24 Josef Newgarden IndyCar 14 36

25 Mark Drew ANDRA 14 36

26 Bryce Van Genderen Lucas Oil Pro Pulling 12 38

27 Giancarlo Fisichella European LeMans 12 38

28 Justin Bonsignore SK Modified 12 38

29 Cooper Webb AMASX Lites 12 38

30 Dennis Anderson Monster Jam 12 38


31 Todd Morrow Southern All Stars 12 38

32 McKenna Haase ASCS 12 38

33 Jamie Whincup Aus V8 12 38

34 Calvin Van Genderen Lucas Oil Pro Pulling 10 40

35 Antonio Apicella F2000 Americas 10 40

36 Ty Dillon XFinity 10 40

37 Ryan Gustin Lucas Oil 10 40

38 Francis Carruthers Motorsports S. Africa 10 40

39 Alfonso Celis,Jr. LATAM Challenge Series 8 42

40 Andre Anderson CMRC 8 42

41 Travis Cope Whelen AA 8 42

42 Mike Joy Historic Trans Am 8 42

43 Blake Baggett AMASX 8 42

44 Gary Porter Monster Jam 8 42

45 Bryan Silas Trucks 8 42

46 Devin Robertson US Legend Cars 8 42

47 Darrell Wallace,Jr. XFinity 7 43

48 Christopher Bell USAC 6 44

49 Eric McClure XFinity 6 44

50 Justin Barcia AMASX 6 44

51 Allen Johnson NHRA 6 44

52 Danielle Behn USSA Pro Star 6 44

53 Marcos Ambrose Aus V8 6 44

54 Scotty Lumbert Lucas Oil Drag Boat 5 45

55 Bubba Pollard SSS 5 45

56 Chase Elliott XFinity 5 45

57 Tony Ave Trans Am 5 45

58 Timmy Hill Sprint Cup 5 45

59 Ho-Ping Tung Asian LeMans 4 46

60 Gianmaria Bruni European LeMans 4 46

61 Matt Hagan NHRA 4 46

62 Anne Pladson USXC 4 46

63 Dean Wilson AMASX 4 46

64 Scott Pruett USCR 4 46

65 Rodney Sanders USMTS 4 46

66Dale Earnhardt,Jr. Sprint Cup 3 47

67 Adam Anderson Monster Jam 3 47

68 Ben Kennedy Trucks 3 47

69 Lincoln Lemieux East Coast Snocross 3 47

70 Zach Veach Indy Lights 3 47

71 Tim Brown Wh So Mods 2 48

72 Kyle Larson Sprint Cup 2 48

73 Ben Rhodes XFinity 2 48

74 Mike Johnson SCORE 2 48

75 Rubens Barichello Brazilian V8 Stock Cars 2 48

76 Tony Kanaan IndyCar 1 49

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Stock Car Bowl VII 3-1-2015

1 59-Trista Stevenson   4

2 8-Chase Elliott          3

3 48-Jimmie Johnson   2

4 3-Austin Dillon         2

5 28-Mason Mitchell    2

6 22-Joey Logano       1

7 88-Dale Earnhardt,Jr. 1

8 20-Matt Kenseth       1

9 95-Michael McDowell  1

10 7-Alex Bowman      1

11 46-Michael Annett  1

12 17-Ricky Stenhouse,Jr. 1

13 43-Aric Amirola        1

14 15-Clint Bowyer       1

15 21-Ryan Blaney (R) 1

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Tomorrow and Relationships

Why is it on this Green Earth Vince Young is doing what Charlie Strong SHOULD be doing? And, I don't think people are salacious for NFL Free Agent Combine. Granted, if I was free to start an Expansion Team Tomorrow, I'd think Name The Team, Coaching Style, and a Socially Acceptable Pro or Coach to mast my club. Frankly, I am hot under my collar why North Carolina did the Postgrad Flip like Georgia was not in trouble for that in the 1970s? North Carolina or Not, I'd still call my Balls, Strikes, Goon Regiments and Mercenaries out into the open.

I almost not so secretly wanted ESPN and ABC to stay online as the better of the 2 Weak Links. First, USGA's mad, now, FIFA and US Senators are mad Fox Got Spending Money while I look like a flatfooted narwhal? And, lord willin' can't we free ourselves of Sprint and the Chase? I'M EMBARASSED, that MAVTV could find 1 Million Viewers for the Chili Bowl with No True Big Cities, and Shaheen and Dillner, but, no one could put a decent racing broadcasting unit?

People get confused over the hyper and there would have been no telling if Trista Rehn would have came tomorrow and Iowa's got a Longer Road to Omaha vs. Oklahoma City in Baseball vs. Softball and that was after my real life High School Classmate said they where the worst behaved team at the U of I and that was in 2007.

My High School Friends and Classmates have babies, too, and they need Tomorrow and Relationships to work, even if Iowa became 0 and 12.

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It's easy to go off the key like Glenn Beck to say "Convenient?" every 4 to 8 Words, but, sometimes, it would take more than just 1 of 1 Person to key changes. And, sadly, relationships don't fall into people's laps because how many times on this or any other planet does keeping people around count as committment?

Even though I felt Martinsville's Spring Race be on NBC and Fall Race be on Fox and Richmond's Spring Race to be on NBC and Fall Race to be on Fox, but, that doesn't happen like that. In 2013, I tried to explain off Eldora and Mid Ohio and Mosport and Atlanta, but, that didn't happen that way. And trying to make Sporting Events 99 Counties like Iowa having the Caucuses is not all sound, and a higher up had to dig in.

If today was rosier, it would be Win A Trip to See J. Cole in Concert. If today had a better Engine and Car, not just a Search Engine, Winning Offspring's Money is realistic. I'm glad Star Motorsports is offering a 1 Race Deal to be Angelle Sampey's Teammate and I remember Star Motorsports was the Team in NHRA and it is committed to be the team again. If a team fell off of being the team, it never usually comes back to recover their status. And, if Seattle marauded like Baltimore rather than waiting their turn, it would change their name forever in the permanent disruption of a Pandemical Economy, and people dig in, not Corporate America or the Town Fathers or Mothers who want to lure better people and once their there, the cities look awfuller.

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Southern Super Series and ARCA at Nashville Fairgrounds

I know, honestly, I was more excited for ARCA to make a return to Nashville Fairgrounds than Newton, only because of the depths that Nashville and Middle Tennessee had to go through to keep the lights on. I feel, too, with the Southern Super Series, even here in Eastern Iowa, for a fan like me, at least fill the vacancy of not having the ASA.

I think not having a Good Day, let alone a Good Race Day, makes me want or even appreciate term success better. I feel there is a King Los Air because Beating Alabama and Demolishing Alabama are two different things. And, the pains before the joy can't be faked like steak can't never ever be faked.

And, I feel that going Great or Greater than All Time Great is my move vs. Impersonating or being Unofficial. It one thing to be Fake Scott Van Pelt or Fake Tony La Russa, but, don't rag when it counts. I get upset when people rag when it counts and a lot of other people do,too. Trying to do Marvin Barnes but instead landing on Derrick Rose on that 100/100 is not funny. I get angry about the Whit Bazemore near misses only because they get to be a part of people whether they want it or not. And, to add it all up, the Whit Bazemore Near Misses is an Art Form and they ain't cute. And, I've lived the Aggro Crag, not climbed it, but, living it is as bad as Climbing It, and deep down, that 90s Child in me not so secretly wanted Orlando to win the NBA Finals, rather than have a 2nd Interim not care about Franchise Futures.

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Nashville Forever

I, for one, am upset with the Stall Bids for Nashville Superspeedway, which has had no racing since 2011, and this is the 5th Stall. The Next One would be a Sheriff's Auction. Why I got to feel this way is we almost had No Racing, Period in Middle Tennessee, and with Nashville Fairgrounds being twice nearly closed by a Mayor who was happier to see it dead instead of racing and that caused the Southeastern Equal of the ASA in the Southern Super Series to be started JUST over Nashville Fairgrounds, and I feel it would be better to build and find a New Tennessee State Fairgrounds.

I was not born a F1 or Road Racing Hater, but, since Austin's Out of Nowhere USGP Bid that smacks of the Milwaukee Mile vs. Dallas all the time, and Imola being rumored to be deleted and that would harm Ferrari if that where true, but, when an American Bought Hockenheim, it raised nerves among the Germans. Hockenheim is a National Park Like Setting in Germany and Formula One's Death could be sealed over the Stalls in Tennessee and Nashvillians deserve better.

Sure, having a Berlin Styled Arena as a Window to the World is Rosy, but, I feel 2nd Generation Titan Success needs to happen and I take personal why Nashville ain't in the Racing Scene in the Southeast like it should. It's the David to a Well Oiled Goliath and that goes for Kentucky, too, and why Cincy wasting taxpayers dollars is above me, and Louisville's fixing to be disembarked like Chicago or Teanack, or Birmingham is so broke that the Hammers where UAB and Alabama State and Bethune Cookman, which aren't nothings. I feel Nashville can't ever do Superspeedway again, and its not Milwaukee. We know Detroit activitating its Trucks, and I'd love it if the Cars where done right, too, and Darlington's still that track where aero don't mean nothing, and Trista Rehn ain't flying in for everyone to be happy.

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Can't The Rookies Come Fast Enough?

Even though its Februrary 24th. One Day Before those Infamous 1960s Birthdays of Celebrities we are still missing out on (Davey Allison, Hank Gathers and Kurt Cobain) , I feel like talking to you like it is November 24th into this Internetherworld. Can't the rookies come fast enough like if I had to get Kelly Bires, Someone from Japan or some dweeb who always stays at home and got nothing. (Okay, us Smarties would take offense to the 3rd, maybe the 2nd).

And, I think fusing Video Game and Real Life is closer to fact than fiction. I'm sure the next Video Game Contractor for College Sports has to pay the NCAA,NAIA,NJCAA, and CCCAA Benevolent Fund like bosses and have to do at least One Womens Sports Title.

And, what Video Games do injustice in is they don't do Olympic Sports Right. You can have many,many fuzzy fur balls on Jimmy Garrapolo, but, what about Shannon? Or Stephanie? We are getting into a 3DHDDigital Collision not all of us can afford out of pocket. If I wanted to be Number 8 for the Des Moines Orange or 99, I would have and put in Apu Cibyu (Actually, when it was Sega Genesis, I always thought of that name for NHL Hockey, or Peter Petrov). And, when Self or Selfie Importance is King, I wonder would a 60 Year Old Jimmie Johnson pass King Richard Petty's Wins or Double Richie Evans' Titles. The deal is we have no car equalizing that to say Madden, and had Tim Duncan played in 2025 or 2035 for the San Antonio Spurs, would he be as effective as 2015 or 2005? I know this is a lot above people's leagues, and I am wondering,too.

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Drag Race Bowl Series-Gatornationals 64

Editor's Note: IndyMyIndy is going to go about consolidating the Gatornationals, Summernationals, US Nationals and The World Finals into The Drag Race Bowl Series and my base is 20 Points per Round Win and Jack, Nothing, Per Round Loss

Top Fuel

1 Shawn Langdon

2 Antron Brown

3 Spencer Massey

4 Larry Dixon,Jr.

5 Richie Crampton

6 Doug Kalitta

7 Steve Torrence

8 Leah Pritchett

9 Tony Schumacher

10 Brittany Force

11 Troy Buff

12 Dave Connolly

13 Steve Chrisman

14 Terry McMillen

15 Clay Millican 2014 US Nationals National Champion

16 J R Todd

REMARKS: Yes, Dave Connolly is actually a Top Fueler and in competition as of today, he is 10 Rounds Deep (Including Qualifying) and 0-2 in the Nitro Conference

Funny Car

1 Matt Hagan

2 Ron Capps 2013 US Nationals National Champion

3 Del Worsham

4 Robert Hight

5 Courtney Force

6 Tommy Johnson,Jr.

7 John Hale

8 Bob Bode,Jr.

9 John Force

10 Cruz Pedregon

11 Tony Pedregon

12 Alexis DeJoria

13 Tim Wilkerson

14 Gary Densham

15 Chad Head

16 Jeff Arend

Remark: Ron Capps is not a US Nationals National Champion in Real Reality, but, the painfully sad fact (Like, Ron Capps needs it to be broached), was winning a Big Bud Shootout in the 1990s and Brainerd at Indy Completition, but, Indy at Indy, and he still is the Winningest National Event Driver without an actual National or World Title on the Books, but, that started the genesis of my Drag Race Bowl Series with the 2013 and 2014 National and World Titles

Pro Stock Car

Remark: Jeg Coughlin is 2013 World Champion and also, in real reality, and it is his 2nd Retirement from Pro Stock Car ( His Last Stint was in Mopar vs. Chevy, and I'd prefer being a Jegs in Drag Racing vs. Lucky Dog)


1 Jason Line

2 Drew Skillman

3 Erica Enders-Stevens

4 Rodger Brogdon

5 Chris McGaha

6 Larry Morgan

7 Shane Gray

8 Allen Johnson

9 Greg Anderson

10 Vincent Nobile

11 Johnathan Gray

12 V. Gaines

13 Joey Grose

14 Matthew Hartford

15 Deric Kramer

16 Jeffrey Isbell

Remark 2: Since the Grays (Shane and Johnathan) where the Genesis historically of Dave Connolly's Stock to Nitro Flip and even Antron's, which  was even more radical from Pro Stock Motorcycle to Top Fuel, I wonder if a Pro Stock Motorcycle to Funny Car or A Weekly Series to Pro Stock Motorcycle carry any benefit? And, also, since the Tonight Show is not regularly in Los Angeles or hosted by Jay Leno anymore, I wonder if there are guests who's jobs was that, and lost their jobs because Jay Leno is NOT coming back to host the Tonight Show for the 3rd Time and its in New York again?

Pro Stock Motorcycle

1 Andrew Hines

2 Eddie Krawiek

3 Scotty Pollacheck 2014 World Champion

4 Hector Arana,Sr.

5 Hector Arana,Jr.

6 Matt Smith

7 Angie Smith

8 Shawn Gann

9 Chaz Kennedy III

10 Angelle Sampey

11 James Underdahl

12 Mike Berry

13 Eddie Reed

14 Mike Olsen

15 Brian Pretzel

16 Lance Bonham

Remarks: Even though Scotty Pollacheck was my "World" Champion from 2014, but, what's on the boards is a painful 0-fer Final Hex before their First Win including Steve Johnson, which took his 3rd National Event Win in Charlotte to actually celebrate in 2008. John Force and his 9 Straight Finals in 1987 before his 1st Win, Scott "Alderman and" Geoffrion, and Bob Vandergriff,Jr. which took 19 Years, and 15 Runners Up before his 1st Win in Dallas,TX in 2011.

Remarkable Order:


PS Motorcycle

PS Car

Funny Car

Top Fuel

1st Round Qualifying


PS Motorcycle

PS Car

Funny Car

Top Fuel

2nd Round Qualifying


PS Motorcycle

PS Car

Funny Car

Top Fuel

Conference Midfinals


PS Motorcycle

PS Car

Funny Car

Top Fuel

Conference Semifinals


Stock ( Motorcycle vs. Car)

Nitro (Top Fuel vs. Funny Car


Gatornationals Finals

(Stock vs. Nitro

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Week 7 2015 Driver of the Year

1 Dennis Mwenda  WRC 25 25

2 Nehreen Ismail WRC 16 16

3 Tamara Jones WRC 14 14

4 Giancarlo Fisichella European LeMans 12 12

5 Antonio Apicella F2000 Americas 10 10

6 Andre Anderson CMRC 8  8

7 Eric McClure XFinity  6 6

8 Chris Porter ANDRA 5 31

9 Gianmaria Bruni European LeMans 4 4

10 Austin Dillon Sprint Cup 3 16

11 Kyle Larson Sprint Cup 2 2

12 Andy Eckrich IMCA 1 33

Editor's Remarks : To put it delicitely, my nomination of Dennis Mwenda of World Rally Car for the Week 7 2015 Driver of the Year is the 1st African National I have personally named for my Weekly Driver of the Year. Even though I stick my neck out to a point for people who wouldn't have traditionally had an Arena, Theater, Stadium, or Raceway to play at, let alone buy tickets with their Hard Earned Money, but, Hope and Rhetroic are two entirely radically and extremely different scopes and Hope for the Future needs to be on everyone's Video Games as "Kids, Say No To Drugs" at every Arcade and I still wonder why Chuck E Cheese lost a market they couldn't afford to lose unknowingly while the Suburbs and Rural Kids got safe and secure places and activities to play at, but , where is that love for the Urban Kids? I am not trying to go off on a tangent, but, 50 Black History Months need to start, even though this is the 40th this year, but, good people at good jobs need to start, not just the same ol' Off the Couch, National Stay at Home Problems or funneling jobs inside, when sheltered work needed to run on the outside. Again, this is not a tangent, but the 1st and 2nd is Real Reality of mine, personally, and without further ado, this is my 2015 Week 7 Driver of the Year Standings

1 Mike Nichols IMCA 50 -

2 Andy Eckrich IMCA 33 17

3 Chris Porther ANDRA 31 19

4 Aric Amirola Sprint Cup 29 21

5 Dennis Mwenda WRC 25 25

6 Trey Marcham USAC 25 25

7 Mike Garvey SSS 25 25

8 Johnny Herrera ASCS 25 25

9 Jordan Weaver ASCS 24 26

10 Jimmy Owens Lucas Oil 17 33

11 Nehreen Ismail WRC 16 34

12 Austin Dillon Sprint Cup 16 34

13 Danny Jennings ASCS 16 34

14 Martin Fuentes SCCA World Challenge 16 34

15 Wade Young Motorsports S.Africa 16 34

16 Tamara Jones WRC 14 36

17 Ken Block Global Rallycross 14 36

18 Danny Lasoski ASCS 14 36

19 Michael Courtney Southern Nat'ls Series 14 36

20 Josef Newgarden IndyCar 14 36

21 Todd Jackins Int'l Snowmobile Racing 14 36

22 Mark Drew ANDRA 14 36

23 Giancarlo Fisichella European LeMans 12 38

24 Justin Bonsignore SK Modifieds 12 38

25 Cooper Webb AMASX Lites 12 38

26 Dennis Anderson Monster Jam 12 38

27 Todd Morrow Southern All Stars 12 38

28 McKenna Haase ASCS 12 38

29 Jamie Whincup Aus V8 12 38

30 Antonio Apicella F2000 Americas 10 40


31 Ty Dillon XFinity 10 40

32 Ryan Gustin Lucas Oil 10 40

33 Francis Carruthers Motorsports S. Africa 10 40

34 Andre Anderson CMRC 8 42

35 Travis Cope Whelen AA 8 42

36 Mike Joy Historic Trans Am 8 42

37 Blake Baggett AMASX 8 42

38 Gary Porter Monster Jam 8 42

39 Bryan Silas Trucks 8 42

40 Devin Robertson US Legend Cars 8 42

41 Darrell Wallace,Jr. XFinity 7 43

42 Eric McClute XFinty 6 44

43 Justin Barcia AMASX 6 44

44 Allen Johnson NHRA 6 44

45 Danielle Behn USSA Pro Star 6 44

46 Marcos Ambrose Aus V8 6 44

47 Bubba Pollard SSS 5 45

48 Chase Elliott XFinity 5 45

49 Tony Ave Trans Am 5 45

50 Timmy Hill Sprint Cup 5 45

51 Gianmaria Bruno European LeMans 4 46

52 Matt Hagan NHRA 4 46

53 Anne Pladson USXC 4 46

54 Dean Wilson AMASX 4 46

55 Scott Pruett USCR 4 46

56 Rodney Sanders USMTS 4 46

57 Adam Anderson Monster Jam 3 47

58 Ben Kennedy Trucks 3 47

59 Lincoln Lemieux East Coast Snocross 3 47

60 Zach Veach Indy Lights 3 47

61 Kyle Larson Sprint Cup 2 48

62 Ben Rhodes XFinity 2 48

63 Mike Johnson SCORE 2 48

64 Rubens Barichello Brazil V8 Stock Cars 2 48

CLOSING REMARK: I, IndyMyIndy, felt this Stock Car Season was Won and Lost on the 1st Weekend. I couldn't even say that about 1992, Even, and that took until the 1st in the 300 to fully blossom and realize its potential. I think an Oval Track Renaissance is happening, and I'd felt it since 2014 was put in the Past in Sprint Cup. Overall, People prefer Professionals, because, for some of them, that's their only any anything, and that includes playing, getting food, getting work, doing work and leisure. I think in the end, I get as sick of slackers asking for $200,000 WHEN ONLY $200 was in their jar, and theres no repayment, no gift, no swag and no final work as money is the root of what we do, but, the deal and the only deal is honesty, and I don't like gamers who work the system and crash it for others who need that system to not be as worse or even worse off. And, talent needs to shine vs. a Payola or a Supplement because if the Supplements are worth more than folks work, that's a problem,folks.

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Stock Car Bowl VII Win Board 2-22-2015

Editor's Note: For the Better Part of 2015, I will be counting wins only, but, with the raceday or racedays where rained out or other unforseen circumstance, I would side with The Polesitter in that regard, and if it was under halfway and there was Mother Nature causing an issue before Halfway, then it would be said leader.

1 59-Trista Stevenson     4

2 8-Chase Elliott           3

3 3-Austin Dillon          2

4 28-Mason Mitchell     2

5 22-Joey Logano       1

6 88-Dale Earnhardt,Jr. 1

7 48-Jimmie Johnson    1

8 20-Matt Kenseth       1

9 95-Michael McDowell 1

10 7-Alex Bowman      1

11 46-Michael Annett  1

12 17-Ricky Stenhouse,Jr. 1

13 43-Aric Amirola     1

14 15-Clint Bowyer    1

15 21-Ryan Blaney (R) 1 -And Ryan Blaney is the defacto Rookie of the Year Leader this Weekend, and if Rowdy is done for the Year, I think Joe Gibbs can't bank on Cleveland and Crafton, and Haas, I don't know if he is committed to Regan Smith, knowing he has a Championship Car to Defend, or tries to get Parker Kligerman or Ryan Truex tomorrow morning.

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15 Nuggets This Far into This Season

1. At least,  before Talladega later this Spring, have Twin Races the Balance of the Year on Daytona, Talladega and Road Courses. A lot of the XFinity Series today was not even a real warmup, and I feel that where is the power in a good Qualifying Lap? (At least have a 4 Hour Rule for Television, not run everything toward the next morning)

2. And, to add it up, Chevy suspending Kurt Busch will not make him eligible for the 99th Indianapolis 500, and I feel Stewart-Haas is under pressure to free him permenantly, and have no job to pay for his Houston,Texas Lawyer.

3. I don't think The 41 would run Weekends Regan Smith is "Wanted" for the XFinity Title at a different venue. And, all joking aside, Danica and GoDaddy will be in until Midseason, Kevin Harvick would reassemble the band for him and Ron Hornaday,Jr. , AND Smoke would be lonesome because it would be tough enough if he had Wife and Kids, but, you can't change George Clooney,Derek Jeter or Chip Kelly.

4. I think the 24 Hours of LeMans will become an All Comers Show.

5. Ain't everybody wants to go the Sports Bar, let alone cares to.

6. Since MAVTV got Dillner and Shaheen, I feel where are the great announcing teams in Sports?

7.Black Hats vs. Black Hats is no Must See Ticket.

8. The only appropriate memorial to anyone who did it great and right is to win, do your job and not get cowed by peer pressure.

9. Win Up! The only reason I say that is because Chase Elliott and Mason Mitchell need more wins before a Back to Back can happen.

10. I think actual entertainment offline has been hard to find, and somebody's going to sue the doors outta Netflix Soon, and not having TRL, Rap City or 106 Stings.

11. Not enough 2015 Records are in the Top 10 and that includes a rare non-Disney or Teen Movie Soundtrack.

12. Salinating McFarlane,USA was not a good deal , because it was edgier than what Hollywood let. Its bad enough your the Anaheim Angels or Mighty Ducks of Anaheim and folks cowed them to titles, but, people wished the Draft Day Cleveland Browns was not always as better as the Real Life Cleveland Browns.

13. I'd still want to fix having Driver and Owner Points in NASCAR, only having Driver Points.

14. Where are the tangibles? I'd still rather have Carrie Bradshaw's Closet if I worked and set my mind for it. Obviously, not everyone wants to share.

15. The City Buses will have to acquire the City Cabs.

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Spring Shocks

For the longest, Cars was our big thing, and we got worked up over properties and now, being in the "Nothing To Offer" state is not good. And, to add to it, companies are going about finding any and everyone off the couch due to the severe unemployment. And, I think Todd Gurley pulled off what Tim Richmond did years ago and what got NASCAR Little and No Other Choice but to suspend Kurt Busch was he was an Alcoholic, on top of being an abuser, which in Motorsports, being an alcoholic at any time is viewed as a liabilty.

And, being an age where 1 Person gets Upset, every one gets upset and being lured into "Because The Internet" is a bad deal. And, to add it all up, being in another  1999 is not a good deal. Why is it so easy to believe lies, and let anyone work money like clay?

And, running with anyone is not good and I feel too many people flipping for anything without warning  ain't okay. I think where are Trades on the other 364 Days and the Love for Tulsa on the Other 51 Weeks or Indianapolis the Other 11 Months of the Year? I feel the Weekend needs to be constructive or folks need to enjoy their Hard Earned Money vs. look like every Morning and Evening is Softball and when Hard Issues come out to play, people run and hide in a big bad way and sponges, whether if they supplement a Life and Style like Catching Jordan or Sponges who are hollow in their Juveniality costs folks money, too.

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Stock Car Bowl VII Win Board 2-19-2015

1 59-Trista Stevenson    4

2 8-Chase Elliott            3

3 3-Austin Dillon            2

4 28-Mason Mitchell      2

5 88-Dale Earnhardt,Jr. 1

6 48-Jimmie Johnson    1

7 20-Matt Kenseth        1

8 95-Michael McDowell 1

9 7-Alex Bowman        1

10 46-Michael Annett   1

11 17-Ricky Stenhouse,Jr. 1

12 43-Aric Amirola      1

13 15-Clint Bowyer    1

14 21-Ryan Blaney (R) 1

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National "Just Kids" Club

I get painfully upset that in the air of being "Just Kids" , that having Gamers think that we can keep up with them when only in real reality we need our Any Paying Jobs to keep Social Service further away from us. And, what is painful, is NOT even trying to pump up the Student and the uncivility only enourages mercenarial behavior. The ONLY good outside the rhetroic is to at least know if Kid, Region or Deciders are any good vs. being paid under the table like a CEO to play AAU in Las Vegas and crash the slots.

"Dumb" is not a good look. I feel when other people who aren't us attempt or succeed at crashing databases, leveling Economic SMUs like the Good Guy-Bad Guy would be the easy part. If St. Louis found a way to Keep Their Rams and offered Missouri or Illinois a strategy for a Stadium or Atlanta's Hawks to become a Green Bay Principle because NOT anyone wants to be lured into Bonds, and the Cornellian who got his or her diploma would be more comfortable in Indianapolis, Dallas , Houston , Denver or West Des Moines because they don't have faith Mt. Vernon or Lisbon has any treasure, or any money or any jobs to offer people with, than go ahead.

And, if Outsiders have to lower themselves to do the Locals Bidding like in Louisiana or Mississippi, even though they don't have to go to Indiana to rebase, that is an issue. I am no fan of comebacks and to tell you the truth, like it or not, our past is our past. And, an addicts economy is no buddy of mine, either. I'd still want any anyone who'd take me to the movies, not just be a crying shoulder, because that is usually a gal and usually not a sweet look.

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Stock Car Bowl VII Points Standings After 1 of 28 Events

                                                                      -               W        P       W-L

1 59-Trista Stevenson                 96                 -                                   4-0

2 8-Chase Elliott                         64                32                                  3-1

3 3-Austin Dillon                        52                 44                                 2-1

4 28-Mason Mitchell                   45                 51                                2-1

5 43-Aric Amirola                      36                  60                                1-1

6 95-Michael McDowell              35                  61             1                 0-0

7 7-Alex Bowman                     30                  66             1         1      0-1

8 46-Michael Annett                 25                  71             1                 0-0

9 21-Ryan Blaney (R)              22                   74                               1-1

10 17-Ricky Stenhouse,Jr.       20                   76                                1-1

11 15-Clint Bowyer                20                    76                                 1-1

12 50-Brett Moffitt                 16                    80                                0-0

13  9-Sam Hornish,Jr.            14                    82                                0-0

14 20-Matt Kenseth               14                    82                               0-0

15 40-Landon Cassill             14                    82                                0-0

16 75-David Mayhew             12                   84                                0-0

17 32-Bobby LaBonte           12                    84                                0-0

18 5-Kasey Kahne               10                    86                                 0-0

19 1-Jamie McMurray           10                  86                                   0-0

20 30-Ron Hornaday,Jr.       10                  86                                   0-0

21 83-Johnny Sauter            8                   88                                  0-0

22 13-Casey Mears              8                   88                                  0-1

23 87-Joe Nemechek           8                   88                                  0-0

24 33-Ty Dillon                  6                    90                                  0-0

25 26-Jeb Burton (R)         6                    90                                   0-0

26 05-Dylan Kwasinieswski 5                   91                                    0-0

27 90-Brendan Gaughn      4                   92                                     0-0

28  6-Trevor Bayne            4                  92                                     0-0

29 66-Mike Wallace           4                   92                                     0-0

30 38-David Gilliand          3                   93                                     0-0

31 29-Paulie Harraka         3                  93                                      0-0

32 24-Jeff Gordon             3                  93                                      0-1

33 48-Jimmie Johnson      2                   94                                      0-0

34 34-David Ragan          2                   94                                      0-0

35 51-Justin Allgaier        1                   95                                     0-0

36 42-Kyle Larson           1                  95                                      0-1

37 19-Carl Edwards        1                   95                                      0-0

38 11-Denny Hamlin       0                  96                                       0-1

39  4-Kevin Harvick        0                  96                                        0-1

40 12-Will Power           0                  96                                         0-1

41 99-Matt Crafton        0                   96                                        0-1

Stock Car Bowl VII Win Board As Of 2-15-15

Will Be Updated only for WINS

1 59-Trista Stevenson     4

2 8-Chase Elliott            3

3 3-Austin Dillon           2

4 28-Mason Mitchell      2

5 20-Matt Kenseth        1

6 7-Alex Bowman          1

7 46-Michael Annett       1

8 17-Ricky Stenhouse,Jr. 1

9 43-Aric Amirola            1

10 15-Clint Bowyer         1

11 21-Ryan Blaney (R)   1

IndyCar Bowl I Standings

NOTE: Will Be Remarked Again after Tampa-St. Pete


1 1-Will Power                         0         -

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IndyMyIndy's 57th Daytona 500 Finishing Order

Editor's Note: This is not a prediction. This is more of a try to see how 2015 Develops, which, in real reality, we'd be stuck on the trivial and less on the great racing or sports.

1 (41) 95-Michael McDowell                          25   10 35  35

2 (40) 43-Aric Amirola                                        16       36

3 (36)  9-Sam Hornish,Jr.                                  14        14

4 (33) 75-David Mayhew                                   12         12

5 (43)  5-Kasey Kahne                                      10        10

6 (39)  83-Johnny Sauter                                   8          8

7 (37) 33-Ty Dillon                                            6          6

8 (1)  7-Alex Bowman                                        5         30

9 (38) 6-Trevor Bayne                                       4          4

10 ( 35) 38-David Gilliand                                 3           3

11 (42) 48-Jimmie Johnson                               2           2

12 (31) 51-Justin Allgaier                                 1           1

13 (3) 59-Trista Stevenson

14 (6) 40-Landon Cassill

15 (10) 30-Ron Hornaday,Jr.

16 (13) 26-Jeb Burton (R)

17 (15) 05-Dylan Kwasinieswski

18 (34) 27-Paul Menard

19 (19) 29-Paulie Harraka

20 (17) 66-Mike Wallace

21 (18)  8-Chase Elliott

22 (22) 21-Ryan Blaney (R)

23 (21) 34-David Ragan

24 (14) 90-Brendan Gaughn 

25 (9)  1-Jamie McMurray

26 (2) 46-Michael Annett

27 (5) 20-Matt Kenseth

28 (7)  3-Austin Dillon

29 (11) 13-Casey Mears

30 (8) 32-Bobby LaBonte

31 (26) 62-Brian Scott

32 (12) 87-Joe Nemechek

33 (16) 28-Mason Mitchell

34 (20) 24-Jeff Gordon      146 Engine

35 (23) 42-Kyle Larson         99 Crash

36 (25) 88-Dale Earnhardt,Jr. 99 Crash

37 (27) 31-Ryan Newman       99 Crash

38 (28) 35-Cole Whitt            99 Crash

39 (30) 78-Martin Truex,Jr.    99 Crash

40 (32) 98-Josh Wise            99 Crash

41 (4) 50-Brett Moffitt          80 Engine

42 (29) 44-Reed Sorenson     25 Engine

43 (24) 19-Carl Edwards          6 Engine

Lap Leaders:

Bowman 1-3

Annett 4-7

Elliott 8

Stevenson 9-13

Moffitt 14-33

Kenseth 23-27

Cassill 28

A.Dillon 29-37

LaBonte 38-50

McMurray 51-76

Hornaday,Jr. 77-83

Mears 84-87

Nemechek 88-92

Burton 93-100

Gaughn 101

Kwasinieswski 102-111

Mitchell  112-115

Wallace 116-120

Elliott 121-129

Harraka 130-139

Gordon 140-146

Ragan 147-152

Blaney 153-161

Scott 162-163

Allgaier 164-170

Mayhew 171-177

Menard 178-182

Gilliand 183-188

Hornish,Jr. 189-192

T. Dillon 193

Bayne 194-195

Sauter 196

Amirola 197-199

McDowell 200 

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57th Daytona 500 Starting Lineup

Row 1

7-Alex Bowman

46-Michael Annett

Row 2

59-Trista Stevenson

50-Brett Moffitt

Row 3

20-Matt Kenseth

40-Landon Cassill

Row 4

3-Austin Dillon

32-Bobby LaBonte

Row 5

1-Jamie McMurray

30-Ron Hornaday,Jr.

Row 6

13-Casey Mears

87-Joe Nemechek

Row 7

26-Jeb Burton (R)

90-Brendan Gaughn

Row 8

05-Dylan Kwasinieswski

28-Mason Mitchell

Row 9

66-Mike Wallace

8-Chase Elliott

Row 10

29-Paulie Harraka

24-Jeff Gordon

Row 11

34-David Ragan

21-Ryan Blaney (R)

Row 12

42-Kyle Larson

19-Carl Edwards

Row 13

88-Dale Earnhardt,Jr.

62-Brian Scott

Row 14

31-Ryan Newman

35-Cole Whitt

Row 15

44-Reed Sorenson

78-Martin Truex,Jr.

Row 16

51-Justin Allgaier

98-Josh Wise

Row 17

75-David Mayhew

27-Paul Menard

Row 18

38-David Gilliand

 9-Sam Hornish,Jr.

Row 19

33-Ty Dillon

 6-Trevor Bayne

Row 20

83-Johnny Sauter

43-Aric Amirola

Row 21

95-Michael McDowell

48-Jimmie Johnson

Row 22

5-Kasey Kahne

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Stock Car Bowl VII After Twin 125s

                                                               W        P      W-L

1 59-Trista Stevenson   96             -                             4-0

2  8-Chase Elliott          64           32                            3-1

3  3-Austin Dillon          52           44                           2-1

4 28-Mason Mitchell      45           51                           2-1

5  7-Alex Bowman        25           71         1          1    0-1

6 46-Michael Annett     25            71        1                0-0

7 21-Ryan Blaney(R)    22           74                           1-1

8 17-Ricky Stenhouse,Jr. 20        76                           1-1

9 43-Aric Amirola          20          76                           1-1

10 15-Clint Bowyer       20          76                           1-1

11 50-Brett Moffitt       16           80                           0-0

12 20-Matt Kenseth     14           82                           0-0

13 40-Landon Cassill    14          82                            0-0

14 32-Bobby LaBonte   12          84                            0-0

15  1-Jamie McMurray  10          86                           0-0

16 30-Ron Hornaday,Jr. 10         86                           0-0

17 13-Casey Mears          8         88                          0-1

18 87-Joe Nemechek       8         88                          0-1

19 26-Jeb Burton (R)       6        90                          0-0

20 90-Brendan Gaughn   6         90                          0-0

21  05-Dylan Kwasinieswski 5     91                          0-0

22 66-Mike Wallace           4        92                        0-0

23 29-Paulie Harraka        3        93                        0-0

24 24-Jeff Gordon            3        93                        0-1

25 34-David Ragan         2         94                        0-0

26 42-Kyle Larson          1         95                        0-0

27 19-Carl Edwards        1         95                        0-0

28 11-Denny Hamlin      0         96                        0-1

29 4-Kevin Harvick        0         96                        0-1

30 12-Will Power           0        96                         0-1

31 99-Matt Crafton        0        96                         0-1

Stock Car Bowl VII Win Board After Twin 125s

1 59-Trista Stevenson   4

2  8-Chase Elliott          3

3  3-Austin Dillon          2

4 28-Mason Mitchell       2

5 7-Alex Bowman          1

6 46-Michael Annett       1

7 17-Ricky Stenhouse,Jr. 1

8 43-Aric Amirola          1

9 15-Clint Bowyer          1

10 21- Ryan Blaney (R)  1

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Twin 125s Twin 2

1 (23) 46-Michael Annett        25                  2nd   25

2 (25) 50-Brett Moffitt                16             4th   16

3 (20) 40-Landon Cassill            14              6th  14

4 (19) 32-Bobby LaBonte          12              8th   12

5 (21) 30-Ron Hornaday,Jr.       10            10th  10

6 (30) 87-Joe Nemechek            8             12th  8

7 (28) 90-Brendan Gaughn        6              14th 6

8 (2)  28-Mason Mitchell           5               16th 45

9 (1)   8-Chase Elliott              4                18th 64

10 (5) 24-Jeff Gordon              3                20th 3

11 (4) 21-Ryan Blaney (R)       2              22nd  22

12 (12) 19-Carl Edwards          1             24th   1

13 (18) 62- Brian Scott                          26th

14 (22) 35-Cole Whitt                           28th

15 (29) 78-Martin Truex,Jr.                   30th

16 (27) 98-Josh Wise                           32nd

17 (17) 27-Paul Menard                       34th

18 (13) 9-Sam Hornish,Jr.                   36th

19 (15) 6-Trevor Bayne                       38th

20 (3) 43-Aric Amirola                         40th

21 (14) 48-Jimmie Johnson                  42nd


22 (16) 23-JJ Yeley

23 (26) 93-Travis Kvapil               42 Engine

24 (24) 47-AJ Allemindinger          23 Engine

25 (6) 11-Denny Hamlin                 3 Crash

26 (7) 4-Kevin Harvick                   3 Crash

27 (8) 99-Matt Crafton                  3 Crash

28 (9) 2-Brad Keselowski              3 Crash

29 (10) 10-Danica Patrick              3 Crash

30 (11) 41-Kurt Busch                   3 Crash

Lap Leaders

Elliott 1

Mitchell 2-4

Amirola 5-8

Blaney 9-12

Gordon 13-14

Edwards 15-16

Hornish,Jr. 17-21

Johnson 22-24

Bayne 25-27

Yeley 28-30

Menard 31

Scott 32-33

LaBonte 34-39

Cassill 40

Hornaday,Jr. 41-43

Whitt 44-45

Annett 46-50

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Twin 125s Race 1 Order

1 (6) 7-Alex Bowman     25                              1st   25

2 (1) 59-Trista Stevenson           16                  3rd   96

3 (13) 20-Matt Kenseth               14                 5th   14

4 (2)  3-Austin Dillon                  12                  7th  52

5 (9) 1-Jamie McMurray             10                   9th   10

6 (7) 13-Casey Mears                  8                  11th    8

7 (17) 26-Jeb Burton (R)             6                  13th   6

8 (30) 05-Dylan Kwasinieswski   5                  15th     5

9 (28) 66-Mike Wallace             4                  17th      4

10 (26) 29-Paulie Harraka          3                19th       3

11 (11) 34-David Ragan             2                21st        2

12 (5) 42-Kyle Larson                1               23rd         1

13 (15) 88-Dale Earnhardt,Jr.                     25th

14 (18) 31-Ryan Newman                           27th

15 (19) 44-Reed Sorenson                         29th

16 (24) 51-Justin Allgaier                           31st

17 (29) 75-David Mayhew                           33rd

18 (23) 38-David Gilliand                           35th

19 (20) 33-Ty Dillon                                  37th

20 (25) 83-Johnny Sauter                          39th

21 (27) 95-Michael McDowell                      41st

22 (14) 5-Kasey Kahne                              43rd


23 (21) 55-Michael Waltrip

24 (16) 16-Greg Biffle

25 (10) 22-Joey Logano          19 Crash

26 (11) 14-Tony Stewart         19 Crash

27 (12) 18-Kyle Busch             19 Crash

28 (3) 17-Ricky Stenhouse,Jr.  19 Crash

29 (8) 12-Will Power                  19 Crash

30 (4) 15-Clint Bowyer               3 Crash

Lap Leaders

Stevenson 1-3

Dillon 4-8

Power 9-13

Stenhouse,Jr. 14-19

Larson 20-22

Mears 23-29

McMurray 30-36

Kenseth 37-41

Dillon 42-45

Stevenson 46-48

Bowman 49-50

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Twin 125s Starting Order

Editor's Note: I prefer the Twin 125's vs. The Twin 150's, because editorially, 10 More Laps is only 10 More Chances to just lose it vs. just make it. I know that was my stance in 2005 or 2006, and that is still my stance

Twin 1

Row 1

59-Trista Stevenson

 3-Austin Dillon

Row 2

17-Ricky Stenhouse,Jr.

15-Clint Bowyer

Row 3

42-Kyle Larson

 7-Alex Bowman

Row 4

13-Casey Mears

12-Will Power

Row 5

 1-Jamie McMurray

22-Joey Logano

Row 6

14-Tony Stewart

18-Kyle Busch

Row 7

20-Matt Kenseth

 5-Kasey Kahne

Row 8

88-Dale Earnhardt,Jr.

16-Greg Biffle

Row 9

26-Jeb Burton (R)

31-Ryan Newman

Row 10

44-Reed Sorenson

33-Ty Dillon

Row 11

 55-Michael Waltrip

34-David Ragan

Row 12

38-David Ragan

51-Justin Allgaier

Row 13

83-Johnny Sauter

29-Paulie Harraka

Row 14

95-Michael McDowell

66-Mike Wallace

Row 15

75-David Mayhew

05-Dylan Kwasinieswski

Race 2

Row 1

 8-Chase Elliott

28-Mason Mingus

Row 2

43-Aric Amirola

21-Ryan Blaney (R)

Row 3

24-Jeff Gordon

11-Denny Hamlin

Row 4

4-Kevin Harvick

99-Matt Crafton

Row 5

 2-Brad Keselowski

10-Danica Patrick

Row 6

41-Kurt Busch

19-Carl Edwards

Row 7

 9-Sam Hornish,Jr.

48-Jimmie Johnson

Row 8

 6-Trevor Bayne

23-JJ Yeley

Row 9

27-Paul Menard

62-Brian Scott

Row 10

32-Bobby LaBonte

40-Landon Cassill

Row 11

30-Ron Hornaday,Jr.

35-Cole Whitt

Row 12

46-Michael Annett

47-AJ Allemindinger

Row 13

50-Brett Moffitt

93-Travis Kvapil

Row 14

98-Josh Wise

90-Brendan Gaughn

Row 15

78-Martin Truex,Jr.

87-Joe Nemechek

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Week 6 Driver of the Year 2015

1 Trey Marcham USAC 25 25

2 Danny Jennings ASCS 16 16

3 Danny Lasoski ASCS 14 14

4 Justin Bonsignore SK Modifieds 12 12

5 Ty Dillon XFintiy 10 10

6 Travis Cope Whelen AA 8 8

7 Austin Dillon Sprint Cup 6 13

8 Bubba Pollard SSS 5 5

9 Matt Hagan NHRA 4 4

10 Darrell Wallace,Jr. XFintiy 3 3

11 Mike Joy Historic Trans Am 2 8

12 Anne Pladson USXC 1 4

After 6 of 40 Events

1 Mike Nichols IMCA 50 -

2 Andy Eckrich IMCA 32 18

3 Aric Amirola Sprint Cup 29 21

4 Chris Porter ANDRA 26 24

5 Trey Marcham USAC 25 25

6 Mike Garvey SSS 25 25

7 Johnny Herrera ASCS 25 25

8 Jordan Weaver ASCS 24 26

9 Jimmy Owens Lucas Oil 17 33

10 Danny Jennings ASCS 16 34

11 Martin Fuentes SCCA World Challenge 16 34

12 Wade Young Motorsports S.Africa 16 34

13 Ken Block Global Rallycross 14 36

14 Danny Lasoski ASCS 14 36

15 Michael Courtney Southern Nationals Series 14 36

16 Josef Newgarden IndyCar 14 36

17 Todd Jackins Int'l Snowmobile Racing 14 36

18 Mark Drew ANDRA 14 36

19 Austin Dillon Sprint Cup 13 37

20 Justin Bonsignore SK Modified 12 38

21 Cooper Webb AMASX Lites 12 38

22 Dennis Anderson Monster Jam 12 38

23 Todd Morrow Southern All Stars 12 38

24 McKenna Haase ASCS 12 38

25 Jamie Whincup Aus V8 12 38

26 Ty Dillon XFinity 10 40

27 Ryan Gustin Lucas Oil 10 40

28 Francis Carruthers Motorsports S. Africa 10 40

29 Travis Cope Whelen AA 8 42

30 Mike Joy  Historic Trans Am 8  42


31 Blake Baggett AMASX 8 42

32 Gary Porter Monster Jam 8 42

33 Bryan Silas Trucks 8 42

34 Devin Robertson US Legend Cars 8 42

35 Darrell Wallace,Jr. XFinity 7 43

36 Justin Barcia AMASX Lites 6 44

37 Allen Johnson NHRA 6 44

38 Danielle Behn USSA Pro Star 6 44

39 Marcos Ambrose Aus V8 6 44

40 Bubba Pollard SSS 5 45

41 Chase Elliott XFinity 5 45

42 Tony Ave Trans Am 5 45

43 Timmy Hill Sprint Cup 5 45

44 Matt Hagan NHRA 4 46

45 Anne Pladson USXC 4 46

46 Dean Wilson AMASX 4 46

47 Scott Pruett USCR 4 46

48 Rodney Sanders USMTS 4 46

49 Adam Anderson Monster Jam 3 47

50 Ben Kennedy Trucks 3 47

51 Lincoln Lemieux East Coast Snocross 3 47

52 Zach Veach Indy Lights 3 47

53 Ben Rhodes XFinity 2 48

54 Mike Johnson SCORE 2 48

55 Rubens Barichello Brazil V8 Stock Cars 2 48

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Stock Car Bowl VII Standings After Daytona Pit Crew Competition

                                                                    -   W   P    W-L

1 59-Trista Stevenson                80             -                   4-0

2  8-Chase Elliott                       60            20                 3-1

3  3-Austin Dillon                      40             40                 2-1

4 28-Mason Mitchell                  40             40                 2-1

5 17-Ricky Stenhouse,Jr.          20               60                1-1

6 43-Aric Amirola                     20               60                1-1

7 15-Clint Bowyer                     20              60                1-1

8 21-Ryan Blaney(R)                20               60               1-1

9 42-Kyle Larson                       0                80               0-1

10 24-Jeff Gordon                     0                80                0-1

11  7-Alex Bowman                   0                80                0-1

12 11-Denny Hamlin                  0               80                0-1

13 13-Casey Mears                    0                80                0-1

14 4-Kevin Harvick                   0                  80                0-1

15 12-Will Power                      0                  80               0-1

16 99-Matt Crafton                   0                  80               0-1

Stock Car Bowl VII Win Board

1 59-Trista Stevenson  4

2 8-Chase Elliott          3

3 3-Austin Dillon          2

4 28-Mason Mitchell     2

5 17-Ricky Stenhouse,Jr.  1

6 43-Aric Amirola             1

7 15-Clint Bowyer            1

8 21-Ryan Blaney(R)        1

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Daytona Pit Crew Competition 2015

IndyMyIndy's Card Features:

 9 15-Clint Bowyer vs. 8 13-Casey Mears

10 21-Ryan Blaney (R) vs. 7 11-Denny Hamlin

11 4-Kevin Harvick vs. 6 43-Aric Amirola

12 8-Chase Elliott vs. 5 7-Alex Bowman

13 12-Will Power vs. 4 17-Ricky Stenhouse,Jr.

14 28-Mason Mitchell vs. 3 24-Jeff Gordon

15 59-Trista Stevenson vs. 2 42-Kyle Larson

16 99-Matt Crafton vs. 1 3-Austin Dillon


 6 43-Aric Amirola over 11 4-Kevin Harvick

 14 28-Mason Mitchell over 3 24-Jeff Gordon

 10 21-Ryan Blaney over 7 11-Denny Hamlin

 15 59-Trista Stevenson over 2 2 42-Kyle Larson

12 8-Chase Elliott over 5 7-Alex Bowman

 4 17-Ricky Stenhouse,Jr. over 13 12-Will Power

 9 15-Clint Bowyer over 8 13-Casey Mears

 1 3-Austin Dillon over 16 99-Matt Crafton


14 28-Mason Mitchell over 5 43-Aric Amirola

15 59-Trista Stevenson over 10 21-Ryan Blaney

12 8-Chase Elliott over 4 17-Ricky Stenhouse,Jr.

 1 3-Austin Dillon over 9 15-Clint Bowyer


15 59-Trista Stevenson over 14 28-Mason Mitchell

12 8-Chase Elliott over 1 3-Austin Dillon


15 59-Trista Stevenson over 12 8-Chase Elliott

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Daytona 500 "Celebrity" Special Guests by IndyMyIndy


 8-Chase Elliott NAPA Pontiac Grand Prix

28-Mason Mitchell Ford 500 Shelby Cobra

99-Matt Crafton Fisher's Toyota Camry

12-Will Power Pennzoil Ford Mustang

59-Trista Stevenson Team Mopar Dodge Viper

Editor's Note: I am keeping the tradition from Earlier this Winter of Celebrity Special Guests Alive with Certain Major Races This Year, and the reason why is because I want to see different kinds of racers turn into Winners not just this year, but, in the future.

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The Taking of The Formula 1

I am not happy that why do the Spanish Government has to target Fernando Alonso like he's Jim Brown? Flavio Briatore, that is a different story. But, all joking aside, including the night Hannibal Burress overtook Jay Leno's Longstanding Not So Imaginery Bad Joker World Championship Belt that was held for 20 Years and caused the 1960s and 1990s Bad Kids to cause problems in a big way, F1 and Sports Car Racing is in some sad,sad,sad shape.

And, if Alonso was paid to stay home like Chief Keef, their books are sad, anyway. And, with Circuit of the Americas is going and never ever coming back and Gene Haas thinking he could troll Marussia/Caterham : The Nightmare and when Ecclestone pulled Austin out of a hat and it wasn't a joke drawing like Steve Harvey Show, that broke my straw with F1.

In 6 Months, Kurt Busch's Visas is pulled. And, Monticello was taken inside out over a USGP that never,ever happened and an oft-rumored but never happened Jersey City Grand Prix was the biggest hot air show since the Giants Stadium Grand Prix. And, after the Glen, the USGP and Formula One wasn't the same. And, letting Toro Rosso pass after Red Bull was not only against the rules, but, it let Vettel ride when Lewis was supposed to keep on winning past Schumi. If someone was truly dumb or truly alcoholic vs. Playing Barney Gumbel, and was our leader, we can forgive and forget that. But, this is way too serious and the taking of The Formula 1 isn't going to end well.

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Start Up and Park

Before, when someone else had a Backup Car, the only "wrapping" involved was the Numbers, Letters, and the Stickers. And, I fear why are we giving license to someone who has ONLY Raise $200 out of 200,000, and not only you don't get money or a tangible item back, but, we are stuck in the same bad place as investments that never happen,ever.

If we tried to be united,we could do a World of Championships. And, I would have an Iowa Womens Basketball or Soccer League and neighboring areas just to say it is Iowa vs. Every Everyone Else Not Named Iowa. The problem is Athletic Interest starts early, even if your never going to plan on turning pro. If you don't have anything to offer, don't "Fake It Until You Make It Happen", and I would have bellieved in Making It Happen with recourse and love.

The problem with Georgetown not having a Permenant Field Hockey Field SHOULD, and WOULD need to be against the law. Even Club Teams are funded better than that. And, to add salt to the issue, Georgetown and Howard's Faculty bristled about reconsolidating Howard's Law Library against Georgetown, but, in the nascent of the recession, not only we didn't "MAKE" new Lawyers, we didn't "MAKE" New Lawyers with jobs,too, and the HBCU's where disapprointently affected, and Georgetown who's gotten increasingly minority,too.

I don't like why being supplemented is okay. And, we can't go for "All We Got" until I wouldn't have nothing. And if Kid had little and no other choice BUT to Work to keep Social Service Wolves From Howling vs. Having Next Hour, that's one thing, but, being irresponsible in this repression is not OK. Why our leadership resorts to dumb like it's in vogue and to add to the pain, flying off the handle and the spout for no better is no good , and real economy is crying for profits, and real people needing to work and honor said uniform like they played for The New York Hockey Rangers.

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If Everything Was Really Effortless....

I wonder if everything was really effortless, we'd not enjoy anything good for a long period of time, If a 28 or 38 Year Old was allowed to score 200 in AAU as Kids are paid like CEOs for Nothing to Travel to Las Vegas and crash the sllots until 2045 like you where paid by Nevada until then, resentment would be deeper than the ocean. And, if you had a Coach K, the Lisbon Equal, wonder why Pensions are crashing and he wasn't never no 1000 Game Winner like the real one, or worth 2 or 20 Gs and people can't get him right, that's foul.

Nobody has the concept of the Chrome Horn and the $100 Fender no more. What about the value of money, or the value of wearing Air Jordans I-V on the Court, even Air Jordans period,  does joining Emmanuel Mudiay on the Beijing Roosters look THAT Appealing?

And, what's appaling, is athletes getting talked up like Rusty Wallace or Dale Earnhardt, but, instead, their David Stremme? If your David Stremme and you had 3 Touring Wins All Time and 1 So Called "Big Car" Win Ever, you'd run out the other side of the building. Easy Lantana got stiffed because his hat was his town, and Dej Loaf is "tried" because she didn't do her song the best (Trae the Truth did) and she's the next MC Lyte, and even with her Middle East Family Ties, why did you cut her out of the arena, like she was a Chief Keef or Josh Gordon? And, we are closer to an Eve again from the Ruff Ryders and even a trilogy to the Next Diana Ross to join Alicia Keys and Beyonce for the rest of time. And, leaving your home a Swamp like Quagmire in Quahog is not sweet or Providence.

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No Anchor in the Ground

What I can't and won't ever stand for is because so and so and such and such was different didn't mean they didn't play by the same rules. The Jackie Robinson West Fallout is felt as worse here in Cedar Rapids, Dubuque, Iowa City, Quad City, and Waterloo as worse in Chicago. We can give toys like if we are Gambino, Jacko, Crosby, Stills and Nash, but, if David Kaplan calls you out and if it is the most outlaw Little League Region in America, I think THE MLB, MiLB, NCAA, NAIA, NJCAA, IHSAA (Illinois) and NFHS should yank house on top of Little League.

I feel the 14 from UAB was given more time in 2 Months This Crazy Winter than Jim Harbaugh was given in 6 Weeks at Ann Arbor for the First Time Since the Spring of 1987. 1. Running out Brady Hoke with Dave Brandon was just pitiful, and that rivaled Kentucky Big Blue running out Joker Phillips at the agitiation of Season Ticket Holders who are wealthy. 2. Finding Jim Harbuagh as a Marriage of "Convenience". and 3. Why fall for Minnesota level Spectations?

And, I feel angry why Illinois has a hold on the Worst Parts of Chicago and Not East St. Louis for recruiting? I feel too, The Valdostas (High AND Lowndes), Colquitt County, Steubenville (That has grown beyond Texas Football in recent years, and for ill), Harlan, and East St. Louis is losing grip of their regions. I hate to come hard, and I fear No Anchor in the Ground like Bob Jenkins left for good, No Anchor like I got to do Bob Ley, Varsha, and Frey, and why we get stuck with No Role Models.

I feel that actually, a Daytona 500 Precusor could pass in Miami. The NFL will do what it will do, but, I think, despite my detestaments, is actually a good idea. I don't think Miami is built for 2 Races, and Rumormongering does no no one no good.

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"The Man" should never be subject to negotiation

2 High Profile Losses on this Day in 1990s Sports History in 1990 and 1994, when Buster Douglas Upset Mike Tyson in 1990 and in 1994, Neil Bonnett died, robbing the Cup Division of a Potential John Maddenlike Broadcasting Force later on. I know I am still cross over this past Super Sunday, and I would have bet money in Las Vegas if I was economically secure that Greg Hardy's Camp participated in Witness Intimidation and Harassment, and knowing had Krakken Hardy didn't crack when it mattered, him, Lolutei, and Kueckly would have been the Best Defensive Trio since Banks, Carson and LT and would have won a Grudge Rematch over the New England Patriots and to let it go 1 Time with Munnerlyn, Twice with Hardy and nearly 3 with Cam has North and South Carolina Guessing that they are sick of being star crossed.

And, being on the wrong side of a Miracle Comeback is not amusing,either. And, I think the real Wild West is in Moves or Nonmoves, and, some teams are One and a Half Months until Day One of their 2015 Season in Draft Night. Some of these Political Chicanes would have made George Wallace flip in a big way, and that is lowering the low bar worse than it needs to be.

Its 2015, and does Lewis Hamilton take Title Defense as Serious or Worse than 2009? And I'm sure the Rest of the South NOT Named Kentucky would put a lid to their Undefeated in a Big Way. And, no almosts don't count, or having a loss wreck the whole majesty of a season don't count,either. And, I don't get why the antisocialisms on the Field and the Court and the Track when using that $100 Fender or Chrome Horn only when necessary and I can't get why everyone rides, even with no money, but, not everyone does work to drive and maintain a car.

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Week 5 Driver of the Year 2015

1 Mike Nichols IMCA 25 50

2 Andy Eckrich IMCA 16 32

3 Jordan Weaver ASCS 14 24

4 Cooper Webb AMASX 12 12

5 Jimmy Owens Lucas Oil 10 17

6 Blake Baggett AMASX 8 8

7 Justin Barcia AMASX 6 6

8 Ken Block Global Rallycross 5 17

9 Dean Wilson AMASX 4 4

10 Aric Amirola Sprint Cup 3 29

11 Zach Veach Indy Lights 2 2

12 Chris Porter ANDRA 1 26

After 5 of 40 Events

1 Mike Nichols IMCA 50 -

2 Andy Eckrich IMCA 32 18

3 Aric Amirola Sprint Cup 29 21

4 Chris Porter ANDRA 26 24

5 Mike Garvey SSS 25 25

6 Johnny Herrera ASCS 25 25

7 Jordan Weaver ASCS 24 26

8 Jimmy Owens Lucas Oil 17 33

9 Martin Fuentes SCCA World Challenge 16 34

10 Wade Young Motorsports South Africa 16 34

11 Ken Block Global Rallycross 14 36

12 Michael Courtney Southern Nationals Series 14 36

13 Josef Newgarden IndyCar 14 36

14 Todd Jackins Int'l Snowmobile Racing 14 36

15 Mark Drew ANDRA 14 36

16 Cooper Webb AMASX Lites 12 38

17 Dennis Anderson Monster Jam 12 38

18 Todd Morrow Southern All Stars 12 38

19 McKenna Haase ASCS 12 38

20 Jamie Whincup Aus V8 12 38

21 Ryan Gustin Lucas Oil 10 40

22 Francis Carruthers Motorsports S. Africa 10 40

23 Blake Baggett AMASX 8 42

24 Gary Porter Monster Jam 8 42

25 Bryan Silas Trucks 8 42

26 Devin Robertson US Legend Cars 8 42

27 Austin Dillon Sprint Cup 7 43

28 Justin Barcia AMASX 6 44

29 Allen Johnson NHRA 5 45

30 Mike Joy Historic Trans Am 6 44


31 Danielle Behn USSA Pro Star 6 44

32 Marcos Ambrose Aus V8 6 44

33 Chase Elliott XFinity 5 45

34 Tony Ave Trans Am 5 45

35 Timmy Hill Sprint Cup 5 45

36 Dean Wilson AMASX 4 46

37 Scott Pruett USCR 4 46

38 Darrell Wallace,Jr. XFinity 4 46

39 Rodney Sanders USMTS 4 46

40 Adam Anderson Monster Jam 3 47

41 Ben Kennedy Trucks 3 47

42 Lincoln Lemieux East Coast Snocross 3 47

43 Anne Pladson USXC 3 47

44 Zach Veach Indy Lights 2 48

45 Ben Rhodes XFinity 2 48

46 Mike Johnson SCORE 2 48

47 Rubens Barichello Brazil V8 Stock Cars 2 48

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Why Has Chapel Hill Disappeared into the Southeast?

There are certain things, if you take a part, they don't look, feel, walk or talk the same ever again. Even though I am not religious about SportsCenter, but, feeling Stuart Scott's Voice as much as hearing it and expecting it to return even after 1 Month is still not going to make ESPN Better Ever Again. And, Pushing Chris Fowler to be Mr. College Football, I don't want to be right toward, and I know the Cable Age is going to crash because of folk not having money.

I can't stomach the icolonialists like they didn't belong to Amana or Pella. And, what has me is not just Coach Smith dying from Alzheimers, which is like my late Grandpa Black, but, what about North Carolina's Soul getting played out like Louisiana? Even though I read the Carolina Way from June 2004 TO March 2005, but, my place on the Carolina Tree was with Coach Williams with a Team Autograph and Typewritten Letter after my "Hard Work" Book Report 2 Different Times (2004 AND 2010) 6 Years Apart.

I still say that so and so is not TNN, and I'd hear out Bob Frey's Voice at Lucas Oil Replays only to have it come empty. Peer Pressure is not a substitute, and yet we are more liberal on substitutes than substitute teachers even. I know in Sports Today, having to do the Postmodern Drummer Boy to Soldier like in the Civil War and the Cook to World War II Hero in Pearl Harbor, and have that movie come out 2 Months Before my Grandpa Geinzer died in 2001, because Frat Boys are getting played out of insurance due to 10 to 15 Years Liabilities. I really wonder if having to do it over and over again, I would have preferred anyone but the Fanboy Syndrome win and make money for me.

Editors Note: In my almost decade of writing Sports Blogs, it is not my policy to write blogs from a personal stance, but, the collision of Fake Fantasy and Real Reality is too strong on impact a lot of times.

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Pizzas, Potatoes, Chickens, and Lines Of Communication

My five favorite Buffet Restaurants All Time are Ryans,Old Country Buffet, Shakeys, Huckleberry's in Cedar Rapids when that was in business, and Pizza Ranch, nominally in Manchester. I tend to think that's outside the point, but, where's the purpose in Getting The Food vs. Having Joy in the Dining?

Besides making Chris Fowler the next Keith Jackson, I fear Rece Davis' Role on College Gameday breaking up a Successful 19 Year Band would have been more Rogan and Stanhope and less Kimmel and Corolla. And, i think where AP is in trouble All Day, besides his kids and being a shot role model for kids, is the Steroids, and Lance is fixing for an Arrest Warrant.

I wish,too, that if the 3, 21, and 43 where retired and reserved until proved otherwise, so be it. But, I wouldn't issue another 25 because that is too close to Tim Richmond. I feel strong that NASCAR and The Stock Car Community needs to fire Kurt Busch because Brian, Smoke or Gene Haas won't do it. Just because we didn't have 1st Monday Testing didn't mean you could just fly off the handle and spout and go find Travis Kvapil vs. Kelly Bires.

I am wanting to see Cup Superstars in my future.

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The Undeniables

I feel like the way Aaron White is whenever there is a losing streak wishing everyone else was taking practice and games serious, and that included some of his coaches. I want to separate the Undeniables from the True Liars, because why does being Upper Crust have nothing to do with being Quarterback? And, to slog through the increasing slugs and banana slugs, why don't I see Strong Coaches and not just a Dodo Bird Spinning its wheels statewide? Staying together ties every everybody together, and not just for TGIF. What is Undeniable in 2015 is:

1. The fact talent trumps anything, including lawyers and boosters helping a Star QB outsmarts the Cops.

2. I'd pay money to see New Cup Superstars and if, for future reference, try to recruit Orlando Speedworld and or Mesquite for future "Off Broadways" after the Daytona and Indy 500. AND

3. I hate to call out Dallas Cowboys shots early, but, I feel Slyvester Croom will weld Dallas and Fort Worth for 6 More Championship Rings.

I feel theatricalness is long lost, or the art of the Music Video. No 106, Rap City or TRL, and what hurts is the present Music Industry is in a Body Cancer. And, I don't mind True Freshmen and Women, but, the truth is you can't play out forever and a few days. I think Northeast Iowa would be tougher than usual in route to Football Titles, and I don't mean Aplington Parkersburg's Millenium Falcons or Cedar Falls Tigers Winners', because I don't think in our world, being deflated is a laughing matter. And,  if the footballs where OVERinflated, that would be a less pleasant surprise, also, Even if we flatfooted the UN and invented a Nation to Win Ambassadorship like Peter Griffin or if adventures in MOOCLand would include going from Cedar Rapids to Charlottesville and playing TX Football on a true lie, like Dubai and its oil money, when we knew better, would make athletic eligibilty as a Law Enforcement Issue, because, if all folk knew was Scheme and Scam, we have to at least that very kingly or more kingmaker like than before.

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Why Dance With The Capstones?

Even ESPN has fun with National Signing Day, and even for a Football Power like East St. Louis, for the best of my personal knowledge, is having fun with the Hat Dance. I feel there has to be 8 National Signing Days, 2 Per Season and there are more kids who got chosen by Mt. Mercy rather than play the cruelty of the Next 20 Years of Fall Friday Nights, Next 20 Years of Fall Saturdays and the Next 20 Years of Fall Sundays and Monday Nights. Even though I don't personally have a Football Program even though Clarke got one before Mt. Mercy, but, I want to see Academic Apprenticiship Kids do their books seriously.

I feel that the laws we won't change ever are Assault, Battery, Children, Drugs, Women, Madison Avenue and Vehicles. I feel equally as strong that trying to get to the Minority Communities Constructively will help us make money and expose the TIs, Sabans, Rushes, Urbans, and Kindergarten Babies who are a big ol' problem. I'd love it if Dr. Jerry Punch had to go on the offense on why Kurt Busch shouldn't be racing ever again , and I feel Corporate America can't be stuck on Milhouses.

I feel that to a Man and His Family, he wants to have and get and serve the food, and the worst ain't necessarily the mom or the dad, but, if the kids have a drive to win, that is an indictment. I don't want to see King Leer Goodell, I Am Never Ever Ever Settling for Silver, Inside Job Manfred, and Gambler Bettman say as longer term or long term commissioners, because I feel off the edge, the 1972 Dolphins and 1970s Cowboys Families are wanting company of theirs to be great, and Houston Texas Football Citizens Host a Conference Title Game and Win It All for the First Time Since 1961 and Second Generation Titan be taking more urgent than any Wayans.

The moral in the story is people need to make money and people need enough Work Culture to take pride in.

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Week 4 2015 Driver of the Year

1 Mike Nichols IMCA 25 25

2 Andy Eckrich IMCA 16 16

3 Josef Newgarden IndyCar 14 14

4 Dennis Anderson Monster Jam 12 12

5 Aric Amirola Sprint Cup 10 26

6 Gary Porter Monster Jam 8 8

7 Allen Johnson NHRA 6 6

8 Chase Elliott XFinity 5 5

9 Jimmy Owens Lucas Oil 4 7

10 Adam Anderson Monster Jam 3 3

11 Ben Rhodes XFinity 2 2

12 Ken Block Global Rallycross 1 9

Week 4 Driver of the Year

1 Aric Amirola Sprint Cup 26 -

2 Mike Nichols IMCA 25 1

3 Mike Garvey SSS 25 1

4 Chris Porter ANDRA 25 1

5 Johnny Herrera ASCS 25 1

6 Andy Eckrich IMCA 16 10

7 Martin Fuentes SCCA World Challenge 16 10

8 Wade Young Motorsports S. Africa 16 10

9 Michael Courtney Southern Nationals Series 14 12

10 Josef Newgarden IndyCar 14 12

11 Todd Jackins International Snowmobile Racing 14 12

12 Mark Drew ANDRA 14 12

13 Dennis Anderson Monster Jam 12 14

14 Todd Morrow Southern All Stars 12 14

15 McKenna Haase ASCS 12 14

16 Jamie Whincup Aus V8 12 14

17 Jordan Weaver ASCS 10 16

18 Ryan Gustin Lucas Oil 10 16

19 Francis Carruthers Motorsports South Africa 10 16

20 Ken Block Global Rallycross 9 17

21 Gary Porter Monster Jam 8 18

22 Bryan Silas Trucks 8 18

23 Devin Robertson US Legend Cars 8 18

24 Jimmy Owens Lucas Oil 7 19

25 Austin Dillon Sprint Cup 7 19


26 Allen Johnson NHRA 6 20

27 Mike Joy Historic Trans Am 6 20

28 Marcos Ambrose Aus V8 6 20

29 Danielle Behn USSA Pro Star 6 20

30 Chase Elliott XFinity 5 21


31 Tony Ave Trans Am 5 21

32 Timmy Hill Sprint Cup 5 21

33 Scott Pruett USCR 5 21

34 Darrell Wallace,Jr. XFinity 4 22

35 Rodney Sanders USMTS 4 22

36 Adam Anderson Monster Jam 3 23

37 Ben Kennedy Trucks 3 23

38 Lincoln Lemieux East Coast Snocross 3 23

39 Anne Pladson USXC 3 23

40 Ben Rhodes XFinity 2 24

41 Mike Johnson SCORE 2 24

42 Rubens Barichello Brazil V8 Stock Cars 2 24

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Bring On The Season

I'd be perfectly happy with ACTUAL Points Racing vs. Hype, and I think this Winter has emboldened my stance and left some Winter Days Embittered and More Bitter than they should have been, where'd I'd split bullets over who should have been there, not been there, or even Friday Cup Qualifying I should have felt in my bones vs, NASCAR Hall of Fame Ceremony ( I will chip in early Jerry Cook, Richie Evans' Northern Modified Nemesis, and Chuck Bown, the reason I stayed with Pontiac as long as I did), or the Cup Banquet with Kevin Harvick Winning it all.

And, THE only Cup Rookie of the Year Candidate is Ryan Blaney, which means at best, there'd be half the season with rookie candidates and unlike 2010, we'd have actual up and comers rising vs. trying to punch holes in the wall just to say they are stars.

Or, even Sunday Night Drag Racing, which would be the case when the overcrowded early portion of the season plays on and every Basketball or Baseball Game plays over and over. I am still saying up the quality of the Motorsports Telecasts because I feel strongly about it, and I think people want Sports vs. Fluff, and Fluff is not a substitute for "Their Show", and people still feel that way, even though we still have a boat full of Series Finales that are not named Friends, Frasier, Home Improvement or The Nanny.

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IndyBowl 2015 Schedule Correction 01292015

Here are the impending developments:

1. I am not shocked or thrilled about Brasilia being cancelled, and I'd prefer to get it in against the perpetual shremp we are in.

2. I am still wanting to see Sports vs. Hype. If anyone tried to be artifically hyper for David Stremme, I am not buying in. You know when money and people get together.

3. Rockingham and Milwaukee could be in the Past, and the need for an "Off Broadway" Post Daytona or Indy 500 Race without it being a stage of its own needs to happen.

1 3-29 St. Petersburg

M 2 4-12 New Orleans

M 3 4-19 Long Beach

4 4-26 Barber

5 5-9 Indianapolis (RC)

6 5-16 Indy Pole (500)

M 7 5-24 99th Indianapolis 500

8 5-30 Detroit 1

9 5-31 Detroit 2

10 6-2 Mesquite BONUS Off Broadway 25/16

11 6-4 Texas Motor Speedway (Dirt) The Golden Apple 25/16

M 12 6-6 Texas Motor Speedway (Superspeedway)

13 6-14 Toronto

14 6-21 Irwindale BONUS The Western 100

15 6-27 Fontana Honda 500

16 7-1 DuQuoin BONUS Mud Bowl 200

M 7-2 Springfield Mile BONUS The Springfield Derby 50

18 7-7 Rockford BONUS Rockford Derby 100

19 7-12 Milwaukee Mile

20 7-14 Cedar County BONUS The Tiger 50

M 21 7-15 Knoxville BONUS The Panther 30

M 22 7-18 Sweet Home Newton, All Summer Long!!

23 7-27 Berlin BONUS W. Michigan Chevy Dealers 100

24 7-28 Toledo BONUS NW Ohio 100

25 8-2 Mid Ohio

26 8-11 La Crosse Car Crusher 50

26 8-17 Wms. Grove BONUS The Pennsylvanian 30

28 8-23 Pocono

29 8-25 Gateway BONUS MO-IL Ram Tough Dodge Dealers 75

30 8-26 Colo. Natl BONUS Western National 100

31 8-30 Sonoma

32 9-14 Memphis BONUS The Blues Bowl 50

M 33 9-21 Indy Bowl I Montgomery Motor Speedway, Montgomery,AL


1. It is my civic duty to retain a 33 Round Indy Bowl Schedule in no small part because I am wanting to pump up enviromental pressure so that there is not another Empty Fall and Winter in the Dead of Nothing.

2 No More than 25 Racers PER Bonus Race

3 Entirely Based on Wins and Points Standings


Indy Bowl I Points

Hopefully, I don't have to keep broaching this issue, let alone Justin Wilson's IndyCar Employment.

10 1st

 6 2nd

4 3rd

3 4th

 2 5th

1 6th


New Orleans

Long Beach

99th Indianapolis 500

Texas (Superspeedway)

Springfield Mile




1 Win 10

2 Wins 20

3 Wins 30

4 Wins 40

5 Wins 50

6 Wins 60

7 Wins 70

8 Wins 80

And, also, I will remark the 33rd Place Starter in the 99th Indy 500, AND I wish there was the same effervescant energy like Chase Elliott and Dylan Kwasinieswski in NASCAR to the IndyCar Half of the Field, and Road Racing begs and cries like a baby for true great days again and NO, don't ASAify my TransAm Cars Ever Again, that included the late term Gentelozzi Trans Am.

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I wonder which venue would be the most detrimentally affected by not having Jeff Gordon in Cup?

I would have be tempted to say out of the 1993 Venues, Atlanta would have been affected the worst, but, it would have been Phoenix, given that track made Jeff Gordon Famous other than IRP and his 0-22 Fall Record.

I'd believe the Superspeedways will still have a role,but, the ones that stay will have a "special" role like before.

I tend to see more Short and Dirt Tracks in Cup and Road Courses, because the fans are not just going to settle down and have it any other way.

And, it is still weird to see the 24 in Greg Biffle's Old Paint and it is a correction course because we are fixing to see more Sports and Motorsports versus Hype, which I am sick to death of.

Just think, if so and so talked up David Stremme like he was Rusty Wallace and the only problem is he doesn't have a real 1 Chance to Win, its on WHO, America? The wrong side of Meteroa has us dumb and numb, and not everyone's Freakin' Sweet like Peter Griffin's Quahog. We'd be Sweet and Sour like saying the Next Massillon without the intangibles.

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The Return of The Real Deal Cup Superstar

In the final days of Sprint, I am just as tired and fed up with speculating who does and does not work for me and I am itchy for the return of the Real Deal Cup Superstar. This is different than walking and talking cocky and being Gucci Mane's "Bet Money". I feel the Next 35 Years stronger than Kevin Durant, and the insecurity of now leaves the Meek and the Milhousian to lurk and find wins like trade wins when trade winds tell us otherwise.

Everyone still has there same stuff from 1999 or 2000 like it was yesterday, and that is the older fan. Could we afford being smug when that cost us money? It would have been like Indianola in the CIML when not only you get fewer wins and titles, but, less revenue along the way.

If Elliott Sadler had to return to Cup to end Bill Elliott's Winless Streak and win the Cup, people would like it more. Beyond 24, Smoke is risking being uninsurable and unbankable. Junior will stand alone, Kenseth will have 1 More Team before its said and done, Harvick and Kurt Busch will still be themselves, JJ won't make the same impact on the title, Newman's lost his Bread and Butter, McMurray's the 1st NASCAR Regular to Claim The 24 Hours of Daytona( The Original Name before Rolex wove itself above that, even in the Rolex 24 at Daytona),and Daytona 500 and won every 1994 Major Track EXCEPT Darlington, Biffle is falling off, Kahne will worsen with no Francis and Carl Edwards is debatable with Gibbs. That is the Young Gun Era from 1999-2004, and  Carl Edwards did not start as a full season rookie in 2004, but, he started his Cup Career in 2004,and keeping the traditions that matter needs to happen.

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Why Not Bring the Dodge Viper to Race in NASCAR?

I would dare the fact the Dodge Viper needs to be in NASCAR Racing, along with the Dodge Ram again. I feel the Dodge Brand is unbelievably out of place and wobbly in Road Racing, and I don't like my Trans Am Cars looking as flimsy as ASA Cars.

I think the good folks at Auburn Hills would relish turning the Viper Wild and Free at Bristol and Nashville like LeMans and Spa. I think if Dodge wanted to send a Car back to NASCAR, why not the Viper?

I want a Mopar to strike like a Mopar, not just a poser car on company time. Dodge's equity is on the ovals and quarter mile, not going left and right, because that is left and wrong. And, I'd like to see the Weekend be a joy over and over and again and again for the truth because I want to see a new line of Cup Superstars rather than also rans.

I think the Viper would be made into a winner in Cup and XFinity and The Ram would move any one else out of the way in Trucks again and Manufacturer Pride needs to be a Reinstatement in a Good Way and I feel that I want to see Champions and a Dodge Championship Defense for the First Time Since 1976.

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Week 3 Driver of the Year

1 Mike Garvey SSS 25 25

2 Martin Fuentes SCCA World Challenge 16 16

3 Michael Courtney Southern Nationals Series 14 14

4 Todd Morrow Southern All Stars 12 12

5 Jordan Weaver ASCS 10 10

6 Bryan Silas Trucks 8 8

7 Mike Joy Historic Trans Am 6 6

8 Tony Ave Trans Am 5 5

9 Scott Pruett USCR 4 4

10 Ben Kennedy Trucks 3 3

11 Lincoln Lemieux East Coast Snocross 2 3

12 Austin Dillon Sprint Cup 1 7

After 3 of 40 Events

1 Johnny Herrera ASCS 25 -

2 Chris Porter ANDRA 25 -

3 Mike Garvey SSS 25 -

4 Martin Fuentes SCCA World Challenge 16 9

5 Aric Amirola Sprint Cup 16 9

6 Wade Young Motorsports S. Africa 16 9

7 Michael Courtney Southern Nationals Series 14 11

8 Todd Jackins International Snowmobile Racing 14 11

9 Mark Drew ANDRA   14 11

10 Todd Morrow Southern All Stars 12 13

11 McKenna Haase ASCS 12 13

12 Jamie Whincup Aus V8 12 13

13 Jordan Weaver ASCS 10 15

14 Ryan Gustin Lucas Oil 10 15

15 Francis Carruthers Motorsports South Africa 10 15

16 Bryan Silas Trucks 8 17

17 Ken Block Global Rallycross 8 17

18 Devin Robertson Motorsports South Africa 8 17

19 Austin Dillon Sprint Cup 7 18

20 Mike Joy Historic Trans Am 6 19

21 Danielle Behn USSA Pro Star 6 19

22 Marcos Ambrose Aus V8 6 19

23 Tony Ave Trans Am 5 20

24 Timmy Hill Sprint Cup 5 20

25 Scott Pruett USCR 4 21

26 Rodney Sanders USMTS 4 21

27 Darrell Wallace,Jr. XFinity 4 21

28 Ben Kennedy Trucks 3 22

29 Lincoln Lemieux East Coast Snocross 3 22

30 Anne Pladson USXC 3 22


31 Jimmy Owens Lucas Oil 3 22

32 Mike Johnson SCORE 2 23

33 Rubens Barichello Brazil V8 Stock Cars 2 23

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Expect Expectations 2015

I feel that, beyond the tangents and the ranting, expecting expectations is needed. To me, I don't see Kevin Harvick winning 3 Straight Cup Titles like JJ tied Cale, and losing Jeff Gordon to retirement cuts us from the First 50 Years of NASCAR Racing in the Cup Division. I still know how I feel when Dario was denied a Press Conference, and I still think cutting SPEED Down had everything to do with everything with Mike Stefanik not battling Richie Evans and the Northern Modifieds crashing, and seeing Modifieds rise and shine in the Deep South and West Coast.

I know we did the right thing in getting Ron Hornaday,Jr. a Full Time Ride, but is he a Taxi? And, he don't want no 35 or 40 Plus Year Career get played out like Lil Wayne. And, settling for what is on the table is or isn't no option and decisions that folk can't come back to later ain't all in stone.

I can't stomach or stand storms, and where are those expectations? I'd rather have 1 Win for Austin Dillon and that be that vs. be played like a punk over true life punks who pump an agenda.

Accountability is harder to place than blame, and easy is not always the way and I feel where's the cheese besides what's there?

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Staying for What Mattered

I wished that the fans stayed for more than just there favorite. Mark Cuban got upset that all the All Star Game Votes was LeBroncentrical. I think the offense that Madison Avenue would be dunked against is LeBron decommissioned for a seismic amount of time, like Sidney Crosby. It almost feels like staying for the candy and not the concerns, like in my school days and not always taking folk to movie, or Homecoming or Prom Date, but, trying to be simpatico or simpatica against those who tried to make me mad.

It's easy to pull trick shots like your Hockey's Equal to Larry Bird, but, no, sir, your not Larry Bird. There's no money staying at home unless you have a relative who always gets dropped off because of every rent, woman, and lawman and woman dialing those 7 Digits, or Elderly or Disabled Relative who's falling off ,or babies and daycare's no option.

The Advice,Beer, and Food don't always work. You can say Free Food like a dorm, but, pay the dang caterers, we got more beers and I'd like to see my heroes and my kids heroes be there for the Next 35, not drink until their kidneys don't work, or go all out on the steriods and have a bigger chest than some women. I tend to wish we didn't backpedal on Speeds AND Records that mattered, even if it was 25 Taylor Swifts from 25 Different Areas.

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Where's the Cheering On or Up?

I still wish Peer Pressure wasn't as nascentral to the world. I feel where is the Cheering On or Up because if folks cut "National Stay at Home" Loans, we have significant issues. I still don't like or love why they'd be in a rush to support someone who is flim flam in their Day to Day Security, but, what about everyday?

I still stand by the fact I supported Jeff Gordon when he was "One Of Us" and I don't mean it like it is bad, but, I am still nostalgic for Blue Collar, Stock Car Short Track USA having more of a hold vs. now. And, I still don't like being simplified, like we are today, and I still think my King Jeff Gordon regrets was Ray Evernham going it alone and Jeff Gordon going 0 for 22 at the Phoenix Fall Race, which was the track other than IRP he got famous.

And, what's wild, is I'd still remember the 1991 and 1992 Racing Seasons like it was yesterday. And, sadly, WJ being in the Motorsports Hall Of Fame of America is bitter. I know other folk would say it is bittersweet, but, where I stand from, Alderman and Geoffrion taking away a shot at 100 Wins, and his 1995 Title was because of those twos shiners. And, even though that willed Jim Yates to 1996 AND 1997 World Titles, but, I still feel Jim Yates is the Season Titleist with no US Nationals Win, like Lloyd Ruby on the other end of the Summertime Crosstown at IMS.

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Will Madison International Capitalize Under The Friday Night Stars?

With Madison International Speedway thankfully keeping the Lights On, and with it being 1 of 2 Venues I have been to in Wisconsin (Milwaukee Mile being the other), I still have issues with 1. If Madison International and For Sale came back up due to anemic car counts, it could hurt Hawkeye Downs here in Cedar Rapids.

2. You have a crotchety and paradoxial community (Which means, having the Best Schools and the Most Violent in the SAME District, which Only Suburban Detroit would have boasted) and that  is not proud.  You at least need something constructive : D-League or NBA Rival Hoops, Minor/Junior Pro Hockey( Not Since 2000), Proper Arena Football, and even Minor League Baseball (As Not Known Since 1993) and no ASA (Not Since 2004).

3. And, would the Super Late Model Renaissance Capitalize here in the Midwest fast enough? It is "Alone Again,Naturadiddly" II and a Homer Simpson in the ambulance lane is not good for the heroics.

4. Dad, Uncle and Grandpa are more than not proud the great days are just a rumor. And, it needs work and we can't just jam today into 2035 and people are tight to their decisions,good and bad. And, a TNN again won't be on the dial when the Satellites twist.

5. In the end, I want to see more new venues. This is tight for some folk, but, everyone else got something new, why not the tracks, because people feel safer with a welcoming vibe.

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Week 2 Driver of The Year 2015

1 Chris Porter ANDRA  25 25

2 Wade Young Motorsports S. Africa 16 16

3 Mark Drew ANDRA 14 14

4 Jamie Whincup Aus V8 12 12

5 Francis Carruthers Motorsports S. Africa 10 10

6 Devin Roebrtson US Legend Cars 8 8

7 Marcos Ambrose Aus  V8 6 6

8 Timmy Hill Sprint Cup 5 5

9 Darrell Wallace,Jr. XFinity 4 4

10 Jimmy Owens Lucas Oil 3 3

11 Rubens Barichello Brazil V8 Stock Cars 2 2

12 Austin Dillon Sprint Cup 1 6

After 2 of 40 Events

1 Johnny Herrera ASCS 25 -

2 Chris Porter ANDRA 25 -

3 Aric Amirola Sprint Cup 16 9

4 Wade Yong Motorsports S. Africa 16 9

5 Todd Jackins Int'l Snowmobile Racing 14 11

6 Mark Drew ANDRA 14 11

7 McKenna Haase ASCS 12 13

8 Jamie Whincup Aus V8 12 13

9 Ryan Gustin Lucas Oil 10 15

10 Francis Carruthers Motorsports S. Africa 10 15

11 Ken Block Global Rallycross 8 17

12 Devin Robertson .U.S. Legend Cars 8 17

13 Danielle Behn USSA Pro Start 6 19

14 Marcos Ambrose Aus V8 6 19

15 Austin Dillon Sprint Cup 6 19

16 Timmy Hill Sprint Cup 5 20

17 Rodney Sanders USMTS 4 21

18 Darrell Wallace,Jr. XFinity 4 21

19 Anne Pladson USXC  3 22

20 Jimmy Owens Lucas Oil 3 22

21 Mike Johnson SCORE 2 23

22 Rubens Barichello Brazil V8 Stock Cars 2 23

23 Lincoln Lemieux East Coast Snocross 1 24

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Long Loved and Long Lived

I think, even with this state getting bigger, we have gotten long lived, if not long livid, but, long loved and nutured and cared for is another. I want to see more of a 1965 instead of a 1990, when both saw 1st Time Winners left and right, but 1990 was when a lot of them didn't stay. And, too, if we get 1992 Again, I prefer the sequel be at least better than 1993, because we know tragedy and violence a little too much.

And, life after the Sweet Spot is forgot and it shouldn't. A man like me feels voids where they shouldn't be , and I wish Iowa High School Sports didn't suffer the "Dannen Syndrome" which made Commissioner Wulkow erroneusly send DM North to Ankeny Centennial or not problem solve and mediate Ames-DM East. The high bars are not impossible, and I hate with all my life they feel that way.

I think AAU's been on the same mistake 3 Times, with trying to woo Tennis Stars to go pro out of Tennis Camp and wreck the sport today, Track Stars to go pro and memorably devaste in London, and Basketball Stars with Questionable Professionalism and being paid another AD,Coach,Dean or President and behave merceniarial.

And, the fanboyisms are not cool, because kids need better role models and teachers besides the tennis shoes and paycheck flips, and I really want to see more investment in people against "Bet Money" like Gucci Mane was in my neighborhood talking reckless and with no awareness of how other's function.

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Can't The "Right Thing" Be The Law?

I felt that the misguided tweet by Anthony Marlowe which later freed Cole Whitt to Front Row Racing means Burger King or Tim Burger has to have to free themselves from BK Racing. And, having Red anywhere in Kansas or Mississippi Uniforms means Karma is a Curse, and it is a local curse, too.

I feel the only reason McDonald's is McDonald's is they stick their neck out and keep theirs that want to learn and work. And, 00's Revenge is going about Michael Waltrip Racing and I wish it was funny, but, no one wants drama too close to their home. Where is the common sense? And if  Michigan and PA have to come back  from 100 Jillion Dollar Devastations, even New Orleans has less of a bad spot in comparsion.

Charisma is not to be confused with playing by the rules. SMU was the only other school besides Kentucky to have multiple McDonald's All Americans and both are non-starters. Larry Brown is going to be Exhibit A of the Houston Nutt Rule where "I Don't Know" means 2 Years No Postseason, at best. I wish that the accident and purpose where weeded out and the Modern Familyisms of On Accident, On Purpose, or On Inappropriate is upsetting and aggravating and if Job Fairs and Moocs only encouraged folk to get to work or stay on campus instead of at home, like before, we'd have the 1 Summer in the FD Red and a Fat Pension, and worse, a 30 or 40 Year Old with no mast be "just a kid" or worse, and do everything except school, which the taxpayers would have an ethical moo cow to no end.

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Forever Tickets should come from Forever Places

I wouldn't have minded Forever Tickets from Indianapolis Motor Speedway or Knoxville Raceway, but, if it is a Forever Place cleverly designed as a Security Issue, its an issue. Or, oppurtunistic as the Milwaukee Brewers, and, wanted to create buzz, and exploit something that was formerly reserved for a Chosen Few who have been in true extenuating circumstances, it would become a joke.

Paranoid is not Intrepid. And Insecurity is not a Bridge,either. I doubt Women are feeling okay with Insecure Guys or Having Guys who Want to be Prefab with No Work.

Everything happens for a reason, and dealing with the bad everyday is not even fun. Living in the this or next instant is rachet and plastic. We always want to do what the Pros Do, and the Pros aren't always right.

I think having to build more Modern and Postmodern Venues needs to happen. Does Edgy and Neurotic make a Hall of Famer? The journey would be more interesting, but, it doesn't mean it's a Hall of Famer.

Financial Security is earned, and I think if we are stuck with the Insecurities, we are not happy passing the buck to a nub.

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IndyMyIndy's Adulthood

I hate to see broke and broken every single day as Hannibal Burress inherited the not so imaginary Bad Joker World Title Belt from Jay Leno. Michael Beasley would have been the pro who would have benefited from Preps to Pros and I hate to see Car Wrecks Clearly before they happened. I feel I am still the 1st and I don't let off the gas on being a Role Model for Kids. I doubt I laugh when the Blue Moon over Iowa City is leaving me a Blue Streak of Anger and I still would have snapped into action, but, knew enough I'd need my money more than an Economic SMU.

It bad enough when someone mom or dad call someone out like in my earlier line, because, if it is dad, it is the Wrong Side of Sunday Morning. And, the last State of Kurt Busch's Career would be the last of Dover Downs. I hate going on a region who can't even rally a Legion Field like Birmingham without it being condemned or Oakland Alameda County Coliseum that a 44 Year Old 2Pac would not know was great. The autumn wind is in Sin City, and instead of Silver and Jack, like you needed to have a Committment to Excellence, again, as your Oakland and actually Las Vegas in 2015, Las Vegas in 2016, and a Contender in 2017 and if having to do it all over again, and again, being the Hero for Central and South Georgia and North Florida for All Time by doing the Winning the Quintessential AFC Super Bowl Legend, by beating Pittsburgh twice in PA in One Year, what Earl Campbell didn't do and still is only Jacksonville and could have led a Super Bowl after ending 16-0 like yesterday, and it still is missing on Duval County Soul.

I feel heroics beat bad decorum as Ohio is a Bad Block 8 like Belgrade, and Michigan can't be paying General Manager money without having to make the Fed print the difference, and on the regular, ringing more than the bell only jumps Mississippi State and Houston to action and sure, Arizona and Tulane is Tyson and Tatum and this is not good if the mistakes was called company wide like you ignored science, recalls and school.

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At the tail end of a Parts Issue...

The real root of what held Open Wheel, IndyCar, and Sports Cars down in a nasty way was the parts issues that left us with the older days Black Hats. I can't stand Franck Montagny (It's Pronounced Montag "Like Heidi"-ny) smoking Crack Cocaine like Kendrick Lamar, James Stewart is embarassing Tallahassee as bad as Scott Stapp and Infamous to the world, and Mike Helton needs to unemploy Kurt "Can't We Unemploy Him Permenantly Now, Really!" Busch for America if Tony Stewart or Gene Haas can't man up.

Not all of its pleasant, even if your the 1st Hero or 1st in Years in your town. I can't tell Pulp Fiction, because The Stone Cold Lead Pipe Lock of A Reality does hurt and ain't afraid to know it. We know Urban lost his 2nd and Last Best Assistant for all time, and Rhoads would have to do an Operation: Cattle Drive all over Kansas to Texas from Ankeny in order for Ames not to be winning sympathy like its Pokemon or Feeling Bad for something we should never signed up for even if we where bad before, and that's just to make up for his earlier exodus of Hermann.

It took Pusha T to unload "Exodus" on Lil Wayne and why are we love with Broke? And, what's scarier is Alabama and JJ was OUR better defenses, and trying to tell me an obstructor was better than no redneck or grand jury leaves Cedar Falls and Ames standoffish like Tonkin. Where are we at the front of the class and even if the economy got rosier, I'd be agitated if the economy was half as bad as today. I feel talent needs to speak and speak in a big way,too.

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Responsibilty in the Paint

Last time I checked, I feel the abscence of Teacher Styled Teachers, Coach Styled Coaches, and Pro Stock and Pro Styled Professionals. No, even if you said you where Brian McGhee or Allison The Adventurer, in the end, there will be people who'd get worked up over a Drinking Expedtion to Ottawa or Mexico City because it wouldn't fly at home. I am not the condoner of staying at home JUST to stay at home, and if Jimmy Jack Jackson got a King Sized Pension for fighting fires for the Urban Fire Department Red or being law for the Urban Police Department Blue, for 1 Summer, off the couch, how could you tell the difference between someone reckless and stays at home with money or reckless, stays at home and doesn't care?

There is merit in education. At some point, being "Just A Kid" would lose any and all meaning. I'd like to see stronger interest in Western State Stock Car and Open Wheel Racing. Even if we was making money all over again and buying our way up to the Clean,Green, Pristine, Pearly White Gates of West Des Moines, we'd still know who'd plant flowers in the flower pot or fix their Pontiac every Saturday and Sunday.

If someone actually did play Wimbledon and Augusta Barefoot and in the same year like they was an athletic gift from Pure Heaven, they'd at least have to sign autographs as if they mattered vs. being a Car Wreck of a Pro. Why are we stuck with a Bigger Tennis Camp and this mercenarialism and cavalierity certain pros leave is not even halfway close to a good look, even if the Left or the Wrong Mind.

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1st Quarter: The Extension

Not every part of the Country can enjoy a Good Icebreaker Race because there is actual snow and ice on the roads here in the Midwest. I feel having a Winter USAC Title is Unavoidable and largely, your going to see more Open Wheel Racing again.

The poetry in taking your time is wonderful vs. rushing matters, and beyond the Lucas Oil or World of Outlaws, I think having to promote Dirt Names to NASCAR is sadly inevitable and the salvo this last Fall and Winter is Detroit taking charge of the Trucks again.

And, putting shells in money rather than "Bet Money" pays and Dennis Setzer is still angry he was beat out of a National Title in 1993 because he could only run Hickory and didn't have money to do 1st Quarter. The Hyperaggresion of this Climate means in Stock Car Short Track USA means to take 1st Quarter as serious as the 4th, and more options are WONDERFUL and BEAUTIFUL, but, I'd like to see the ones who Turn 10 versus 5.

In the end, if paying the student athlete is not necessarily an ethical option, I would like to see more money in the Scholarship Funds and that begins and ends at home.

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License to Tell You A Narrative

Personally, what is lost is a Narrative, because Zac Brown Band is a Stronger TNN Country Band and less of a Frat Boy Band and can't we save the Steel Guitars for Heavy Metal? I don't like playing God/Teacher/Notre Dame/Crowd Control/The Law, but, even for the matchups that would have actually been money in the Fall of 2016, the Big Ten would have been criminally anemic vs. The SEC and that's even if Kirby Smart was not collecting Alabama's Paychecks.

This week is Oklahoma Chili Bowl Week and I am happier more Oklahoma Natives are rising to overtake the territory and King Kinser or Slammin Sammy Swindell is no longer a Strong Arm and having to play keepaway from Donny "Tequila" Schatz and being left agitated or angry would have been no options.

Sometimes, Tomorrow and Reality Hurting is just as common as Death and Taxes. And, no, people don't handle Michael Waltrip Flips well at all, and the Oh,Really! Notion in Ames is to bust down the Oklahoma and Texas Cattle Drive. I can't stand Hype, or Bad News and we can't always turn Running and Hiding into an art form, but, Upset Runs and Greatness could turn into an Elevated Art Form and I feel in Sprint Cup, either do Majors or a Niche Market Right because Carl Edwards at Martinsville and Denny Hamlin at Bristol would ring hollow because Kurt Busch can't be King of the Short Tracks because he was Nelson Muntz on the Short Tracks.

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Raising The Great Bar Again

The Golden Rule in a Championship Enviroment is not to have anyone injured,ill or suspended. I feel Oregon is not that strong to break free over Ohio State. But, to a Man like Me, I'd like to see the Great Bar and 18 to 27 Month Rebuilds be just that, rain, snow, sleet or whoever.

I feel strongly the Resurrection of the 3 will happen in 2015. I feel upset Kevin Harvick gets to Play Defense when he's spent his career on Offense! I'd like to see beyond what Sprint hasn't done, nuture and feed the Other Other Sides. The 900 Gorillas have gotten upset because you can't just leave them the Food like a lowhanging stoner, but, in real reality, their mannerisms and TLC need care because, the times people miss out on are just as triumphant as the ones they make.

Where is the strength or speed? If the New York Knicks where beat by a Ghost Team 365 Days Ago, but, if it was the Seattle Supersonics or Spirits of St. Louis who rose up from the Smoke and Ashes, people would have offered a 60 Point a Night Scorer to the Knicks.

And, big and strong vehicles need to be Detroit's Arm. I don't like to be seeing All Small, because, Big Vehicles would be reinforced. If your flying, at least check luggage and recheck it here on Earth and at Home. I know, in real reality, I haven't flown anywhere, but, I'd still want Majesty in the Air and not just having nothing but fun,fun,fun as I feel strongly the FBI should have Air Charge over United States Air and I hate to be looking bleak, but, the truth is the truth and if you don't always make things right and or with love, people see past that,too.

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2015 Week 1 Driver of The Year

1 Johnny Herrera ASCS 25 -

2 Aric Amirola Sprint Cup 16 9

3 Todd Jackins Int'l Snowmobile Racing 14 11

4 McKenna Haase ASCS 12 13

5 Ryan Gustin Lucas Oil 10 15

6 Ken Block Global Rallycross 8 17

7 Danielle Behn USSA Pro Star 6 19

8 Austin Dillon Sprint Cup 5 20

9 Rodney Sanders USMTS 4 21

10 Anne Pladson USXC 3 22

11 Mike Johnson SCORE 2 23

12 Lincoln Lemieux East Coast Snocross 1 24

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Losing those Tony Glovers

Years ago, when Morgan McClure fired Tony Glover, it ruined them. I think a lot of things in Sports in this Wayward Decade have hit one way or another, where 5 Years this Real Hour, Texas and Colt McCoy where taken out of the Game against Alabama. And, I think Stoops' firings where AD or President Boren inspired.

And, on January 7th, it was before Pete Carroll absconded to Seattle and Lane Kiffin abandoned Tennessee. And that was Jan. 9th and 12th. I have problems wondering how this wayward decade has gone and that includes "this" or the "next" instant and the stone being cast and set.

And, worse, I feel if your organization can't tell ship from stern, its a major organization wide issue. And, if your problem captain gets demoted to Moline to "learn his lesson", the demeanor is sad and fruitless. And at this time in 2010, North Carolina and Great Academics went Hand in Hand.

In real reality, everyone gives more than what they sometimes realize. And, I hate to see Car Wrecks left and right when there is no plans to repair the car. And, AAU will have to be called out instead of rewarded as a "Cash Cow".

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Plan of Action For Stock Car Short Track USA

Even though this is not 2011, but, I feel Detroit needs to get more involved in reducing the Overhead in the Truck Series. And, that is casting a pall through and blue Stock Car Short Track USA.

Frankly, I wish the cars where longer and stronger, because, sadly, I'd like to see Strength in Size, let alone numbers. I get real offended if K&N was a National Service while doing a paralyzing disservice to your dye in wool Western Membership. I know NASCAR has always taken special and personal interest in a Western Series, dating back to the Mid 1950s, but, I wish enterperneraliship was more vibrant and active.

And with ARCA, why is it the lowline teams get stuck with the Oldies? I don't want no 30 or 40 Pound Heavier Car fly midair. And while we are at Diversity, why not keep trucking Other Other Sides? I would like to see if we could persuade one of the Mexican, European or Canadian Principles to have some rooting principle like the Toronto Maple Leafs.

AND, I prefer NASCAR has a Sponsor or Sponsors who go out of their ways to repay the Sponsor, Pennance, and Points Fund and I would like wins to pay more, but, if we get stuck with Kevin Harvick and his "Sweet Spot", again, it would be worse enough because Rusty Wallace didn't win 2.

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The Field Vs. The Champs: Sprint Cup 2015

I know I am hurt and stung over Kevin Harvick "defending" a Sprint Cup and I feel, even when 2015 is Just a "Baby", to find either 16 Non-Chasers or Unlikely Winners to Agitate the Last Year of the Chase and Sprint's Degradation of the Cup.

1. 3-Austin Dillon I really do want a Real, True In Life, 3 vs . 43 Championship War in 2015 and I stand by it and save for 2013's Nationwide Title, the last Car (Not Truck) Win he had was Kentucky in the Fall of 2012.

2. 43- Aric Amirola See Above and I prefer Amirola Earns a 1st End to End Win to go with his Real 1st last July 4th.

3. 42-Kyle Larson Will Win in Bunches

4. 1-Jamie McMurray I would count on him Winning Darlington and a Short Track.

5. 31-Ryan Newman Richard Childress doesn't like to go winless in Cup, even if his best car finished 2nd in Points.

6. 6-Trevor Bayne If Tennessee wins his 2nd Daytona 500, The 6 Cars Formatability would have been well known.

7. 9-Sam Hornish,Jr. I would like to see him Join Smoke on the Full Season USAC-IndyCar-NASCAR Crown and Unlike Smoke, the Indy 500 is in Hornish's Wins.

8. 19-Carl Edwards Martinsville and Early Qualifying


10. 27-Paul Menard MUST...WIN!

11. 34-David Ragan Is a Non Daytona/Talladega Upset in the Future and will Ragan have Sea Legs over the Cole Whitt Nonhire Earlier This Winner?

12. 38-David Gilliand I would like to see him Win. 200 Plus, No Win, 2nd Twice

13. 48-JJ Is JJ Still Effective?

14. 51-Justin Allgaier Full Season at HScott or Roberto Moreno?

15.88-JUNIOR! Will Dale Jr. Promote his XFinity Team?

16. 24-Jeff Gordon Will there be enough "Carrots" for 100 Wins or Career Ironman (Ricky Rudd)?

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I almost would have loved Championship Racing in Markets where it counted..

It's almost awkward to see the abscence of Icebreakers, but, the Real Icebreaker is to try to bust the courage to restart Opposite Season Racing Africa, Central and South America and Mexico Wide. To me, I'd actually love to see Sports more than hype.

I'd almost, no, actually, set the vibe right, like redoing New York City Hip Hop and Basketball right, and trying to pin the Southern Family Tie like it was TNN Again vs. Southern California, because you'd want somewhere good to go to on the Weekend or to feel better about yourself.

To me, I'd like to take the field right and do it right vs. do 10 Things and be a star in none. I would believe committment is 2nd To Nothing, and I know the Kids love the Swoosh or Other Athletic Logo on the Chest, but, proper Texas Footballese would have putting it on the side.

People love to see and expect expectations, and what I'd feel is what about being inclusive vs. exclusive? I know their are times "Invitation Only" Pays, but, I'd like Inclusion with Good Merit and Faith, not just playing Insiders vs. Outsiders, because teams can only outsource so much.

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Why do we have Sea Legs instead of Celebrating or Going to Work?

I feel that the Sea Legs of this year, where we are sick of the losses, and to make matters worse, nobobdy really truly feels like celebrating other than to put 2014 in the Past and hardly any anyone has any company, good or bad, culture to make them feel better and their families stay up and up.

I heard about NBC Sports Column over whether cities could buy teams: 1. It is a Worser SMI, when we already know Hotels where bought by cities with no Company Man or Woman in Line to Mast. 2. If Detroit can go broke and again, what bar do we leave the Urban Community besides a 2nd Look at the Lawbooks? 3. Sports Leagues Decisions are Final. 4. And on a more serious note, the Urban, Rural and Suburban Communities are spun 3 Different Ways, and no Zack Morris can't legally work in a Political or Legal Office. If we let potatoes who stayed at home fight fires for the CRFD Red or CRPD Blue, their Red Lobster Card would have lasted longer than their job, and they'd get a fat pension for 1 Summer and 1 Summer Only of Work. 5. A lot of us Blue Collar Folk stop at Fool Me Once, and being jilted over and over and again and again in a Different World would have starred Ro, Alesha and Vilsack to the Rescue.

Sadly, cities buy Apartments to Reconference as Section 8 before they'd go Hog Wild on the Miami Marlins, and the digital divide is still real, even as my region gets sick over Chicago as having more firearms ready than computers and my real regret is Problem Solving even if Wallets did for real grow on Trees and at least let Streetball Live Again vs. letting Relatives get paid like CEOs to do AAU, and I doubt the NCAA, NAIA, NJCAA, or NFHS will take "Pay Cut" like Eric Dickerson lying down like those who was truly injured at work.

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Careless Whisper II

Editor's Note: I don't like calling 80s Songs, let alone Classic Songs "II", or even Kanye West's "New God Flow" "Jesus Walks II", but, there is a purpose and sadly, a madness in this insanity, and I am not happy to be Part and Parcells to Peer Pressure, not even as a Little or Big Guy!

Nowadays, the Juvenilized Sports Fan knows what to do to upset a Pro Athlete or Entertainer. And, to add insults to injuries. DON'T EVER, incite Neil Diamond in front of Rory McIlroy. If it was Lincoln McIlroy, he'd take the mike and say "That's Poor Sportsmanship!" and, the real crime is, we have a lot of Marty McSorley's intent to injure and if we had a smarter NFL Commissioner, The Bounty Scandal would have been looked at dimmer.

And, I thought Duke Johnson's Injury was reminciescent to the one Willis McGahee had in the Fiesta Bowl against Ohio State which ruined "The U" and let Ohio State enjoy a Switzerian Stolen Bounty,  and to add to the heartache, I think the NCAA will be "The Law" with Penn State and The U.

Even though I'd enjoy taking on the man, but, someone younger than me had roles flip enough that it is not even in their lexicon and they got to carry a house of Student Loans vs. Being Constructive from The Day After Labor Day to the Wednesday before Memorial Day because a House is harder to carry than books.

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Getting Past the Where Do We Go From Here Questions

At the end of 2014, we are not real happy to be stuck on "Where Do We Go From Here" Questions and with every Speed Contract wrote and rewrote by 1 Year Olds to the point it is not funny isn't sadly, funny and try all you want to, but , I have problems finding TNN's Soul. While we are on Planes to Florida, Texas, and Hawaii,  The Music Industry is stuck on "Where Do We Go From Here?" After 106 Got Ended and Ruined for the 1st Time Since Elvis, Skynard and Donnie Hathaway in the Late 1970s, and Lil Herb using Frankie Lymon's Name won't sit well with the city and even using Donnie Hathaway's Name in Vain like a Disco Inferno would sit poorly on the city, because that was their Nirvana, 15 Years Sooner.

TransAm was briefly unemployed from 2005-2008, we didn't have USCR 10 Years Ago, and yet, NASCAR should still stick to Stock Cars. If we had IndyCar Rally Races, we'd have Pikes Peak, Pacific to Atlantic, Football to Football and Raceway to Raceway. I wonder who would take in Monaco if Formula One can't do it? 

And, no, no respecting citizen in Formula One likes Red Bull and no real respect is given in 2014 the same as Ricky Rudd or Rusty Wallace and we needed to do better than shuffle Ron Hornaday, Mike Stefanik, and Bobby LaBonte like they where Mike Eddy and Bob Senneker.

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Kismet or Karma?

I hate to be putting up the Kismet or Karma card, especially in a new age that knew no great or good day. I still have a lot of "If I Had to Do It All Agains" AND a lot more of them than the average civilian and sometimes that ain't good.

I can't stand to see a Wild Western Strong Arm on the Cup Series like it was the end of a Great Set of 40 Year Laker Seasons in the Sun. People can't always change stories, but, narratives, people have the power to improve. A lot of folks is still upset with Shahid Khan for running out the back of Parts Issues and that was 30 Years Ago.

And, I wonder if Generation X's Rudest Aftershock is Will They Even enjoy time after 50? Science, in the end, can do all it can do in the law of order and ethics, and people's mannerisms make or make them broke in the end.

I wonder if people would have been quicker to cut someone who didn't have nothing but work a deal or people with a famous first/last name or famous profile or region that they loved so much? I would relish merit scholarships early and often vs. been a fake or worse, did mistakes early and often as I always see Teen Racers, but not enough Teen Fans and with Diversity's Kids who'd one day race their heroes for real again.

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Being Responsible for Your Art

I think with 2 Separate but Unrelated Cases of being accountable for your art came up this quarter with Bobby Shmurda refiring New York City Hip Hop only to get to be enemy in New York City and Chicago. And, with Seth Rogen, he pushed boundaries over and over and again and again that would have gotten The Farrelly Brothers Arrested for Public Mayhem. And, being an alcoholic in Motorsports is a Proved Liablity because being born again is each persons call, but, Alcoholism is just as awful as being exposed as a Drug Addict in Motorsports.

I feel that getting to the gut and going for Hard Copies is always been my stickler when everyone of my peers was laughing at Stiffler, and we get pounded with the unamusement of real life Stifflers. And, I don't like being on the bad side of Somebodies or Super Students, because there is no Kenny Wallaces or Steven Spielbergs in Iowa City.

I always go out of my way to avoid liabilty and to make sure every tale I tell is a True Tale vs. a Tall Tale. And, the magic of Hollywood needs to restart and it needs to restart by telling the story right and not offending the Wrong Kind of People who would have had another chip against us who are making money or want to make money.

Committment is not a cute ploy, and Season Tickets and Game 7s Appear and Disappear, but, I don't condone Feel Bad and Win Sympathy like we was Watching Pokemon, and I would have had issues with trading a Good Mickey Mantle for a Good Pikachu, and people like good things more, and even though we are crossing into a Southern Californian Terrain doesn't mean the Lionel Hutzes or Dr. Nick's are any more fun to deal with.

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Expecting Expectations 2015

The only good way to reverse a curse is to break it outright and what it doesn't mean is that curse can't return in its own old way. I feel that beyond the trophy case, Champions have to Tread Lightly and Delicately, and their presence has to be well known and well heard. Beyond that, any abdication of that offering is criminal.

I'd care strongly enough that Greatness has to do what its supposed to do, and what is upsetting is I don't like to play "I Promise, You Promise, Who Promise" or "My Bad, Your Bad, Who's Bad" or being bad on Purpose or Accident, which borders on intent. I don't like tanking, because, it draws down everyone else's wins, and it leads to point shaving and other illicit behavior.

I'm legitamitely scared about Eastern Iowa's Next 10 Years as a Community, and just because the door has been Katie Rosed ( Clinton losing Target, IBM having a 2nd Thoughts about Dubuque, and causing Northern Californians and Bostonians go back home, Davenport more worked up about being in the casino business, but, they eat out on whats supposed to be safer fire equipment and low income, disabled, and elderly Smoke Detector Funds, and My Town and Iowa City falling off and in a big way, and the root of this issues is Chicago's Issues and being run on Continental Felony Lanes.)

And, as a Man, I'd pay to see Rusty Wallace sell Nike Apparel than Melo Extort without Warning, which you can ask PJ Chesson, who's 1 AND Only Knoxville Nationals and Indy 500 was in 2006, and he is the only one who did that and cut Ron Hemelgarn off the 3rd and 4th Legs of a Hall of Fame Career. And I feel Turner vs. Scott is another worser JD Stacy and I don't see Gene Haas dismissing Kurt Busch even if Formula One doesn't have 2016 or 2020.

And, Des Moines, Ames and Iowa City have the same issues,too, and I don't care for the apathy of the law or the long loss of "The Law" Bosses, and we are just as close to Ryan Leaf than to Peyton Manning in Business. And, these unwanted problems cause issues later on, where Carolco's Fall caused the Superheroes to get not told right, MGM Grand getting lost because of that, and 007 running the risk of being stuck as an acquistion piece, and Chip Ganassi crashing on Sponsorship Sales, and freeing himself of Luis Diaz, the 1st Mexican National who won a US National Title.

And, another action of a champion is liability avoidance, and being mindful of Other Other Sides of the World and not getting on rhetoric or being bubblewrapped on bubblewrapped left and right without no reward or results.

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It's 2014, and Home Field STILL Matters!

I wish the real life Cleveland Browns weren't always an easy pawn for Sports Fans and Non-Sports Fans. I feel I am not shocked Kurt Busch is Alcoholic and Depressed, but, I'd be happier if he was permenantly unemployed.

I feel with Knoxville, Home Track needs to matter the same like Ohio or Pennsylvania. And, I am legitmately scared we might see Brian Vickers' Terminal Health corrode.

I find being disciplinarian is harder than ever. But, I don't find it funny to openendedly tank and there are always teams and schools who make the 1 or 2 More Plays Matter and I'd rather see that no matter what than quitting while behind.

There is no light, let alone spraypainting a Blue Sky or Green Grass, just to have one. I don't like why there is no Fight Commission, but, why are there Iowa States who get shafted by the Refs? Favor alone doesn't make the result better, and it doesn't change who should have won. It would have been putting tape,bandages, duct tape, on an open wound and it gets repressed. And, trying to get to great needs to happen vs. openly crashing any and everything.

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Sprint Won't Be Back After 2016( Or Sooner)

I feel happy Sprint won't be back as Sprint Cup Title Sponsor after 2016, or Sooner. The thing that Sprint was neglient over not redistributing money to the Weekly or Lower Tiers of Stock Car Racing.

The high bar of RJ Reynolds is not impossible to top or match, but Sprint made it feel that way. Nobody said they where a Sprint or NEXTEL Home like they where an RJ Reynolds Home. I think a stronger stance on Diversity and I don't feel better in rhetroic, let alone having to hide scared all the time by every rumor, lie, halftruth, and dirty filthy lie told, even if it was or wasn't from Mexico.

If Bubba Pollard drove a Ferrari to Win LeMans, it would be a Red Revival in Alabama Motorsports and Ferrari making more money and standing alone. And, also, if us, the Redblooded Racing Fan is going to give Rick Crawford a 5 Year Contract to Race Trucks again, we wouldn't be screaming awake in the Middle of Year 3 AND Rick Crawford would win the Truck Title with 10 Wins. The truism is people get sick and tired of Blue Bloods even if they where from England, and I doubt people would be too liberal to jump Marquees or Manufacturers and I think if someone did it right to the good, it would help kids and help the real locals fill the stands instead of going from Denver,CO to see Austin Dillon race The Brickyard 400.

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If Brian Vickers doesn't get better and other NASCAR News

I feel Brian Vickers will not get better and I think it would mean Aaron's and MWR would have to find a permenant replacement.

I also would feel Kurt Busch's Legal Problems would make him Permenantly Unemployed

I'd look up as Darrell Wallace,Jr. will Drive Detroit either for Stivers Ford, Jensen Ford, or Karl Chevy.

And, I want to see at least more Truck Road and Dirt Races to make better use of their vehicles.

I would also like to see Frank Kimmel in XFinity or Truck.

And, in my mill, Cole Whitt will get a Full Time Ride without the help of Social Media Monday Night, January 5th, 2015.

And, too, I would say the Wu Tang Clan will sponsor The Drive for Diversity

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15 Preseason Bold Calls for 2015

1. By March 13th, we will have at least One High Profile 1st Time Winner in Sprint Cup Racing.

2. NASCAR will have to bring it on themselves to Permenantly Unemploy Kurt Busch.

3. Kyle Busch is Married and A Dad, which means his future mistakes are going to be televised.

4. I will say Ben Rhodes will win his 1st XFinity Pole and his 1st XFinity Win in his 1st XFinity Start.

5. I think a lot of us know that the "K and N National" Philosphy will only spur and test up the market for more Late Model Stock Cars.

6. These people will also be 1st Time Winners: Kenzie Ruston, German Quiroga and Nicole Lyons.

7. On June 13th, I can say with confidence at least 1 Ferrari will win LeMans.

8. I will think The 2015 Knoxville Nationals will be won by Central and Southern Iowans and rather memorable upsets that all of America will talk about and Monday Morning will look better rather than waking up to a standard scream.

9. On September 13th, I can honestly say Kevin Harvick's Title Defense will be fiction.

10. The Cup Division IS Supposed to Be Superior and I would say for 2016, we will get 12 Short Tracks, 12 Dirt Tracks, 4 US Road Races, 4 European Road Races, and 4 Street Races Worldwide. (No, Baltimore does not count) for 2016.

11. And, Bobby LaBonte will really win his 25th Race.

12. And Rick Crawford will become Superman to win 10 Races and the 2015 Truck Title.

13. Darrell Wallace,Jr. will drive for Ford, and I think Stivers Ford will be in the XFinity Series.

14. The NHRA will start a "Staff Drag Racing" Series to encourage folks to return to the Track and have some high profile company employees go racing and

15. The 99th Indianapolis 500 Champion is Zach "Zach Attack" Veach, as fans chant "Zack! Attack!" while passing cars like he is from Bayside.

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The Sounds of Greatness Are Coming Back Again...

I don't think Kevin Harvick is a Great Driver of the Year as the Motorsports Community played "The Great Jeff Gordon Trump Card" for him. My Drivers of the Year are Christopher "The Bellranger" Bell for the Regular Season and For the Posteason, McKenna Haase, to equalize the Near Miss of Kenzie Ruston. And for clarity, McKenna Haase is the 1st Female Driver of the Year (Regular or Postseason), the 2nd Knoxville Raceway Regular (No Other Track Has 1 Weekly Regular Win Driver of the Year, and that's saying a mouthful), the 2nd ASCS Driver (Both Knoxville).

I think I would challenge the Good Bar because nobody likes Oregon jacking the Gold,unless its in the Spring. And to tell you the truth, I'd like a Tennessee, Georgia Tech, West Virginia, Arkansas, Clemson, SMU or Washington Heisman again.

I think what gets under me is the abscence of Greatness, and if I was Press, I'd be taking Chase Elliott for Driver of the Year or Sportsman of the Year above Ole Miss Head Football Coach Hugh Freeze. Where's the air of Superiority? If someone gets great, lets raise the bar higher instead!

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Something to Offer 2015...

I still have issues with redistribution of certain races/series. And, also, in my home area, I have been hit with loss after loss and it is not a positive. And Merv Chandler's Untimely Passing Earlier This Year was all over Iowa and Motorsports Nationally and Internationally.

Beyond the 2M, I think fans want to see either Chassises, Engines, or Transmissions. A Big Budget can only get you so far and if your going to be a customer vehicle, you'd have to at least have a good detail or good bodywork person. I think the Iron Fists stopped in NASCAR when they cut down the Points System and I feel there has to be a way to fix it.

And, Dirt Late Model Racing was not intended to be "Big Budget". I think a lot of it all has tied back to No ASA and Madison's Fate could land on Hawkeye Downs and I am not trying to be a Bad News Bear, but, I think having to lure out some of the Dirt Late Model Names on the road would lend to some caliber to maturity.

I am just as sick and tired of the immaturity and Buick's Customer Base has moved in Place, and even if I fought and won to successfully put Pontiac in Buick's Stead, I doubt 100 would have been on the table in 2027.


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Treat Everyone Like (Insert Philosphy/Fan Here)

Even though I am not happy with certain Entertainment, Pro Sports or High Ranking Smart Adults who aren't paid to be dumb, I feel my lead philosphy is to treat everyone like they are media, but, the problem is, there are people getting wise to Hashtag Selfie or YouTubing with no prior permission.

We are numb to disappointment this year, and I'd still sense the Blackhawks and the Bulls are going back to 6K a Night and Brodeur would be remembered in St. Louis for winning their 1st Stanley Cup and we are nowhere close to Terry Sawchuk. I think Kaepernick has a bad habit of treating everyone like Boise State.

But, treating everyone like a Fan or how you'd deal with your mom or kids needs to be the golden rule. I think I'd want to nominate Matt Crafton for XFinity or Cup Rookie of the Year. And truthfully, better athletes and entertainers is the law that we need to be on, and letting anyone moneymake is an issue. And, a boheimian culture is not all a good look.

I don't think The Bulls would have been received well for losing an NBA Finals, because they didn't take the Packers or 49ers losing a Super Bowl, let alone a World Title well or sitting down.

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The Fan would like to say...

For starters, as fans, how do we get to capitalize on GOOD or GREAT Times without being swamped with a lot of money, paperwork or worse? I feel The Fan should begin and end every discussion and I don't appreciate running scared as much as no no one else and being scared, scared to lose, or edgy is no strategy with no why are we doing this. I know that "I am not shocked, but, I am not thrilled", feels like the shremp of the year this year, and The University of Alabama's Trustees invited 1993 back in and beyond the moneymaking, the Southeastern Conference Has EVERY Right to move to Atlanta if they so desire.

Letting a City Hall, a Gem of a Stock Car Short Track Raceway, and The True Southern Rose Bowl, Legion Field, fall apart sounds like a Simpsons Episode, but, the problem is there is too much of a proud community to take it sitting down or laughing. Money is not a lot that Birmingham has, because Birmingham and Jefferson County went Bankrupt TWICE in the 2000s and Pritchard,Alabama has won the National Title in Bankruptcy Court, but, I'd still feel Nick Saban is NOT Bear Bryant and an Artificial High leads to worser and nastier valleys.

Good People beget Good People and not everyone has money to woo Hendrick Motorsports to West Des Moines or Pizza Ranch to the Inner City of Waterloo. People have no problem inviting who they want to invite, but, black out on who they dislike or hate, which in turn darkens the open line of communication. I don't like the troublemakers as much as the next person, because, if we are going to have better roads, Olympic Stadiums, Multipurpose Arenas and better Pros and better Olympic Sport Facilities, change begins at home, rather than just staying home like a slacker and being slim and shady on moneymaking is not a good look anywhere.

Why are we on our New York City Styled Labor Day when folks find out in time when somethings amiss and it ain't no good look.

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Things I'd Be Thankful to see Back Again..

I know, firsthand, the Music Industry is in a Body Cancer and there might not be an MTV or BET to drive the Car, and Network TV is still in a Fluff State and what is weird is the Fluff draws real people. I fear Reality TV keeps Unlearning its "Megan" Lesson and let weirdos in for anything.

I feel of the things I'd Be Thankful to see Back Again is Apprenticiship. Even if so and so was a school kid, they need to be hungry to learn and not just play hooky with the Cool Kids who I didn't see represent their Side or School. And, if we get so disconnected that the everywhere but here policy fills out the Suburbs and not the City, we are going to deal with all that.

Some of these hustlers is Zack Morris and they act "Zack Attack" without warning to the Good Side of the Law. I would like to see the Law be the Law, even if we got rushed with Mexican Lawyers and Doctors like The Simpsons. And,too, couldn't no no one shop without being pressured or panhandled?

I don't like Bad or Unwanted Surprises as much as the Next Person and if they wanted to take away my UAB where I'm at, that's a problem. In Cedar Rapids, we 6 Gunned the Wild Westdale Mall and its ghost without warning and flipped it into a Promenade, and I wanted a Blank White Canvas! And Smulekoffs came when the City was a 40 Year Old and Iowa was a 43 Year Old, and to add insults in the room, Iowa's 168 Years Old and Cedar Rapids is 165 Years Old and I don't want my real history get ruined or decayed like Detroit or Houston. And Irwins being gone, for all the Prom Dates and The Boy Scouts and sadly, our Sunday Golf Philosphy ain't doing no good and if Mississippi and Virginia dress up for Gameday and they ain't got as much as we do in Iowa and I wish being on our game was the law.

And, Cole Whitt will wind up in XFinity or Truck with Ryan Truex and Alex Bowman because the Western Wildcat is a Dominator, Truex needs a Full Tour and No BS Agendas, and Cole Whitt, I am prepared to see him In Indy Lights if I had to with Zach "Zach Attack" Veach and Parker Kligerman.

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Preseason Thunder and Lightning Sprint Cup 2015

Even though we are not even remotely close to Christmas, not even by a long shot, but, I would feel Kevin Harvick's Championship Defense would be the first outright Championship Defense since Dale Earnhardt in 1981 to go Winless and the 2nd This Decade, if you count Carl Edwards "tie" that Brian France allowed Smoke to flatfoot it.

I would challenge the broishness out the core and say lets have a Real McCoy 3 vs. 43 Sprint Cup Title. I would predict Austin Dillon wins 15 Races, Aric Amirola wins 10, Kyle Larson wins 3, Ryan Newman wins 2, Brian Vickers wins 3, David Ragan wins 2 and Paul Menard wins 1. I would also feel Austin Dillon would win 8 in a Row this next Summer from Charlotte to Pocono. I want to not just challenge Bobby Allison, because that is still relevant in Cup, but, Mike Stefanik's 1997 between Busch North and the Modifieds.

I don't think "The Chase" will Survive THIS Winter. And, Kurt Busch WILL NOT have a Seat Next Spring. And Dale Jr. will own his own team in 2016 and Chase Elliott will replace Dale Jr. and he'll be 99, Napa Auto Parts Chevy Camaro.

I would say Brian Vickers' Victories are going to be Spring Texas, Watkins Glen and Summer Bristol in 2015.

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It Should Be Against The Law to Play With A Loyalty

I, as a Sports and Entertainment Fan, feel it should be against the law to play with a loyalty. Some folks made it against the law to frown and thats if your in Montgomery,Alabama or Des Moines,Iowa and that ain't all right.

I'd even pay money to see Cassidy and Papoose go 16 Bars and 16 Tracks, which is a 16 x 16 Like John Force on CD Form because I still care about those Hard Copies even though Piracy has all of a sudden got legalized like Pot and anybody buying booze. I know even though I would have been one of the few people who would have cared to care hard about another's turf as much as my own or Tom Benson, but, if Tom Benson wanted to put his name on Fawcett Field, at least have some plan to replace it like why Lewis Stadium was Lewis Stadium and every other Big 8 or Southwest Conference Stadium had Memorial or Team Name or Figure Stadium.

We all get schooled on Fab 5s and then get fooled by the fraud. Even though I am not Anti-Freshman or Woman, but, I think the deciders need to get in the game like EA Sports and not Erin Andrews and trust me, undue influence undoes someone like a Carrie Underwood Song, which is why she's no fan favorite in Dallas,Texas.

If Child Support or if they are too nice about staying at home like a Slacker or Carmelo Anthony, rather than being closer to home, that's a problem. I think Dez Bryant,D-Rose, Meek Mill or My Old Principal gave their hometown a break, but, instead, put Purple Haze like Hendrix and  I'd know who's Dale Earnhardt even if he lived today, and Brian Vickers is not a Good Tonto, and getting casting and money right needs to be on WHO? It needs to be on all of us like we are from West Des Moines and we're wanting to grow Wallet Trees to capitalize on people fortune and if it was the Fortune 500 Jillion, it would have been a real life Jump RATHER than a Real Life Joke.

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2015 Verizon IndyCar Series (Requisite With IndyMyIndy's Bonus Races II)

Editor's Note: I am doing a 2nd Draft of The 2015 Verizon Indy Car Series, requisite with Bonus Races for Indy Bowl I and even though I'd love to see if there was a Pikes Peak Hill Climb or Springfield and Duquion Mile Options, or if Monaco gets "acquired" from Formula One and an August Silverstone, LeMans, Magny Cours,Hockenheim and Imola Superarc gets a potential acquisition from Formula One.

1 3-8 Brasilia Editors Note: I am saying Brasilia and not just Rio like I did for Sao Paulo, which Sao Paulo is classier and Rio is earthier and Brasilia is the Political and Monetary Capital of Brazil

2 3-29 St Petersburg

M 3 4-12 New Orleans

4 4 4-19 Long Beach

5 4-26 Barber Editors Note: Even though I am not Mr. "No New Friends No New Friends No New Friends" Entirely like Drake and DJ Khaled, but, I honestly am nervous on Birmingham City Limits still getting shut out of College Football and worse, No UAB would mean the SEC would move to Atlanta, and I was NOT wanting to see Barber be a major under those circumstances, and instead, I sided with the long awaited 1st Division Debut of New Orleans (NOLA) Motorsports Park, because unless its a Quarter Mile or Dirt, 1st Division Racing rarely comes to Louisiana, and I mean Permenant Fixtures, not Supercross.

6 5-9 Indianapolis RC

7 5-16 Indy 500 Pole (Need to say it right, because its more formal in title than a Mississippi Game Day)

M 8 5-24 99th Indianapolis 500

9 5-30 Detroit 1

10 5-31 Detroit 2

M 11 6-6 Texas

12 6-14 Only 1 Toronto

13 6-21 Irwindale BONUS The Western 100

14 6-27 Fontana

15 7-1 DuQuion Bonus The Mud Bowl 200

M 16 7-2 Springfield Mile Bonus The Springfield Derby 50

17 7-7 Rockford BONUS Rockford Derby 100

18 7-12 The Milwaukee Mile

19 7-14 Cedar County Bonus The Tiger 50

M 20 7-15 Knoxville BONUS The Panther 30

M 21 7-18 Sweet Home Newton, All Summer Long

22 7-27 Berlin BONUS W Michigan Chevy Dealers 50

23 7-28 Toledo BONUS NW Ohio 100

24 8-2 Mid Ohio

25 8-10 Slinger BONUS The Wisconsin Capitalist 100

26 8-11 LaCrosse BONUS Car Crusher 50

27 8-17 Wms Grove BONUS The Pennsylvanian 30

28 8-23 Pocono

29 8-25 Gateway BONUS MO-IL Ram Tough Dodge Dealers 75

30 8-26 Colo Natl  BONUS Western Natl 100

318-30 Sonoma

32 9-14 Memphis BONUS The Blues Bowl 50

M 33 Indy Bowl I 9-21 Montgomery Motor Speedway Montgomery,AL  BONUS RACE, meaning if it was a real life race, it would have brought mad money to Alabama's Black Belt Region, even Sprint Cup or XFinity would have brought serious jobs and money to a historically neglected part of Alabama, with encompasses its Political Capital, Montgomery

Remarks Regarding Indy Bowl I and Bonus Racers:

1 . No More than 25 Racers Per Bonus Race

2. Entirely Based on On Wins and Points Standings and


Indy Bowl I Points

10 1st

 6 2nd

4 3rd

3 4th

2 5th

 1 6th


New Orleans

Long Beach

99th Indianapolis 500


Springfield Mile




1 Win 10

2 Wins 20

3 Wins 30

4 Wins 40

5 Wins 50

6 Wins 60

7 Wins 70

8 Wins 80

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Madison International for Sale

I am not real happy about Madison International Speedway for sale because in 1998, me and my family went to see a Friday Night Program there and that was right before Badger Football found its way on the marquee with the Packers, Badger and Admiral Hockey and the Milwaukee Mile. Even without the letters B,C, and S Together, we still need to invest money in Olympic and Motorsports Facilities and Coachings, so people would be closer to home and not jsut @ home like they are slackers or worse yet, abandoned boats with no direction or mantience.

And, where Madison Capitalized was Matt Kenseth's 1993 Youngest Wisconsin Champion in History, and that was before the wheels on the Under 30 Bus took a ride on this all too real road. If we had to fight to keep Wrestling in Tokyo and it having a stronger crosssection of the World than even Soccer, at least petition to have the Fight Commissions be 1 Unit and have stronger gyms or training routes.

And, are we going to totally be on course? I tend to get offended by the "Best of the Best" Phliosphic and Permentant Tropical Disruptions like we had no oasis already. If the Cotton Bowl was to be Dallas', and have the Urban Answer to EFC Dallas, and Have a Running Track so Spring doesn't just go dark and have Spring Playoffs, Baseball or Football if it was not racing or draft day, as I would think more amateur non development invitationals need to happen and if Golf or Tennis Kid did a major pro, it would have to be on the College or High School Coaches Blessing.

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Activism Point 2014

What I feel, is enough of us in Sports, Entertainment and Real Life want to actually resort to activism to activate new traditions, restart old traditions, or effect everyday decisons. People can't always trust the sky is blue, because when night goes longer, if the sky is Purple, trouble's brewing, and if the sky is grey, your actually in trouble.

Since South Dallas had its Super Bowl back at the Cotton Bowl, I'd prefer Dallas activate to at least offer the Cotton Bowl as strong as an option as strong as Pizza Hut Park, as strong as Ford Stadium and as strong as Cowboys Stadium.

And, to tell the truth,if someone rose from the dead of nothing like Mississsippi State, that is a problem for the rest of America. I find it is tough just to even have folks in a good mood or any,paying, job even at the end of this year. Agendas don't fly with a lot of folks and folks don't like that 60s or 70s Vibe being burnt to a never ending forest fire.

Will time, money and community matter or leave deeper ruins? It is hard to call and this is not always a movie.

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Pulling Apart the Fluff...

I don't find putting A Hendrick Motorsports in West Des Moines is sound. I would love 800 Jobs in West Des Moines or Anywhere just to woo folks out of the House and Cold, but, people don't start big just to start big.  And no, I feel appreciation needs to happen against the noise.

And, why not have a Staff Drag Racing Series where this company races that company like Pennzoil vs. Valvoline or Miller vs. Budweiser or Bosch vs. Champion? I would love to see another kind of Street Legal come to fruitition, but, Sports or Motorsports for Just Because doesn't stir the fans.

Just Because would get someone a Car, Motorcycle or Home, but, that's it. And, I'd like to see in Cedar Rapids hosting an NCAA Basketball Tournament like Des Moines or Waterloo host the Frozen Four, and we have the NCAA Wrestling Tournament in Ames or Iowa City.

And, have the Regionals be won on merit, for 1st or 2nd Round or 16 or 8, and expanding your Marching Orders in Basketball is Inevitiable Again, and I'm not the first one to say it. Expecting Cake and Ice Cream after 6-6 or 7-6 and expecting a better result is folly and not science. If someone won 2 Games, it would be fiction vs. actual.

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2015 Verizon IndyCar Series Schedule (Including IndyMyIndy's Bonus Races)

Editoral Note: I feel that with IndyCar's Schedule not being strong enough with going all Spring and Summer and having Squat all Winter and Fall, I feel that I brought it on myself as a Fan to return IndyCar to Halycon, whether it is accepted in 2016 is another story

1 3-8 Brasilia

2 3-29 St. Petersburg

M 4-12 New Orleans

M 4-19 Long Beach

5 4-26 Barber

6 5-9 Indianapolis (RC)

7 5-16 Indianapolis 500 Poie

M 5-24 99th Indianapolis 500

9 5-30 Detroit 1

10 5-31 Detroit 2

M 11 6-6 Texas

12 6-14 Toronto (1 and ONLY 1,Thankfully)

13 6-21 Irwindale BONUS The Western 100

14 6-27 Fontana

15 7-1 DuQuion BONUS The Mud Bowl 200

M 16 7-2 Springfield Mile BONUS The Springfield Derby 100

17 7-7 Rockford BONUS Rockford Derby 50

18 7-12 Milwaukee Mile

19 7-14 Cedar County BONUS Tiger 50

M 20 7-15 Knoxville BONUS Panther 30

M 21 7-18 Sweet Home Newton, All Summer Long

22 7-27 Berlin BONUS Western Michigan Chevy Dealers 50

23 7-28 Toledo BONUS NW Ohio 100

24 8-2 MID-OHIO!!

25 8-10 Madison BONUS The Capitalist 50

26 8-11 LaCrosse BONUS Car Crusher 50

27 8-17 Wms. Grove BONUS The Pennsylanian 30

28 8-23 Pocono

29 8-25 Gateway BONUS MO-IL Ram Tough Dodge Dealers 75

30 8-26 Colo. National BONUS Western National 100

31 8-30 Sonoma

32 9-14 Memphis BONUS The Blues Bowl 59

M 33 Indy Bowl I 9-21 Montgomery Motor Speedway Montgomery.AL SMILE!!

Even though it is SO NOT NO World of Outlaws Schedule, but, 33 Races would have been double the actual IndyCar Schedule

Remarks Regarding Bonus Races and IndyCar Bowl I

1 No More than 25 Racers Per Race

2 Entirely Based on Points Standings and OH,YEAH...


Indy Bowl I Points

1st 10

2nd 6

3rd 4

4th 3

5th 2

6th 1


New Orleans

Long Beach

99th Indianapolis 500


Springfield Mile




1 Win 10

2 Wins 20

3 Wins 30

4 Wins 40

5 Wins 50

6 Wins 60

7 Wins 70

8 Wins 80

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Knoxville Cup Schedule

I, IndyMyIndy is no stranger to being the king of doing something different than the mainstream, and for 2015, I'd not only predict who'd be a Winner (1 Per Week Per Program), but who did score or not in the A-Main.

Race Dates:

April 18th

April 25th

May 2nd

May 9th

May 16th

May 23rd

May 30th

June 6th

June 20th

June 27th

July 4th Twin Features 360

July 11th

July 18th Twin Features 410

July 25th

Aug 1st

Aug 29th

Sept 5 Rain Date

Sept 12 Knoxville Cup, my personal Knoxville National Season Championship, even though ASCS is the Sanction and I know the Nationals is the Nationals, but, with no King Kinser, it would cause a Supermodified like Superrush to the Winged Sprints

Scoring System

10 1st

 6 2nd

 4 3rd

3 4th

2 5th

1 6th

Pick Racer 1 Point, All 305,360, AND 410.

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IndyMyIndy's 2015 Mello Yello Conference Major Championship as told by IndyMyIndy

March 10th to 15th Gatornationals Pro Stock Motorcycles 1st Race of 15

June 2nd to 7th Summernationals

August 31st ot September 5th US Nationals And, in my National World Title Years, this is a Pro Nitro Track because I'd believe in Warm Weather Tracks vs. Cold Weather Tracks

Nov 9th to 14th World Finals and Pro Stock Car and Motorcycle Track

20 Points Per Round Win

NO Points Per Round Loss

And, with Mello Yello Silly Season being ANYTHING but Mello or Big or Yellow, but, I think Greg Anderson's Health could open a plum for Ken Black.

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Doing Good on Firing Sprint and Fox Sports

Even though I don't like being editoral and I have a Feeling that Editoral Chooses You like Pokemon, but, I want to see NASCAR do Good on Firing Sprint and Fox Sports. Sprint is always navigating a different kind of merger or buyout JUST to Stay Alive and until the NEXTEL Cup, Sprint is Not 100 Jillion Percent Behind My Sport. I don't feel comfortable with the Juvenality of Sports Today and taking the sport out of our Women, Young Women, Minority Women and Girl Athletes when we were strong on the balance is not just wrong or illegal, its unethical.

Fox Sports has messed up in a Big Way. For King Bud Selig's Last Days, going whole hog on MLB Network and Fox Sports 1 was a Mistake. And, it hurts WGN won't do any baseball in the future and going back to a true independent Superstation with no Chicago News just makes them part of the landscape. I hate to see The Simpsons go through a 7th Heaven Ringer between the WB and the CW, and I feel strongly NASCAR or the NFL would be moved off the Fox Dial.

And, I hate playing Cowboys vs. Indians, Cowboys vs. Redskins, Good Cop vs, Bad Cop, Good Dad vs. Bad Dad vs. No Dad, even if it is for the buck or the agenda, but, I would take a strong chance at Christopher Bell in IndyCar if I was Boss, not GM or lackey, and can't we stop shuffling Bob Senneker and Mike Eddy like its 1998 and get closer to 2018?

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2015 Stock Car Bowl VII Schedule

Editor's Note: Even though The Sprint Cup Schedule was printed Last Summer, and for the everyday fan, it is difficult to keep a Good Outlook when we don't always get a Good Look.

2015 Points Standings

Pit Crew Competiton

20 Points Per Round Win

NO Points Per Round Loss

Twin and Points Race Scoring:

25 1st

16 2nd

14 3rd

12 4th

10 5th

 8 6th

 6 7th

5 8th

4 9th

3 10th

2 11th

 1 12th


Daytona Knoxville Martinsville Road Atlanta  Magnolia

Major Wins

1 10 Pts.

2 20 Pts.

3 30 Pts.

4 40 Pts.

5 50 Pts.

 From Pole 20 Points Bonus

 From Front Row 10 Points Bonus

Stock Car Bowl VII Schedule

M 2-22 Daytona 500                        43 Cars

Remarks: 500 Miles,200 Laps

  4-29 Barber Birmingham Grand Prix 33/30 Cars

Remarks: 50 Laps, and Try to Tie Up More Road Courses to any future Non-Fictional Sprint Cup Schedule

 5-3 Talladega Domino's Pizza 250 43 Cars

Remarks: 250 Miles, 94 Laps and I'd try to avoid SEC Football in the Fall with Talladega

5-23 Charlotte Coca Cola 600  43 Cars

Remarks : I'd like to recreate the 6 PM EDT Start and have a Saturday Night Coca Cola 600

6-8 Lucas Oil Tiger 50 30/25 Cars

Remarks: 50 Laps and had this been real, It'd be a Missouri Major Race.

6-9 Belleville Breadbowl 50 30/25 Cars

Remarks: 50 Laps

M 6-15 Pizza Hut Derby 30 30/25 Cars

Remarks: 30 Laps

6-16 Iowa Pizza Ranch Cardinal 300 35/30 Cars

Remarks: 200 Laps and if Sprint Cup came to Newton, I'd prefer usage of the "Cardinal" Newton's School Sports Nickname

6-23 Rockford McDonalds' 200 35/30 Cars

Remarks : 200 Laps and More Believable than Chicagoland

6-24 LaCrosse Golden Lake 200 35/30 Cars

Remarks: 200 Laps

6-30 Springfield Mile The Springfield Capital 33/28 Cars

Remarks: 100 Laps

7-1 DuQuion Mud Bowl 100 33/28 Cars

Remarksl 100 Laps

7-7 Richmond The Virginian 35/30 Cars

Remarks: 400 Laps

M 7-8 Martinsville Commonwealth 200 35/30 Cars

Remarks: 200 Laps and I'd like to see The Cup Short Track Schedule  in the Summer

7-14 Brainerd State 50 33/30 Cars

Remarks: 50 Laps

7-15 Elko City 300 33/30 Cars

Remarks : 50 Laps and like a true race fan,I would prefer to see Every Track be a Warm Weather Track vs. a Cold Weather Track

7-26 Indianapolis Brickyard 400 33 Cars

Remarks: 160 Laps

8-22 Bristol Irwin Tools Night Race 30 Cars

Remarks: 500 Laps

8-25 VIR Victory @ VIR  35/30 Cars

Remarks: 60 Laps

8-29 Road America Wisconsin Grand Pricx 35/30 Cars

Remarks : 40 Laps

9-4 Darlington Bojangles Southern 500 43 Cars

Remarks:  267 Laps

9-13 Watkins Glen 30th @ The Glen 33/30 Cars (W/ The Boot)

Remarks: 60 Laps, and too, I'd prefer a Fall at the Glen for a myriad of reasons, namely due to both the USGP at the Glen Era and the 70th of the 1st Post World War II Auto Race and sadly, Watkins Glen does not get the same time of day as Sebring and Road America.

M 9-20 Road Atlanta  Corvette Road Atlanta 33/28 Cars

Remarks: 45 Laps and If No One Else in the Stock Car Community wants to bring it on themselves to keep Atlanta the same as Charlotte in NASCAR and Stock Car, I'd be a willing citizen who won't let go the Sport go too much faster than it already is.

11-2 I-30 Arkansas 90  30/25 Cars

Remarks: 90 Laps

11-3 ArkLaTex National 100 30/25 Cars

Remarks: 100 Laps and National 100 is a Remarker that Shreveport has a hand in the Southeast and the Southwest.

11-4 Mesquite Steak Bowl 60 33/28 Laps

Remarks: 60 Laps

11-11 Sonoma Pacific Ocean Grand Prix (Original Circuit) 33/30 Cars

Remarks: 74 Laps and if not for Charlotte,Vegas,or Phoenix, I'd say Sonoma

M 12-8 Magnolia Stock Car Bowl VII 30/25 Cars

Remarks: 50 Laps

Why the "Remarks" Column:

To explain, to you the fans, that my intention for Stock Car Bowl VII and to later affect future Cup,NASCAR and Stock Car Decisions.

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Discussions that Shouldn't Be Discussions

Discussions that Shouldn't Be Discussions needle me and frankly, that get me upset like David Price being traded or Ron Hornaday having a Farewell Tour. And, sadly, I hate when problem characters act bigger than the game and the sad truth is they ain't worked in some time and it hurts the vibes.

I feel like, too, Laguna Seca and Road America are 2 Steps Back to IndyCar. And, where's the Space, Speed, and Science to ride with the Motorsports and the Sports? What irritates me is "Power" This or "Rhetroic" That and some folks do anything to hide in an office.

Sometimes, when the movie writes itself, it is not all wonderful. And, if we think Anchorman III or Lincoln-Douglas Debate II would fly, it would ruin the shine of the trophy and demean to a cheap win.

And, not having Tom and Ray be here every weekend stings, and that's for those who loved to get a good laugh every weekend. I wonder if could be restart North Wilkesboro like we did Brabham?

I'd like to see that happen.

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Wuthering Towers

With my merger of Wuthering Heights and Faulty Towers causing nonfictional consequences this year, and a Boheiman World is truly ROUGH, not just on the edges. The true competitive banter about Tommy and Ray had gone out and I feel Wisconsin Public Radio would be open to economic concussions over not having Tommy and Ray, even on loop. And, we can't even shoot straight, let alone function correct, as the compliciations of being juvenile, and the dumbing down of the complexity of the complicated sciences of Sports Gambling, and the bid to monetize Fantasy Sports for free Money.

This Century is Going to be 16 Years Old and had this EVEN been Soft, having the Car or the Cadillac would have not gone without socioenomic consequences, as there are hardly any good Late Model Vehicles beyond Year 5. And, the ill of analytics was never intended to let folks who have no Sports, Sports Business, Sales, Sports Sales or Office Cred affect real sports decisions.

I feel no island when the OakTown Pirate recently passed on, and there is no extension to an orchestral stage, vibe, soundtrack or even a Good R and B. Divorce is a big order back on the up and up and it ain't good , and if people's decisions masted in a big bad way, and even if I wanted to be setting up Warren Johnson vs. John Force or Frank Manzo vs. John Force for the Race of the Ages, something that wouldn't have existed in 2014, but would have shook off the Phone and Emails in 2014.

I don't want to be yanked a day where America had its 1st World Champion since 1978 and not always realize a role or earn one. And, to add the Nole like we was in Tallahassee, and I'd care about Mt. Mercy beating Florida State, Auburn and Alabama , not just lucking in or hanging out instead of a real game. And to me, even though I wouldn't condone/approve fighting without a legit measure, but, its bad enough when we have to grow up and it be a strain on others the routes that where ran, and that growing out of the Made for TV Bands.

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2015 Driver of the Year Weeks

Editoral Note: I am bringing up my series of schedules for 2015 in the Coming Days and Weeks and the all too real Halloween Spook that we are in the middle of is not having a Central Nervous System Post-SPEED and not having Championship Attention.

2015 Driver of the Year Weeks

Jan 17



Feb 7




Mar 7



     28 1st Quarter Driver of the Qtr

Apr 12



May 3




June 7


      21 2nd Quarter Driver of the Quarter


July  6




Aug   2




       30  3rd Quarter Driver of the Qtr

Sept 6




Oct   4




Nov  1

       8   2015 Driver of the Year


12-8 to 12-10 Stock Car Bowl VII, National Championship of Auto Racing V and The Drivers Championship VI

Magnolia Motor Speedway Magnolia,MS Editoral Note: If, and I mean If, these where real races,they would have carried "Race of the Decade" Weight, which would have been hard to come by this decade.

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I feel upset in Sports, Entertainment and Society, it is tough to persuade a Group of Adults or Young Adults to buy in to the good for a Team Unit. And, even though Health Food and NewBo may bring different folks to work, but, in the end, where I'm from, its the Meat Markets and Bakeries that carry weight and keep folks from going to anything that is food, especially when you don't got a lot of money.

And, not everyone is a Peyton Manning and not everyone can be jammed in to the field. I feel Formula One needs to be more believable in finding their adults because 4 of Red Bull Toro Rosso is doing better than 2 of Ferrari. Personally, I get sick of the Scooby Dooby Do Nothing Dives, too as Marussia and Catherham are sad, sorry excuse to Formula One.

If I was Owner/GM, it would not hurt to plant your F1 Project in Atlanta, Chicago, New York City in the Bronx so you'd always get a primo route to JFK, and LAX. I feel for the 4 United States Grand Prixs need to be on the East Coast and not "all pay and no show" jobs like your fixing your school toward an NCAA Investigation from above.

If I or anyone else had the good fortune of being the Next James Street, I'd prefer to make folks money vs. lose them money and act detrimental to kids,women and my institution because the board ain't dumb. And, being committed to your season is not being committed to you, the jock your teammates and your friends in no real order.

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Things I'd Be Happier to See Back (Or Here For the 1st Time) In Motorsports

Presently, we are in the after effects of losing SPEED and I still get on everyone else for NOT Being TNN,  only because I'd prefer Southeastern Vibe versus Southern Californian, and too, it won't hurt to upgrade the presentation.

1. I'd like ABC/ESPN to upgrade their Motorsports Presentation

I feel that way because without NASCAR, I'd feel ABC/ESPN needs to reinforce their once vibrant Motorsports Division and it does not always help that IndyCar is always Indy 500 Centric and not always tied to the season.

2. Reinforcing WHY You Have A Championship to start with

I'd like to at least see a 5 Race Western Swing that would include Brainerd and Las Vegas, AND, make Every Race a "Warm Weather" Race only because it would help attendance. And, I would have tied Reading-Englishtown-Epping and Norwalk and THE Post US Nationals Southern Swing of Charlotte, Atlanta, Bristol, Memphis, Dallas and Houston.

3. Tell Us WHY We Want to Go There

I know that was lost when the Economy went Soft in 2001, but, let's get back to that.

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Will North Carolina Motor Speedway Win "THE WALLET BOWL?"

All kidding aside, Rockingham Speedway has been saved from Economic Receivership. And, against the Raleigh Bankers, North Carolina Motor Speedway is coming back in The Wallet Bowl.

And, to the best of my knowledge, Rockingham could use a fistful of victories. And, Richmond County has not been nationally ranked for 15 Years and I would try to bat Sprint Cup, USAC,IndyCar and Night Racing to the Carolina Shore.

The little guys have had every single kind of "You Name It, It Happened!" and all of them where to the Bad, especially when we lived the Bad Kind of Everydays. And, if Rockingham lives to be 50, I would  want to keep Atlanta and Darlington in a Brasingtonian Offerings.

And, to rattle the Wallet Trees again to the good rather than "No Time To Lose!""No TIme To Lose!" LIKE we was not wound up to begin with already, I would commission Charlotte Legends at the Little Rock and the Moral Obligiation to Keep Atlanta needs to Happen! And we all like to feel better about ourselves, and an Independent Mindset is rooted through the Vaults of our sides of the family trees and my goal is to reroute not only traffic back Online, but on the actual highway.

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Sportsman and Sportswomanship Standards

I feel with way too many Marty McSorleys not being aware of the reprecussions beyond the rules and lawbooks, I think what works me up as This Century is an Adolescent and being a Good or the Bad Kind Of Adult or Young Adult is easy to spot (Or Not!). And, in all serious, Sportsmanship is for the kids and if I was in Cup or IndyCar as an owner, the Lower and Middle Class Community makes me wealthy,too. Being photogenic is not to be confused with being an ambassador.

And, the century is sailing away and would redlining racers to K and N sound like a Hot Idea Now? People need to feel better about themselves in the measure of time and the measure of money and even though I'd not lose my trust in folks as much as my mistrust, but, people vote with their feet, wallets, or remotes.

Payoffs are NOT Diplomas. And if schools moved Vince Youngs to the Alumni Association again, we'd be having THOSE 1960s and 1970s Problems again and some folks keep paying and paying for that same 1 Class and the Superstudent is still there and their peers have real lives and families and friends families to nuture. And, winning sympathy is NEVER a good look.

And, no, dunking the Goalpost like your Tony Gonzalez or Jimmy Graham is never sound as I'd like to see Center/Quarterbacks in Basketball and Hockey Again and having more James Streets to the good as you got to respect who's did it before.

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Keep Ron Hornaday,Jr. and Mike Stefanik Gainfully At Work

I hate to be waxing Roman on this issue, but, it is exclusively for everybody who is a Sports Fan to keep Ron Hornaday,Jr. and Mike Stefanik at work. Obviously, we got way too many gamers and no, I would have bent over backwards to proved Bobby LaBonte or Jeff Burton stayed in the Cockpit, but, do we need more misfits that think like Kurt Busch and NOT Rusty Wallace? If we all had DeNiros and Pacinos like Taxi Driver or Casino II vs. Tysons and Kardashians, we'd all be wealthier versus living outside our means or conferences.

And,if we got it instead of jerking around, filling out Hall of Fame Roles and Offices and Diploma Day carries more than Draft Day. I'd care if Dallas won Super Bowls 6 to 12 and hey, what's Mississippi got that we don't? And, if Georgia is swarmed by the truth about Gurley, I'd be running like a chicken and I'm no School Official.

And, the truth is, I'd love the originals and leave them alone. Frankly, having too many career mistakes makes me mad and neurotic and now we got North Dakota State jumping for a 65 Year Mark. And, sure, miracles only work for SOOOOOOO Long and their So Gone like Nate Dogg, and Formula One needed more Sir Franks and less Red Bullies to have them flying off the handle and spout. Can't we all work to make F1's 70th or 75th into a Winner and NOT A Whiner, and no, Sochi won't never ever be back again.

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$till Paying For Losing Stadium Trucks and ASA in the 1st

I hate to be perjorative, but, yesterday, when I was riding with my Parents in SW Wisconsin, the fact still paying for a loss came out of the blue, as in Texas Professional Football is still paying for not having Arena Football in 2009 and af2 being snowballed into a "New" Arena League.

Why this is pertinent to Auto Racing? Even though Robby Gordon restarted the Mickey Thompson Stadium Truck Series, but, the extension of Sports Car Racing, or Awareness of Sports Car Racing going deeper like I'd go deep into Stock Car Short Track USA is a difficult art.

Even though there was a Handful of Super Late Model Series, but the ASA was "The One" I prefered for Super Late Models. And in ASA's Loss, Dirt Late Models have been filling out the Stock Car Family. And, even though you see the Store get restocked, but, it means there are better and longer ways than paying obsencities to race a BAD Cup Team.

I'd like to see Karl Chevrolet and Jimmy Owens jump into Sprint Cup versus Misfits who only care about the Checks and in it to make money, because it is not fair, and having National Dirt Track Chassises is still 10 Years Off at best and you can't just come in from Las Vegas, Salt Lake City or Los Angeles for an East Tennessee Chassis becuase that defeats the whole purpose of Strong  Work.

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Why Pagenaud was Bought and Sold By Penske?

I want to say Why on This Great Earth, Simon Pagenaud was bought and sold by Team Penske? I feel this is incentive to drive Sam Hornish,Jr. back North, Drive Donny "Tequila" Schatz away from Tony Stewart and If I Had to Stop the Perennial Color Wheels of This Year in Michael Annett and Cole Whitt, let it be!

I doubt the Good People in T-T-Torrance was too nice about being cowed back to Andretti. I would have made Penske A Honda Team and Andretti a Chevy Team to see how Andretti handles it, OR NOT! And for the Next Time we see an Honest, Red Blooded, Take No Abuse, Hardworking American in Formula One, IT BETTER BE FOR MORE THAN 24 HOURS!

And, trying to capitalize on an already strained market is nuts. It would have been Homer Simpson on the South Beach Diet in South Beach. And, I'd look to dare to move Zach "Zach Attack" Veach because I'd like to see him race racecars and to cow Christopher "The Bellranger" Bell out of Norman to Indianapolis BIG TIME and to Include Knoxville , Belleville , I-44,I-30, Eldora, Mesquite, and Houston Battleground to IndyCar or Indy Lights.

And, in being daring to move, I'd like to see Ray Skillman in IndyCar next year.

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15 Great NEW Race Ideas

1. The Springfield Capitalist. That is my name for IndyCar's Return to THE Springfield Mile.

2. The Aplington Parkersburg to Atlanta Falcon Rally. I'd like to see an International Rally be based out of Iowa.

3. The Ankeny Centennial to Jacksonville Jaguar Rally. See above

4. The Southerner. My name for IndyCar's return to DuQuion.

5. Iowa City Street Racing Season. For 1 Summer

6. NHRA Staff Drag Racing. A blender of Street Legal and Pro Stock.

7. Cleveland Revival Grand Prix. Might actually involve turning Burke Lakefront into an actual Road Course.

8. Diversity 500. At Iowa State Fair Speedway.

9. The Honululu to Paris Air Race. It'd look fun to see A Real Life "Planes" Race.

10. The Global Air Race featuring REAL Air Planes : See Above.

11. Richmond Modified Revival National Championship. A suffice ending to Modified Season.

12. Western 3015: A coast to coast Rally Truck Race

13. The Dallas and Houston Texan: Answers to compliment the Oklahoma Chili Bowl.

14. The Food Truck Marathon from Los Angeles to Charleston,SC : Change route every year with the Pacific to Atlantic in Spirit and Memory.

15. IRacing Continental Claim: Have a bunch of IRacers, no matter how awful they IRace, Race on every Continent in Real Life in the World , including Africa and Antartica, like the Amazing Race, with even less of no idea.

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IndyCar at Berlin Raceway?

I so don't mean to be a court jester, or even a joker, but, I have a solution to have IndyCar at Berlin Raceway in The Wild West of West Michigan, home to the Best People in Michigan. I feel I would like to break the Ice to the 2015 IndyCar Schedule.

I would call it the Ironheader, and I would prefer at least an IndyCar or F1 Q-School Race. There are racers who do it for the NOTHING and don't have Multinational or Multicontential Sponsor Packages. And, I'd like to see real people have a say.

And, I'd want a proper NATIONAL Championship, too. Why not have a Traveling Season Championship Trophy, like a WWF Belt or a #1 Plate? I would love the cleverness involved in Such a Plan, and I would like to see a Championship Parade in Downtown Indianapolis,Indiana Monday Morning after a Saturday Night Race.

Hunter Reay would not necessarily pique my interests and I would like Donny Schatz,The Return of Sam Hornish,Jr., Zach "Zach Attack" Veach, Jacob "The Vampire Hunter" Wilson, Christopher "The Bellranger" Bell and a Whole Iowa Caucus of Knoxville Racers to Boot! And, I would be intent to negotiate up Donny "Tequila" Schatz out of Outlaws and Into Indycar in 2015.

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Bankruptcy Court is A Very Serious Archnemesis To The Sports Fan

I feel upset that for Bowl Games and some NHL Teams that have questionable tangible Financial Value, or Historical, the fact Bankruptcy Court is going to be Bad News and Bad Luck. 1. What angers me is offering Funny Money Values like ONLY, and the bad thing, is not knowing better 2. If you signed up for Grants like Indiana Andy Hillenburg, your in the wrong field and 3. The Rent is too Dang High and it feels and behaves like Iowa City.

And, with being a rent distressed city like Iowa City and you 1. Don't got College 2. Don't Got Next Hour or 3. Don't got routes to Good, or even great, its bad news and luck. And, monopolizing the Oxfordian Vibe (Like Mississippi, but True Iowa Ciitian would have said its England) and reinstating the Gainesvillian Vibes which lurk like a stigma, with the only difference is No Live Music or DJs in the City.

I don't like the bad kind of "Being Human" or "How many different colors of bad" can we take, like the rest of the world, but, part of competition is offering something good in a bad year, namely pulling upsets left and right. The part and parcel the City needs to owe is Education and Ethics. I am just feeling like Saying What or What Not To Do is easier with a playbook and our QB doesn't think he can pull Permian out of the Park. The truth is, even if anyone tried, would IndyCar WANT Rockingham, Darlington, Nashville Fair, Atlanta, Birmingham (Actual Short Oval) and Charlotte in a package deal?

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Operation Keep Hornaday

I hate using the word "Operation" like I was English or Eccletic like it wasn't different besides bad, but, I feel having lived this Donna Summer like Enough Was Never Enough,we need to at least give Ron Hornaday a decent farewell tour. And, with us being apatheic, tone deaf and savagingly rotten, we neglected Bobby LaBonte and Jeff Burton Farewell Tour.

We got Derek Jeter playing his last week, and King Kinser racing his Last Fall, but, time should be tangible and something of worthy feeling. If this is the 1st Big Night of 2014 that was Substance and Circumstance vs. Style and Pomp, we need it to be.

I feel hurt and agitated when folks want to go for someone that never did a thing versus Real Life Hall of Famers. If I am going to show the world like Lil Boosie and if I was 2 or 3 Miles From the Top, the finish needs to be crystal clear or people will say that a said artist/athlete is retired.

I feel its tough enough to tell the White and Black Caps, and being fruitlessly cowed into Peer Pressure is not an option, but if it is, the opening for callouts would start quickly.

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Is there a better way besides the Bank Owning Rockingham?

I would like to see is there a better way besides the Bank Owning Rockingham? I'd like to see Atlanta and Darlington be offered in and offer in IndyCar at Rockingham,Darlington, and Atlanta.

Also, it would be fun had it been for real. But, the problem at hand is its 2014, not 2017 or 2019.

I'd like to see if Rockingham at least tried to go out of their way to stay afloat again and also, where's any real credible names in Eastern North Carolina.

It feels like it is I am repeating myself, but, being smart needs to happen.


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Not Everyone Has The Good Fortune To Be Rallied Around

The sadness is in this day and age,we act like everyone NEEDS to be rallied around to make us feel better about ourselves. My big issue is with the continued immaturity and the preference to be our bad behaved selves only makes it tougher, not easier, to drive money in the right hands.

Even if there was 0 Percent Unemployment, we'd still be doing checks , crosschecks and balances. And, the bad thing is, we need people in the real Sports Arena to keep it honest and ethical, not lazy, not apatheic. We already at 8th Overtime,which is 3 Full Football Games,which means win or lose, you ain't got nothing, and that includes having to carry Monday Morning in the right hands.

Does AJ Allemindinger Win Change the Fact Bobby LaBonte should have had a farewell tour? NO! And, I doubt your Old Line Classice in 2014 won't hold water besides your fan base. Quality begets Quality and Good begets Great and I feel like I am 3 Years Ahead of Schedule, but, we can't let apatheic narcissists run left and right like Virginia because Virginia NEEDS and PREFERS and DEMANDS Good Things for Her Commonwealth, not give idiots and dummies license to permenantly disrupt what has been permenantly disrupted! If a State Full of Next Kurt Warners where to fill every NFL Roster Tomorrow, and if they wanted to do work, it would be a better Professional Sports and Entertainment World.

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Hire Relief Drivers With Sprint Cup or Road Racing Experience

I, as a passionate Stock Car, Sprint Cup , Motorsports and NASCAR Fan want to see Tangible Sprint Cup Relief Drivers, predominately for Short Tracks or Road Courses, or keep a strong local option everywhere you go. 1. We got so wound up on Full Time Drivers that Relief Drivers almost became an afterthought. 2. We can't just say Ron Hornaday,Jr or Terry LaBonte's psedoenially getting to be relief drivers, 3.Where's a relief driver for Denny Hamlin besides LeMans?

I am not an owner or agent, and I think would we act different had Regan Smith replaced Jimmie Johnson and would we act different if Elliott Sadler replaced Brian Vickers? And, if I was going to send a NASCAR Ambassador to Indy, I'd say Kasey Kahne and for LeMans, I'd want Dale Earnhardt,Jr. and Kevin Harvick to LeMans and then go to the South of France if they take the gold home where it belongs in America.

And, I'd want to see Karl Chevy have a Camping World Truck Series Team in 2015. And also, I want to see a Nationwide Team in Coralville,IA. I would feel that I'd want to see if Major Race Points where the only Bonus Points and do a thorough restocking of the Points System and I think Ferrari will be in NASCAR with Dodge in 2017.


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Problem Solving and Conflict Resolution NEED to happen!

Even though I'd feel better if the Cleveland Browns or the Buffalo Bills win the Super Bowl, but, Problem Solving and Conflict Resolution NEED to Happen! Even though I felt better for IMS and IndyCar to have Profit for the 1st Time in a Long Time, I would prefer to keep good going on Chief Steward and Schedule, which I'd want Labor Day and Memphis to team up with Newton as Short Tracks.

I'd like to know if Sprint Cup or IndyCar made it to Benton County, Hawkeye Downs, Tipton or West Liberty? We'd be making money statewide, locally or regionally including NW Illinois. This is NOT A Pipe Dream, but, it needs work. The more people at the bank, the more good is happening.

it gets tough for me to keep running through Bad like it is good. When you are in the Bad Kind of Everyday, you'd need to think Good or Great, not the Cool Kids, which is Lower Income Fallacy. And I don't approve of a Self Serving Driver (Kevin Harvick) Pulling Moves for a Self Serving Team (Stewart Haas). "Works For Me" is a Smug, Arrogant, and Comfortable View at life as every going is Easy or worse, Lazygoing.

People want GOOD as they don't like being lied to like it is poetry.

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On That Comcast Power Play...

Even though this is not the Philadelphia Phantoms getting promoted to the NHL in the Philadelphia Flyers getting demoted to the AHL, but, I think the present day Nationwide Series will get merged with the Present Day Sprint Cup in 2017.

I know that Haters are more common than the Chicago Cubs winning the World Series "This Year", but, my advice is don't be numb to tragedy. I could believe the Buffalo Bills winning Super Bowl XLIX from a Bradyless 9 Wins and an AFC East, but, Bottas on Double Points, 1st Grand Prix Victory and his 1st World Title= GET REAL!

I'd prefer South America represent F1 again with authority. And even though I am still eating a Thanksgiving Turkey's Worth of Crow over Rossi's all too brief 24 Hour Promotion that ended up being recalled, but, I could almost easily believe only Ferrari would have been in F1 Next Year from This Year.

I don't want to appease a robot and their decisions, because they can still say no, and having backups for backups is one thing, but what if that was your Plan 1A-26Z? Where's that Good Energy as I want to see Quiroga make Good Front Pages in the USA and Mexico as I would sing DJ Khaled to encourage American and World History.

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Turner Scott Capsized?

I feel sad and sick over Turner Scott Crew Members Flat Out Not Being Paid and to make matters worse, it is coming to a Courtroom Near You in North Carolina : Turner vs. Scott. If you are as Stock Car as I am, it makes me 1. Sad 2. Mad and 3. Incensed! HOW MANY SHADES OF .J.D. STACY do we need to see?

If your vehicles are on repo, that is worse than not good! How, on this planet, does being the Owner be the life WHEN your Personal Vehicle is towed and you have to stick your neck out at Impound before you leave town?

How dumb do we need to be? How NUMB do we need to be to Incredulusly Shrinking Economies and Truck Counts before some one has to hold the Economy as their own? This has less good taste as the "Tim Burger" Deal that would STILL have less Stores than Pizza Hut!

Good, to me is raising the Good Bar and not just making it rain. Problem is, you can't plan Rainy Days All The Time. If you won "The National Championship of Money" and your closer to Oregon and NOT Alabama, we got problems.

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On That "Enough Already"

I'd feel that as a Racing Fan and a Sports Fan, I feel serious that I am on that "Enough Already" with not having a Good Fall Vibe and  Not Having East Tennessee Bucks At Bristol, because that is 2 More Tennessee Home Games For Them.

1. I'd prefer Bristol, Richmond, Texas, Martinsville,Kansas and New Hampshire BE Summer and Summer. Here are the Good Reasons : Its 1 Thing to Innonadate St. Patricks and have so much Green that it makes the Locals Sick Enough to Stay Away in Droves, BUT, having Oklahoma's Stone does not mean the Weather is Better. It would be a better Nashville or Memphis Cup Date. Texas, Early to Mid Spring lends you NO Promises and Fall is a Ticket Scare. Martinsville, Why not have Lights For Night Racing? Kansas needs to be Summer and Summer to have a True Sellout and New Hampshire, I'd dont want no Fall Date because of 2001.

2. Couldn't the NHRA do a Southern Swing of Charlotte, Bristol, Atlanta, and Dallas in the Fall and include Brainerd in as the 4th Wheel to the Western Swing?

3. Alexander Rossi's ability to make a 2015 F1 Rookie Program is "Unprecentedly High".

And 4. Even though it is not last year, by George, but, I'd be looking forward to Next Season and having a Full Season of Great Racing.

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Indy's Vent

I feel that I could feel Kenzie Ruston's 1st Win and it has not happened yet. If it happened in MY State, it would be American Herstory and they'd champ it like Hayden Fry actually Winning the Rose Bowl. On the real, I hope Daniel Suarez is on a Real Money Ride in Cup and not Funny Money or Fools Gold.

The social complications are very real and people stay at home for years and the Great Indoors ain't comfortable as the Cold Air is just cold.

To me, I still compare everyone who does Motor Racing New to TNN and that was Y2K and Viacom.

It almost sounds like Born Sinner came out a Summer Early. You can't doubt J. Cole, and you can't doubt the truth.

And, I almost prefer a Money First, People Second Mentality to Business, namely Non Profits. It almost aggravates me when People comes first and the Money, people come Fuzzy. I sense accountabilty more than nothing and how can a revoltution happen if it always runs into Almosts or Made It THIS Far?

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Stormy River

I don't like having our emotions played like that didn't need to happen already. And, sadly,Defense of Home and the Quality of Product NEEDS to happen, but I don't see that happening. And, to make issues even worse than they already are, Dollars are More in a Limited Edition than a Limited Edition Dale Earnhardt Die-Cast, and people should be rewarded for Good Work, not punished, villianized or fired.

Why do we let Lil Wayne on the Radio or Miami (FL) keep a Football Team? And doing Quality Work is not to be confused with a legit $hill Bid you see all the time. If you want Corporate America Sponsorship, you have to live by their rules like a Low Rank Employee. If you need Corporate America Sponsorship to get through, that is worse than stealing money.

A lot of the backstop is Generation X and "Friends" is all they got. And, not just moneytizing Social Media, but,worse, turning Fantasy Football into legalized Gambling. We have too many crowds in our marketplace and if Arena2 Started Tomorrow, I'd be ready for it. This is not the 50s,60s,70s as the Population's Aging Left and Right and don't diss their work or their families as that won't go far. Willing an appreciation of Vehicles would have to take money, and more cars on the road. It ain't because of agendas, its because people don't have money to keep a car safe.

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Where's Motorsports Main Street?

I hate the fact SPEED's Gone, Raceday folded at Y2K and Speedweek went too fast. I hate to see Minnesota Plans, Here We Go Again With Legal Counsels and Fans Acting Flat Out Cray Cray Cray Cray. We can't always turn back time and the aftershocks of Donny Schatz's 8th Knoxville Nationals (4 and 4, with 2010 being the Only Break), Steve Kinser not making the Knoxville A-Main and Tony Stewart plunking himself to uninsurable.

I don't like the bad news. And worse, I feel aggressed that AJ Allemindinger winning his 1st Cup Win. I would feel better spiritually if there was no asterisks or jerks to my 1st Win. Humpty Dumpty and Martin Truex,Jr. are not rich and everyone acts like they are. If we owned shares of economy or people invested in us like Kickstarter, we would not have to pull cussathons when Arian Foster needs Child Support to outsmart the coppers or Andre Johnson's ACL.

We need folks redirected to the information superhighway and real people driving on the highway. Chapel Hill feels like Turin, and I hate that. Where's the pride anymore and I hate to see Maryland extort the ACC and worse, act brand new like LeBron. People take losing and defeat HARD and if this was 1992, we'd all be happy, but, I feel we need to evict the Ticket Scares from our programs.

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If Your So Corporate...

I don't like being a comic, let alone editoral, and the sad thing in Sports and Entertainment that if your so Corporate that you need Corporate America to underwrite your career, your a shill. And the end game, is not wonderful or beautiful. You can be who you are, like Sinead O'Connor, but, you won't be Hall of Fame or have a Career.

The ball bearings of Corporate America are brought to you by us. And, if so and so is so sleek like Michael Jackson in a Skater Cap, like that was not already original, and race Golf Carts like Barstools, we have issues. And, it extends to family ties because you'd avoild Mickey Mantle or AI relatives if at all possible. And, it don't mean pick up Sponsors to stay at work because on your offstage time it is the real you. And, Kickstarter only encourages "Rebecca" Problems.

If the ink is on paper (not on our skin) and the handshake happens and YOU back off, that's grounds to Funny Money Lawsuits and that could fold even the most established franchises. Its okay to play until you win, or if you play until you had the same roadblocks, be more Mark Martin or Cory McClenathan vs. Kyle Busch or Kevin Harvick. Our babies need Sportsman/womanship not just for Playing By The Rules, but, FOR Field or Racing Safety and Security because WAY,WAY,WAY too many Marty McSorley's Exist Now and to add assault to injury, weeding out the Incognitos is just as meaningful as not drafting Ryan Leaf or Johnny Be Bad.

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The Express Yourself Lane

Even though I hate keep blazing faster than Kendrick Lamar throwing Popular Culture on Notice Last Summer, and some of these rookies have no idea what reprecussion is causing by acting like they are obstructing real things to infinity and beyond like they ain't got nothing credible and the incredible is 24-7. Our commander in chief institutions are just as sad, if not sadder than MOST Boot Camps. With me being a member of a Military Family, it is tough to see not just a rabid pack of unemployables let in like Young Buck's Career only to wreck with out an accident or purpose.

Rod's Running Runs Out.It doesn't feel like my imagination to see more falloffs and falls from grace. If this was a movie, I'd here "CUT!" like Steven Spielberg. But, the movie never ends, good or bad, and the tattoos on folks regions are permenant and permenantly disrupting like Jason Aldean, but there's no song or dance.

And, I think Paul "Royalty" George's Humpty Dumpty having a Nice Fall was not Indianapolis or USA Basketball or Hockey's Issue. I feel that the NBA and NHL should draw back pros from International Compeititon because Soccer is different and sadly, this would trump Brazil being clowned in their nation for inexcusable falloff, if not tie.

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There's No Such Thing As Remanufactured Parts

One of my favorite 1990's Company Mottos, "There's No Such Thing as Remanufactured Parts" , is lost on folks. Brian France mistreated my sport in a big way and I think evne though Diversity is Coming, it hurts that the allegiances get recolored in a matter not seen before or since.

I doubt a lot of the Young Adults like NASCAR or Motorsports, let alone have a knowledge of Sports History. No, Hunting is not a Diverse Sport, like TV Said and with College Wrestling getting more MMA Types and less Football, Coaching or WWF Types, it hurts the family table.

I know Luda had to take National Sponsors to keep himself employed, but, just because Luda did it don't make it okay. We are in a time where Originals are So Hard to Find that Weird Al cows records sales like I wasn't laughing.

I would go All Out or No Nothing. Is there anything wrong with that? No! Is there anything wrong with a Playbook? No! And, I fear Commissioner Goodell will get the Vince McMahon Treatment at every NFL Stadium this or any year until he's fired. I think the Women's Community, Women's Sports Community, Owners, Parents Advisory Boards and All of Louisiana and Mississippi would love to fire a CEO who has pulled Sport Disrupting Decisions.

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I'd prefer THE Pros, too.

We get so inundated with Youth that you can't just give "Time" or "Money" without any tangible consequences. I don't like to see Indianapolis Motor Speedway be a Road Course because Infield Road Courses are prohibitive to keep up. And, no, I don't like crowds being confused with the Witness Protection Program.

And, I don't want the fences to keep closing without a "Why?" at least. I have no problem with evicting folks that need actual evictions, but, too many landlords mean too many agendas and being too nice to accept folks. I think that if Nationwide didn't drop off this Winter, it would be close as Realignment would come downstream and  I think IRP is a better host of Lower Level NASCAR and Indianapolis is the only venue or city in Motorsports that has actual honor in winning.

Iconic, to me, is not 140 Characters or Less. Icon doesn't mean sitting on the job for years and giving out more bull than trophies. To me, I doubt anyone loves a limp riding CEO doing a leaders job.

Legend is not just being there. If 1 Cent Beer Night happened, we'd stump to a new low. Commitment is what I don't see and Going Long for Anything, from work to food,won't do it.

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Does It Look Like We Are Happy to be in a Win Now World?

What win now is, sadly, needing fast wins and actually needing them. And, sadly, I don't think Jack Roush,Roger Penske, Richard Childress or Richard Petty will stay until 2019. Who are the replacements? And, I don't think Big Budget NASCAR or Sports has totally flown well with a New Generation and No Money. And, oh no, we are not settling for Brian France or Tony George.

When you lose key good parts, that only makes life worse. Who we call establishment is not nothing special. And, we get stuck with the "Everybody Loves Me" type of employee, which is a sad decoy.

If we where Texas and we kept pumping pulses for work that weren't in Prison, anyone who was legitamately hurt would see their world. Reggie Wayne does NOT have Brewster's Millions and I doubt I'd feel any better if who was a consummate real can't miss professional was lost to Old Age or Worse.

Do we have a Positive Identity? And, making life easier is not no selfish jig, its thinking of real people that is also in your shoes. I would like to see the Same First Time Winner Untilted and the Same Midwest or Dirt Track American Open Wheeler in Indiana and learning Long Beach instead of Santiago Sanchez thinking he's an Oval Hero except he is a showoff.

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In a World that Goes Too Fast...

I am not even trying to be theatrical, but, I wish that there was more of me who was younger who at least be rookie owner or manager, beyond just middle manager or unemployed.

I feel agitated and agressed over the "Everywhere We Go" Mentality. I don't like it one bit and it only makes it easier to blab lies as actual news.

How many times are we going to tolerate no budget or Kickstarts? Not everyone does big budget right and Summer Movies are in a Dead Zone bigger than Louisiana's Oil Slick.

I don't like why we are inundated with dumb jocks or worse, those who only want fast money and easy fame? I can't even blame folks, but, people remember rises,too.

Bridges are there for a reason.

Not everyone has a continunity for home, not even for Christmas, but, deals have to be diligent,too.

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Eldora needs to be an actual weekend

What I feel irritated is Eldora needs to be an actual weekend in the Truck Series. Chances are, I am not too kind over "Whistling Dixie" over the Brickyard and Joliet's attendance deserved to be in the Federal Witness Protection Program and yes, I am still preferring losing Joliet in favor of Sweet Home Newton for Sprint Cup.

Also, I am honked off the Prelude to the Dream has not been restarted. My solution to restart it is actual Short Track USA Racers vs. Actual Dirt Trackers vs. Actual Motorsports Pros.

Everybody knows we all need to make money, and having Eldora on a weekend is common sense.

Also, I would promote Knoxville and Eldora to the Verizon IndyCar Series and Knoxville be part of "The 2 Weeks of Knoxville" and Eldora be home with the 5 Crown.

And, I am still not approving of Fox's Movements. Truthfully, that won't still explain why no SPEED and Fox Sports is trying to get away with a poser license instead of serious sports and sports journalism. I hate the fact Sports Anchors hide in a studio or office instead of a booth.

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Problem Solving AND Conflict Resolution= An IndyMyIndy Exclusive

I tend to be honked off over rain delays and poor scheduling. To me, A 300 Lap Iowa IndyCar Race is in even less taste than a 400 Lap/600 Mile Texas Race, even though it was Kilometers vs. Miles. But, DH's, Same Day, Same Night or Same Weekend where I don't know WHO is in my booth, where I thought, if I knew better, Bob Jenkins and Rusty Wallace coming out of retirement, but, back to the subject, is uncalled for.

And, no, Toronto and Canada should cool their jets on IndyCar and F1 for a while, but, the "Keeping Up" Mentality is unhealthy and worse, having an Annual Summer Festival causes more issues than it solves. The Shopping Money is getting chopped, but, it doesn't mean we can't keep falling in and out of love with anyone. I doubt, in my mind, narrators are around.

We are in a day where artists/bands have more National Sponsors that Gold/Platinum Hits and Albums. Does having Corporate America Comp,Supplement, or Shill for You make any of these Artists/Bands Better? No, and TV only makes these issues worse.

And, not always being married to these outlandish committments are cool or #Hashtag or when it is better as a # (Pound Sign) or  (Number Sign) and sadly, not everyone earns offices, computers, emails, phones or cars and trucks. Lets not cave in and say we did and if you earned "ride along" status , that's one thing, but work for it until you expect expectations rather than being catered out of someone else's wallet,credit card or checkbook as cosigns are no good sign.

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Race Team Alliance..Over Before it Started

I think Brian France needs to go, NASCAR's Lawyers need to do for real to "evict" Fox Sports from their contract and oh yeah, I don't want Sprint Back! I am wanting to split up MWR and push Dodge and the 4 European Sports Car Marques so that I don't get innodated by Southeast Asia's Manufacturers EVER AGAIN!

I can't deny Honda,Toyota and Nissan have a hold on our culture. But, I'd like to see real work and real expectations as Silly Season this year will keep turning faster than you can believe. I've been around cars and motorsports and sports all my life to know you don't jilt the fans without them actually having them have freedom to choose.

And, no, contrary to popular belief, this Champion WILL NOT be a Hendrick Employee and I'd actually be happier to see Junior Nation actually be Owner/Driver like Ricky Rudd because ain't no way that Military Sponsors will be back. I don't want to get spun by something I can't/won't/don't control as the economy is bad, we got more sports and SO? I don't see no excuses, excuses for excuses, all time excuses, or all time excuses for all time excuses!

And the time frame I expect a Nationwide replacement sponsor is 2 Weeks Take or Leave, or I am going to be more than happy to take the wheel on realignment. I am not naive or a liar, but, if Sprint is fired, the Chase is fired too, and so is Fox Sports, also, so that NBC has an automatic start on NASCAR Next Winter.

And, for 2015, I want to see an "Off Weekend" After Daytona and a NASCAR Western Swing might actually be beneiticial in "The Fall".

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Who's In The Owners' Box?

I don't think Jack Roush would weather as easily losing Carl Edwards and/or Greg Biffle storming out the door. Even though he is not an "establishment" owner like Richard Childress or "Classic NASCAR" Owner like Richard Petty, but, you can't ignore the Big Budget Freefall.

I am not OK with Rob Kauffman pulling air out of the tires. And, to add insult to injury, I'd prefer Bill Davis's who at least had knowledge of this craft. And sad enough. bigger is not better.

The fact is, I don't want Toyota or Southeast Asia Manufacturer Influence. I'd almost want an Everyday (Detroit)/ Luxury (Europe) Balance. And to add insult to injury, Ferrari for the 1st Time Ever is wavering on Formula One and Williams is hesistant to support.

 And, the jilts are bad news. And, I don't think who fights out of the wrong will win. And it is hard to find Building Owners as Team Owners Proliferate. I don't see that Ecclestone gets to Labor Day as F1 Commissioner and a lot of this horse sense, even with more sports, is uncalled for. Sadly, aggression breeds aggression and a lot of it is when people don't hesitate to get mad against standing up like Little House on the Prairie as the disconnect to real history is alarmist.

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If I was Commissioner of Stock Car Racing

What irritates me and grinds my patience in an overcrowded Sports Market is no ratings, no tickets and worse, no patience to fix your product faster than Domino's Pizza. And diversity is not a one sided deal. I would prefer Minority and International Gals too to race with the Guys and fair and equal is try to go for Over 30s who wouldn't have been famous.

Dodge needs to be back. Plain and Simple. I am not a hater by any stretch, but, my principle is to weld the Old School and the New School together. The sales pitches are decidely one sided and I think helping people up that need genuine 2nd Chances or Genuine Chances, period. Also, it is imminent that Fontana or Joliet will lose their hold in NASCAR as a Portfolio Sale and Las Vegas will get their 2nd Date in Cup at the expense of Kentucky. I doubt Dover and Pocono will be back.

Don't hold the phone on Nationwide's Replacement. I think ARCA will be snowballed to the K and N Series. Personally, I get more charged off stage than on and the Out of the Tunnel Mentality is tough to stomach.  And, I am all about diversity, but ethics ain't nothing to kid. The thing I'd hate worse than today when the whole War Mentality would have snared kid against other kid or kid having kid to accelerate the baby boom. I challenge folks to believe what kind of folks are we? I doubt buying the Whole Horse in Toyota is any better in time than having no car.

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Actually, I am more concerned over the Mental and Physical Health of these Racers

I don't mean to pile on what Joey Logano said, but, I feel more concerned about the Mental and Physical Health of these Racers. There will be a time, again, where a Harvick, Hamlin or Busch won't be able to smart mouth someone or lose it at someone everytime their mad. And, I think sometimes, drivers like Morgan Shepard don't know no different and the real crime is not knowing what's what.

Only twice I've said live "I Want to see A Drug Test" at a live sports event and sadly, both times where Shane Hmiel. What is sad with the Phony Lawyers and Mexican Doctors line with The Simpsons "Bart Gets Hit By A Car" is A-Rod, who's stiffed every US Lawyer and Doctor, prefers to deal with International Lawyers and Doctors.

I think what Joey Logano, all jokes aside has, is an anger problem and worse, his dad is the Worst Little League Dad, including Craig James. And in youth sports, you have kids willing and throwing themselves because their dad never made it at all or uncle. That is the worst kind of rap by the time 6th Grade comes around. Having a 12 Year Old 12th Grader, 16 Year Old College Senior or 21 Year Old World Rookie happens, but at what cost? It ain't Doogie Howser. If we have so many doctors, why can't Mental Health, Physical Health and Head Doctors operate in the same room without losing it? If we are World Class, at least take the apprenticeship versus crash faster for all of us.

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Bitter Symphony

Nobody, nobody, knows, let alone realizes the Falls of Romes until we are further downstream.  And, what set 1993 off even worse was not the floods, not AJ Foyt Retiring, Not Steffi, Not Losing the Peoples Grand Prix in Des Moines ,and Not Alan Kulwicki dying on April Fools. It was Davey Allison dying outside of Talladega. And, even as an Adult, I wonder what might of been had Kulwicki and Davey been alive for the Brickyard 400.

Not having Turner no more ain't no Happy Day for no Stock Car Man or Woman. Frankly, I'd liked TBS better than TNT for my NASCAR. And, I still have to hear out Voices or Faces I can trust. I remembered where I was when I was told Davey Allison died, no it was not Charley Steiner, it was KCRG's Bruce Aune telling me Davey Allison died and when my Dad told me over the phone that same night, I was bawling worse than a Baby.

Time does not heal all wounds to me, they only make them worse to me. I don't want NO Rob Kauffman ever again, I don't want No Southeast Asia never again and I'd rather have Southeast Asia be fought away by European and Detroit Manufacturers and FINALLY, at long friggin' last, I am happy Derrick Walker is standing up to Dallara.

Where was THAT at in 2012? That was IndyCar's "Where's Kanye" moment when Tony George was starting to barrel Randy Bernard! Andretti fell out nasty with Honda, and they act all new and Ganassi's Rome is smoking Downhill and they where FINE with Honda! And, what I have a hard time taking home is having both a Winless Indy 500 and Defending National Champion in 1 Year of their defense. And I would, prefer More Motors and Chassises and  Dallara's Cheap Paper won't work here.

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An Alliance Against Brian France

I wished that Frontstrech.com's "April Fool's Joke" Story would have actually became on April Fool's Day. And I think the Race Team Alliance, being comprised of 9 Superteams of 25 Cars, basically are popping off at Sprint for gassing our great Stock Car Motorsport, FOX for fooling around and causing a lifetime of heartache by ending SPEED Channel Mid-Race Weekend for Fox Sports 1 as Fox Sports credibilty, if there was any, has gone out the window AND Brian "The Family Dog" France for deluding and dragging his feet on serious decisions.

The moral is, not even Cleveland and Buffalo can half step their way back to Dynasty. But what does make me, The Middle American Race Fan, QUACK! up in anger is the abscence of seats and the perpetually painful abscence in presentation.

Does anyone really want anyone who keeps asking for money that they never plan on repaying but always show up for the pizza? I hate pulling the "Gor-don" Sprint Ad out of the park, but, for my NEXT Cup Series Sponsor, a least have the decency to cater to families, not just adolescents, and the decency to report to the minority communities at large!

I am barking about Brian France only showing up when its convenient like a Diamond Joe Quimby, but ,my bark smacks of "I AM DMX!" versus the Smack Battles that upset the 106 and Park Livest Audience. Okay, I prefer that Las Vegas is fired as the Banquet Host, because they've been party hosts, instead.  And, Kentucky might as well free themselves of their Cup Date to Las Vegas, as a Fall Night Race, but, I want the Banquet and the Season Finale in Charlotte because I have issues with people who use a Big Budget Production only to get no return for their bosses or have people flatfoot their way with no budget and when things go bad, no money and no way to pay people back.  And editorally, this has to be one of my stronger tangents against a key figure of Holding Down and Back Motorsports since I started blogging, but, there has to be a happy medium and I would prefer a Mix of Detroit and Europe Cars to keep Southeast Asia away and the Southeast Asia Manufacturers Wholesale Mentality doesn't help us in the way OUR Stock Cars are handled!

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Why are you freeing Souvenir Row?

To me, I wonder why are you freeing Souvenir Row? To me, none of those folks is rich/wealthy, and if I knew for a Country Mile that Pocono is going to be freed by IndyCar, it would be NASCAR having to free Pocono to the likes other PA Miles in Langhorne and Nazareth. That is no honor, and if the Northeast or Trucks had to run Williams Grove as a Ballon due to no King or Slammin' Sammy, let it be.

And, people are in the "Even Worse" before it gets "Even Better". Even better is not Vettel, Even better is not Lewis Hamilton, Even Better is NOT James Stewart, Even Better is NOT Kevin Harvick, Even Better is NOT Kurt and Kyle Busch and being free to be not Michael Schumacher. What is even better, kids who turn their 1st Lap at the Local Track as soon as they got their DOT License, and not invading another man and his family's town for ill.

Our European Mentality is not good. Maury does not solve the fact that working for us, the individual is as dualic as the company or school or team. And, being 5 Individuals Cleverly Disguised as 1 Rubber Stamp Block, is not good. That would hold a jurisdicition down in debt, ligitgation, and bankruptcy for years to come with no way to make money. Would have a Minardi win be cheered better than Red Bull or Mercedes plastering the Wins? And, even if family stayed back within reason, its better than the TMZ A Thon that spooks future paydays.


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World of Outlaws and Lucas Oil Series Merging?

I think that because of the  World of Outlaws potentially losing Steve Kinser and due to the National Dirt Racing League's Demise, an Outlaws-Lucas Merger has grown legs. Sadly, Outlaws has not had a strong track record outside of Sprint Cars.

And,sadly, having to rectify Tire Deals and this is probably the 1st Post-SPEED Aftermath Merger, but, what is not so shocking ,is , having more Network TV Presentation for good.

And, I think it would help make it easier for Sprint Cup and IndyCar to run more Short and Dirt Tracks. I think this is a catalyst and the 1st Division Series need to get better than the tired recurring themes. I would have thought originally, Stewart-Haas would have been the big loser due to Kevin Harvick replacing Ryan Newman and RCR getting Austin Dillon to replace Kevin Harvick and  Ryan Newman replacing Jeff Burton would have been the winner.

I would have physically willed myself into ending the Hot 102 First Time Winner Hex, because the more it goes, the more a Matt Kenseth or Tony Stewart misses out on Victory Lane altogether and the more we will see 1st Time Winners.

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Word on the Street

1. I wonder, how far are we to a Nationwide Replacement? If I don't hear anything by July 31st, I will open Restructuring in a Big Bad Way and find some way to fire Brian "The Family Dog" France's CEO Hold, and fire Sprint and start the dialogue for a 10 Year Sponsor that will actually stay in business in 2024.

2. Clearly, clearly, Kentucky Speedway has 1  More Year to get their Cup Race Right, or I am more than happy to will their Pink Slip. I could see ARCA do Bluegrass Speedway or Trucks do Kentucky Motor Speedway in Whitesville,KY, BUT, 2011 ended all the goodwill Kentucky Speedway Had. And, for Atlanta Motor Speedway, I would pin their "Bubble" Year as 2015. I don't think NASCAR will ever go back to Dover Downs.

3. I'd hate to see Atlantic Hurricanes ruin an already wrecked 4th of July for a Lot of Folks, but, if the end of the All too Familiar In Season "Sounds of Silence" actually is there to stay in North and Central Florida, I would want A. July 18th and 19th, which would cone Nationwide at Joliet to September 12th and 13th Night Races with Trucks being September 13th Truck Day Race. B. Trading Kansas to either where Dover is and having Daytona replace Dover in the Chase for the Sprint Cup with a Saturday Night TV Race and Back to Back Races at Daytona and Charlotte, both the Sports Homes, even though the decisions have streamlined more Charlottecentric, for the first time in history.

4. I don't see Fontana doing enough to keep NASCAR from selling their end of their Portfolio. I think Newton would be July 9th through 11th with Wednesday Night Trucks and K and N Midwest in Knoxville on July 7th and 8th. 

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$pent $peed vs. Earned Speed

I don't like being innodated with Spent Speed and worse, in Formula One, the other 20 Teams that aren't named Mercedes are NOT getting their Money's Worth. If Schumi, Hill, and Mika Haikkonen had to battle Senna if he was alive, it would have not been a walkthrough like USC in the 2000s where you would have Hackey Sacked your way theough your walkthrough.

Problem is, people see through what is innonated. And, what people think is easy, they have no idea of those who want in and go from the Stands to Challenger.

And, seriously, being a revolution that actually started and actually happened as opposed to bitterly pining for 2 and always losing it whenever JJ won. I doubt that most people would be happy to settle for wherever they land after a while.

Does that mean that being the opposite of aloof is actually called for? The only good way people reward other people is to actually get better, not encourage their bad behavior, suspensions and demotions like its expected. And meanwhile, getting past "Unaware" is needed.

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You Know It Ain't T-Mobile's Cup!

I, as an ardent race fan who has not enjoyed the thin days, know deep down it ain't T-Mobile's Cup. Also, I heard with Sprint having to pay an obscene sum JUST to keep their own name, and I want to fire Sprint and FOX Sports for real.

I think M and M's sees the writing on the wall with Kyle Busch. I hate pulling out these Cotton Trades, but I think Rowdy would be a Roush and Cousin Carl would be at Gibbs.

Personally, I get irritated when the disregard for culture and history go from European to Obscene. And the serial uninnocence is coming up like a weed and worse than the originals.

Frankly, I like to admit the "Defend Dad" arc for Sweet Home Newton all Summer Long, but, not everyone sings along. I don't want Bitcoil defrauding what is left of Real Business because if I found out that Bitcoin scammed their way to The St Petes Bowl, which Beef O'Bradys left under controversial circumstances, that would end the Bowls.

I think College Education and College Sports are non-negotiable to those who do them and I doubt the cave-in mentality is healthy.

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Not Holding People Down or Accountable is a Giant Fall Away

With so few folks being employed this Dad's Day, not holding People Down or Accountable is a Giant Fall Away. Also, its easy to get churned and burned over what to do and what not to do, but, I think when Problems become a little too regular, people tend to not just lpok, but run the other way.

We don't have the knowledge, wisdom, heroes, or money a lot of times. And , sadly, no budget usually is no excuse to just disappear or give license to lose it in the Public Over and Over and Over and Over and Again and Again and Again and Again and Again.

And as a society, accountability does not mean acting a fool due to no Dad or Uncle or Grandpa at Home. Even though Babies don't come with playbooks, but, people get suspicious when it gets too orchestrated.

I don't take kindly to tempertantrums on the Ground or Air, and the airlines need to think beyond Pan-Am for a change, even if you had to charter exclusively planes for College Football or NASCAR Fans without fear of unruly passengers really losing it over bankruptcy and divorce, or if it chops my or other coworkers profits to size.

The writing's on the wall for F1 as Ecclestone can't play chicken with the Sports Community, and if Ferrari had to cool their jets for a while, I think most teams would be in England for a while or at a GP and it could carve a 22 Race F1 Season to 16 for the rest of the decade.

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Last Summer Never Ended

If someone has the acorns to attack a 24 Hour, On TV, Live 24 Hours of LeMans, I say GO FOR IT! Also, this little piggy is still hurt over SPEED's Death and worse, the King has his Last Summer in Knoxville. Does the Public want John Wes Townley to rise and shine?

To me, I am just as raw over scandal, unemployment, and a Rickshaw Social Rolls. I'd challenge Kasey Kahne to Own and Pilot his own IndyCar and World of Outlaws Car next Year!

Frankly, it is not even remotely healthy not to put the past in the past. If Iowa City caved to HBO's "Girls", it would have been a chilly start to a long and vicious fall.

The problem is dealing with people and not letting greed tow the car.

I feel that I expect expectations and titles and highlight reels and I really want to see a 1st Time Winner this Weekend as I can't stand the JJ lurking and I would frankly lose it if he won 7 to tie the King and Dale. I want to see 21st Century Racing Future rather than being saddled with loss after loss.

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Did I Really Want to See Montreal Get Extended in F1?

Formula One is not even in a bad place. And to pile on the Open Wounds, Formula One Management, made in soft times, is out to circumvent the Concorde Agreement and the FIA. And, for who?

As much as Stock and Indy Car Fans are in lean seasons, but, the feasibilty has to go from Risk to Riskier to Riskiest. I don't want to deal with folks who are on "Fantasy Island".

Jay Leno's 2nd Tonight Run ended, but, F1's severe lack of judgment is not funny. I've even had to get my Dad Going on a Legit Ford-Ferrari War, not a Play One like 1995. The Good Thing is, the Manziel may Go, but not of his own choice, but, the Bad Thing is. as much as I like Highlight Reel Races and Plays, but, we are still churned and burned on the Power Trip on Acid and Steroids.

I feel Peer Pressure is a bad,bad,bad idea. And to add it all up, where's the Love for Buffalo or St. Louis? Okay, does the Atlanta Falcons need to have their Whole Training Camp at Aplington-Parkersburg or did I really want to hear no Coe Kid cared about the Bills? We all got to make money, and an unhealthy misuse of fear does not add anything. I think trying to make things easier is going for the fan,by the fan, with the fan and made by the fan so that it is all out in the open, not TMZ and as much as I would fallacize, but, nobody made Fantasy Football into a Hall of Fame Wing in Canton.

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Start and Parks don't deserve to be confused with True Independents

I feel mad and livid that Josh Wise was assisted by a raftline of troublemakers on the Internet. I still won't mute why Austin Dillon was robbed over an All Star Even At Large, but, I won't think of Josh Wise of the same way ever again. And, I think Kyle Busch "doing the right thing" is equally as hogwash as riding off on his gotdang Power Wheels and going from Dallas to Charlotte and letting Junior steal your spot.

Meanwhile, it would fit in with telling Mike Helton "Sportsman and Woman Ship is for the Kids" after his JERK move with Ron Hornaday that would have been all over the news news had not a Vampire State crossed paths with Midnight.

To me, I will never support any racer who's unemployed or suspended over the illicit substances. I don't forgive or forget, either and I feel livid if you leave a state held down in an Arrested Development all because they should have known they got what they paid for and some they didn't want and Postseason Pigskin is too sweet instead of your state needing you at the worst time in History.

If I was the only Guy who hired Kelly Bires when no one else cared, I'd care,too when my One Chance to Win becomes a One Win and I'd still want more victories. But, in the Jayski Sad News, I see more and more "Who's That Guy/Girl" and they had a hand in Classic/Modern NASCAR History. I wish more fans had principle than investments in Stocks or Drivers who never did it at all.

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USAC Win Board 06-04-2014

Editor's Note: This is the 2014 USAC National Winners and I ID Winners based on actual chronological order and the Number Assignment vs. IndyCar later this year. Even though I haven't done a whole wad of Stat Blogs this year compared to past years, bear w/me.

1 20-Bryan Clauson 02202014

2 69-Brady Bacon    02222014

3 40-Justin Grant    04052014

4 63-Kody Swanson 04062014

5 97-Rico Abreu    04112014

6 71-Dave Darland  04192014

7 44-Tracy Hines 04252014

8 03-Daryn Clayton 04262014

9 02-Hunter Schurenberg 05032014

10 57-Christopher Bell 05102014

11 23-Chase Stockton 06032014

And, vs. IndyCar, I will formally stop the Win Board when it comes to 16 Different National Winners.

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AutoWeek's Editioral Position on Dover Downs was a telltale sign that Dover shouldn't be in Cup Anymore

There has been 1 Other Time I can recall AutoWeek having to take the editorial High Road about a Track's Future and that was Sanneair Years Ago. But, I think Dover had fell off course when Christopher Pook tried to rah rah Long Beach over Dover and that nearly ended Long Beach, CART and Dover Downs prematurely.

I doubt, too, that Pocono should not be in Cup or IndyCar due to a myriad of Security Issues. I doubt it is funny and I doubt The First State has any defense to keep One or Both Sprint Cup Weekends.

I'm sorry, Concrete Popping Up speaks louder over Dover's Future. I think what isn't so sweet is there's no way to repair the Monster Mile long term with the empty volume of people and the Gambling Industry being overdone from Coast to Coast.

Obviously, the disrepute can't be fixed and Nashville Superspeedway's Sale makes me wonder, that later on, I would have a New Tennessee State Fairgrounds to start a New Stock Car Short Track and I don't want Funny Money or the continued changes in ownership like Texas World to start all over again and I think Sprint Cup Points Races next year are going to be 34 or 35 Points Races with No Sprint Unlimited or All Star Race.

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Was that the Real Last Time that NASCAR will be at Dover Downs?

I hate to blow the lid off Nashville Superspeedway's Sale and Dover Downs International Speedway's last ever NASCAR Activities, but, it is. I am still sore and mad that Chris Pook threw his wrench at the once proud Dover Downs International Speedway.

If Weekend 1 of the Chase was at Richmond and Atlanta became the highest profile Labor Day Stakes Race in 11 Years, so be it. I don't expect to become a song and dance man, but, Gambling has became thinned out over the Coast to Coast Cas Grab.

Speaking of 2015, I think that I would offer these Weekends off: The Weekend after the Daytona 500, Easter, Mother's Day, Red,White, and Blue Weekend and Halloween Weekend. I know it is still time away from actual Dirt Tracks on the Cup Tour and I think I would offer Talladega or Charlotte as the Season Finale in lieu of Miami.

Also, I want to see the Advent of Wednesday Night Racing Next Summer and the deletion of the Sprint "Did it Really Need to be" Unlimited and the No Star Race. Duh, the writing is so on the wall and no. I doubt its Concrete is worth saving.

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Who Doesn't Want Nashville Superspeedway?

I hate to say this. but, who doesn't want Nashville Superspeedway. This is not a sales pitch and I feel passionately about the Kentucky - Tennessee Short Track Scene to be brought back to life. I feel having a New Tennessee State Fairgrounds might be a better nudge for the Sprint Cup and IndyCar to come back to town again.

It is not Milwaukee and had the Nashville Sounds came up sooner, it would have been a rose of a park. But no, I think the dum-dums who'd rank Nurburbring up have some color of ruse and I don't mean Green. With Nurbbring, it is like some of my Golf Courses back home and changing the Sounders Home Field meant not having a Better than Friday Night Texas High School Football Game in your neighborhood.

Nashville is only Nashville with Short Tracks and Country Music, not the Hollywood-Quad City- Seattle Alternative-Nashville Country Acid Trip. The 2nd Generation of Titans will want their Super Bowl Trophy in Tennessee's Coliseum and Deep is not Deep Enough and it ain't no Indy.

Don't bank on the Nashville-Davidson County Community or the Lonesome Pines to bring Cup, and I feel more passionate about Nashville Stock Car Short Track USA then some of the locals, and I think it is a social debt and a fiscal one to return its Late Model Parts to its cultural,social, and fiscal profitiability and appreciation rather than having to have Nashville be saved as the last shot that doesn't always ever happen or happens at all, at best and worst.

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Do We Really Need A Sprint All Star Race or All Star Race Weekend

I hate to ready,aim,fire like my name was Mali Music, but, do we really need a Sprint All Star Race or Sprint All Star Race Weekend? I prefer Reddit and the troublemakers of the Internet left us Race Fans Alone as Josh Wise has not committed to a NASCAR Program since 2007. And, if Michael McDowell was the At Large, it couldn't be any more At-Large than some idiot who played for the Iowa Cubs who got promoted to the Chicago Cubs and was the 26th Man for the NL.

And,hopefully, on an unrelated note, I will bring you stats like I have in the coming future. Obviously,I am impatiently waiting for Summer like the Rest of the World while the Cold has made me decidely neutrotic and Minnesotan as some of our decisions rival Illinois or New York or Minnesota or Missouri.

Please,child,please, I am not amused with Fox Sports 1's Abandonment of the Racing Community and I would be tickled pink if NBC Sports started at SpeedWeeks next Winter. I don't like Mother's Day Racing as much as the rest of the Western World hates Warm Beer and Bad Whiskey, and too, for Television, empty and wasted Track Time that serves near no purpose or recourse. Even the Super Late Models are coming back from the dead and that is true.

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I'd prefer Petty be Ferrari instead of Toyota

I hate to throw jest at a serious vibe, but, Richard Petty has been schooled and fooled by his present landlards more than he'd like to admit. And, in this topsy turvy lost decade, Toyota won't make Petty better. If Petty drove Ferraris and one was Petty Blue and the other was Ferrari Red, so be it. But, IndyMyIndy sees a bad deal from a mile away.

I think some of Josh Wise's fans would earn suspicion vs. respect. Respect would have been someone who was Nationally or Regionally Known. But, this smacks upside the head of the New Orleans Saints winning Super Bowl XLIV.

Respect IS NOT Limp Riding Houston lower than adopted like Drake did! I think regular everyday East Texans would take offense to that spiel and being great is not Lil Wayne, but Great like Hov and even he has issues. I think if Kurt Busch where to try the Indy 500 again, he'd have to be regular.

Do they teach Home at Home where it belongs anymore? Or does Peer Pressure yank the further review? To me, even though PJ and Davy Jones tried the Indy-Charlotte 1100 with no success, but, I think Charlotte might have to push angry for the longest Saturday Night of the Year.

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Enough With The Fan Votes!

I hate to pile on the neverending hit parade, but ENOUGH with the Fan Votes! If this plan doesn't go through after the All Star Race, I am more than happy to end the All Star Race and let it go for another time and place where it can legitamately appreciate! I have a valuable question, nobody else in Motorsports remotely does any All Star Race, right?

Since I've called it the All Star Race to make up for the loss of Winston, I've been everything with trying to be patient, trying to rejig the racing and trying not to feed the fluff, but, how much is too much?

Fox Sports 1 don't have SPEED's Soul and TNN did the race better, but, if Fox Sports is found out, I'd legitmately want to start NBC Sports' 2nd NASCAR Era next Winter. We don't always aprreciate when folks are fed up, but, when folks reject the charity carrot, than it has to end.

A neverending Howard Stern like train of Internet Plugs or Sales don't help fans, If there is No Gold, there is no Excuses and I doubt the Swan Racing canary has made anyone happy and I think for fans to have allegiences, they have to have drivers to root for.

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Results or Consequences

I do think Results are the fact is your consisent if you won 73 NBA Games and the NBA Finals Trophy or 8 Wins and not even a #1 Pick. I hate seeing the predictable and that's why they are the defending champions and like it or not , drives me angry.

What I don't find amusing is the perks and privileges and fringe and french benefits of ownership are owned by some bad eggs. With Un and Underemployment being a pandemic, and I am daring to say the truth, but, what about the 5,8 or 10 Year Old Consequences instead of running the house out of fear and the intent of keeping people in line, even in the wrong?

Favors only work so many times and people, like it or not, remember when loans where not repaid or they where walked over like they where too nice and certain folks fall for being sympatico/sympatica? I think the only road to College Anything is be Top 25,40 or 50 in your High School and Post-Grad chooses you like Med School.

Frankly, if people don't even want to try to do work in a man-made deadline, what helps them when the chips are down? I find nothing amusing or wonderful with Internetherworlds that have nothing to do with Shopping Sites that started in 1999 and Ended in 2000.

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Week 12 Driver of the Year

1 Christopher Bell USAC 25 211

2 Austin Dillon Sprint Cup 16 114

3 Andy Eckrich IMCA 14 27

4 Jeff Burton Sprint Cup 12 12

5 Bubba Pollard SSS 10 16

6 Justin Allgaier Sprint Cup 8 9

7 Mason Mingus Trucks 6 6

8 Ty Dillon Nwide 5 10

9 Mike Nichols IMCA 4 12

10 Josh Schneiderman ASCS 3 15

11 Justin Brayton AMASX 2 16

12 Brian Harris IMCA 1 13

After 12 of 40 Events

1 Christopher Bell USAC 211    -

1st Quarter Driver of the Quarter

2 Austin Dillon Sprint Cup 114 97

3 Nicole Lyons Whelen AA 71 140

4 Reed Sorenson Sprint Cup 38 173

5 Michael Annett Sprint Cup 37 174

6 Shannon McIntosh ARCA 32 179

7 Andy Eckrich IMCA 27 184

8 Spencer Pumpelly USCR 25 186

9 Jake Strayer ASCS 25 186

10 Bobby LaBonte Sprint Cup 25 186

11 Travis Cope Whelen AA 22 189

12 Ryan Truex Sprint Cup 20 191

13 Reid Wilson Pro Cup 19 192

14 Darrell Wallace,Jr. Trucks 18 193

15 Johnathan Davenport Lucas Oil 16 195

16 Daniel Suarez Whelen AA 16 195

17 Michael Waltrip Sprint Cup 16 195

18 Carlos Munoz IICS 16 195

19 Johnnt Herrera ASCS 16 195

20 Bubba Pollard SSS 16 195

21 Justin Brayton AMASX 16 195 I

22 Fabian Coulthard Aus V8 15 196

23 Josh Schneiderman ASCS 15 196

24 Sam Hornish,Jr. Nwide 14 197

25 Alex Bowman Sprint Cup 14 197


26 Ryan Gifford K and N 14 197

27 Kenny Wallace Nwide 14 197

28 Bryan Clauson USAC 14 197

29 Simon Pagenaud IICS 14 197

30 Rick Beebe USMTS 14 197


31 Bruno Spengler DTM 14 197 A

32 Brian Harris IMCA 13 198

33 Cole Whitt Sprint Cup 12 199

34 Jeb Burton Trucks 12 199

35 Joao Barbosa USCR 12 199

36 Mike Wallace Nwide 12 199

37 Ricky Stenhouse,Jr. Sprint Cup 12 199

38 Steve Kinser WOO 12 199

39 Tony Kanaan IICS 12 199

40 Jeff Burton Sprint Cup 12 199

41 Mike Nichols IMCA 12 199

42 Alexis DeJoria NHRA 11 200

43 Rich Clouser Whelen AA 10 201

44 Jarrod Schneiderman ASCS 10 201

45 Mark Winterbottom Aus V8 10 201

46 Ty Dillon Nwide 10 201

47 Tim Brown Wh So Mods 9 202

48 Justin Allgaier Sprint Cup 9 202

49 Elliott Sadler Nwide 8 203

50 Royal Jones ASCS 8 203

51 Lee Pulliam Whelen AA 8 203

52 Tommy Johnson,Jr. NHRA 8 203

53 Eddie Krawiek NHRA 8 203

54 Jimmy Owens Lucas Oil 7 204

55 .C.E. Falk III Whelen AA 7 205

56 Tasker Phillips ASCS 6 206

57 Carl Renezeder Lucas Oil Off Road 6 205

58 Paige Decker Whelen AA 6 205

59 Sammy Swindell WOO 6 205

60 Mason Mingus Trucks 6 205

61 Parker Kligerman Sprint Cup 5 206

62 Chase Elliott Nwide 5 206

63 Clint Bowyer Sprint Cup 5 206

64 John Carney II ASCS 5 206

65 Matt Covington ASCS 5 206

66 Justin Wilson IICS 5 206

67 Jason Johnson ASCS 5 206

68 Del Worsham NHRA 5 206

69 Fernando Alonso F1 5 206

70 Ryan Gustin USMTS 4 207

71 Antron Browm NHRA 4 207

72 Brian Ickler Trucks 4 207

73 Darren Hagen USAC 4 207

74 Ryan Newman Sprint Cup 4 207

75 Kyle Larson Sprint Cup 4 207

76 Jacques Villeneuve Global Rallycross 4 207

77 Jeg Coughlin,Jr. NHRA 4 207

78 Danica Patrick Sprint Cup 3 208

79 Regan Smith Nwide 3 208

80 Scott Pruett USCR 2 209

81 Justin Barcia AMASX 1 210

82 James Buescher Nwide 1 210

83 Dale Earnhardt,Jr. Sprint Cup 1 210

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Some Names Are Bad News and Bad Luck

Humpty Dumpty is NOT a Rich Man! In my hearts eye, does Forrest Lucas really want to have never ending restarts of Once Vibrant, Now Long Forgotten Racing Cultures? To me, if your going to do Aliyah Song, do be a role model to kids, not a con who steals air time. To me, I would have demoted the HBCUs to Division III as a bid and have the Ivys do Athletic Scholarships as a bid to cool that silly rhetroic over College Sports.

People get what they pay for, and like it or not, people aren't always happy. I would have gone Rich vs. Wealthy, and Paper vs. Stone and sadly, we settle for whats first like we are always on Facebook vs. The Internet. If I rose, I'd remember who fell off and how they fell off like it happened yesterday and I'm scared Jameis and A-Rod have their freedom and any other 0.0 Milhousian, even with the best lawyers money could buy would had to put a solid 25 up.

There is no real pride in representing your town,school, school district, family, college, team, company or anything like that no more. There is a 1 to 1 Rate of those who got School, Team and Work and who really ain't got nothing and don't want to be no "teammate". I think the public speaks louder than vuvuzuelas and somewhere, I'm sure having a neverending raft of Transfers vs. Freshmen and Women would end a team's  NCAA Tournament Bid.

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How About Sprint Cup in Iowa City,IA?

I, IndyMyIndy would be the league leader in daring, and to add to the thrill of at least trying to make Iowa City Safe For Work , why not Sprint Cup in Iowa City,IA? I think there has to be a challenge of reconnecting a happening to the rest of real reality and I don't need Criteriums or Cheeseball 5Ks.

Why not challenge IndyCar against Sprint Cup and I feel it would be for the National Championship of Auto Racing? And, I am thinking, why not throw in a real life 33rd Racer who is really does doing it in Open Wheel or Stock Car Auto Racing?

I would like to see more of a fervor of Local Pride vs. Flavor and if the letters B,C, and S are American History, why not draw a real 40000 vs. 400? I think also, for a undercard, Indy Lights vs. Grand National and Lucas Oil vs. AMASX?

I wonder why Johnson County has to always be the oddball and not do a Country or Racing Fair? Even though the practiality has to be 0.0 like a Punk Kids GPA, but, it is a chance worth taking in the name of Old Capital's Sanity and Soul.

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The Bank Robbers Never Outsmart The Cops

I hate to start on a Benny Parsonsism, but, the truth is, the bank robber NEVER outsmarts the cops. In reality, the fact an American won the Boston Marathon for the first time since 1983 and it happened on my real workday makes it unlikely as the Rams Super Bowl in 2000 and NIU over Maryland in 2003. Depending on my mood, either I've never lost my trust or, in the Black Widower Bart Simpson, never lost my mistrust.

I know some of our senators are getting tough on those who pick on Public Trust, Women, and Children. I feel that a "No Trash Passing" Law is severely beyond overdue and I think with Student Athletes, what makes transferring from Iowa to Montana okay that Iowa to Alabama not? If such moves happen, that repels the True "Welcome Freshmen" from their future. I don't want to be on the soapbox, but, if anyone desecrates public trust, I wish the law was set for Capital Punishment so that us taxpayers aren't held to the payoff.

I am a religious believer in Role Models for Children. If so and so burnt up early, that's on our Younger 20 Somethings and more likely, our Middle Schoolers. And no, I am not a "Do What I Say, Not What I Do" Guy as Cedar Rapids is falling and I am scared for our Shopping Economy with No Westdale Mall from this Morning Forward. What I think is a deeper and darker SMU is in hand.

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All in the Presentation

I think Haas' F1 Bid is going to be fanish because it is all in the presentation. If you put an F1 Team in Richmond,VA or New York City, the vitirol toward F1 would be muted, but, you'd be closer to most European venues. And, too, with F1 not being loved in this country would only be worse and people would have more reason to stay away in droves than what they already do now.

Frankly, my ideas on this are neurotic at best to bat guano at worst. I think Circut of the Americas will be cut at the tailend of their 5 Year Contract and Montreal won't make it past 2014. Would a Springfield,IL or Cedar Rapids Indy Car or Sprint Cup Team with all local parts would not be supported at first, but, jobs rather than noise are needed.

It is a Homer Simpson Plan, being thought through out the door , which is the wonder and the beauty of it and once your on your own, everything else flies away with it. I think another place in the Southeast besides Charlotte should be home to a Cup Team vs. Denver,CO and personally, what is our 2039 Legacy? Go Pro or Go To Work.

And lastly, I wonder, if Gene Haas spends mad money and their 29th and 30th, folks would be crying foul.

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The Denver Omelet of Swan Racing

Some ideas deservedly deserve to be quacked, or cracked with good reason. I think with the rapidly degenerating affairs of Swan Racing and Cole Whitt deserved preference but Parker Kligerman didn't is all goofy as Parker Kligerman, even though he has not won a NASCAR Stock Car Victory, even though he won in ARCA and Trucks, is the fall guy and for no good apparent reason.

1. Let's not prepackage Sponsors with Owners or Drivers.

It is convenient to package Sponsors with Drivers. But, if the Checkbook Racer has a fallout with His/Her Sponsors or they won't renew, they are out of a slot. Worse, if you package Owners with Sponsors and I'm sure there had to be a fallout along the way, that is worse.

2. The more owners, the more trouble is ensuing.

If we where to sing "The More I Get Together (The Happier Will Be)" , 1 Person carries the credit card and everyone else carries cash and there are no bailouts. But, agendas run deep and they can break.

3. I don't want to state the obvious...

But, it has reprecussions for Swan Energy and it has not burned through the wire, namely could force the Oklahoma Thunder to relocate and the Sonics to return to the NBA as True Expansion and Oklahoma to pay up for True Expansion again. Also, the Northerners and Westerners would go back North and West because of the cowboying toward the future and I want to see real work, not real lies.

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Thinking Outside The Box in Short Track USA

As much as I am loving the big leagues, but, I would like to see more Outside the Box Thinking in Short Track USA. I would like to see more Minority Influence in a big way, and too, have Minority Women Race,too. There is another side of diversity, and I am not wanting to be a permenant Public Service Announcement.

But, I would like to see Tony Kanaan Nights or Austin Dillon Nights even up here in Eastern Iowa. I would love to se Smoke keep his "Prelude to the Dream" or will it permenantly be cancelled faster than you can say Burke Lakefront Airport?

There are still are people who prefer Hard Copies vs. mp3s or Print Outs because it would be difficult to police fraud and as late as 2 or 3 Years Ago, I would have thought the only printing would have been in Paper Form.

Even though I've made it my 2014 Motto to take money like it was my own relative, but, in real life, I wonder would we take our relatives everywhere we go, and would that be necessary? And I wonder if ethics is thorny as we are quicker to go to Yelp! vs. turn a deadbeat College Football Program in for Slush Funds? I think having a "Hard Knocks" or "Winter Classic 24-7" would be viewed as a detriment, even for HBO? And I would love to keep spinning the color wheel, not ruining it.

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Week 11 Driver of the Year

1 Bobby LaBonte Sprint Cup 25 25

2 Johnny Herrera ASCS 16 16

3 Rick Beebe USMTS 14 14

4 Austin Dillon Sprint Cup 12 98

5 Christopher Bell USAC 10 186

6 Michael Annett Sprint Cup 8 37

7 Alexis DeJoria NHRA 6 11

8 Fabian Coulthard Aus V8 5 15

9 Jeg Coughlin,Jr. NHRA 4 4

10 Regan Smith Nwide 3 3

11 Bruno Spengler DTM 2 14

12 Dale Earnhardt,Jr. Sprint Cup 1 1

Week 11 Driver of the Year Standings

1 Christopher Bell USAC 186 -

1st Quarter Driver of the Quarter

2 Austin Dillon Sprint Cup 98 88

3 Nicole Lyons Whelen AA 71 115

4 Reed Sorenson Sprint Cup 38 148

5 Michael Annett Sprint Cup 37 149

6 Shannon McIntosh ARCA 32 154

7 Spencer Pumpelly USCR 25 161

8 Jake Strayer ASCS  25 161

9 Bobby LaBonte Sprint Cup 25 161

10 Travis Cope Whelen AA 22 164

11 Ryan Truex Sprint Cup 20 166

12 Reid Wilson Pro Cup 19 167

13 Darrell Wallace,Jr. Trucks 18 168

14 Johnathan Davenport Lucas Oil 16 170

15 Daniel Suarez Whelen AA 16 170

16 Michael Waltrip Sprint Cup 16 170

17 Carlos Munoz IICS 16 170

18 Johnny Herrera ASCS 16 170

19 Fabian Coulthard Aus V8 15 171

20 Sam Hornish,Jr. Nwide 14 172

21 Alex Bowman Sprint Cup 14 172

22 Ryan Gifford K and N 14 172

23 Kenny Wallace Nwide 14 172

24 Bryan Clauson USAC 14 172

25 Simon Pagenaud IICS 14 172


26 Justin Brayton AMASX 14 172 I

27 Rick Beebe USMTS 14 172

28 Bruno Spengler DTM 14 172

29 Andy Eckrich IMCA 13 173

30 Cole Whitt Sprint Cup 12 174


31 Jeb Burton Trucks 12 174 A

32 Joao Barbosa USCR 12 174

33 Mike Wallace Nwide 12 174

34 Ricky Stenhouse,Jr. Sprint Cup 12 174

35 Steve Kinser WOO 12 174

36 Josh Schneiderman ASCS 12 174

37 Brian Harris IMCA 12 174

38 Tony Kanaan IICS 12 174

39 Alexis DeJoria NHRA 11 175

40 Rich Clouser Whelen AA 10 176

41 Mark Winterbottom Aus V8 10 176

42 Jarrod Schneiderman ASCS 10 176

43 Tim Brown Wh So Mods 9 177

44 Tommy Johnson,Jr. NHRA 8 178

45 Eddie Krawiek NHRA 8 178

46 Elliott Sadler Nwide 8 178

47 Royal Jones ASCS 8 178

48 Lee Pulliam Whelen AA 8 178

49 Mike Nichols IMCA 8 178

50 Jimmy Owens Lucas Oil 7 179

51 .C.E. Falk III Whelen AA 7 179

52 Tasker Phillips ASCS 6 180

53 Carl Renezeder Lucas Oil Off Road 6 180

54 Paige Decker Whelen AA 6 180

55 Sammy Swindell WOO 6 180

56 Bubba Pollard SSS 6 180

57 Parker Kligerman Sprint Cup 5 181

58 Chase Elliott Nwide 5 181

59 Ty Dillon Nwide 5 181

60 Clint Bowyer Sprint Cup 5 181

61 John Carney II ASCS 5 181

62 Matt Covington ASCS 5 181

63 Justin Wilson IICS 5 181

64 Jason Johnson ASCS 5 181

65 Del Worsham NHRA 5 181

66 Fernando Alonso F1 5 181

67 Ryan Gustin USMTS 4 182

68 Antron Brown NHRA 4 182

69 Brian Ickler Trucks 4 182

70 Darren Hagen USAC 4 182

71 Ryan Newman Sprint Cup 4 182

72 Kyle Larson Sprint Cup 4 182

73 Jacques Villeneuve Global Rallycross 4 182

74 Jeg Coughlin,Jr. NHRA 4 182

75 Danica Patrick Sprint Cup 3 183

76 Regan Smith Nwide 3 183

77 Scott Pruett USCR 2 184

78 Justin Barcia AMASX 1 185

79 Justin Allgaier Sprint Cup 1 185

80 James Buescher Nwide 1 185

81 Dale Earnhardt,Jr, Sprint Cup 1 185

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Stock Car Bowl VI Stat Board After Martinsville Pit Crew Competition

26-Cole Whitt (R)   4-0  80 4-0 115

42-Kyle Larson (R) 3-1 60 4-2 147

34-David Ragan      2-1 40 6-3 129

 7-Michael Annett (R) 2-1 40 5-2 172

 3-Austin Dillon (R)   1-1 20 8-2 297

20-Matt Kenseth      1-1 20 2-2  40

83-Ryan Truex (R)  1-1 20 5-1 164

 2-Brad Keselowski 1-1 20 1-3 25

88-Dale Earnhardt,Jr. 0-1 0 2-3 61

17-Ricky Stenhouse,Jr. 0-1 0 3-3 75

35-Eric McClure 0-1 0 2-2 66

18-Kyle Busch 0-1 0 0-2 0

 1-Jamie McMurray 0-1 0 0-2 0

99-Carl Edwards 0-1 0 0-2 0

98-Josh Wise 0-1 0 0-1 29

15-Clint Bowyer 0-1 0 0-1 28

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1st Quarter Driver of the Quarter

1 Christopher Bell USAC 25 166

2 Carlos Munoz IICS     16  16

3 Simon Pagenaud IICS 14 14

4 Bruno Spengler DTM 12 12

5 Fabian Coulthard Aus V8 10 10

6 Tony Kanaan IICS 8 12

7 Bubba Pollard SSS 6 6

8 Fernando Alonso F1 5 5

9 Justin Brayton AMASX 4 14

10 Reid Wilson Pro Cup 3  19

11 Nicole Lyons Whelen AA 2 67

12 Austin Dillon Sprint Cup 1 80

1st Quarter Driver of the Quarter

1 Christopher Bell USAC 166 + 10 =176

2 Austin Dillon Sprint Cup 80+6=86

3 Nicole Lyons Whelen AA 67+4=71

4 Reed Sorenson Sprint Cup 35+3=38

5 Shannon McIntosh ARCA 30+2=32

6 Michael Annett Sprint Cup 28+1=29


1 Christopher Bell USAC 176  -

1st Quarter Driver of the Quarter

2 Austin Dillon Sprint Cup 86 90

3 Nicole Lyons Whelen AA 71 105

4 Reed Sorenson Sprint Cup 38 138

5 Shannon McIntosh ARCA 32 144

6 Michael Annett Sprint Cup 29 147

7 Spencer Pumpelly USCR 25 151

8 Jake Strayer ASCS 25 151

9 Travis Cope Whelen AA 22 154

10 Ryan Truex Sprint Cup 20 157

11 Reid Wilson Pro Cup 19 158

12 Darrell Wallace,Jr. Trucks 18 159

13 Johnathan Davenport Lucas Oil 16 161

14 Daniel Suarez Whelen AA 16 161

15 Michael Waltrip Sprint Cup 16 161

16 Carlos Munoz IICS 16 161

17 Sam Hornish,Jr. Nwide 14 163

18 Alex Bowman Sprint Cup 14 163

19 Ryan Gifford K and N 14 163

20 Kenny Wallace Nwide 14 163

21 Bryan Clauson USAC 14 163

22 Simon Pagenaud IICS 14 163

23 Justin Brayton AMASX 14 163

24 Andy Eckrich IMCA 13 164

25 Cole Whitt Sprint Cup 12 165


26 Jeb Burton Trucks 12 165

27 Joao Barbosa USCR 12 165

28 Mike Wallace Nwide 12 165

29 Ricky Stenhouse,Jr. Sprint Cup 12 165

30 Steve Kinser WOO 12 165


31 Josh Schneiderman ASCS 12 165

32 Brian Harris IMCA 12 165

33 Bruno Spengler DTM 12 165

34 Tony Kanaan IICS 12 165

35 Rich Clouser Whelen AA 10 167

36 Mark Winterbottom Aus V8 10 167

37 Jarrod Schneiderman ASCS 10 167

38 Fabian Coulthard Aus V8 10 167

39 Tim Brown Wh So Mods 9 168

40 Tommy Johnson,Jr. NHRA 8 169

41 Eddie Krawiek NHRA 8 169

42 Elliott Sadler Nwide 8 169

43 Royal Jones ASCS 8 169

44 Lee Pulliam Whelen AA 8 169

45 Mike Nichols IMCA 8 169

46 Jimmy Owens Lucas Oil 7 170

47 .C.E. Falk III Whelen AA 7 170

48 Tasker Phillips ASCS 6 171

49 Carl Renezeder Lucas Oil Off Road 6 171

50 Paige Decker Whelen AA 6 171

51 Sammy Swindell WOO 6 171

52 Bubba Pollard SSS 6 171

53 Parker Kligerman Sprint Cup 5 172

54 Chase Elliott Nwide 5 172

55 Ty Dillon Nwide 5 172

56 Clint Bowyer Sprint Cup 5 172

57 John Carney II ASCS 5 172

58 Matt Covington ASCS 5 172

59 Justin Wilson IICS 5 172

60 Jason Johnson ASCS 5 172

61 Del Worsham NHRA 5 172

62 Alexis DeJoria NHRA 5 172

63 Fernando Alonso F1 5 172

64 Ryan Gustin USMTS 4 173

65 Antron Brown NHRA 4 173

66 Brian Ickler Trucks 4 173

67 Darren Hagen USAC 4 173

68 Ryan Newman Sprint Cup 4 173

69 Kyle Larson Sprint Cup 4 173

70 Danica Patrick Sprint Cup 3 174

71 Scott Pruett USCR 2 175

72 Justin Barcia AMASX 1 176

73 Justin Allgaier Sprint Cup 1 176

74 James Buescher Nwide 1 176

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I'd like to see Knoxville Raceway in IndyCar

Even though this day is April Fools, I don't feel like joking. But, instead, I would like to see Knoxville Raceway in IndyCar as the advent of the 2 Week Knoxville Nationals Season and an NFL Sized Hold on the Network TV Ratings. I would like to include Indy Lights and Formula E's US Stops be Knoxville, Bristol, Martinsville, Indianapolis, Charlotte, and Mesquite because we can contribute Dirt Tracks to Formula E or Formula One.

I want to see more different racers in IndyCar and not just some no-nothing who's only reason why someone is not unemployed and back at home again in Indiana is a cultural obscenity of $ponsor Dollar$. I'd like to see the Knoxville Nationals LIVE on Network TV from 305 to 410 and trust me, can't we all do better?

TNN is not coming back, and every Sports/Motorsports Network I always compare to TNN. (True Story)

And for editoral's sake, in by 10, won by 4 and American History by 8 or 9. And, for fun, I would like to see the Nationals acquire the 30 Lap Flatfooter Nationals. I would like to see IndyCar do Dirt Racing and for fun, why not Nationwide vs. Indy Lights? If Indy Lights had more than 10 Racers, I'd be trained to go faster than you can say Waka Flocka Flame.

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Stock Car Bowl VI Pit Crew Competition Martinsville

1st Round

 8 42-Kyle Larson (R) over 9 35-Eric McClure

 7 7-Michael Annett (R) over 10 18-Kyle Busch

11 26-Cole Whitt (R) over 6 17-Ricky Stenhouse,Jr.

12 2-Brad Keselowski over 5 88-Dale Earnhardt,Jr.

 4 34-David Ragan over 13 1-Jamie McMurray

3 20-Matt Kenseth over 14 99-Carl Edwards

2 83-Ryan Truex (R) over 15 98-Josh Wise

 1 3-Austin Dillon (R) over 16 15-Clint Bowyer

2nd Round

11 26-Cole Whitt (R) over 3 20-Matt Kenseth

 7  7-Michael Annett (R) over 2 83-Ryan Truex (R)

 4 34-David Ragan over 12 2-Brad Keselowski

 8 42-Kyle Larson (R) over 1 3-Austin Dillon (R)


11 26-Cole Whitt (R) over 7 7-Michael Annett (R)

 8 42-Kyle Larson (R) over 4 34-David Ragan


 11 26-Cole Whitt (R) over 8 42-Kyle Larson (R)

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Week 9 Driver of the Year

1 Austin Dillon Sprint Cup 25 79

2 Michael Waltrip Sprint Cup 16 16

3 Christopher Bell USAC 14 141

4 Nicole Lyons Whelen AA 12 65

5 Reed Sorenson Sprint Cup 10 35

6 Darrell Wallace,Jr. Trucks 8 18

7 Brian Harris IMCA 6 12

8 Alexis DeJoria NHRA 5 5

9 Jacques Villeneuve Global Rallycross 4 4

10 Michael Annett Sprint Cup 3 28

11 Ryan Truex Sprint Cup 2 20

12 Kyle Larson Sprint Cup 1 4

After 9 of 40 Events

1 Christopher Bell USAC 141  -

2 Austin Dillon Sprint Cup 79 72

3 Nicole Lyons Whelen AA 65 86

4 Reed Sorenson Sprint Cup 35 116

5 Shannon McIntosh ARCA 30 121

6 Michael Annett Sprint Cup 28 123

7 Spencer Pumpelly USCR 25 126

8 Jake Strayer ASCS 25 126

9 Travis Cope Whelen AA 22 129

10 Ryan Truex Sprint Cup 20 131

11 Darrell Wallace,Jr. Trucks 18 133

12 Johnathan Davenport Lucas Oil 16 135

13 Ryan Suarez Whelen AA 16 135

14 Reid Wilson Pro Cup 16 135

15 Michael Waltrip Sprint Cup 16 135

16 Sam Hornish,Jr. Nwide 14 137

17 Alex Bowman Sprint Cup 14 137

18 Ryan Gifford K and N 14 137

19 Kenny Wallace Nwide 14 137

20 Bryan Clauson USAC 14 137

21 Andy Eckrich IMCA 13 138

22 Cole Whitt Sprint Cup 12 139

23 Jeb Burton Trucks 12 139

24 Joao Barbosa USCR 12 139

25 Mike Wallace Nwide 12 139


26 Ricky Stenhouse,Jr. Sprint Cup 12 139

27 Steve Kinser WOO 12 139

28 Josh Schneiderman ASCS 12 139

29 Brian Harris IMCA 12 139

30 Rich Clouser Whelen AA 10 141


31 Mark Winterbottom Aus V8 10 141

32 Justin Brayton AMASX 10 141

33 Jarrod Scheniderman ASCS 10 141

34 Tim Brown Wh So Mods 9 142

35 Tommy Johnson,Jr. NHRA 8 143

36 Eddie Krawiek NHRA 8 142

37 Elliott Sadler Nwide 8 143

38 Royal Jones ASCS 8 143

39 Lee Pulliam Whelen AA 8 143

40 Mike Nichola IMCA 8 143

41 Jimmy Owens Lucas Oil 7 144

42 .C.E. Falk III Whelen AA 7 144

43 Tasker Phillips ASCS 6 145

44 Carl Renezeder Lucas Oil Off Road 6 145

45 Paige Decker Whelen AA 6 145

46 Sammy Swindell WOO 6 145

47 Parker Kligerman Sprint Cup 5 146

48 Chase Elliott Nwide 5 146

49 Ty Dillon Nwide 5 146

50 Clint Bowyer Sprint Cup 5 146

51 John Carney II ASCS 5 146

52 Matt Covington ASCS 5 146

53 Justin Wilson IICS 5 146

54 Jason Johnson ASCS 5 146

55 Del Worsham NHRA 5 146

56 Alexis DeJoria NHRA 5 146

57 Ryan Gustin USMTS 4 147

58 Antron Brown NHRA 4 147

59 Tony Kanaan IICS 4 147

60 Brian Ickler Trucks 4 147

61 Darren Hagen USAC 4 147

62 Ryan Newman Sprint CUp 4 147

63 Kyle Larson Sprint Cup 4 147

64 Jacques Villeneuve Global Rallycross 4 147

65 Danica Patrick Sprint Cup 3 148

66 Scott Pruett USCR 2 149

67 Justin Barcia AMASX 1 150

68 Justin Allgaier Sprint Cup 1 150

69 James Buescher Nwide 1 150

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Open Wheel Win Boards : USAC and IndyCar 3-30-2014

Here is IndyMyIndy's USAC and IndyCar Win Boards and for the newly renamed Verizon IndyCar Series, which is a real life saver from IZOD's Early Departure from a contract with 2 Years to Go.

What stands out is the fact that with USAC, I will count winners on chronology, but, IndyCar , I will count on Wins.

Indianapolis will be Race and Pole Predictions for both the Grand Prix and the 98th Indianapolis 500, AND for the Indianapolis 500,ONLY, I will predict who starts 33rd and who actually qualifies 33rd for "The Greatest Spectactacle in Racing".

And now, here are my 2014 Winners as National Competitition will pick up in earnest Next Weekend.

1 69-Brady Bacon 2-20-2014

2 20-Bryan Clauson 2-22-2015

And, here is the 2014 Verizon IndyCar Series Win Board

1 12-Will Power 1

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The Repairs of Spring for IndyCar: Sam Hornish,Jr. and Cleveland

Since every year since IndyCar has became a single National Championship, the two chief discussion points is Sam Hornish,Jr. and Returning to Cleveland. Sam Hornish,Jr. should be in IndyCar end of story. He'd need to be associated with a Full Time, First Division Ride. There is not another better way around it.

And, as much as we are in love with Cleveland coming back, I would be happy to see Burke Lakefront Airport be redone as a Permenant Road Course. Since Cleveland is no longer a Hub City, I would feel better if Burke Lakefront Airport would be a Permenant Road Course. Cleveland, since about the Mid-1970s, has led the league in reinvention and that is not news. But, what is news, is I would feel strong enough to see Burke Lakefront be a Permenant Road Course because 6 Wide and Turn 1, where else will you get that?

And, Ford's Return to Open Wheel would be in 30 or 45 Days. I hate kicking the ball early, but, I would like to see a genuine article challenger to the Dallara. And, in my heart's eye, can't we have IndyCar at Knoxville or Iowa State Fair Speedway instead? It would take a lot of time and money to restart American Open Wheel at the longer range, namely getting your town involved again, and if we had an American in Formula One again, so be it, but, I feel happier if we weren't bullrushed Gene Haas or Kurt Busch in F1.

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Week 8 Driver of the Year

1 Reed Sorenson Sprint Cup 25 25

2 Austin Dillon Sprint Cup 16 54

3 Christopher Bell USAC 14 127

4 Josh Schneiderman ASCS 12 12

5 Jarrod Schneiderman ASCS 10 10

6 Mike Nichols IMCA 8 8

7 Brian Harris IMCA 6 6

8 Matt Covington ASCS 5 5

9 Ryan Newman Sprint Cup 4 4

10 .C.E. Falk III Whelen AA 3 7

11 Jason Johnson ASCS 2 5

12 Del Worsham NHRA 1 5

After 8 of 40 Events

1 Christopher Bell USAC 127  -

2 Austin Dillon Sprint Cup 54 73

3 Nicole Lyons Whelen AA 53 74

4 Shannon McIntosh ARCA 30 97

5 Michael Annett Sprint Cup 25 102

6 Spencer Pumpelly USCR 25 102

7 Jake Strayer ASCS 25 102

8 Reed Sorenson Sprint Cup 25 102

9 Travis Cope Whelen AA 22 105

10 Ryan Truex Sprint Cup 18 109

11 Johnathan Davenport Lucas Oil 16 111

12 Daniel Suarez Whelen AA 16 111

13 Reid Wilson Pro Cup 16 111

14 Alex Bowman Sprint Cup 14 113

15 Sam Hornish,Jr. Nwide 14 113

16 Ryan Gifford K and N 14 113

17 Kenny Wallace Nwide 14 113

18 Bryan Clauson USAC 14 113

19 Andy Eckrich IMCA 13 114

20 Cole Whitt Sprint Cup 12 115

21 Jeb Burton Trucks 12 115

22 Joao Barbosa USCR 12 115

23 Mike Wallace Nwide 12 115

24 Ricky Stenhouse,Jr. Sprint Cup 12 115

25 Steve Kinser WOO 12 115


26 Josh Schneiderman ASCS 12 115

27 Darrell Wallace,Jr. Trucks 10 117

28 Rich Clouser Whelen AA 10 117

29 Mark Winterbottom Aus V8 10 117

30 Justin Brayton AMASX 10 117


31 Jarrod Schneiderman ASCS 10 117

32 Tim Brown Wh So Mods 9 118

33 Tommy Johnson,Jr. NHRA 8 119

34 Eddie Krawiek NHRA 8 119

35 Elliott Sadler Nwide 8 119

36 Royal Jones ASCS 8 119

37 Lee Pulliam Whelen AA 8 119

38 Mike Nichols IMCA 8 119

39 Jimmy Owens Lucas Oil 7 120

40 .C.E. Falk III Whelen AA 7 120

41 Tasker Phillips ASCS 6 121

42 Carl Renezeder Lucas Oil Off Road 6 121

43 Paige Decker Whelen AA 6 121

44 Sammy Swindell WOO 6 121

45 Brian Harris IMCS 6 121

46 Parker Kligerman Sprint Cup 5 122

47 Chase Elliott Nwide 5 122

48 Ty Dillon Nwide 5 122

49 Clint Bowyer Sprint Cup 5 122

50 John Carney II ASCS 5 122

51 Justin Wilson IICS 5 122

52 Matt Covington ASCS 5 122

53 Jason Johnson ASCS 5 122

54 Del Worsham NHRA 5 122

55 Ryan Gustin USMTS 4 123

56 Antron Brown NHRA 4 123

57 Tony Kanaan IICS 4 123

58 Brian Ickler Trucks 4 123

59 Darren Hagen USAC 4 123

60 Ryan Newman Sprint Cup 4 123

61 Kyle Larson Sprint Cup 3 124

62 Danica Patrick Sprint Cup 3 124

63 Scott Pruett USCR 2 125

64 Justin Barcia AMASX 1 126

65 Justin Allgaier Sprint Cup 1 126

66 James Buescher Nwide 1 126

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Stock Car Bowl VI Win Board 3-23-2014

1 3-Austin Dillon (R)   11

2 83-Ryan Truex (R)   5

3 20-Matt Kenseth      4

4 34-David Ragan       4

5 11-Denny Hamlin     3    I

6 88-Dale Earnhardt,Jr. 3 5

7 17-Ricky Stenhouse,Jr. 3 6

8 7-Michael Annett (R) 3 7

9 42-Kyle Larson (R)   3 8

10 35-Eric McClure     3 9

11 18-Kyle Busch      2 10

12 26-Cole Whitt(R)   2 11

13 2-Brad Keselowski 2 12

14 1-Jamie McMurray 2 13

15 99-Carl Edwards  1 14

16 98-Josh Wise      1 15


17 15-Clint Bowyer 1 16

18 07-Daniel Suarez 1

19 22-Joey Logano 1

20 4-Kevin Harvick 1

21 5-Kasey Kahne 1

22 10-Danica Patrick 1

23 24-Jeff Gordon 1

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Stock Car Bowl VI Win Board 3-21-2014

1 3-Austin Dillon (R) 11

2 83-Ryan Truex (R) 5

3 20-Matt Kenseth   4

4 34-David Ragan   4

5 11-Denny Hamlin 3

6 88-Dale Earnhardt,Jr. 3

7 17-Ricky Stenhouse,Jr. 3

8  7-Michael Annett (R) 3

9 42-Kyle Larson (R)   3

10 35-Eric McClure    3

11 26-Cole Whitt (R) 2

12 2-Brad Keselowski 2

13 1-Jamie McMurray 2

14 99-Carl Edwards 1

15 98-Josh Wise    1

16 15-Clint Bowyer 1


17 07-Daniel Suarez 1

18 22-Joey Logano 1

19 4-Kevin Harvick 1

20 18-Kyle Busch 1

21 5-Kasey Kahne 1

22 10-Danica Patrick 1

23 24-Jeff Gordon 1

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Stock Car Bowl VI Win Board 3-16-2014

1 3-Austin Dillon (R)     11

2 83-Ryan Truex (R)      5

3 34-David Ragan         4

4 20-Matt Kenseth       3

5 11-Denny Hamlin     3

6 88-Dale Earnhardt,Jr. 3

7 17-Ricky Stenhouse,Jr. 3

8 7-Michael Annett (R)  3

9 42-Kyle Larson (R)    3

10 35-Eric McClure      3

11 26-Cole Whitt (R)  2

12 2-Brad Keselowski 2

13 1-Jamie McMurray 2

14 99-Carl Edwards  1

15 98-Josh Wise      1

16 15-Clint Bowyer  1


17 07-Daniel Suarez 1

18 22-Joey Logano  1

19 4-Kevin Harvick  1

20 18-Kyle Busch   1

21 5-Kasey Kahne 1

22 10-Danica Patrick 1

23 24-Jeff Gordon 1

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Stock Car Bowl VI Win Board Lap 125 3-16-2014

1 3-Austin Dillon (R)   11

2 83-Ryan Truex(R)     5

3 34-David Ragan        4

4 20-Matt Kenseth       3

5 11-Denny Hamlin     3

6 88-Dale Earnhardt,Jr. 3

7 17-Ricky Stenhouse,Jr. 3

8 7-Michael Annett (R)  3

9 42-Kyle Larson (R)  3

10 35-Eric McClure  3

11 26-Cole Whitt (R) 2

12 2-Brad Keselowski 2

13 1-Jamie McMurray 2

14 98-Josh Wise       1

15 15-Clint Bowyer  1

16 07-Daniel Suarez 1


17 22-Joey Logano 1

18 4-Kevin Harvick 1

19 18-Kyle Busch 1

20 5-Kasey Kahne 1

21 10-Danica Patrick 1

22 24-Jeff Gordon 1

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Stock Car Bowl VI After 2 of 21 Events

                                                                  -              W           P          W-L

1  3-Austin Dillon (R)    277                         -                3                       7-1

2 83-Ryan Truex (R)     144                     133               1                        4-0

3  7-Michael Annett (R) 132                    145                2                       1-1

4 34-David Ragan           99                   178                                         4-2

5 42-Kyle Larson (R)       87                   190                              1         1-1

6 26-Cole Whitt (R)        75                    202                1            1         0-0

7 17-Ricky Stenhouse,Jr. 75                   202                                         3-2

8 35-Eric McClure           66                   211                1                       2-1

9 88-Dale Earnhardt,Jr.  61                   216                                         2-2

10 43-Aric Amiorla        57                   220                                        0-1

11 66-Michael Waltrip   45                   232                                        0-0

12 36-Reed Sorenson   45                  232                                         0-0

13  1-Jamie McMurray 40                   237                                         2-2

14 23-Alex Bowman (R) 39               238                                          0-0

15 52-Bobby LaBonte 38                  239                                         0-0

16 72-Nicole Lyons    37                  240                                         0-0

17 30-Parker Kligerman (R) 35        242                                         0-0

18 10-Danica Patrick          34         243                                         1-1

19 07-Daniel Suarez          31         246          1                             0-0

20 98-Josh Wise               29         248          1                             0-0

21 15-Clint Bowyer           28        249          1                              0-0

22 51-Justin Allgaier (R)   26        251                                         0-0

23 97-Kelsey Bauer         25        252                                         0-0

24 8-Jeffrey Earnhardt    23        255                                         0-0

25 95-Michael McDowell 23         255                                        0-0

26 79-Kyle Fowler         22         255                                        0-0

27 55-Brian Vickers       22        255                                         0-0

28 31-Ryan Newman    22        255                                          0-0

29  5-Kasey Kahne       21       256                                           1-2

30 24-Jeff Gordon        21       256                                           1-1

31 20-Matt Kenseth     20       257                                           1-1

32 40-Landon Cassill  19        258                                           0-0

33 33-Brian Scott       18       259                                           0-0

34 77-Dave Blaney     18       259                                           0-0

35 61-Johanna Long    17     260                                           0-0


36 00-David Reutimann 16 261                                            0-0

37 21-Trevor Bayne       16 261                                           0-0

38 48-Jimmie Johnson   16 261                                           0-1

39 44-JJ Yeley              12 265                                           0-0

40 68-Chrissie Wallace   10 267                                          0-0

41 14-Tony Stewart       10 267                                          0-0

42 92-Brian Keselowski   8 269                                           0-0

43  9-Marcos Ambrose   6  271                                           0-1

44 2-Brad Keselowski    5 272                                            0-2

45 22-Joey Logano        5 272                                           0-1

46 38-David Gilliand     4 273                                            0-1

47 4-Kevin Harvick       3 274                                            0-1

48 27-Paul Menard        3 274                                           0-1

49 16-Greg Biffle         0 277                                            0-1

50 99-Carl Edwards     0 277                                            0-1

51 11-Denny Hamlin   0 277                                            0-1

52 18-Kyle Busch       0 277                                            0-1

Stock Car Bowl VI Win Board

1 3-Austin Dillon (R) 11

2 83-Ryan Truex (R) 5

3 34-David Ragan    4

4 11-Denny Hamlin 3

5 88-Dale Earnhardt,Jr. 3

6 17-Ricky Stenhouse,Jr. 3

7 7-Michael Annett (R)   3

8 42-Kyle Larson (R)     3

9 35-Eric McClure         3

10 26-Cole Whitt (R)   2

11 2-Brad Keselowski  2

12 20-Matt Kenseth    2

13 1-Jamie McMurray 2

14 98-Josh Wise        1

15 15-Clint Bowyer    1

16 07-Daniel Suarez  1


17 22-Joey Logano  1

18 4-Kevin Harvick 1

19 18-Kyle Busch  1

20 5-Kasey Kahne 1

21 10-Danica Patrick 1

22 24-Jeff Gordon 1

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Lap 500 of the Food City 500 Finishing Order

1 (1)  3-Austin Dillon (R)   25  10  35         277

2 (22) 00-David Reutimann    16                 16

3 (3) 72-Nicole Lyons            14                 37

4 (6) 43-Aric Amirola            12                 57

5 (23) 68-Chrissie Wallace    10                10

6 (19) 44-JJ Yeley                 8                12

7 (14) 51-Justin Allgaier (R)  6                26

8 (11) 97-Kelsey Bauer         5                25

9 (17) 07-Daniel Suarez        4               31

10 (5) 95-Michael McDowell  3               26

11 (9) 79-Kyle Fowler          2               22

12 (20) 40-Landon Cassill    1              19

13 (12) 98-Josh Wise

14 (4) 8-Jeffrey Earnhardt

15 (7) 36-Reed Sorenson

16 (8) 89-Kelly Bires

17 (25) 42-Kyle Larson (R)

18 (24) 33-Brian Scott

19 (10) 61-Johanna Long 429 Engine

20 (27) 83-Ryan Truex (R) 383 Engine

21 (16) 7-Michael Annett (R) 361 Engine

22 (13) 52-Bobby LaBonte   329 Crash

23 (18) 22-Joey Logano       329 Crash

24 (26) 30-Parker Kligerman (R) 308 Engine

25 (15) 26-Cole Whitt (R)         275 Engine

26 (21) 77-Dave Blaney           262 Engine

27 (2) 23-Alex Bowman (R)    255 Engine


28 6-Chris Buescher    148 Engine

29 31-Ryan Newman     66 Crash

30 55-Brian Vickers       66 Crash

31 15-Clint Bowyer         8 Engine

Lap Leaders:

Dillon 251-253

Bowman 254-255

Lyons 256-259

Earnhardt 260-265

McDowell 266-271

Amirola 272-276

Sorenson 277-278

Dillon 279-290

Bires 291-303

Fowler 304-310

Long 311

Bauer 312-319

Dillon 320-331

Wise 332-337

Dillon 338-344

Allgaier 345-355

Suarex 356-367

Yeley 368-375

Dillon 376-385

Cassill 386

Dillon 387-404

Wallace 405-413

Scott 414

Larson 415-421

Dillon 422-434

Suarez 435-443

Dillon 444-500

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Lap 251 of the Food City 500 Starting Lineup

Row 1

 3-Austin Dillon (R)

23-Alex Bowman (R)

Row 2

72-Nicole Lyons

  8-Jeffrey Earnhardt

Row 3

95-Michael McDowell

43-Aric Amirola

Row 4

36-Reed Sorenson

89-Kelly Bires

Row 5

79-Kyle Fowler

61-Johanna Long

Row 6

97-Kelsey Bauer

98-Josh Wise

Row 7

52-Bobby LaBonte

51-Justin Allgaier (R)

Row 8

26-Cole Whitt (R)

 7-Michael Annett (R)

Row 9

07-Daniel Suarez

22-Joey Logano

Row 10

44-JJ Yeley

40-Landon Cassill

Row 11

77-Dave Blaney

00-David Reutimann

Row 12

68-Chrissie Wallace

33-Brian Scott

Row 13

42-Kyle Larson (R)

30-Parker Kligerman (R)

Row 14

83-Ryan Truex (R)

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Stock Car Bowl VI Standings After Lap 251 of the Food City 500

                                                                       -             W            P            W-L

1 3-Austin Dillon (R)                 242                   -             2                           7-1

2 83-Ryan Truex (R)                144                  98            1                           4-0

3  7-Michael Annett (R)            132                110            2                           1-1

4 34-David Ragan                     99                143                                         4-2

5 42-Kyle Larson (R)                87                145                            1            1-1

6 26-Cole Whitt (R)                 75                157              1            1             0-0

7 17-Ricky Stenhouse,Jr.        75                 157                                          3-2

8 35-Eric McClure                  66                 166            1                             2-1

9 88-Dale Earnhardt,Jr.          61                171                                          2-2

10 66-Michael Waltrip            45                197                                          0-0

11 43-Aric Amirola                45               197                                          0-1

12  36-Reed Sorenson         45                 197                                          0-0

13  1-Jamie McMurray         40                202                                           2-2

14 23-Alex Bowman (R)     39                 203                                           0-0

15 52-Bobby LaBonte        38                 204                                          0-0

16 30-Parker Kligerman (R) 35              207                                           0-0

17 10-Danica Patrick          34              208                                           1-1

18 98-Josh Wise               29               213         1                                0-0

19 15-Clint Bowyer          28               214         1                                0-0

20 07-Daniel Suarez        27              215          1                                0-0

21 72-Nicole Lyons         23              219                                            0-0

22  8-Jeffrey Earnhardt  23              219                                            0-0

23 95-Michael McDowell 23             219                                             0-0

24 55-Brian Vickers       22             220                                             0-0

25 31-Ryan Newman     22             220                                             0-0

26 5-Kasey Kahne        21              221                                            1-2

27 24-Jeff Gordon        21              221                                            1-1

28 20-Matt Kenseth     20              222                                            1-1

29 51-Justin Allgaier (R) 20           222                                             0-0

30 79-Kyle Fowler        20             222                                             0-0

31 97-Kelsey Bauer      20            222                                              0-0

32 40-Landon Cassill    18            224                                              0-0

33 33-Brian Scott         18           224                                              0-0

34 77-Dave Blaney        18         224                                              0-0

35 61-Johanna Long      17        225                                               0-0


36 21-Trevor Bayne    16        226                                               0-0

37 89-Kelly Bires        16        226                                               0-0

38 48-Jimmie Johnson 16       226                                              0-1

39 14-Tony Stewart    10       232                                             0-0

40 92-Brian Keselowski  8     234                                             0-0

41  9-Marcos Ambrose   6    236                                              0-1

42 2-Brad Keselowski    5    237                                              0-2

43 22-Joey Logano       5    237                                              0-1

44 38-David Gilliand    4    238                                              0-1

45 44-JJ Yeley            4    238                                               0-0

46  4-Kevin Harvick    3   239                                               0-1

47 27-Paul Menard     3  239                                                0-0

48 16-Greg Biffle       0 242                                                 0-1

49 99-Carl Edwards    0 242                                                0-1

50 11-Denny Hamlin   0 242                                               0-1

51 18-Kyle Busch       0 242                                                0-1

Stock Car Bowl VI Win Board As of Lap 251 of the Food City 500

1 3-Austin Dillon (R)   10

2 83-Ryan Truex (R)   5

3 34-David Ragan      4

4 88-Dale Earnhardt,Jr. 3

5 17-Ricky Stenhouse,Jr. 3

6 7-Michael Annett (R)  3

7 42-Kyle Larson (R)   3

8 35-Eric McClure       3

9 26-Cole Whitt (R)    2

10 2-Brad Keselowski  2

11 11-Denny Hamlin  2

12 20-Matt Kenseth  2

13 1-Jamie McMurray 2

14 98-Josh Wise   1

15 15-Clint Bowyer 1

16 07-Daniel Suarez 1


17 22-Joey Logano 1

18 4-Kevin Harvick 1

19 18-Kyle Busch  1

20 5-Kasey Kahne 1

21 10-Danica Patrick 1

22 24-Jeff Gordon 1

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Stock Car Bowl VI Points Standings After Lap 250 of the Food City 500

                                                                         -             W        P        W-L

1 3-Austin Dillon (R)                        217             -              1                  7-1

2 83-Ryan Truex (R)                       144             73            1                  4-0

3  7-Michael Annett (R)                   132            85             2                 1-1

4 34-David Ragan                            99          118                                 4-2

5 42-Kyle Larson (R)                       87           130                         1     1-1

6 26-Cole Whitt (R)                         75          142            1            1    0-0

7 17-Ricky Stenhouse,Jr.                 75          142                                3-2

8 35-Eric McClure                          66           151            1                  2-1

9 88-Dale Earnhardt,Jr.                 61           156                                  2-2

10 66-Michael Waltrip                  45            172                                 0-0

11 1-Jamie McMurray                  40            177                                 2-2

12 36-Reed Sorenson                 39             178                               0-0

13 52-Bobby LaBonte                38              179                                0-0

14 43-Aric Amirola                    37              180                                0-1

15 30-Parker Kligerman (R)      35              182                                0-0

16 10-Danica Patrick               34               183                               1-1

17 98-Josh Wise                     29               188      1                      0-0

18 15-Clint Bowyer                 28               189      1                      0-0

19 07-Daniel Suarez               27                190     1                      0-0

20 23-Alex Bowman (R)         23                194                              0-0

21 55-Brian Vickers              22                 195                             0-0

22 31-Ryan Newman           22                 195                              0-0

23  5-Kasey Kahne              21                 196                             1-2

24 24-Jeff Gordon              21                 196                              1-1

25 20-Matt Kenseth          20                   197                              1-1

26 51-Justin Allgaier(R)   20                    197                              0-0

27 97-Kelsey Bauer         18                    199                               0-0

28 40-Landon Cassill       18                    199                               0-0

29 33-Brian Scott            18                   199                                0-0

30 77-Dave Blaney          18                   199                                0-0

31 79-Kyle Fowler           16                   201                                0-0

32 21-Trevor Bayne        16                   201                                0-0

33 48-Jimmie Johnson     16                 201                                 0-1

34 61-Johanna Long        14                 203                                  0-0

35 89-Kelly Bires             11                206                                  0-0


36 14-Tony Stewart        10                207                                  0-0

37 95-Michael McDowell     9              208                                   0-0

38 8-Jeffrey Earnhardt       9             208                                    0-0

39 72-Nicole Lyons           9              208                                    0-0

40 92-Brian Keselowski    8              209                                    0-0

41 9-Marcos Ambrose      6              211                                     0-1

42  2-Brad Keselowski     5              212                                      0-2

43 22-Joey Logano         5              212                                      0-1

44 38-David Gilliand      4               213                                     0-1

45 44-JJ Yeley               4              213                                     0-0

46 4-Kevin Harvick         3              214                                    0-1

47 27-Paul Menard         3             214                                     0-0

48 16-Greg Biffle           0             217                                    0-1

49 99-Carl Edwards       0            217                                    0-1

50 11-Denny Hamlin     0            217                                     0-1

51 18-Kyle Busch         0            217                                     0-1

Stock Car Bowl VI Win Board After Lap 250 of the Food City 500

1 3-Austin Dillon (R)                       9

2 83-Ryan Truex (R)                       5

3 34-David Ragan                           4

4 88-Dale Earnhardt,Jr.                   3

5 17-Ricky Stenhouse,Jr.                3

6 7-Michael Annett (R)                   3

7 42-Kyle Larson (R)                     3

8 35-Eric McClure                         3

9 26-Cole Whitt (R)                      2

10 2-Brad Keselowski                   2

11 11-Denny Hamlin                  2

12 20-Matt Kenseth                   2

13  1-Jamie McMurray              2

14 98-Josh Wise                      1

15 15-Clint Bowyer                  1

16 07-Daniel Suarez               1


17 22-Joey Logano                1

18 4-Kevin Harvick                 1

19 18-Kyle Busch                   1

20  5-Kasey Kahne                 1

21 10-Danica Patrick              1

22 24-Jeff Gordon                 1

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If Ayrton Senna was Alive Today, He'd be 54 and Apalled at the State Of F1

It blows my mind that Ayrton Senna would have been 54 today if he was alive today. And what is worse, the state of F1 is an uncivilized hate crime and uglier than inexcusable. The rivalries in racing that made and still make my life are Cruz Pedregon vs. John Force, Matt Hagan vs. John Force, Ayrton Senna vs. Alain Prost, Mike Eddy vs. Bob Senneker and Mario Andretti vs. AJ Foyt.

People, sadly, remembered Ayrton Senna's death and where they where when they heard it or news of it, more than his birthday. To me, I would have still paid $$$ to see Dale Earnhardt vs. Ayrton Senna as I was never an Earnhardt, never had been, never will be, and loyalty and pride matter to a man like me.

I still look at Mark Webber's Replacement as "Who's That Guy?" To me, I want folks who will be here for good for the rest of my life and then some and to me, I don't need Kurt Busch to be in F1 to restart my F1 Allegiance. I would love a good American Owner/Driver after the fact Lewis Hamilton is galding the World's Races worse than Schumi, Sir Jackie, and Senna ever wanted and losing Senna took away another Sir Jackie Stewart. To me, I take pride in the victory if it happened 1 Time or 100 Times and people got to remember the McDonald's Way of having 50 to 80 Percent Returning Customers to earn their home in the establishment.

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Lap 251 Inversion Between 2 and 27 IS....

Lap 251 Inversion Between 2 and 27 IS..... 12

 3-Austin Dillon (R)   25   242

23-Alex Bowman (R) 16    39

72-Nicole Lyons        14    23

 8-Jeffrey Earnhardt  12    23

95-Michael McDowell 10  23

43-Aric Amirola          8  45

36-Reed Sorenson     6  45

89-Kelly Bires            5 16

79-Kyle Fowler          4 20

61-Johanna Long      3 17

97-Kelsey Bauer       2 20

98-Josh Wise           1 29

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Food City 500 Lap 250 Finishing Order

1 (20) 98- Josh Wise                     25                        28

2 (21) 97-Kelsey Bauer                           16              18

3 (19) 61-Johanna Long                          14              14

4 (18) 79-Kyle Fowler                             12              16

5 (23) 89-Kelly Bires                              10              11

6 (24) 36-Reed Sorenson                         8              39

7 (25) 43-Aric Amirola                             6              37

8 (17) 95-Michael McDowell                     5                9

9 (16) 8-Jeffrey Earnhardt                      4                 9

10 (13) 72-Nicole Lyons                         3                 9

11 (14) 23-Alex Bowman (R)                 2               23

12 (7)  3-Austin Dillon (R)                     1             217

13 (6) 52-Bobby LaBonte

14 (9) 51-Justin Allgaier (R)

15 (1) 26-Cole Whitt (R)

16 (2) 7-Michael Annett (R)

17 (11) 07-Daniel Suarez

18 (15) 22-Joey Logano

19 (22) 44-JJ Yeley

20 (26) 40-Landon Cassill

21 (27) 77-Dave Blaney

22 (29) 00-David Reutimann

23 (30) 68-Chrissie Wallace

24 (28) 33-Brian Scott

25 (3) 42-Kyle Larson (R)

26 (10) 30-Parker Kligerman (R)

27 (4) 83-Ryan Truex (R)

28 (31) 6-Chris Buescher                       148 Engine

29 (8) 31-Ryan Newman                          66 Crash

30 (5) 55-Brian Vickers                           66 Crash

31 (12) 15-Clint Bowyer                           8 Engine

Lap Leaders:

Whitt 1

Annett 2-3

Larson 4-6

Truex 7-10

Dillon 11-13

Allgaier 14-17

Kligerman 18-19

Bowman 20-23

Vickers 24-26

LaBonte 27-28

Newman 29-32

Suarez 33-37

Lyons 38-43

Bowman 44-47

Logano 48-53

Earnhardt 54-57

McDowell 58-63

Fowler 64-71

Long 72-76

Wise 77-79

Bauer 80-84

Bires 85-90

Sorenson 91-96

Amirola 97-101

Cassill 102-108

Blaney 109-111

Scott 112-116

Reutimann 117-121

Wallace 122-127

Buescher 128-131

Whitt 132-139

Annett 140-144

Larson 145-150

Truex 151-153

LaBonte 154-157

Dillon 158-164

Newman 165-168

Allgaier 169-174

Kligerman 175-179

Suarez 180-192

Lyons 193-201

Bowman 202-209

Logano 210-217

Earnhardt 218-224

McDowell 225-238

Lyons 239-244

Wise 245-250

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Food City 500 Lap 1 Starting Lineup

Row 1

26-Cole Whitt (R)

 7-Michael Annett (R)

Row 2

42-Kyle Larson (R)

83-Ryan Truex (R)

Row 3

55-Brian Vickers

52-Bobby LaBonte

Row 4

 3-Austin Dillon (R)

31-Ryan Newman

Row 5

51-Justin Allgaier (R)

30-Parker Kligerman (R)

Row 6

07-Daniel Suarez

15-Clint Bowyer

Row 7

72-Nicole Lyons

23-Alex Bowman (R)

Row 8

22-Joey Logano

 8-Jeffrey Earnhardt

Row 9

95-Michael McDowell

79-Kyle Fowler

Row 10

61-Johanna Long

98-Josh Wise

Row 11

97-Kelsey Bauer

44-JJ Yeley

Row 12

89-Kelly Bires

36-Reed Sorenson

Row 13

43-Aric Amirola

40-Landon Cassill

Row 14

77-Dave Blaney

33-Brian Scott

Row 15

00-David Reutimann

68-Chrissie Wallace

Row 16

 6-Chris Buescher

Guys (Or Girls) Who Did Not Qualify

28-Grant Enfinger 1

13-Casey Mears 1

93-Morgan Shepard 2

 0-Darrell Wallace,Jr. 1

87-Joe Nemechek  2

90-Jeff Burton     1

 2-Brad Keselowski 1

34-David Ragan  1

50-David Stremme 1

99-Carl Edwards  1

  9-Marcos Ambrose 1

88-Dale Earnhardt, Jr. 1

63-Blake Koch 1

20-Matt Kenseth 1

48-Jimmie Johnson 1

66-Michael Waltrip 1

14-Tony Stewart 1

10-Danica Patrick 1

47-AJ Allemindinger 2

18-Kyle Busch 1

94-David Mayhew 1

17-Ricky Stenhouse,Jr. 1

21-Trevor Bayne 1

81-Elliott Sadler 1

 1-Jamie McMurray 1

92-Brian Keselowski 1

38-David Gilliand 1

03-Ty Dillon 1

01-Jeb Burton 1

12-Ryan Blaney 1

27-Paul Menard 1

54-Sam Hornish,Jr. 1

32-Terry LaBonte 2

35-Eric McClure 1

11-Denny Hamlin 1

16-Greg Biffle 1

 5-Kasey Kahne 1

 4-Kevin Harvick 1

78-Martin Truex,Jr. 1

41-Kurt Busch  1

24-Jeff Gordon 1

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Stock Car Bowl VI After Bristol Inversions

                                                         -         W       P      W-L

1 3-Austin Dillon (R)            216         -          1              7-1

2 83-Ryan Truex (R)           144       72          1              4-0

3 7-Michael Annett (R)        132      84          2              1-1

4 34-David Ragan                99     117                         4-2

5 42-Kyle Larson (R)           87     129                    1   1-1

6 26-Cole Whitt (R)            75      141                    1  0-0

7 17-Ricky Stenhouse,Jr.   75       141                        3-2

8 35-Eric McClure             66       150       1               2-1

9 88-Dale Earnhardt,Jr.    61       155                        2-2

10 66-Michael Waltrip     45        171                        0-0

11 1-Jamie McMurray     40        176                        2-2

12 52-Bobby LaBonte    38         178                        0-0

13 30-Parker Kligerman (R) 35   181                       0-0

14 10-Danica Patrick      34        182                       1-1

15 36-Reed Sorenson     31       185                        0-0

16 43-Aric Amirola         31        185                       0-1

17 15-Clint Bowyer       28         188  1                  0-0

18 07-Daniel Suarez      27        189 1                  0-0

19 55-Brian Vickers       22        194                    0-0

20 31-Ryan Newman      22       194                    0-0

21  5-Kasey Kahne        21        195                   1-2

22 23-Alex Bowman (R)  21      195                   0-0

23 24-Jeff Gordon          21      195                   1-1

24 20-Matt Kenseth      20        196                  1-1

25 51-Justin Allgaier(R) 20       196                  0-0

26 40-Landon Cassill     18       198                 0-0

27 77-Dave Blaney       18       198                 0-0

28 33-Brian Scott         18        198                0-0

29 21-Trevor Bayne     16        200                0-0

30 48-Jimmie Johnson 16       200                 0-1

31 14-Tony Stewart    10        206                0-0

32 92-Brian Keselowski   8      208               0-0

33  9-Marcos Ambrose    6      210               0-1

34 72-Nicole Lyons        6       210              0-0

35 2-Brad Keselowski    5      211               0-2


36 22-Joey Logano        5    211                 0-1

37 8-Jeffrey Earnhardt   5   211                  0-0

38 38-David Gilliand      4  212                   0-1

39 95-Michael McDowell 4  212                  0-0

40 79-Kyle Fowler         4  212                   0-0

41 44-JJ Yeley              4  212                   0-0

42 4-Kevin Harvick       3 213                    0-1

43 27-Paul Menard       3 213                    0-0

44 61-Johanna Long    3  213                    0-0

45 98-Josh Wise          3 213                    0-0

46 97-Kelsey Bauer     2  214                   0-0

47 89-Kelly Bires        1  215                    0-0

48 16-Greg Biffle        0 216                     0-1

49 99-Carl Edwards     0 216                    0-1

50 11-Denny Hamlin   0 216                    0-1

51 18-Kyle Busch      0 216                    0-1

Stock Car Bowl VI Win Board After Food City 500 Inversion

1 3-Austin Dillon (R)    9

2 83-Ryan Truex (R)    5

3 34-David Ragan       4

4 88-Dale Earnhardt,Jr. 3

5 17-Ricky Stenhouse,Jr. 3

6 7-Michael Annett (R)  3

7 42-Kyle Larson (R)    3

8 35-Eric McClure        3

9 2-Brad Keselowski    2

10 11-Denny Hamlin   2

11 20-Matt Kenseth   2

12 1-Jamie McMurray 2

13 26-Cole Whitt (R) 1

14 15-Clint Bowyer  1

15 07-Daniel Suarez 1

16 22-Joey Logano  1


17 4-Kevin Harvick  1

18 18-Kyle Busch   1

19 5-Kasey Kahne  1

20 10-Danica Patrick 1

21 24-Jeff Gordon 1

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Lap 1 Inversion # Between 2 and 31 Is...

The Lap 1 Inversion # Between 2 and 31 is 12 and here are the inverted points standings..

26- Cole Whitt (R)     25    75

 7-Michael Annett (R) 16   132

42-Kyle Larson  (R)   14  87

83-Ryan Truex (R)    12  144

55-Brian Vickers      10   22

52-Bobby LaBonte     8  38

 3-Austin Dillon (R)   6   216

31-Ryan Newman     5   22

51-Justin Allgaier (R) 4 20

30-Parker Kligerman (R) 3 35

07-Daniel Suarez       2 27

15-Clint Bowyer       1 28

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Stock Car Bowl VI After Twin 250s


                                                                -        W        P         W-L

1 3-Austin Dillon (R)                 210           -          1                   7-1

2 83-Ryan Truex (R)                132          78         1                    4-0

3  7-Michael Annett (R)            116         94          2                   1-1

4 34-David Ragan                     99        111                               4-2

5 17-Ricky Stenhouse,Jr.           75        135                               3-2

6 42-Kyle Larson (R)                73         137                    1         1-1

7 35-Eric McClure                    66          144         1                    2-1

8 88-Dale Earnhardt,Jr.           61          149                              2-2

9 26-Cole Whitt                       50         160                             0-0

10 66-Michael Waltrip              45         165                            0-0

11  1-Jamie McMurray             40         170                            2-2

12 10-Danica Patrick              34         176                             1-1

13 30-Parker Kilgerman (R)   32          178                             0-0

14 36-Reed Sorenson            31          179                           0-0

15 43-Aric Amirola               31          179                            0-1

16 52-Bobby LaBonte          30          180                            0-0

17 15-Clint Bowyer             27          183      1                    0-0

18 07-Daniel Suarez          25          185       1                    0-0

19 5-Kasey Kahne             21          189                            1-2

20 23-Alex Bowman (R)    21          189                            0-0

21 24-Jeff Gordon            20          190                            1-1

22 20-Matt Kenseth          20         190                            1-1

23 40-Landon Cassill        18         192                             0-0

24 77-Dave Blaney          18         192                             0-0

25 33-Brian Scott           18         192                              0-0

26 31-Ryan Newman      17         193                             0-0

27 21-Trevor Bayne        16         194                            0-0

28 48-Jimmie Johnson    16         194                             0-1

29 51-Justin Allgaier (R) 16         194                             0-0

30 55-Brian Vickers        12        198                              0-0

31 14-Tony Stewart        10        200                             0-0

32 92-Brian Keselowski     8        202                            0-0

33  9-Marcos Ambrose      6        204                             0-1

34 72-Nicole Lyons          6         204                            0-0

35 2-Brad Keselowski       5        205                            0-2


36 22-Joey Logano           5      205                             0-1

37  8-Jeffrey Earnhardt    5       205                             0-0

38 38-David Gilliand        4       206                             0-1

39 95-Michael McDowell   4        206                            0-0

40 79-Kyle Fowler           4        206                             0-0

41  44-JJ Yeley              4         206                             0-0

42  4-Kevin Harvick        3         207                            0-1

43 27-Paul Menard         3         207                             0-0

44 61-Johanna Long       3        207                              0-0

45 98-Josh Wise            3        207                               0-0

46 97-Kelsey Bauer       2        208                               0-0

47 89-Kelly Bires           1        209                                 0-0

48 16-Greg Biffle           0       210                                 0-1

49 99-Carl Edwards       0       210                                 0-1

50 11-Denny Hamlin     0       210                                  0-1

51 18-Kyle Busch         0        210                                 0-1

Stock Car Bowl VI Win Board

1 3-Austin Dillon (R)          9

2 83-Ryan Truex (R)         5

3 34-David Ragan             4

4 88-Dale Earnhardt,Jr.    3

5 17-Ricky Stenhouse,Jr.  3

6  7-Michael Annett (R)     3

7 42-Kyle Larson (R)        3

8 35-Eric McClure             3

9 2-Brad Keselowski        2

10 11-Denny Hamlin       2

11 20-Matt Kenseth        2

12 1-Jamie McMurray      2

13 15-Clint Bowyer        1

14 07-Daniel Suarez       1

15 22-Joey Logano         1

16 4-Kevin Harvick         1


17 18-Kyle Busch          1

18 5-Kasey Kahne         1

19 10-Danica Patrick     1

20 24-Jeff Gordon        1


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Bristol Twin 250s Race #2

1 (27) 07-Daniel Suarez         25   2nd    25

2 (26) 51-Justin Allgaier (R)   16  4th     16

3 (1)    3-Austin Dillon (R)     14  6th     210

4 (24) 55-Brian Vickers         12  8th       12

5 (3)  42-Kyle Larson (R)      10 10th      73

6 (10) 26-Cole Whitt (R)         8 12th      50

7 (15) 23-Alex Bowman (R)    6 14th      21

8 (28)  8-Jeffrey Earnhardt    5 16th       5

9 (32) 79-Kyle Fowler           4 18th       4

10 (22) 98-Josh Wise           3 20th        3

11 (19) 44-JJ Yeley             2 22nd        4

12 (11) 36-Reed Sorenson   1 24th       31

13 (12) 40-Landon Cassill      26th

14 (13) 33-Brian Scott          28th

15 (31) 68-Chrissie Wallace  30th


16 (36) 94-David Mayhew

17 (5) 17-Ricky Stenhouse,Jr.

18 (14) 21-Trevor Bayne

19 (33) 81-Elliott Sadler

20 (4) 1-Jamie McMurray

21 (16) 92-Brian Keselowski

22 (17) 38-David Gilliand

23 (34) 03-Ty Dillon

24 (36) 01-Jeb Burton

25 (29) 12-Ryan Blaney

26 (18) 27-Paul Menard

27 (30) 54-Sam Hornish,Jr.

28 (23) 32-Terry LaBonte

29 (2) 35-Eric McClure    160 Crash

30 (6) 11-Denny Hamlin  123 Engine

31 (20) 16-Greg Biffle      86 Transmission

32 (8) 5-Kasey Kahne      60 Engine

33 (7) 4-Kevin Harvick     33 Engine

34 (21) 78-Martin Truex,Jr.  20 Crash

35 (25) 41-Kurt Busch         20 Crash

36 (9)  24-Jeff Gordon          4 Engine

Lap Leaders:

A. Dillon 1-2

McClure 3-5

Larson 6-8

McMurray 9-12

Stenhouse,Jr. 13-18

Hamlin 19-23

Harvick 24

Kahne 25-30

Whitt 31-34

Sorenson 35-39

Cassill 40-44

Scott 45-51

Bayne 52-57

Bowman 58-64

Brian Keselowski 65-68

Gilliand 69-74

Menard 75-80

Yeley 81-83

Biffle 84-86

Wise 87-91

T. LaBonte 92-95

Vickers 96-104

Allgaier 105-106

Suarez 107-110

Earnhardt 111-114

R. Blaney 115-119

Hornish,Jr. 120-124

Wallace 125-128

Fowler 129-134

Sadler 135-141

T. Dillon 142-146

Mayhew 147-150

Jeb Burton 151-153

A. Dillon 154-162

Larson 163-166

McMurray 167-173

Stenhouse,Jr. 174-180

Whitt 181-186

Sorenson 187-191

Cassill 192-197

Scott 198-202

Bayne 203-207

Bowman 208-214

Brian Keselowski 215-218

Gilliand 219-220

Menard 221

Yeley 222-225

Wise 226-228

T. LaBonte 229-233

Vickers 234-239

Allgaier 240-243

Suarez 244-250

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Unreal Times

I find that luck has nothing to do with nothing this St. Patrick's Day. I find, nothing is amusing with American Heroes falling off the vine or beacons in our real life I still want to hear out in the silence like yesterday didn't leave. Like it or not, people remember who should have been in and in to win instead of being cheated out of their day.

Also, I feel in my heart's eye, I'd be wanting American History to start finding a way into Sports, Entertainment, Popular Culture and Culture. People take pride in their work instead of being insulted and slurred to Mars. To me, I'd rather get to where Loyalty is a good thing instead of being stuck as a shifty two-bit who's lone games are nefariously dark.

What is scary is The Bettenhausens are a real curse and not just a Bostonian One. People forget Chicago Cubs have been pocked with tragedy,too and the sad thing is, tragedy and missed oppurtunities go hand in hand. People who ain't got tommorow will rise and shine faster than Hardee's Biscuits and the truth is, I'd still want Role Models for Kids to help a man's family and I'd see that I'd rather see Winston Cups rise again from Trans Ams to ASA and Busch Grand Nationals fill our pollen from BGN to Indy Lights, because if your owner is Leo from "That '70s Show", I'd run out the door like it was Drake Relays.

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Bristol Twin 250s Race #1 Finishing Order

1 (19) 15-Clint Bowyer                     25 1st 27

2 (14) 30-Parker Kligerman (R)        16 3rd 32

3 (18) 31-Ryan Newman                 14 5th 17

4 (12) 52-Bobby LaBonte                12 7th 30

5 (1) 83-Ryan Truex (R)                  10 9th 132

6 (3) 7-Michael Annett (R)                 8 11th 116

7 (32) 72-Nicole Lyons                      6 13th  6

8 (7) 22-Joey Logano                       5 15th  5

9 (23) 95-Michael McDowell              4 17th 4

10 (31) 61-Johanna Long                 3 19th 3

11 (33) 97-Kelsey Bauer                  2 21st 2

12 (34) 89-Kelly Bires                     1 23rd 1

13 (11) 43-Aric Amirola                      25th

14 (13) 77-Dave Blaney                     27th

15 (27) 00-David Reutimann              29th

16 (28) 6-Chris Buescher                   31sy


17 (29) 28-Grant Enfinger

18 (21) 13-Casey Mears

19 (26) 93-Morgan Shepard

20 (36) 0-Darrell Wallace,Jr.

21 (25) 87-Joe Nemechek

22 (35) 90-Jeff Burton

23 (6) 2-Brad Keselowski                  218 Engine

24 (2) 34-David Ragan                     211 Engine

25 (26) 50-David Stremme               190 Crash

26 (21) 99-Carl Edwards                  160 Crash

27 (17) 9-Marcos Ambrose               146 Crash

28 (5) 88-Dale Earnhardt,Jr.            115 Engine

29 (20) 63-Blake Koch                     104 Engine

30 (4) 20-Matt Kenseth                     57 Engine

31 (15) 48-Jimmie Johnson               47 Engine

32 (10) 66-Michael Waltrip                36 Crash

33 (16) 14-Tony Stewart                   36 Crash

34 (9) 10-Danica Patrick                   17 Crash

35 (24) 47-AJ Allemindinger            13 Crash

36 (8) 18-Kyle Busch                        4 Engine

Lap Leaders:

Truex 1

Ragan 2-5

Annett 6

Kenseth 7-10

Earnhardt,Jr. 11

Brad Keselowski 12-14

Logano 15

Patrick 16-17

Waltrip 18-20

Amirola 21

B. LaBonte 22-25

D. Blaney 26

Kligerman 27-31

Johnson 32

Stewart 33-34

Ambrose 35-37

Newman 38

Bowyer 39-44

Koch 45-48

Edwards 49

Mears 50-54

McDowell 55-59

Nemechek 60

Shepard 61-63

Reutimann 64

Buescher 65-68

Enfinger 69-70

Stremme 71-73

Long 74-80

Lyons 81-83

Bauer 84-89

Bires 90-95

Jeff Burton 96-97

Wallace,Jr. 98

Truex 99-101

Ragan 102-105

Annett 106-109

Earnhardt,Jr. 110-115

Keselowski 116

Logano 117-120

Amirola 121-127

B. LaBonte 128-139

D. Blaney 140-147

Kligerman 148

Newman 149-151

Bowyer 152-156

Edwards 157-160

Mears 161

McDowell 162-167

Nemechek 168-173

Shepard 174-178

Reutimann 179-185

Buescher 186-188

Enfinger 189

Stremme 190

Long 191-195

Lyons 196-200

Bauer 201

Bires 202-204

Jeff Burton 205

Wallace,Jr. 206-207

Truex 209-211

Annett 212-219

Logano 220

Amirola 221-224

B. LaBonte 225-230

D. Blaney 231-236

Kligerman 237-241

Newman 242

Bowyer 243-250

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Aeropush is still a big issue

I think with Goodyear enjoying a dominion on Sprint Cup Tires, but, aeropush is still a big issue. And, I think with 7 Years of the COT Race, all the hocus-pocus is so unnecessary. And, especially with Bristol's Black Walls, I don't think purposefully changing walls/playing surfaces adds nothing but scares the fans.

To me, I hate deferring from subject, but, radial teaches a lot of bad habits as a tire vs. bias. I wouldn't mind if it was a Road Course Race and Rain Tires are on the table within reason, but, I don't think lowering ourselves to a Dirt Track Styled Dirty War with the tires where they are fake soft versus soft soft and I'd like to see some Firestone Styled IDer versus Support the Troops styled Tires every 4th of July.

I don't mind legit charities, but, tires are not a promotional tool. And World of Outlaws Jurisdiction for Dirt Late Models has been encroached by the National Dirt Racing League and even the big names go Lucas. If the Sprint Cuppers or Indy Cars or Indy Lights go Dirt Tracking, which could be realistic in some degree, we need to yank the power steering before its worse than a Crank Yanker's Uninnocent Reception. Frankly, being in a world beyond tomorrow is a shock, but, I think how would there be a difference between Happy Hour Qualifying vs. Stand Alone Qualifying vs. Knockout Qualifying vs, Everyweek Twins? I think thinking beyond the portfolio is smart, even if your portfolio is more Oreos than actual desserts.

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Red Bull/Toro Rosso needs to have their act together or it would be a World News Story

I hate to be a Reverend Lovejoy, but, Red Bull and Toro Rosso need to have their act together or it would be a Real World News Story. And, if Australia is any indicator, Bernie Ecclestone won't be around by Season's End, and if Montreal expected to escape the basement of a basement contract at the expense of Magny-Cours, they are sadly fooled as the Frenchman is white hot they don't have a National or National GP.

Austin is so unneccessary and I think New Jersey's a Garden of Eatin' and with Sandy and Christie being back to back injuries, I doubt it would be in New Jersey's best interest to host a USGP. I think it would be easier to cool our jets on the USGP and let it cook 5 or 10 Years from now.

I find nothing amusing with Horner's alleged "Defense". The tried to cover for Webber's Exodus by hiring another Aussie and there is real reason Aussies are no longer over the moon of F1. The purpose of outdoor festivals are they are supposed to be special , not annual. And I think where's a Minardi where you needed it as Sauber hired a Nothing Indy Car Driver for their Nothing F1 Program and to make matters worse, F1's reaching and Sports Cars are only starting to rise and shine in America again. And, where's the next Sir Jackie to try to make it to old age as Senna's been long gone and I won't see Schumi tell us how he got great when I get older.

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Bristol Twin 250s Race 1 (Cont'd) and Race 2 Starting Lineup

Race 1 Starting Lineup Cont'd

Row 14

00-David Reutimann

 6-Chris Buescher

Row 15

28-Grant Enfinger

50-David Stremme

Row 16

61-Johanna Long

72-Nicole Lyons

Row 17

97-Kelsey Bauer

89-Kelly Bires

Row 18

90-Jeff Burton

 0-Darrell Wallace,Jr.

Race 2

Row 1

 3-Austin Dillon (R)

35-Eric McClure

Row 2

42-Kyle Larson (R)

 1-Jamie McMurray

Row 3

17-Ricky Stenhouse,Jr.

11-Denny Hamlin

Row 4

 4-Kevin Harvick

 5-Kasey Kahne

Row 5

24-Jeff Gordon

26-Cole Whitt (R)

Row 6

36-Reed Sorenson

40-Landon Cassill

Row 7

33-Brian Scott

21-Trevor Bayne

Row 8

23-Alex Bowman (R)

92-Brian Keselwoski

Row 9

38-David Gilliand

27-Paul Menard

Row 10

44-JJ Yeley

16-Greg Biffle

Row 11

78-Martin Truex,Jr.

98-Josh Wise

Row 12

32-Terry LaBonte

55-Brian Vickers

Row 13

41-Kurt Busch

51-Justin Allgaier(R)

Row 14

07-Daniel Suarez

 8-Jeffrey Earnhardt

Row 15

12-Ryan Blaney

54-Sam Hornish,Jr.

Row 16

68-Chrissie Wallace

79-Kyle Fowler

Row 17

81-Elliott Sadler

03-Ty Dillon

Row 18

94-David Mayhew

01-Jeb Burton

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Bristol Twin 250s Starting Lineups Race 1

Race 1

Row 1

83-Ryan Truex(R)

34-David Ragan

Row 2

 7-Michael Annett (R)

20-Matt Kenseth

Row 3

88-Dale Earnhardt,Jr.

 2-Brad Keselowski

Row 4

22-Joey Logano

18-Kyle Busch

Row 5

10-Danica Patrick

66-Michael Waltrip

Row 6

43-Aric Amirola

52-Bobby LaBonte

Row 7

77-Dave Blaney

30-Parker Kligerman(R)

Row 8

48-Jimmie Johnson

14-Tony Stewart

Row 9

 9-Marcos Ambrose

31-Ryan Newman

Row 10

15-Clint Bowyer

63-Blake Koch

Row 11

99-Carl Edwards

13-Casey Mears

Row 12

95-Michael McDowell

47-AJ Allemindinger

Row 13

87-Joe Nemechek

93-Morgan Shepard

Row 14

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Stock Car Bowl VI Points Standings After Bristol Pit Crew Competition

                                                                 -        W         P      W-L

1 3-Austin Dillon (R)           196                   -        1                  7-1

2 83-Ryan Truex (R)           122                 74       1                  4-0

3 7-Michael Annett (R)         108               88        2                  1-1

4 34-David Ragan                 99                97                           4-2

5 17-Ricky Stenhouse,Jr.       75              121                           3-2

6 35-Eric McClure                  66             130       1                  2-1

7 42-Kyle Larson (R)             63             133                     1    1-1

8 88-Dale Earnhardt,Jr.        61             135                            2-2

9 66-Michael Waltrip            45             151                            0-0

10 26-Cole Whitt (R)            42             154                            0-0

11  1-Jamie McMurray          40             156                            2-2

12 10-Danica Patrick            34             162                            1-1

13 43-Aric Amirola               31             165                            0-1

14 36-Reed Sorenson           30             166                            0-0

15 5-Kasey Kahne               21             175                             1-2

16 24-Jeff Gordon               20             176                             1-1

17 20-Matt Kenseth            20             176                              1-1

18 52-Bobby LaBonte         18              178                              0-0

19 40-Landon Cassill          18              178                              0-0

20 77-Dave Blaney            18              178                              0-0

21 33-Brian Scott              18              178                              0-0

22 30-Parker Kligerman (R)  16           180                              0-0

23 21-Trevor Bayne             16           180                               0-0

24 48-Jimmie Johnson          16          180                                0-1

25 23-Alex Bowman (R)        15         181                                0-0

26 14-Tony Stewart              10         186                                0-0

27 92-Brian Keselowski           8         188                                0-0

28  9-Marcos Ambrose            6          190                              0-1

29 2-Brad Keselowski             5          191                               0-2

30 38-David Gilliand               4          192                               0-1

31 31-Ryan Newman               3         193                               0-0

32 4-Kevin Harvick                  3         193                               0-1

33 27-Paul Menard                   3        193                               0-0

34 15-Clint Bowyer                   2       194                               0-0

35 44-JJ Yeley                          2       194                               0-0


36 16-Greg Biffle                      0     196                                 0-1

37 99-Carl Edwards                  0      196                                0-1

38 11-Denny Hamlin                 0     196                                0-1

39 22-Joey Logano                   0    196                                 0-1

40 18-Kyle Busch                     0      196                                0-1

Stock Car Bowl VI Standings After Bristol Pit Crew Competition Win Board

1 3-Austin Dillon (R)                 9

2 83-Ryan Truex(R)                 5

3 34-David Ragan                   4

4 88-Dale Earnhardt,Jr.           3

5 17-Ricky Stenhouse,Jr.        3

6 7-Michael Annett (R)           3

7 42-Kyle Larson (R)             3

8 35-Eric McClure                  3

9 2-Brad Keselowski              2

10 11-Denny Hamlin             2

11 20-Matt Kenseth              2

12  1-Jamie McMurray          2

13 22-Joey Logano              1

14 4-Kevin Harvick              1

15 18-Kyle Busch                1

16 5-Kasey Kahne               1


17 10-Danica Patrick          1

18 24-Jeff Gordon             1

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Week 7 Driver of the Year

1 Christopher Bell USAC  25  113

2 Reid Wilson Pro Cup     16    16

3 Kenny Wallace Nwide    14   14

4 Steve Kinser    WOO      12  12

5 Mark Winterbottom Aus V8 10 10

6 Bryan Clauson  USAC       8  14

7 Sammy Swindell WOO     6    6

8 Justin Wilson     IICS      5    5

9 Darren Hagen    USAC    4    4

10 Austin Dillon Sprint Cup 3 38

11 Lee Pulliam Whelen AA 2 8

12 Justin Brayton AMASX 1 10

After 7 of 40 Events

1 Christopher Bell USAC 113  -

2 Nicole Lyons Whelen AA 53 60

3 Austin Dillon Sprint Cup 38 75

4 Shannon McIntosh ARCA 30 83

5 Michael Annett Sprint Cup 25 88

6 Spencer Pumpelly USCR 25 88

7 Jake Strayer ASCS 25 88

8 Travis Cope Whelen AA 22 91

9 Ryan Truex Sprint Cup 18 95

10 Johnathan Davenport Lucas Oil 16 97

11 Daniel Suarez Whelen AA 16 97

12 Reid Wilson Pro Cup 16 97

13 Alex Bowman Sprint Cup 14 99

14 Sam Hornish,Jr. Nwide 14 99

15 Ryan Gifford K and N 14 99

16 Kenny Wallace Nwide 14 99

17 Bryan Clauson USAC 14 99

18 Andy Eckrich IMCA 13 100

19 Cole Whitt Sprint Cup 12 101

20 Jeb Burton Trucks 12 101

21 Joao Barbosa USCR 12 101

22 Mike Wallace Nwide 12 101

23 Ricky Stenhouse,Jr. Sprint Cup 12 101

24 Steve Kinser WOO 12 101

25 Darrell Wallace, Jr. Trucks 10 103


26 Rich Clouser Whelen AA 10 103

27 Mark Winterbottom Aus V8 10 103

28 Justin Brayton AMASX 10 103

29 Tim Brown Wh So Mods 9 104

30 Tommy Johnson,Jr. NHRA 8 105


31 Eddie Krawiek NHRA 8 105

32 Elliott Sadler Nwide 8 105

33 Royal Jones ASCS 8 105

34 Lee Pulliam Whelen AA 8 105

35 Jimmy Owens Lucas Oil 7 106

36 Tasker Phillips ASCS 6 107

37 Carl Renezeder Lucas Oil Off Road 6 107

38 Paige Decker Whelen AA 6 107

39 Sammy Swindell WOO 6 107

40 Parker Kligerman Sprint Cup 5 108

41 Chase Elliott Nwide 5 108

42 Ty Dillon Nwide 5 108

43 Clint Bowyer Sprint Cup 5 108

44 John Carney II ASCS 5 108

45 Justin Wilson IICS 5 108

46 Ryan Gustin USMTS 4 109

47 Antron Brown NHRA 4 109

48 Del Worsham NHRA 4 109

49 .C.E. Falk III Whelen AA 4 109

50 Tony Kanaan IICS 4 109

51 Brian Ickler Trucks 4 109

52 Darren Hagen USAC 4 109

53 Kyle Larson Sprint Cup 3 110

54 Jason Johnson ASCS 3 110

55 Danica Patrick Sprint Cup 3 110

56 Scott Pruett USCR 2 111

57 Justin Allgaier Sprint Cup 1 112

58 James Buescher Nwide 1 112

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Stock Car Bowl VI Pit Crew Competition Bristol

Editoral Note: Pit Crew Competitions will be a permenant fixture on the Stock Car Bowl VI to persuade NASCAR to try to do a legit Pit Crew Competition or legit Pit Crew Competition Series to absorb into the Sprint Cup.

And with no further ado, here are my 1st Round Matchups

8 42-Kyle Larson (R) over 9 22-Joey Logano

7 34-David Ragan over 10 4-Kevin Harvick

6 7-Michael Annett (R) over 11 18-Kyle Busch

12 20-Matt Kenseth over 5 11-Denny Hamlin

13 35-Eric McClure over 4 2-Brad Keselowski

14 83-Ryan Truex(R) over 3 17-Ricky Stenhouse,Jr.

15 1-Jamie McMurray over 2 88-Dale Earnhardt,Jr.

1 3-Austin Dillon (R) over 16 5-Kasey Kahne

Editors Note: Even though I am not an author, but, in my hearts eye since last 4th of July, I wanted to identify a tempo early and often, immediately and repeatedly, as opposed to letting it develop like a movie because my impatience to reestablish a standard and a social acceptabitlity and an ethical diversity is not a lightweight topic,either.

2nd Round

 1 3-Austin Dillon (R) over 8 42-Kyle Larson (R)

 7 34-David Ragan over 15 1-Jamie McMurray

 14 83-Ryan Truex (R) over 6 7-Michael Annett (R)

 13 35-Eric McClure over 12 20-Matt Kenseth


 1 3-Austin Dillon (R) over 13 35-Eric McClure

14 83-Ryan Truex (R) over 7 34-David Ragan


14 83-Ryan Truex (R) over 1 3-Austin Dillon (R)


83-Ryan Truex (R)   80   4-0  4-0   122

 3-Austin Dillon (R)  60  3-1  7-1   196

34-David Ragan      40   2-1  4-2     99

35-Eric McClure      40   2-1  2-1      66

42-Kyle Larson(R) 20    1-1  1-1      63

 7-Michael Annett (R) 20 1-1 1-1  108

20-Matt Kenseth        20 1-1   1-1  20

 1-Jamie McMurray     20 1-1   2-2  40

88-Dale Earnhardt,Jr.   0 0-1  2-2   61

17-Ricky Stenhouse,Jr. 0 0-1   3-2   75

 2-Brad Keselowski       0 0-1   0-2    5

11-Denny Hamlin         0 0-1  0-1     0

22-Joey Logano            0 0-1 0-1     0

 4-Kevin Harvick          0  0-1 0-1    3

18-Kyle Busch             0 0-1  0-1    0

 5-Kasey Kahne           0 0-1  1-2  21

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What's Worse than Having No Sponsor: Having A Bad Sponsor

I am not one of the troublemaking corporate activists who'd stop a shareholder from going to Texas or Florida, but, in my neverending Public Service Announcements to help anything besides cashing out, having a bad sponsor is worse than having no sponsor. We see too many times no talent and no merit, but, some wannabe keeps so and so and such and such from collecting unemployment.

And, the glass dome would deserve to be smashed like The Simpsons Movie's Springfield. I'd have a Heart of Gold made of Steel, but, most times, Gold and Steel clash faster than Busch. If unemployment was piledriven to .12%, that will be the day. But, if we aren't silver spoons, that don't mean we have license to be servants or troublemakers or troublefinders after the found money stopped rolling.

I want to see who's not racing and not winning race and win and drive home American History or Middle American History like it was not a movie. We get colored the darker than dark or more colorful than Oregon's Ugly Uniforms, but no middle ground. The kids may love Oregon like the Old Folks loved Notre Dame, but, it ain't meaning their respected. If my town is too far down for a Lifealert, it would be the fact Hawkeye Downs would need new land,too as bond issues are so yesterday and the fuel tax needs to rise and shine just to do my highways and the option is pass the pickle jar as the booster club is all retired.

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Bristol Needs to be a Early and Late Summer Race

I think the only thing good with the fact trying to evade the YUCK! Of the Irish at the Bristol Breadbowl is offer Early and Late Summer Races for Sprint Cup. I would relocate the NHRA National Event to Fall, remincesent when IHRA came there for the longest, and honestly, Soft Ground in Early Spring is not good. I would wish Martinsville and Richmond would follow suit and be early and late Summer Dates because I would like to make July and August Decisions in July and August and it would make it easier to delete The Chase.

This is not a love it or leave it alone proposition and there is not another good Southeastern Date you could slide in after Daytona in the Early Spring and 2015 is an unmovable subject with a Spring Daytona 500 and I feel it could be easier to have Nothing But Sprint Cup at the end of Daytona Speedweeks and I think such a concept could fly.

Even though Brian France has been nonconvential, but the fact confrontational is one of them and I would like to see more liberty to deal with Manufacturers changing Cars instead of having to be boxed out of key decisions.

Atlanta's Spring Race,Rockingham and Richmond's March Race all fell by the wayside and letting there be a post-Daytona 500 Break would be meritable and the Fall Race that could benefit in the Early Spring is Miami, because I don't think NASCAR would be totally comfortable with the title ending in Miami.

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Roush Fenway: Crashing of the Empire

I think Roush Racing is surely missing not just Matt Kenseth's Wins, but, his results that came in along the way. Penske has been doing a lot better since Michigan late Last Summer and even Front Row Motorsports, whom didn't become a Full Time Team until Yates Racing stopped being a full time race team after the 2009 Season had won once with David Ragan.

And, to top it all off, David Ragan's First Win came with Roush Fenway in 2011. And, I even tried to consider the fact this and last year to restart the Roush #6, even though it would have been an Owners Points Loss, which would have been necessary but unwanted. And, Roush would stand to lose if Trevor Bayne's Health Issues Worsen and they almost where ready to go Full Time Cup with him until his MS came up.

Frankly, it is no thrill if the win count goes higher in the lower leagues. And, worse, I think the promotion/demotion concept does not work in Auto Racing versus other Sports. And, I find Ford's real game has been the fact they had to make Roush a Factory Team instead of having flagship teams all over Cup. Even though each of these Sprint Cups will come back up again, but, what is not comforting is Roush's Freefall from the Standings is allegedly televised.

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Space: Are We Ready to Go to the Final Frontier Again?

I feel with Cosmos being dusted up and brought back to like, but, with this being a racing site, not a science or space site, I personally can't help but wonder are we ready to go to the Final Frontier again? To me, it is no, and by a resplendent margain and NASA's Budget has been criminalized, but, instead, relegalizing what was already illegal (for good reason) takes up a monopoly of our time and money.

What, in my mind, is devasting is the never ever ending budget a thons that A.) Don't get done B.)Get done in the name of getting done C.) Try to pedal a consequence free lifestyle and D.) All 3 of the above. Frankly. we'd need to start at the bottom with economies and I would not want a 5 Hour Drive from here to West Des Moines on the Interstate from Cedar Rapids go to 6 Hours for the excessance.

Repairs, Restarts and Starts are an all time job. But, I take offense to the poser license or wannabe license certain folks weave into us. And I almost wish it was a joke, but, I don't see it as a laughing matter as dumpster ploys undo us and even if we wove 10000 Stocks, but, the reality is taking pride in work is not being conveniently wove on Stock/401K/Pension/Health Insurance Committments as the problem is having a 3rd or more than 3rd Person in the room tell us what's good and what's not.

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Stock Car Bowl VI Win Board 3-9-2014

1 3-Austin Dillon (R)       6

2 88-Dale Earnhardt,Jr.  3

3 17-Ricky Stenhouse,Jr. 3

4 2-Brad Keselowski       2

5 11-Denny Hamlin        2

6  7-Michael Annett (R) 2

7 34-David Ragan        2

8 42-Kyle Larson (R)   2

9 22-Joey Logano       1

10 4-Kevin Harvick     1

11 18-Kyle Busch       1

12 20-Matt Kenseth   1

13 35-Eric McClure    1

14 83-Ryan Truex (R) 1

15 1-Jamie McMurray 1

16 5-Kasey Kahne      1


17 10-Danica Patrick  1

18 24-Jeff Gordon     1

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Fan Interference and Fan Influence go hand in hand

I think what scares me as a Sports Fan is Fan Interference and Fan Influence. Just because our kids throw mud and say their Ugly Ducklings from Oregon doesn't make it okay. I'd rather do the "All Me" instead of singing it like Drake. People already push to the point where they can't have no more, and it ain't fun.

If Roses where Red and Violets Where Blue, 2 and 2 would equal 4 and the truth. I hate when our family or region ties get blurred because of some F-List Celebrity's Hit. To me, it is not happy and we don't invite Lolo's foes to Drake every Spring just to let us Iowans down.

Peer Pressure is a dirty, filthy. muddy rotten game. I'd like to see some Central or Southern Iowan make Sweet Home Newton Sweet for more than the Summer with Central or Southern Iowa Employees, including the Cheergirls, with Central or Southern Iowa Schedules in tow, not just catering to outsiders, but, living the dream or living the fantasy is two different games. I think real foes, like physical and mental health and legal injuries that permentantly disrupt us folks, need more awareness and consequence instead of being paind 25 Ways like Michael Jordan and not doing work. I would like to see Diversity where they weren't just kids or special needs,too, but, we need to be good role models to kids.

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Madness: Why Detroit needs more of a say

Sports Car Racing is restarting after a generation long Cold War, IndyCar Racing doesn't have a lot of options, NHRA is the most centric to the Global Fires than anything, but yet, Americana is slowly being seeped out for robotic hype machines and not a lot of money and Stock Cars need more options, namely Mopar and Europe just to take the heat off Southeast Asia.

I hate to be boxed in like the days and nights never stop and the money never starts. There was a reason certain arenas of the freeballing culture of the 1970s had to be weeded out, and I think I would welcome say more barnstorm and less neutered vibe. I'd look at it as the fact Tasca can't just change manufacturers, and if your ironclad to your manufacturer, that takes out fans.

The frustrations are worse than the 1980s, and I am never a condoner of a Reality TV Vibe, let alone a Pioneer Vibe, but, we knew who was and wasn't cut to hit the road every weekend for a year. The last thing I want to be accused of is dragging folks into racing who came in because of someone and then, it didn't work for them, and Diversity cannot and will not be used as a Simplified Tool as I hate redlining most sports not named Football and Basketball and worse, with our Women Athletes, saying who does and doesn't play like a bad ace, because if you bring in more good people, its its own gift.

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Stock Car Bowl VI Win Board 3-7-2014

1 3-Austin Dillon (R)      6

2 88-Dale Earnhardt,Jr. 3

3 17-Ricky Stenhouse,Jr. 3

4 11-Denny Hamlin        2

5 7-Michael Annett (R)  2

634-David Ragan         2

7 42-Kyle Larson (R)   2

8 22-Joey Logano       1

9 4-Kevin Harvick       1

10 2-Brad Keselowski 1

11 18-Kyle Busch       1

12 20-Matt Kenseth   1

13 35-Eric McClure    1

14 83-Ryan Truex (R) 1

15 1-Jamie McMurray 1

16 5-Kasey Kahne     1


17 10-Danica Patrick 1

18 24-Jeff Gordon    1

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IndyMyIndy would love to see NASCAR Fire Sprint

With Sprint being relentless on the money and on T-Mobile's Handle and Spout, I would say "ENOUGH ALREADY!" The Sprint Unlimited needs to be so Limited due to the evolving nature of Qualifying Racing, Sprint has not been a Good Landlord of the All Star Race and The Chase for the Cup will be so fired and Miami will become a Spring Race after Daytona.

Roses are Red, Violets are Blue and I am so not a corporate clown. Whatever happened to Free Enterprise rather than using the scared to lose bait and switch reproach as Iowa City is going to be a 20 Million Car and the whole area would look as nuts as North Carolina without her way. I'd care strongly and passionately about contributing to people's fortunes as I'd like to see real Billion Dollar Career and Athletes not going to the broke zone.

And here are my Top 10 Sponsors for NASCAR Series and any future Nationwide Replacement needs to be Grand National. :

1. Domino's Pizza

2. Hoosier. I would like to see Goodyear be the official tire of Sprint Cup and Hoosier be the choice of everyone else.

3. McDonalds

4. Advance Auto Parts

5. Marriott/Gaylord Opryland. I would like real destinations or real people roles, too, not Hannah or the Monkees.

6. Dairy Queen

7. Nike. Because they need auto racing heroes.

8. Rocafella Grand National. So music to my ears and that would be a better use of Roc Nation.

9. Chili's.

10. Coca Cola

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Not Every Facility "Pays for Itself" in Sports

I think with the fact not every facility pays for itself in Sports is a necessary evil. And, we are quick to consider the easy parts, but never the difficult areas. To me, I have a time being in a repressed nation and world that does not always lead us to choose.

I think if the Pros did their job right, I think people would feel better about Pro Sports instead of Pro Sports, The Overheated and Overcooked TMZ Production. A lot of it is sales and return sales and if the assumption is people keep coming back for just because, it would mean high turnover and a whole lot higher unemployment than today.

It ain't just those who don't have money, it is too, who is not winning, and that afflicts who is not doing to start out with, let alone not racing. Nuancies and mannerisms are a part of us, too and we hate being oversimplified. I wonder even here in Eastern Iowa, we still forget mannerisms on accident or on purpose or without a purpose.

I'd like to see Newton be Central Iowa Owned and Operated rather than be robotic and icy. And, I would like to see an Eastern Iowa Driver, Pit Crew, Sprint Cup Team, Sponsors, Fortunes, Wins and Championships, too, but, living the dream and living the fantasy are two different deals.

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Week 6 Driver of the Year

1 Jake Strayer ASCS 25 25

2 Daniel Suarez Whelen AA 16 16

3 Ryan Gifford K and N 14 14

4 Ricky Stenhouse,Jr. Sprint Cup 12 12

5 Nicole Lyons Whelen AA 10 53

6 Royal Jones ASCS 8 8

7 Paige Decker Whelen AA 6 6

8 John Carney II ASCS 5 5

9 Brian Ickler Trucks 4 4

10 Danica Patrick Sprint Cup 3 3

11 Christopher Bell USAC 2 88

12 Tony Kanaan IICS 1 4

After 6 of 40 Events

1 Christopher Bell USAC 88 -

2 Nicole Lyons Whelen AA 53 35

3 Austin Dillon Sprint Cup 35 53

4 Shannon McIntosh ARCA 30 58

5 Michael Annett Sprint Cup 25 63

6 Spencer Pumpelly USCR 25 63

7 Jake Strayer ASCS 25 63

8 Travis Cope Whelen AA 22 66

9 Ryan Truex Sprint Cup 18 70

10 Johnathan Davenport Lucas Oil 16 72

11 Daniel Suarez Whelen AA 16 72

12 Alex Bowman Sprint Cup 14 74

13 Sam Hornish,Jr. Nwide 14 74

14 Ryan Gifford K and N 14 74

15 Andy Eckrich IMCA 13 75

16 Cole Whitt Sprint Cup 12 76

17 Jeb Burton Trucks 12 76

18 Joao Barbosa USCR 12 76

19 Mike Wallace Nwide 12 76

20 Ricky Stenhouse,Jr. Sprint Cup 12 76

21 Darrell Wallace,Jr. Trucks 10 78

22 Rich Clouser Whelen AA 10 78

23 Tim Brown Wh So Mods 9 79

24 Justin Brayton AMASX 9 79

25 Tommy Johnson,Jr. NHRA 8 80


26 Eddie Krawiek NHRA 8 80

27 Elliott Sadler Nwide 8 80

28 Royal Jones ASCS 8 80

29 Jimmy Owens Lucas Oil 7 81

30 Bryan Clauson USAC 6 82


31 Lee Pulliam Whelen AA 6 82

32 Tasker Phillips ASCS 6 82

33 Carl Renezeder Lucas Oil Off Road 6 82

34 Paige Decker Whelen AA 6 82

35 Parker Kligerman Sprint Cup 5 83

36 Chase Elliott Nwide 5 83

37 Ty Dillon Nwide 5 83

38 Clint Bowyer Sprint Cup 5 83

39 John Carney II ASCS 5 83

40 Ryan Gustin USMTS 4 84

41 Antron Brown NHRA 4 84

42 Del Worsham NHRA 4 84

43 .C.E. Falk III Whelen AA 4 84

44 Tony Kanaan IICS 4 84

45 Brian Ickler Trucks 4 84

46 Kyle Larson Sprint Cup 3 85

47 Jason Johnson ASCS 3 85

48 Danica Patrick Sprint Cup 3 85

49 Scott Pruett USCR 2 86

50 Justin Barcia AMASX 1 87

51 Justin Allgaier Sprint Cup 1 87

52 James Buescher Nwide 1 87

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Kurt Busch and Open Wheel Racing

I hate to spill the beans, but Kurt Busch and Open Wheel Racing are increasingly going in hand in hand. And, what I sense, is Gene Haas is going to start his spot on the F1 Grid with Kurt Busch. I think if Kurt Busch goes to do the Indy 500, I think NASCAR would stop wanting him. I know, that if this was someone who legitamately earned what they learned, it'd be different, but, NO, It's Kurt Busch.

I think in 2015, Kurt Busch would only be above Simona de Silvestro whom went from less than nothing in IndyCars to even less than nothing in F1, which is no way to deal people's careers in the end. I wish I could laugh, but, Formula One's aggravated state is not a joke and we don't know who'd win the 1st Pole or 1st Corner in Austrailia.

Sports Cars aren't online yet as a cultural beacon, and with a generation old hatchet being buried, it don't change the fact I am no nowhere closer to Parnelli Jones or Mark Donohue that made my Dad's Life in the 1970s. And, where's Johnathan Summerton and he being misled and snookered? Business this, Business that all is as old as Espanol, and I'd like to see people dealt with right and I'd still remember who'd didn't do it vs. who did it because they both make the story, whether you like it or not.

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The Game of Short Track USA

Even though Dirt has the upper hand against Pavement, but,having Clint Bowyer and Bobby LaBonte own Dirt Teams helps their spot on the dial. And, it ain't just who don't got the money, but, worse, it is who isn't doing or who isn't winning.

You can't relocate a centerpiece and expect the same energy when the Originals aren't doing it. What is upsetting, is as Modifieds went South, a lot of Northern Races from them and the Old BGN North went off the table like Clockwork Oranges. I'd still get terribly emotional about the Original ASA's Demise and that was 10 Years Ago.

Easy isn't always going to do you any good. Being Invited to Hit The Road would mean that everyone from your town or High School would come to your show until security had to shoehorn the Johnny Come Latelys. The stories are better when their true, not woven off the same bad yarn.

If I had it my way, Terrence J would no longer be keeping with Kim, and in the booth with Lindy Thackston, Rusty Wallace and Alan Bestwick. Even though I would try to bat for Bob Jenkins' Inclusion with Benny Parsons, but, Sports Hall of Fame Law would mean that special cases would be included like the 1992-1996 Dream Teams and the 1980 Miracle on Ice. Names and Nicknames are earned, for good and for evil.

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Stock Car Bowl VI Win Board 3-2-2014

1 3-Austin Dillon (R) 6

2 88-Dale Earnhardt,Jr.  3

3 17-Ricky Stenhouse,Jr. 3

4 11-Denny Hamlin        2

5 7-Michael Annett (R)   2

6 34-David Ragan         2

7 42-Kyle Larson (R)    2

8 4-Kevin Harvick        1

9 2-Brad Keselowski    1

10 18-Kyle Busch       1

11 20-Matt Kenseth   1

12 35-Eric McClure    1

13 83-Ryan Truex (R) 1

14 1-Jamie McMurray  1

15 5-Kasey Kahne      1

16 10-Danica Patrick  1


17 24-Jeff Gordon     1

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Stock Car Bowl VI Win Board 2-28-2014

1 3-Austin Dillon (R)    6

2 88-Dale Earnhardt,Jr. 3

3 17-Ricky Stenhouse,Jr. 3

4 11-Denny Hamlin        2

5 7-Michael Annett (R)   2

6 34-David Ragan         2

7 42-Kyle Larson (R)    2

8 2-Brad Keselowski    1

9 18-Kyle Busch          1

10 20-Matt Kenseth     1

11 35-Eric McClure      1

12  83-Ryan Truex (R) 1

13 1-Jamie McMurray  1

14 5-Kasey Kahne      1

15 10-Danica Patrick  1

16 24-Jeff Gordon     1

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Unpolished, Unapologetic and Unappreciated

I feel that instead of Dancing With The Super-Duper Stars, I think Network TV has to try to drive through other pro sports not named NFL. Rule #1, Contracts need to be called upon further review. Half the time, we are too chicken or too lazy until its too late. Rule #2, What about dealing with certain parts of the world in their arena? Rule #3, is, people want to see the DVDs if they ask for it, or the Monday Re-air and Rule #4, I want to see Greatness and American History in my corner.

Just because folks my age want kinetic freneticism of the never ending Highlight Reel don't make it so. And I hate the fact that as a Special Needs Gentleman, I want to see me doing it so that earnings go back up every quarter including the 4th.

I still think with every IndyCar Race, Leigh Diffey's tune is not Bob Jenkins freneticism. And even for the Lucas Oil,  I can't physically fathom Bob "NHRA Today" Frey's voice not being in the air. I'm not rich, and even if I was, I'd know who's Rich and Wealthy so I don't go broke again on Divorce Orders as the Youngsters know it all save for TrUSt, because how is US? A Billionaire Pro Athlete is not impossible, but, let's get past Prime Time and earn from 18 , 21, 22 to 65 instead of career or a cute "Next Kurt Warner" Oppurtunity where you made it past preseason. If every day was a Pro Day, we'd know who's having a Joe Day at their best and if I had AP's Carries, it would always be 4 Games into a Year where'd I'd be hurt, and I'd like to know who's really with me instead of who's wrecking my Terrence and Rocsi.

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Week 5 Driver of the Year

1 Christopher Bell USAC  25 86

2 Johnathan Davenport Lucas Oil 16 16

3 Sam Hornish,Jr. Nwide 14 14

4 Mike Wallace Nwide 12 12

5 Rich Clouser Whelen AA 10 10

6 Elliott Sadler Nwide 8 8

7 Carl Renezeder Lucas Oil Off Road 6 6

8 Clint Bowyer Sprint Cup 5 5

9 .C.E. Falk III Whelen AA 4 4

10 Andy Eckrich IMCA 3 13

11 Jimmy Owens Lucas Oil 2 7

12 Austin Dillon Sprint Cup 1 35

After 5 of 40 Events

1 Christopher Bell USAC 86 -

2 Nicole Lyons Whelen AA 43 43

3 Austin Dillon Sprint Cup 35 51

4 Shannon McIntosh ARCA 30 56

5 Michael Annett Sprint Cup 25 61

6 Spencer Pumpelly USCR 25 61

7 Travis Cope Whelen AA 22 64

8 Ryan Truex Sprint Cup 18 68

9 Johnathan Davenport Lucas Oil 16 70

10 Alex Bowman Sprint Cup 14 72

11 Sam Hornish,Jr. Nwide 14 72

12 Andy Eckrich IMCA 13 73

13 Cole Whitt Sprint Cup 12 74

14 Jeb Burton Trucks 12 74

15 Joao Barbosa USCR 12 74

16 Mike Wallace Nwide 12 74

17 Darrell Wallace,Jr. Trucks 10 76

18 Rich Clouser Whelen AA 10 76

19 Tim Brown Wh So Mods 9 77

20 Justin Brayton AMASX 9 77

21 Tommy Johnson,Jr. NHRA 8 78

22 Eddie Krawiek NHRA 8 78

23 Elliott Sadler Nwide 8 78

24 Jimmy Owens Lucas Oil 7 79

25 Bryan Clauson USAC 6 80


26 Lee Pulliam Whelen AA 6 80

27 Tasker Phillips ASCS 6 80

28 Carl Renezeder Lucas Oil Off Road 6 80

29 Parker Kligerman Sprint Cup 5 81

30 Chase Elliott Nwide 5 81


31 Ty Dillon Nwide 5 81

32 Clint Bowyer Sprint Cup 5 81

33 Ryan Gustin USMTS 4 82

34 Antron Brown NHRA 4 82

35 Del Worsham NHRA 4 82

36 .C.E. Falk III Whelen AA 4 82

37 Tony Kanaan IICS 3 83

38 Kyle Larson Sprint Cup 3 83

39 Jason Johnson ASCS 3 83

40 Scott Pruett USCR 2 84

41 Justin Barcia AMASX 1 85

42 Justin Allgaier Sprint Cup 1 85

43 James Buescher Trucks 1 85

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JUNIOR: Still A Referendum!

I don't like to unpack the hype machine, but, the two athletes we know well enough not to make a prediction early is LeBron James and Dale Earnhardt,Jr. . I think with so much money to be had in just Die Casts and Other Merchandise, Dale Jr. will be better off starting his own team and having the Crazy 8 back in Sprint Cup for the First Time Since 2008.

I think, word on the street, this would be the first use of an Eddie Sharp Rules because Dale Jr. is not an "upgrade you" like a Greg Biffle. I know the future is the future, but, the emotional and the financial involvements run deeper than the ocean. Frankly, Hendrick Motorsports will be a 3 Car Team in 2015 because I don't sense NASCAR will let 4 Car Teams happen again to side with the Sponsors and the Fans.

I find that, too, it would at least be New Hampshire in the Fall until we hear the last word of Junior "Going It Alone". I think Dover is falling off, and eventually, to accomodate more Short Tracks, we need to find a way to barnstorm Sprint Cup all over again.

Its not nirvana, and weekend packages are cut and dry, and even here in Eastern Iowa, we are used to the established in Sprint Cup that rookies still get a rude "WHO?" and we aren't in Virginia.

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Stock Car Bowl VI 2-23-2014

1  3-Austin Dillon (R)   6

2 88-Dale Earnhardt,Jr. 3

3 17-Ricky Stenhouse,Jr. 3

4 11-Denny Hamlin       2

5 7-Michael Annett(R)  2

6 34-David Ragan        2

7 42-Kyle Larson (R)   2

8 18-Kyle Busch         1

9 20-Matt Kenseth     1

10 35-Eric McClure    1

11 83-Ryan Truex (R) 1

12 1-Jamie McMurray 1

13 5-Kasey Kahne     1

14 10-Danica Patrick 1

15 24-Jeff Gordon     1

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Stock Car Bowl VI Win Board Lap 39 2-23-2014

1 3-Austin Dillon (R)      6

2 17-Ricky Stenhouse,Jr. 3

3 11-Denny Hamlin         2

4 7-Michael Annett (R)   2

5 34-David Ragan          2

6 88-Dale Earnhardt,Jr.  2

7 42-Kyle Larson  (R)    2

8 18-Kyle Busch            1

9 20-Matt Kenseth         1

10 35-Eric McClure        1

11 83-Ryan Truex (R)   1

12  1-Jamie McMurray  1

13 5-Kasey Kahne       1

14 10-Danica Patrick   1

15 24-Jeff Gordon       1

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Trust and Respect vs. Fear

I hate to be Mr. Sounding Board, when everyone else is Halftime like the Gator Band and Tim Tebow didn't have any other serviciable toys to say OTHER than "Boys, The Heats Off". But, I wonder if Mexico's so bad as Detroit, we'd have to air raid folks North and that's until they can fix Mexico City. I always look at Diversity in there's Another Half, and I'd want Nicole Lyons who is the same age as Kevin Harvick and Dale Jr. , but she did it for years with no diamonds.

I'd like to see roles for some of these Young Guns after the Superteam Crashes. And speaking of that, Lexington,Nashville, Knoxville, Bristol and Atlanta can use race teams again instead of movies or bad movie likenesses. I'd hate to see people change their parts because their Bob Saget or Eric Clapton like Jay Z, Master P or Busta Rhymes did, but, trueness and authenticity trumps who you married in or out of.

Learning is an apprecianticiship and if you got A Plus Times 5 AND Your an All American instead of Tyrann Mathieu, school has every right to pay you. Other than that, , your fixing to make Northwestern broke and all the Old and New Moneys go to Kentucky, Georgia or Virginia. If people want to be paid like Johnny Football and they had more bad days than good or bad parts than good, folks will catch on. If our city high schools are more city than the real city, we'd have 1 Des Moines High School and 4 Ankeny High Schools in 2033.

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Stock Car Bowl VI Win Board 2-20-2014

1 3-Austin Dillon (R)   6

2 17-Ricky Stenhouse,Jr. 3

3 11-Denny Hamlin        2

4 7-Michael Annett (R)   2

5 34-David Ragan         2

6 88-Dale Earnhardt,Jr. 2

7 42-Kyle Larson (R)   2

8 20-Matt Kenseth      1

9 35-Eric McClure       1

10 83-Ryan Truex (R) 1

11 1-Jamie McMurray  1

12 5-Kasey Kahne      1

13 10-Danica Patrick 1

14 24-Jeff Gordon     1

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2014: A Cultural Odyssey

My realistic yet sage wisdom would be for 2014, trying to A)Push The Brakes on this Crazy Train B) Even if your the loser, plan better and have folks earn your victory vs. give easy wins. And, I think, too, is with Red Bull/Toro Rosso's Freefall would be worse than no accident and to add insult to injury, it would be the long awaited cut to Red Bull's Wings as we get sick of Superheroes bailing us out every Summer.

There are reasons why people do or do not come to a certain venue. What I do sense is honestly, burning through people and investors is not an Olympic Sport. I think doing things right takes more than a carelessly remorseless overhaul or a do it so the heat's off reproach.

I think this USGP era will scorch through in a big way. I feel that Austin was never an appropriate place for the USGP, especially after the raw emotions of the Indianapolis Era falling apart. If Indianapolis was done right, it would have been the long awaited permenant replacement to the Glen for a USGP home. I think it would be time to cool our heels on F1 in North America for 5 Years until we are convinced they can do it right on their own.

I think it wouldn't hurt to have Mopar and Ford in IndyCar again and Ford in F1 restarting every non-Ferrari team because I don't think anyone other than Ferrari has the money to build both engine and chassis.

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Week 4 Driver of the Year

1 Nicole Lyons Whelen AA 25 43

2 Shannon McIntosh ARCA 16 30

3 Christopher Bell USAC 14 61

4 Joao Barbosa USCR 12 12

5 Darrell Wallace,Jr. Trucks 10 10

6 Tim Brown Wh So Mods 8 9

7 Austin Dillon Sprint Cup 6 34

8 Ty Dillon Nwide 5 5

9 Del Worsham NHRA 4 4

10 Justin Brayton AMASX 3 9

11 Tasker Phillips ASCS 2 6

12 James Buescher Nwide 1 1

After 4 of 40 Events

1 Christopher Bell USAC 61 -

2 Nicole Lyons Whelen AA 43 18

3 Austin Dillon Sprint Cup 34 27

4 Shannon McIntosh ARCA 30 31

5 Michael Annett Sprint Cup 25 36

6 Spencer Pumpelly USCR 25 36

7 Travis Cope Whelen AA 22 39

8 Ryan Truex Sprint Cup 18 41

9 Alex Bowman Sprint Cup 14 47

10 Cole Whitt Sprint Cup 12 49

11 Jeb Burton Trucks 12 49

12 Joao Barbosa USCR 12 49

13 Andy Eckrich IMCA 10 51

14 Darrell Wallace,Jr. Trucks 10 51

15 Tim Brown Wh So Mods 9 52

16 Justin Brayton AMASX 9 52

17 Tommy Johnson,Jr. NHRA 8 53

18 Eddie Krawiek NHRA 8 53

19 Bryan Clauson USAC 6 55

20 Lee Pulliam Whelen AA 6 55

21 Tasker Phillips ASCS 6 55

22 Jimmy Owens Lucas Oil 5 56

23 Parker Kligerman Sprint Cup 5 56

24 Chase Elliott Nwide 5 56

25 Ty Dillon Nwide 5 56


26 Ryan Gustin USMTS 4 57

27 Antron Brown NHRA 4 57

28 Del Worsham NHRA 4 57

29 Tony Kanaan IICS 3 58

30 Kyle Larson Sprint Cup 3 58


31 Jason Johnson ASCS 3 58

32 Scott Pruett USCR 2 59

33 Justin Barcia AMASX 1 60

34 Justin Allgaier Sprint Cup 1 60

35 James Buescher Nwide 1 60

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The Impatience of the Fan

I always think every game or race screams "Highlight Peel..Highlight Reel...Highlight Reel" like we are itchy and not knowing better. But, what is a part of the impatience is letting someone else do the dirty work and the heavy lifting. But, we are at a low water mark in Sports History.

I think, too, I'd want regional or state level racing series. But, Corporate America is not wanting to do all the heavy lifting in this or any hemisphere for someone they need to keep happy at all times. But, we know there's another half of diversity and I'd want to uncomplicate the puzzle like you need to see greats on top of greats or it wouldn't be talked up.

Easy Wins are only easy if you make them. And, I think not wanting to show respect for anything physical property is not just not good, its alarmist. And, the only good answer to Fox Sports over Speed is sue them like crazy to compel other leagues not to do business with Fox Sports. And the lure of a Georgia is losing a luster of being "The UCLA of the Southland" as Coach Dooley said because there's too many chefs and not enough customers. I don't think "Keeping Up" is music to my ears. What is is expecting expectation like shiny new cars in a row.

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Pontiac Forever, 1927-2010

I still feel sore and sorry that Pontiac had to be waxed as part of the Infamous GM Bailout. Even though I was a Toyota for 8 Years (2004-2011), but, in my heart, I will always be a Pontiac. Even though there are more manufacturers folded since the Infamous Great Recession, but, it don't mean what might have been had Pontiac been alive instead of Buick , no thanks to China and Tiger Woods.

And, even though I wish that if I was the Bruno Mars "If Was Your Man" and giving the flowers if I had the chance, but, the problem is , not everyone has the patience to be an eager beaver. And Halloween is still the one holiday I hate even now because near that time in 2003 (October 28th), Pontiac's NASCAR Pullout was the Beginning of the End of the End for Pontiac and I was in Mrs. Burns' Room at Lisbon when I first found out and also, that helped blow the lid on the end of the Original ASA the next year, which those guys where my Baltimore Colts and my heroes didn't deserve to get slammed into a cold Northern Wisconsin Courtroom in History.

And Halloween 2010 was the Real Last Day for Pontiac. Pontiac Family Ties for me run down both sides of my family and I would have psychially paid to see a Pontiac Firebird on the Streets the same as a Chevy Camaro as I will never forgive Bob Lutz for deleting my Pontiacs, even in 2014.

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IndyMyIndy's Dale Earnhardt Story

I, IndyMyIndy, want to honor the Dale Earnhardt Legacy and not as an editoralization or trivialization, even though it is the 13th Anniversary of his loss and that turned 2001 on its head for worse and for memorably devastating, still is emotional to bear.

Even though it is okay to go on the happy tales, but it is not me in this case. I would turn back the Clock to the 1993 Hooters 500 on November 14th,1993, at Atlanta Motor Speedway there was a big part of me who didn't want Dale Earnhardt to win his 6th Winston Cup that year. I wanted Rusty Wallace to win for the Midwest and Alan Kulwicki, whom would never have the privilege of running a Brickyard 400 along with Davey Allison. But, where my emotions got hard to swallow was Lap 255 when that Phantom 1993 Winston Cup Champion Dale Earnhardt Banner came out and I was LIVID!

I didn't want to lose to nobody, I didn't want to lose to no Chevy, I didn't want to lose to No Dale Earnhardt, and I didn't want a Pontiac to lose, especially if it was or wasn't my driver. The 8 Year Old Me took it real angry and real nasty and when Pontiac went winless the next year and I took it viciously that I was not just made fun of, but my manufacturer was lampooned,too, and I really got angry.

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Stock Car Bowl VI 2-16-2014

1 3-Austin Dillon (R)   6

2 17-Ricky Stenhouse,Jr. 3

3 7-Michael Annett (R) 2

4 34-David Ragan      2

5 88-Dale Earnhardt,Jr. 2

6 42-Kyle Larson (R)  2

7 11-Denny Hamlin  1

8 35-Eric McClure    1

9 83-Ryan Truex (R) 1

10 1-Jamie McMurray  1

11 5-Kasey Kahne      1

12 10-Danica Patrick 1

13 24-Jeff Gordon    1

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Stock Car Bowl VI Win Board 2-15-2014

1 3-Austin Dillon (R)   5

2 17-Ricky Stenhouse,Jr. 3

3 7-Michael Annett (R) 2

4 34-David Ragan       2

5 88-Dale Earnhardt,Jr. 2

6 42-Kyle Larson (R)   2

7 11-Denny Hamlin    1

8 35-Eric McClure      1

9 83-Ryan Truex (R) 1

10 1-Jamie McMurray 1

11 5-Kasey Kahne     1

12 10-Danica Patrick 1

13 24-Jeff Gordon    1

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Stock Car Bowl VI Points Standings After 1 of 21 Events

                                                                     -         W            P           W-L

1 3-Austin Dillon (R)             136                    -          1                         4-0

2 7-Michael Annett(R)             88                   48        2                         0-0

3 17-Ricky Stenhouse,Jr.        75                  61                                    3-1

4 88-Dale Earnhardt,Jr.          61                  75                                    2-1

5 34-David Ragan                  59                 77                                    2-1

6 66-Michael Waltrip             45                 91                                    0-0

7 42-Kyle Larson(R)             43                 93                            1      0-0

8 83-Ryan Truex(R)             42                94         1                          0-0

9 26-Cole Whitt (R)             42                94                                     0-0

10 10-Danica Patrick           34               102                                   1-1

11 43-Aric Amirola              31               105                                  0-1

12 36-Reed Sorenson          30               106                                0-0

13 35-Eric McClure             26               110      1                        0-0

14  5-Kasey Kahne            21              115                                 1-1

15 1-Jamie McMurray        20              116                                 1-1

16 24-Jeff Gordon            20              116                                  1-1

17 52-Bobby LaBonte      18              118                                  0-0

18 40-Landon Cassill       18              118                                  0-0

19 77-Dave Blaney          18             118                                   0-0

20 33-Brian Scott            18             118                                  0-0

21 30-Parker Kligerman (R) 16          120                                0-0

22 21-Trevor Bayne           16           120                               0-0

23 48-Jimmie Johnson       16           120                               0-1

24 23-Alex Bowman (R)    15            121                               0-0

25 14-Tony Stewart          10            126                              0-0

26 92-Brian Keselowski       8            128                              0-0

27 9-Marcos Ambrose         6            130                              0-1

28 2-Brad Keselowski         5            131                              0-1

29 38-David Gilliand          4           132                                0-1

30 31-Ryan Newman        3            133                                0-0

31 4-Kevin Harvick          3            133                                0-0

32 27-Paul Menard          3            133                                0-1

33 15-Clint Bowyer         2            134                                 0-0

34 63-JJ Yeley               2             134                                  0-0

35 16-Greg Biffle           0             136                                 0-1

36 99-Carl Edwards      0              136                                 0-1

Stock Car Bowl VI Win Board

1 3-Austin Dillon (R)    5

2 17-Ricky Stenhouse,Jr. 3

3 7-Michael Annett (R)  2

4 34-David Ragan        2

5 88-Dale Earnhardt,Jr. 2

6 42-Kyle Larson (R)    2

7 35-Eric McClure        1

8 83-Ryan Truex (R)   1

9 1-Jamie McMurray   1

10 5-Kasey Kahne      1

11 10-Danica Patrick  1

12 24-Jeff Gordon     1

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Lap 200 Daytona 500 Finishing Order

1 (2) 7-Michael Annett (R)     25  10  10 45  88

2 (1) 3-Austin Dillon (R)              16            136

3 (5) 66-Michael Waltrip             14              45

4 (8) 26-Cole Whitt (R)              12              42

5 (23) 14-Tony Stewart             10              10

6 (29) 92-Brian Keselowski          8               8

7 (20) 9-Marcos  Ambrose          6               6

8 (33) 2-Brad Keselowski           5               5

9 (28) 38-David Gilliand            4               4

10 (37) 27-Paul Menard            3               3

11 (31) 23-Alex Bowman(R)     2              17

12 (9) 83-Ryan Truex(R)          1             42

13 (38) 31-Ryan Newman

14 (32) 4-Kevin Harvick

15 (36) 24-Jeff Gordon

16 (26) 78-Martin Truex,Jr.

17 (34) 5-Kasey Kahne

18 (25) 17-Ricky Stenhouse,Jr.

19 (27) 1-Jamie McMurray

20 (33) 16-Greg Biffle

21(4) 36-Reed Sorenson

22 (3) 43-Aric Amirola

23 (6) 42-Kyle Larson (R)

24 (7) 40-Landon Cassill

25 (22) 63-JJ Yeley

26 (10) 77-Dave Blaney

27 (11) 35-Eric McClure

28 (24) 88-Dale Earnhardt,Jr.

29 (11) 33-Brian Scott

30 (19) 13-Casey Mears

31 (16) 34-David Ragan

32 (14) 98-Josh Wise

33 (18) 95-Michael McDowell

34 (17) 21-Trevor Bayne  160 Transmission

35 (30) 30-Parker Kligerman (R) 138 Engine

36 (13) 48-Jimmie Johnson 107 Crash

37 (15) 18-Kyle Busch  107 Crash

38 (21) 22-Joey Logano 107 Crash


39 20-Matt Kenseth 85 Engine

40 52-Bobby LaBonte 58 Engine

41 10-Danica Patrick 37 Crash

42 11-Denny Hamlin 16 Engine

43 15-Clint Bowyer  1 Engine

Lap Leader:

Dillon 101-104

Annett 105-109

Amirola 110

Sorenson 111-112

Waltrip 113-118

Larson 119-121

Cassill 122-127

Whitt 128-133

Truex 134-139

Blaney 140-144

Scott 145-149

McClure 150

Wise 151-153

Ragan 154

Bayne 155-160

McDowell 161-162

Mears 163

Ambrose 164-166

Yeley 167-169

Stewart 170

JUNIOR 171-172

Stenhouse,Jr. 173-174

Truex,Jr. 175-176

McMurray 177-179

Gilliand 180

Brian Keselowski 181

Bowman 182-183

Harvick 184-185

Biffle 186

Kahne 187

Brad K 188

Gordon 189

Menard 190

Newman 191

Dillon 192-195

Annett 196-200

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Lap 101 Daytona 500 Starting Lineup

Row 1

 3-Austin Dillon (R)

 7-Michael Annett (R)

Row 2

43-Aric Amirola

36-Reed Sorenson

Row 3

66-Michael Waltrip

42-Kyle Larson (R)

Row 4

40-Landon Cassill

26-Cole Whitt (R)

Row 5

83-Ryan Truex (R)

77-Dave Blaney

Row 6

33-Brian Scott

35-Eric McClure

Row 7

48-Jimmie Johnson

98-Josh Wise

Row 8

18-Kyle Busch

34-David Ragan

Row 9

21-Trevor Bayne

95-Michael McDowell

Row 10

13-Casey Mears

 9-Marcos Ambrose

Row 11

22-Joey Logano

63-JJ Yeley

Row 12

14-Tony Stewart

88-Dale Earnhardt,Jr.

Row 13

17-Ricky Stenhouse,Jr.

78-Martin Truex,Jr.

Row 14

 1-Jamie McMurray

38-David Giliiand

Row 15

92-Brian Keselowski

30-Parker Kligerman (R)

Row 16

23-Alex Bowman (R)

 4-Kevin Harvick

Row 17

16- Greg Biffle

 5-Kasey Kahne

Row 18

 2-Brad Keselowski

24-Jeff Gordon

Row 19

27-Paul Menard

31-Ryan Newman

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Stock Car Bowl VI Win Board As Of Lap 101 of the Daytona 500

1 3-Austin Dillon (R)    5

2 17-Ricky Stenhouse,Jr. 3

3 34-David Ragan         2

4 88-Dale Earnhardt,Jr. 2

5 42-Kyle Larson (R)    2

6 35-Eric McClure        1

7 83-Ryan Truex(R)    1

8 7-Michael Annett (R) 1

9 1-Jamie McMurray    1

10 5-Kasey Kahne      1

11 10-Danica Patrick  1

12 24-Jeff Gordon     1

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Stock Car Bowl VI As Of Lap 101 of the Daytona 500

                                                                   -               W         P           W-L

1 3-Austin Dillon (R)                   120             -               1                      4-0

2 17-Ricky Stenhouse,Jr.              75            45                                      3-1

3 88-Dale Earnhardt,Jr.                61            59                                     2-1

4 34-David Ragan                        59            61                                     2-1

5  7-Michael Annett   (R)              43            77             1                      0-0

6 42-Kyle Larson (R)                    41            79                     1             0-0

7 83-Ryan Truex (R)                    41           79            1                       0-0

8 10-Danica Patrick                     34           86                                     1-0

9 66-Michael Waltrip                   31           89                                     0-0

10 43-Aric Amirola                     31          89                                      0-1

11 36-Reed Sorenson                 30         90                                       0-0

12 26-Cole Whitt (R)                  30         90                                      0-0

13 35-Eric McClure                    26         94            1                         0-0

14  5-Kasey Kahne                   21          99                                      1-1

15 1-Jamie McMurray              20         100                                      1-1

16 24-Jeff Gordon                   20         100                                      1-1

17 52-Bobby LaBonte              18         102                                      0-0

18 40-Landon Cassill               18         102                                      0-0

19 77-Dave Blaney                 18         102                                      0-0

20 33-Brian Scott                   18         102                                      0-0

21 30-Parker Kligerman (R)    16         104                                      0-0

22 21-Trevor Bayne               16         104                                      0-0

23 48-Jimmie Johnson           16         104                                      0-1

24 23-Alex Bowman (R)        15         105                                       0-0

25 31-Ryan Newman             3          117                                       0-0

26 4-Kevin Harvick               3           117                                       0-0

27 15-Clint Bowyer              2           118                                      0-0

28 63-JJ Yeley                     2          118                                     0-0

29 16-Greg Biffle                0           120                                     0-1

30 38-David Gilliand           0           120                                     0-1

31 27-Paul Menard             0           120                                     0-1

32 2-Brad Keselowski        0            120                                     0-1

33 99-Carl Edwards          0            120                                     0-1

34 9-Marcos Ambrose      0             120                                     0-1

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Stock Car Bowl VI Points Standings After Lap 100, Stock Car Bowl VI Win Board and Inversion Points Standings

                                                                        -                  W           P         W-L

1 3-Austin Dillon (R)                             95          -                                           4-0

2 17-Ricky Stenhouse,Jr.                      75         20                                          3-1

3 88-Dale Earnhardt,Jr.                        61        34                                           2-1

4 34-David Ragan                                59        36                                          2-1

5 83-Ryan Truex (R)                            37        58               1                         0-0

6 42-Kyle Larson (R)                           35        60                                1        0-0

7 10-Danica Patrick                             34       61                                           1-1

8  7-Michael Annett (R)                       27       68               1                          0-0

9 35-Eric McClure                               25       70               1                          0-0

10 26-Cole Whitt (R)                          25       70                                           0-0

11 5-Kasey Kahne                             21       74                                           1-1

12 66-Michael Waltrip                        21      74                                            0-0

13 1-Jamie McMurray                        20      75                                            1-1

14 24-Jeff Gordon                            20       75                                            1-1

15 52-Bobby LaBonte                       18       77                                           0-0

16 36-Reed Sorenson                      18        77                                          0-0

17 43-Aric Amirola                          17        78                                          0-1

18 30-Parker Kligerman(R)              16       79                                          0-0

19 21-Trevor Bayne                       16       79                                           0-0

20 48-Jimmie Johnson                   16      79                                            0-1

21 33-Brian Scott                         16      79                                             0-0

22 23-Alex Bowman (R)                15     80                                              0-0

23 77-Dave Blaney                       15     80                                              0-0

24 40-Landon Cassill                    12     83                                              0-0

25 31-Ryan Newman                     3     92                                              0-0

26 4-Kevin Harvick                       3     92                                               0-0

27 15-Clint Bowyer                      2      93                                              0-0

28 63-JJ Yeley                            2       93                                              0-0

29 16-Greg Biffle                        0      95                                              0-1

30 38-David Gilliand                   0      95                                              0-1

31 27-Paul Menard                    0      95                                              0-1

32 2-Brad Keselowski                0     95                                               0-1

33 99-Carl Edwards                  0     95                                               0-1

34 9-Marcos Ambrose               0    95                                                0-1

Stock Car Bowl VI Win Board

1 3-Austin Dillon (R)    4

2 17-Ricky Stenhouse,Jr. 3

3 34-David Ragan          2

4 88-Dale Earnhardt,Jr. 2

5 42-Kyle Larson(R)    1

6 35-Eric McClure       1

7 83-Ryan Truex (R)  1

8 7-Michael Annett (R) 1

9 1-Jamie McMurray   1

10 5-Kasey Kahne     1

11 10-Danica Patrick 1

12 24-Jeff Gordon  1

Inversion Points Standings

 3-Austin Dillon (R)  25 120

7-Michael Annett (R) 16 43

43-Aric Amirola        14 31

36-Reed Sorenson    12 30

66-Michael Waltrip   10 31

42-Kyle Larson (R)    8 43

40-Landon Cassill     6 18

26-Cole Whitt (R)   5 30

83-Ryan Truex (R) 4 41

77-Dave Blaney    3 18

33-Brian Scott      2 18

35-Eric McClure   1 26

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Daytona 500 Lap 100 Finishing Order

1 (27) 35-Eric McClure       25                   25

2 (26) 33-Brian Scott                 16           16

3 (23) 77-Dave Blaney              14            15

4 (17) 83-Ryan Truex (R)          12            37

5 (10) 26-Cole Whitt                 10            25

6 (18) 40-Landon Cassill             8            12

7 (1) 42-Kyle Larson (R)             6            35

8 (6) 66-Michael Waltrip             5            21

9 (7) 36-Reed Sorenson             4           18

10 (13) 43-Aric Amirola             3           17

11 (16) 7-Michael Annett(R)      2           27

12 (11) 3-Austin Dillon (R)       1          95

13 (14) 48-Jimmie Johnson

14 (28) 98-Josh Wise

15 (41) 18-Kyle Busch

16 (3) 34-David Ragan

17 (5) 21-Trevor Bayne

18 (30) 95-Michael McDowell

19 (37) 13-Casey Mears

20 (43) 9-Marcos Ambrose

21 (33) 22-Joey Logano

22 (22) 63-JJ Yeley

23 (35) 14-Tony Stewart

24 (2) 88-Dale Earnhardt,Jr.

25 (8) 17-Ricky Stenhouse,Jr.

26 (31) 78-Martin Truex,Jr.

27 (25) 1-Jamie McMurray

28 (40) 38-David Gilliand

29 (30) 92-Brad Keselowski

30 (15) 30-Parker Kligerman (R)

31 (12) 23-Alex Bowman (R)

32 (20) 4-Kevin Harvick

33 (38) 16-Greg Biffle

34 (24) 5-Kasey Kahne

35 (29) 2-Brad Keselowski

36 (34) 24-Jeff Gordon

37 (32) 27-Paul Menard

38 (19) 31-Ryan Newman

39 (42) 20-Matt Kenseth 85 Engine

40 (4) 52-Bobby LaBonte 58 Engine

41 (9) 10-Danica Patrick 37 Crash

42 (36) 11-Denny Hamlin 16 Engine

43 (21) 15-Clint Bowyer  1 Engine

Lap Leaders:

Larson 1-4


Ragan 6-8

B. LaBonte 9

Bayne 10-11

Waltrip 12-13

Sorenson 14-17

Stenhouse,Jr. 18-21

Patrick 22

Whitt 23-27

Dillon 28-33

Bowman 34-39

Amirola 40-41

Johnson 42-48

Kligerman 49-51

Annett 52-60

Truex  61-62

Cassill 63-66

Newman 67

Harvick 68-70

Yeley 71-77

Blaney 78-86

Kahne 87

J-Mac 88

Scott 89-94

McClure 95-100

Lap 101 Inversion Number Between 2 and 38:12 

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Daytona 500 Lap 1 Starting Lineup

Row 1

42-Kyle Larson (R)

88-Dale Earnhardt,Jr.

Row 2

34-David Ragan

52-Bobby LaBonte

Row 3

21-Trevor Bayne

66-Michael Waltrip

Row 4

36-Reed Sorenson

17-Ricky Stenhouse,Jr.

Row 5

10-Danica Patrick

26-Cole Whitt(R)

Row 6

 3-Austin Dillon (R)

23-Alex Bowman (R)

Row 7

43-Aric Amirola

48-Jimmie Johnson

Row 8

30-Parker Kligerman (R)

 7-Michael Annett (R)

Row 9

83-Ryan Truex (R)

40-Landon Cassill

Row 10

31-Ryan Newman

  4-Kevin Harvick

Row 11

15-Clint Bowyer

63-JJ Yeley

Row 12

77-Dave Blaney

 5-Kasey Kahne

Row 13

 1-Jamie McMurray

33-Brian Scott

Row 14

35-Eric McClure

98-Josh Wise

Row 15

 2-Brad Keselowski

92-Brian Keeslowski

Row 16

78-Martin Truex,Jr.

27-Paul Menard

Row 17

22-Joey Logano

24-Jeff Gordon

Row 18

14-Tony Stewart

11-Denny Hamlin

Row 19

13-Casey Mears

16-Greg Biffle

Row 20

95-Michael McDowell

38-David Gilliand

Row 21

18-Kyle Busch

20-Matt Kenseth

Row 22

 9-Marcos Ambrose

Guys (Or Girls) Who Did Not Qualify

32-Terry LaBonte     1

47-AJ Allemindinger 1

55-Brian Vickers      1

87-Joe Nemechek    1

41-Kurt Busch         1

93-Morgan Shepard 1

99-Carl Edwards     1

51-Justin Allgaier (R) 1

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Stock Car Bowl VI Win Board After Twin 125s and Inversion

1 3-Austin Dillon (R)   4

2 17-Ricky Stenhouse,Jr. 3

3 34-David Ragan          2

4 88-Dale Earnhardt,Jr.  2

5 83-Ryan Truex(R)      1

6  7-Michael Annett (R) 1

7 42-Kyle Larson (R)    1

8  1-Jamie McMurray    1

9  5-Kasey Kahne        1

10 10-Danica Patrick   1

11 24-Jeff Gordon      1

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Inversion Points Order and Standings

 42-Kyle Larson (R)   25 29

 88-Dale Earnhardt,Jr. 16 61

 34-David Ragan         14 59

52-Bobby LaBonte      12 18

21-Trevor Bayne        10 16

66-Michael Waltrip       8  16

36-Reed Sorenson       6 14

17-Ricky Stenhouse,Jr. 5 75

10-Danica Patrick         4 34

26-Cole Whitt (R)        3 15

 3-Austin Dillon(R)      2  94

23-Alex Bowman(R)    1 15

Stock Car Bowl V Inversion Points Order and Standings

                                                                   -             W                P         W-L

1 3-Austin Dillon (R)     94                            -                                           4-0

2 17-Ricky Stenhouse,Jr. 75                        19                                         3-1

3 88-Dale Earnhardt,Jr.  61                        33                                          2-1

4 34-David Ragan          59                       35                                           2-1

5 10-Danica Patrick       34                       60                                           1-1

6 42-Kyle Larson(R)      29                       65                                 1        0-0

7 83-Ryan Truex (R)     25                       69            1                             0-0

8  7-Michael Annett(R)  25                      69            1                             0-0

9 5-Kasey Kahne          21                      73                                           1-1

10  1-Jamie McMurray   20                    74                                            1-1

11 24-Jeff Gordon         20                    74                                            1-1

12 52-Bobby LaBonte    18                    76                                            0-0

13 21-Trevor Bayne      16                    78                                            0-0

14 66-Michael Waltrip   16                    78                                            0-0

15 30-Parker Kligerman (R) 16             78                                            0-0

16 48-Jimmie Johnson  16                   78                                            0-1

17 23-Alex Bowman (R) 15                 79                                             0-0

18 26-Cole Whitt(R)     15                  79                                              0-0

19 36-Reed Sorenson   14                 80                                               0-0

20 43-Aric Amirola        14                80                                               0-1

21 40-Landon Cassill        4               90                                               0-0

22 31-Ryan Newman       3               91                                                0-0

23 4-Kevin Harvick         3               91                                                0-0

24 15-Clint Bowyer        2                92                                                0-0

25 63-JJ Yeley               2               92                                                0-0

26 77-Dave Blaney        1               93                                                0-0

27 16-Greg Biffle           0              94                                                 0-1

28 38-David Gilliand      0             94                                                  0-1

29 27-Paul Menard        0            94                                                   0-1

30  2-Brad Keselowski   0              94                                                0-1

31 99-Carl Edwards      0               94                                               0-1

32 9-Marcos Ambrose  0                94                                               0-1

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Stock Car Bowl VI Points Standings After Twin 125s

                                                                                        -        W       P         W   -    L

1 3-Austin Dillon (R)                         92                             -                              4    -   0

1 17-Ricky Stenhouse,Jr.                  70                             22                           3    -   1

3 34-David Ragan                            45                            47                            2    -   1

4 88-Dale Earnhardt,Jr.                    45                            47                           2     -   1

5 10-Danica Patrick                         30                            62                           1   -     1

6 83-Ryan Truex (R)                       25                            67     1                    0    -     0

7  7-Michael Annett(R)                   25                            67      1                    0    -    0

8  5-Kasey Kahne                          21                            71                            1   -     1

9 1-Jamie McMurray                      20                            72                            1  -      1

10 24-Jeff Gordon                        20                            72                            1   -     1

11 30-Parker Kligerman (R)          16                            76                           0    -     0

12 48-Jimmie Johnson                 16                           76                             0   -     1

13 23-Alex Bowman (R)              14                            78                            0    -     0

14 43-Aric Amirola                     14                             78                           0    -      1

15 26-Cole Whitt (R)                  12                             80                           0   -      0

16 36-Reed Sorenson                  8                              84                           0   -     0

17 66-Michael Waltrip                  8                             84                           0    -     0

18 52-Bobby LaBonte                  6                             86                           0   -      0

19 21-Trevor Bayne                    6                             86                           0   -      0

20 40-Landon Cassill                   4                             88                           0   -    0

21 42-Kyle Larson (R)                4                               88                          0   -     0

22 31-Ryan Newman                  3                               89                         0   -     0

23  4-Kevin Harvick                    3                              89                          0   -    0

24 15-Clint Bowyer                     2                             90                           0  -    0

25 63-JJ Yeley                           2                               90                         0   -   0

26 77-Dave Blaney                     1                               91                       0    -   0

27 16-Greg Biffle                       0                                92                        0  -   1

28 38-David Gilliand                 0                                 92                        0  -   1

29 27-Paul Menard                    0                                92                        0  -   1

30  2-Brad Keselowski               0                                92                        0  -   1

31  99-Carl Edwards                  0                               92                         0  -  1

32  9-Marcos Ambrose              0                               92                          0 -  1

Stock Car Bowl VI Win Board

1 3-Austin Dillon (R)   4

2 17-Ricky Stenhouse,Jr.  3

3 34-David Ragan     2

4 88-Dale Earnhardt,Jr. 2

5 83-Ryan Truex (R)  1

6 7-Michael Annett (R) 1

7 1-Jamie McMurray    1

8 5-Kasey Kahne        1

9 10-Danica Patrick    1

10 24-Jeff Gordon      1

Lap 1 Lucky # Between 2 and 43 is 17  

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Twin 125's Race #2 Finishing Order

1 (18)  7-Michael Annett (R)   25  25 2nd

2 (22) 48-Jimmie Johnson      16  16 4th

3 (19) 23-Alex Bowman (R)   14   14 6th

4 (20) 26-Cole Whitt      (R)   12  12 8th

5 (1) 17-Ricky Stenhouse,Jr.   10  70 10th

6 (9) 66-Michael Waltrip            8   8 12th

7 (5) 52-Bobby LaBonte            6   6  14th

8 (2) 88-Dale Earnhardt,Jr.       5   45 16th

9 (12) 40-Landon Cassill           4   4   18th

10 (16) 4-Kevin Harvick            3   3 20th

11 (14) 63-JJ Yeley                  2   2  22nd

12 (3) 5-Kasey Kahne              1  21 24th

13 (13) 33-Brian Scott                      26th

14 (15) 98-Josh Wise                       28th

15 (21) 92-Brian Keselowski             30th

16 (25) 27-Paul Menard                  32nd

17 (4) 24-Jeff Gordon                    34th

18(17) 11-Denny Hamlin                36th

19 (23) 16-Greg Biffle                   38th

20 (24) 38-David Gilliand             40th

21 (7) 20-Matt Kenseth  19 Crash 42nd


22 (6) 32-Terry LaBonte 19 Crash DNQ

23 (11) 55-Brian Vickers 19 Crash DNQ

24 (8) 41-Kurt Busch      19 Crash DNQ

25 (10) 93-Morgan Shepard 7 Engine DNQ

Lap Leaders:

Stenhouse,Jr. 1

Earnhardt,Jr. 2-3

Kahne 4-8

Gordon 9

T. LaBonte 10-11

B. LaBonte 12-15

Kenseth 16-19

Waltrip 20

Cassill 21-23

Scott 24-25

Yeley 26-29

Wise 30-31

Harvick 32

Hamlin 33-36

Annett 37-40

Bowman 41-43

Whitt 44-46

Brian Keselowski 47

Annett 48-50

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Twin 125's Race #1 Finishing Order

1 ( 21) 83-Ryan Truex (R)         25           25    1st

2  (22) 30-Parker Kligerman (R) 16          16    3rd

3 (24) 43-Aric Amirola               14          14    5th

4 (1)  3-Austin Dillon (R)            12          92   7th

5 (4) 10-Danica Patrick              10         30    9th

6 (15) 36-Reed Sorenson             8          8    11th

7 (7) 21-Trevor Bayne                 6          6    13th

8 (2) 34-David Ragan                  5        45     15th

9 (19) 42-Kyle Larson (R)            4         4      17th

10 (16) 31-Ryan Newman           3         3      19th

11 (9) 15-Clint Bowyer               2         2     21st

12 (18) 77-Dave Blaney             1         1     23rd

13 (3) 1-Jamie McMurray                            25th

14 (14) 35-Eric McClure                              27th

15 (26) 2-Brad Keselowski                          29th

16 (8) 78-Martin Truex,Jr.                          31st

17 (13) 22-Joey Logano                             33rd

18 (17) 14-Tony Stewart                           35th

19 (5) 13-Casey Mears                             37th

20 (12) 95-Michael McDowell                    39th

21 (11) 18-Kyle Busch                             41st

22 (25) 9-Marcos Ambrose                       43rd


23 (20) 51-Justin Allgaier (R)                  DNQ

24 (23) 99-Carl Edwards                        DNQ

25 (6) 47-AJ Allemindinger                    DNQ

26 (10) 87-Joe Nemechek  1 Engine      DNQ

Lap Leaders:

Dillon 1-4

Patrick 5

Ragan 6-8

McMurray 9-12

Mears 13

Allemindinger 14-16

Bayne 17-19

Truex,Jr. 20

Bowyer 21-22

Ky. Busch 23-26

McDowell 27-31

Logano 32

McClure 33-34

Sorenson 35-37

Newman 38

Stewart 39-40

Blaney 41

Larson 42-43

Allgaier 44

Truex 45-47

Kligerman 48

Truex 49-50

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Twin 125s Race #2 Starting Order

Row 1

17-Ricky Stenhouse,Jr.

88-Dale Earnhardt,Jr.

Row 2

 5-Kasey Kahne

24-Jeff Gordon

Row 3

52-Bobby LaBonte

32-Terry LaBonte

Row 4

20-Matt Kenseth

41-Kurt Busch

Row 5

66-Michael Waltrip

93-Morgan Shepard

Row 6

55-Brian Vickers

40-Landon Cassill

Row 7

33-Brian Scott

63-JJ Yeley

Row 8

98-Josh Wise

 4-Kevin Harvick

Row 9

11-Denny Hamlin

 7-Michael Annett (R)

Row 10

23-Alex Bowman (R)

26-Cole Whitt (R)

Row 11

92-Brian Keselowski

48-Jimmie Johnson

Row 12

16-Greg Biffle

38-David Gilliand

Row 13

27-Paul Menard

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Twin 125s Race 1 Starting Order

Row 1

 3-Austin Dillon (R)

34-David Ragan

Row 2

 1-Jamie McMurray

10-Danica Patrick

Row 3

13-Casey Mears

47-AJ Allemindinger

Row 4

21-Trevor Bayne

78-Martin Truex,Jr.

Row 5

15-Clint Bowyer

87-Joe Nemechek

Row 6

18-Kyle Busch

95-Michael McDowell

Row 7

22-Joey Logano

35-Eric McClure

Row 8

36-Reed Sorenson

31-Ryan Newman

Row 9

14-Tony Stewart

77-Dave Blaney

Row 10

42-Kyle Larson(R)

51-Justin Allgaier (R)

Row 11

83-Ryan Truex (R)

30-Parker Kligerman (R)

Row 12

 99-Carl Edwards

43-Aric Amirola

Row 13

 9-Marcos Ambrose

 2-Brad Keselowski

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Stock Car Bowl VI After Daytona Pit Crew Competition

                                                                                 -            W            P           W-L

1 3-Austin Dillon(R)                                   80             -                                        4-0

2 17-Ricky Stenhouse,Jr.                          60             20                                       3-1

3 34-David Ragan                                    40             40                                      2-1

4 88-Dale Earnhardt,Jr.                           40             40                                       2-1

5  1-Jamie McMurray                               20            60                                        1-1

6 5-Kasey Kahne                                     20           60                                        1-1

7 10-Danica Patrick                                 20          60                                         1-1

8 24-Jeff Gordon                                     20          60                                         1-1

9 48-Jimmie Johnson                                 0          80                                         0-1   44th

10 99-Carl Edwards                                   0          80                                         0-1  45th

11 16-Greg Biffle                                      0          80                                         0-1  46th

12 43-Aric Amirola                                    0          80                                         0-1 47th

13 38-David Gilliand                                 0          80                                          0-1  48th

14  9-Marcos Ambrose                              0         80                                           0-1  49th

15 27-Paul Menard                                   0         80                                           0-1 50th

16  2-Brad Keselowski                              0        80                                            0-1 51st

Stock Car Bowl VI Win Board

1 3-Austin Dillon (R)       4

2 17-Ricky Stenhouse,Jr. 3

3 34-David Ragan           2

4 88-Dale Earnhardt,Jr.  2

5  1-Jamie McMurray     1

6 5-Kasey Kahne          1

7 10-Danica Patrick      1

8 24-Jeff Gordon          1

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Stock Car Bowl VI Pit Crew Competition Daytona

1st Round

 6 5-Kasey Kahne over 11 38-David Gilliand

 3 17-Ricky Stenhouse,Jr. over 14 27-Paul Menard

 7 10-Danica Patrick over 10 43-Aric Amirola

 2 34-David Ragan over 15 2-Brad Keselowski

 12 88-Dale Earnhardt,Jr. over 5 99-Carl Edwards

 4 1-Jamie McMurray over 13 9-Marcos Ambrose

 8 24-Jeff Gordon over 9 16-Greg Biffle

 16 3-Austin Dillon over 1 48-Jimmie Johnson

2nd Round Pit Crew Competition

 6 5-Kasey Kahne vs. 3 17-Ricky Stenhouse,Jr.

 7 10-Danica Patrick vs. 2 34-David Ragan

 12 88-Dale Earnhardt,Jr. vs. 4 1-Jamie McMurray

16 3-Austin Dillon vs. 8 24-Jeff Gordon

2nd Round

3 17-Ricky Stenhouse,Jr. over 6 5-Kasey Kahne

 2 34-David Ragan over 7 10-Danica Patrick

12 88-Dale Earnhardt,Jr. over 4 1-Jamie McMurray

16 3-Austin Dillon over 8 24-Jeff Gordon

Pit Crew Competition Semifinals

3 17-Ricky Stenhouse,Jr. vs. 2 34-David Ragan

16 3-Austin Dillon vs. 12 88-Dale Earnhardt,Jr.


 3 17-Ricky Stenhouse,Jr. over 2 34-David Ragan

16 3-Austin Dillon over 12 88-Dale Earnhardt,Jr.

Pit Crew Competition Finals

16 3-Austin Dillon vs. 3 17-Ricky Stenhouse,Jr.


16 3-Austin Dillon over 3 17-Ricky Stenhouse,Jr.

Coming Up Next, Stock Car Bowl VI Points and Win Board

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State of World Open Wheel

I feel hurt over the state of World Open Wheel. What's worse than not getting our economy together, is not getting our order right. I think, in honesty, Simona de Silvestro would be 29th out of 30 in a 2015 F1 Grid, only beating Kurt Busch. I am still sore over Johnathan Summerton having USF1 fall apart before the word "GO!".

And, I get madder than a wet hen my bring Sam Hornish,Jr back North Tour fell apart over foolish pride. I can't tell between foolish and fooled and worse, I'd still keep on trucking for Chase Austin as his Indy 500 bid can't and won't fall apart again.

I'd like to see Ford back in Open Wheel as a reliable and servicable option. I get sick of every other Non-Ferrari Brand dancing with their tail between their legs and that is just the working parts. KERS was more than an unwanted house guest, and to add injuries to injuries, especially those that weren't necessary, changing from V8 to V6 with no notice was the official wussification of tech. Part of what made F1 F1 was  that Lap 20 or 25 or 40 Stop for Tires and Fuel. If Nicole Lyons was in F1 for the Next 5 Years, she'd win 10 Races A Year for 5 Years as I'd get sick of diversity being more one-sided than Kentucky always losing to Florida, no matter how miserable the Gators tried stooping.

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All Offense (Like I Need To)

I think I hate to be all offense like calling Cam Newton Elite as we don't have NFL Expansion or Rival League in 2014, but, we need to be more realistic over how people operate. And, I think dealing with a full season title would be better for a good long while vs. having to put up an SCCA Styled Runoff. Even then, it would mean the regular season would need an NHL Styled President's Trophy with no cheesy seeding or worse.

And, some of us don't know different and that is scary. I don't want no "Nice Story" as I would prefer the Storybook instead of the Horror Stories. And to add it all up, epics and sagas need to be used correctly like a properly built Small Block Chevy.

When folks don't have a good last name or worse, good family history, it is hard to establish anyone in life or in the community. And, dealing with issues from the bottom instead of Touchdown Dancing like Drake and live the movie vs. the song. I like to be imaginary or try to build better, but community does need to join you instead of be at home 24-7. Diversity is the future and I think still, people are wildly unaware and unaligned to anyone but who brought them there as media can say all they can, and if the institution can't let you win, we need to help 50-100 Employee Companies stay in the game,too, versus be flatfooted or fall apart because their part of my town,too.

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Week 3 Driver of the Year

1 Spencer Pumpelly USCR  25 25

2 Austin Dillon Sprint Cup  16 28

3 Christopher Bell USAC    14 47

4 Jeb Burton Trucks          12 12

5 Travis Cope Whelen AA 10 22

6 Eddie Krawiek  NHRA     8  8

7 Lee Pulliam Whelen AA  6  6

8 Chase Elliott Nwide       5  5

9 Ryan Gustin USMTS      4  4

10 Jason Johnson ASCS   3 3

11 Nicole Lyons Whelen AA 2 18

12 Tim Brown Wh So Mods 1 1

After 3 of 40 Events

1 Christopher Bell USAC  47  -

2 Austin Dillon Sprint Cup 28 19

3 Michael Annett Sprint Cup 25 22

4 Spencer Pumpelly USCR 25 22

5 Travis Cope Whelen AA 22 25

6 Nicole Lyons Whelen AA 18 29

7 Ryan Truex Sprint Cup 16 31

8 Shannon McIntosh ARCA 14 33

9 Alex Bowman Sprint Cup 14 33

10 Cole Whitt Sprint Cup 12 35

11 Jeb Burton Trucks 12 35

12 Andy Eckrich IMCA 10 37

13 Tommy Johnson NHRA 8 39

14 Eddie Krawiek NHRA 8 39

15 Bryan Clauson USAC 6 41

16 Justin Brayton AMASX 6 41

17 Lee Pulliam Whelen AA 6 41

18 Jimmy Owens Lucas Oil 5 42

19 Parker Kligerman Sprint Cup 5 42

20 Chase Elliott Nwide 5 42

21 Antron Brown NHRA 4 43

22 Tasker Phillips ASCS 4 43

23 Ryan Gustin USMTS 4 43

24 Tony Kanaan IICS 3 44

25 Kyle Larson Sprint Cup 3 44


26 Jason Johnson ASCS 3 44

27 Scott Pruett USCR 2 45

28 Justin Barcia AMASX 1 46

29 Justin Allgaier Sprint Cup 1 46

30 Tim Brown Wh So Mods 1 46

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10 Years Forward and Still, 10 Years to Go

I think in this world of Cowboys vs. Indians and a lot of cultural and emotional unawareness runs around like a nasty drug. Worse, I loathe the fact we can tolerate nearly anyone in Sports or Entertainment without taking a decent look at character. And that means going from LA to Denver to Miami to New Jersey treating the whole world as a smoking and toking section.

And, I don't love hypocrites, and I am all forward. But, the past needs care, the chronology needs chronicled and we are all not happy to just be there. I would run from anything detrimental and that is all me and I still wish there where more of me who had awareness not to mess with cars, family, friends, family friends, region, city, state, town or mannerisms.

A Pyramid of Success is not to be taken lightly. I don't want no pathological liars and stealers , or worse, raconteurs. The latter is not fun, and folks will take umbridge and them some.

The morals and ethics are us and I wonder if Vallejo would be intercepted if they file for bankruptcy again because not even New York in the 1970s and Philadelphia in the 1980s would have fell for.

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1994 : The Way I Remembered It

Hello, I would like to start this story with the way 1993 Ended as I was incensed, in kind words, when Rusty Wallace didn't win the Winston Cup for the Midwest. And, to add insult to injury, Penske went from Pontiac to Ford. And I was expecting better , after the Floods took away my Grand Prix and Davey Allison died in that helicopter and Red Farmer oddly enough, lived. With the ASA coming to my fair city, Cedar Rapids and Hawkeye Downs, on the 4th of July, that made my life and Steve Holzhausen winning and even though a lot of folks still don't think highly of Mike Eddy out here in Cedar Rapids, but, I still remember his heroics like yesterday even though his golden days came before I watched ASA every week on TV.

I was incensed and fearful when Darrell Alderman came back to NHRA after a 2 Year Suspension, and I am still,even now. But, when Neil Bonnett died, and this was before the Internet, Mrs. Hunt had to pull me to the side and say Neil Bonnett died. I felt he should have been my sports John Madden, even in 2014, AND this is an age of lacking narrators, and being piledriven with salesmen.

And, with Ayrton Senna dying on May Day, 1994, that made the real Whole World stop. And Pontiac was down the road to a Winless Year in BGN and Cup and Pontiac ties on both sides of my family  helped me be a Pontiac Man and I am still am in Spirit even though there haven't been any new cars from them in 2010 and I still wish Pontiac would have been contributiors in this rise and shine of this economy instead of being broker than broke can humanly imagine.

And, on August 19th, 1994 , when I thought Ernie Irvan would have died, but he lived, and what still works me up even now is letting Dale Earnhardt tie the King Richard Petty. And October 23rd, 1994, when the Man In Black, Dale Earnhardt, Sr. tied King Richard Petty, it was a little too much for me to bear. And three weeks later, Bob Frey's "Alderman and Geoffrion finish 1 and 2 in the 1994 NHRA Winston Pro Stock Standings" rang out of the LA County Fairplex like a Vietnam Styled Flashback for my soul, and I was just a kid then. And Pontiac went 0 for 59 in BGN and Cup that year, which was too much and then some and I can't stand losing, even now and worse, when you lost to someone who played outside the rules or the lines instead of being honest.

And now, at almost 30, and having denounced my Toyota Citizenship 3 Years Ago because Red Bull "abandoned" my sport of Stock Car Racing and that is so far from a lighthearted allegation and I take NASCAR and Indianapolis Motor Speedway like "my" teams and that, my friends is no understatement. And the 1990s NHRA Heroes, and for good reason, I always couldn't stand to lose to are WJ and John Force and even now, even though I am a Pontiac in spirit, but, I am A GIANT Matt Hagan and Jeg Coughlin,Jr. Fan because Matt Hagan sent me his Christmas Card and Jeg Coughlin,Jr.'s Jegs have been good to be since Gary St. Amant signed his Jegs Cap in 2007 and I prefer being a Jeg's instead of a Lucky Dog. And, even though I am happy to contribute to the Post Modern Racing History where the Modern Capstone jumped off, but, I still want to see Role Models for Children, because we grow up, too, and even though I still can't deny I have an anger issue because of my Autism/Asperger's, even though it is not as severe as when I was a kid, but, people reward you for doing work vs. beaching at home like the coast is clear and even though certain issues get me worked up to all get out, but, people's stripes can't easily be changed, if at all.

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20 Year Thought Process

Even if I was reading Corporatese, I'd still want to know if I was dealing in 20 Year Rotten Deals, to paraphrase Jim Crane. We can't be physically in a stomach twisting corner to not say no, especially if it is your team or relative. And, CSN Houston's funders borrowed more than the plane, and that is not good. If it was Chicago, the Owners would be even more contributing than some of the corporate squite.

I think this year in Celebrity is a Fallow Year, even for those who lived through 1994 or the 1960s. Fallow would mean like Civil War era losses, namely in a row. And, I think the fudgery that Schumi that is being put through is uncalled for and negliegent, and if it was a United States Hospital, I'd stop keeping him online like he is a Matrix Character.

And, I want a 20 Year Thought Process and in motorsports and a lot of other sports, diversity is a necessary but not always wanted evil. I would feel happier if economies rose higher than Wuthering Heights again, because Tragedy is something I can't physically stand and if your a real Dynasty, ain't nothing wrong with a Closed Set.

I feel as much as I would be great at being a winner, I would be an even worse loser, especially if someone did me wrong over and over and again and again. I think what Dwight Howard is not aware of is he earned his All Star Snub, namely over the last 4 Years.

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The Right to Remain in Good Judgment

Even though it is not in my character to play Bob Costas,Frey, Ley, and Jenkins at the same dang time, but, Metta World, even though his last name is Peace, doesn't have a legal right to talk about Marcus Smart without a Lawyer Present. And worse, the New York Knicks or Chicago Bulls draw 14th in this Springs NBA Draft Lottery and land Marcus Smart or worse, Andrew Bynum's Flea Circus has its 5th Stop Under 30 in Indianapolis and it'd be another 15 Years to NBA Gold and you got socked with another 1 and Doner that you flatfooted in.

And, fans are a part of the field,too. And we can't just be gladiating people into fistfights or worse, egging Carmelo on. I think what is spooky is the acceptabilty of Non-Standards in F1, and I wouldn't want to come back to F1 if Gene Haas took Danica and Kurt Busch and Smoke and Angry can't pull 1 Sunday Together.

Smoke is SO NOT Dale Sr. . I am thinking people respect you if you don't just play them like punks. And, The Dallas Cowboys will win 7 More Super Bowls and as much as Seattle's Bump and Run Pressure led them to Gold, but, Pete Carroll ain't respected and Denver earned her stigma. The kids these schools recruit could bring the wrong kind of heroes and if you owe money like Manziel or Clowney, I think the NCAA should at least have 8 National Signing Days just to make the Central Iowas and Alabamas on a level field again.

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Can't Always Turn Back Time in Des Moines

I think with Des Moines Public Schools hegemony becoming so common since 2006, that legit School Sponsored Programs like Aircraft Maintenance have taken a slide. I think that since Ray Cross retired, I think Des Moines International Airport has increasingly became more pro-business. And to show, on the fact is the Airport Commission can't always afford to be generous if the school doesn't have enough kids in the elective and it is not a Suburban or Rural School where you could play with the offerings.

And, its 2014, and I think CVS dropping Tobacco Sales by October 1st is a Harbinger of Tobacco Control's Longer Term Coming of Age after the 1998 Tobacco Settlement Agreement and the fact Street Drugs Pervasiveness has grown more and more of a hold.

I hate to be on a tangent about bad decisions affecting legit clubs, but, the one district in my state I would absolutely, positively refuse to base any office out of is Des Moines Public Schools. It's long and complex, and you can't always overcrowd the smart people with Lawyers and Insurers. They can't always carry the heavy load and worse, everyday people need to be more in center. My offer for Iowa Speedway is to have Sprint Cup, Drive for Diversity Racing and Drive for Diversity Venue Training. If NASCAR's going to be here, at least let us learn as much as having fun.

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2014 Week 2 Driver of the Year

1 Michael Annett Sprint Cup  25 25

2 Ryan Truex Sprint Cup 16 16

3 Alex Bowman Sprint Cup 14 14

4 Cole Whitt Sprint Cup 12 12

5 Austin Dillon Sprint Cup 10 12

6 Christopher Bell USAC 8 33

7 Justin Brayton AMASX 6 6

8 Parker Kligerman Sprint Cup 5 5

9 Tasker Phillips ASCS 4 4

10 Kyle Larson Sprint Cup 3 3

11 Scott Pruett USCR 2 2

12 Justin Allgaier Sprint Cup 1 1

After 2 of 40 Events

1 Christopher Bell USAC 33 -

2 Michael Annett Sprint Cup 25 8

3 Nicole Lyons Whelen AA 16 17

4 Ryan Truex Sprint Cup 16 17

5 Shannon McIntosh ARCA 14 19

6 Alex Bowman Sprint Cup 14 19

7 Travis Cope Whelen AA 12 21

8 Cole Whitt Sprint Cup 12 21

9 Austin Dillon Sprint Cup 12 21

10 Andy Eckrich IMCA 10 23

11 Tommy Johnson,Jr. NHRA 8 25

12 Bryan Clauson USAC 6 27

13 Justin Brayton AMASX 6 27

14 Jimmy Owens Lucas Oil 5 28

15 Parker Kligerman Sprint Cup 5 28

16 Antron Brown NHRA 4 29

17 Tasker Phillips ASCS 4 29

18 Tony Kanaan IICS 3 30

19 Kyle Larson Sprint Cup 3 30

20 Scott Pruett USCR 2 31

21 Justin Barcia AMASX 1 32

22 Justin Allgaier Sprint Cup 1 32

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Formula One 2014: What A Nightmare!

I think Gene Haas and Kurt Busch will become permantently NASCAR's Least Wanted if they go to Formula One and those seeds are not just seeds. And frankly, Ecclestone's Job Status is Blacker than Black than Humanly Imagined and Renault not doing their job and I am wanting to throw rocks at the Hamiltons that played the world for punks.

And, worse, those cars look nastier than most IndyCars. To me, I want Formula 1 Standards, not Vettel, Vettel, Vettel, Vettel, Vettel, Vettel. And I am more than happy to fire Austin and New Jersey's USGP Bids for All Time. And I think Ross Brawn's Retirement is a dirty seed allowed to win immediately and repeatedly.

And, to add it all up, I don't see a reminder of this is why it is a Formula One Field. And even if they where 29 and Rookies, I'd like to see those who really paid their dues versus extorted for a living and the looney tunes of 2014 is a pain in the neck.

Every other world sports and open wheel series from ASCS to USAC to Modifieds to Austrailian V8 have some good field, but, F1 is a sad,sad, sad mess that needed to be fixed years ago.

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Week 1 2014 Driver of the Year

1 Christopher Bell   USAC   25   25

2 Nicole Lyons Whelen AA 16   16

3 Shannon McIntosh ARCA 14  14

4 Travis Cope Whelen AA  12   12

5 Andy Eckrich IMCA         10  10

6 Tommy Johnson,Jr NHRA   8  8

7 Bryan Clauson USAC         6 6

8 Jimmy Owens Lucas Oil 5  5

9 Antron Brown NHRA 4  4

10 Tony Kanaan IICS 3  3

11 Austin Dillon Sprint Cup 2 2

12 Justin Barcia AMASX 1 1

After 1 of 40 Events

1 Christopher Bell USAC 25 -

2 Nicole Lyons Whelen AA 16 9

3 Shannon McIntosh ARCA 14 11

4 Travis Cope Whelen AA 12 13

5 Andy Eckrich IMCA 10 15

6 Tommy Johnson,Jr. NHRA 8 17

7 Bryan Clauson USAC 6 19

8 Jimmy Owens Lucas Oil 5 20

9 Antron Brown NHRA 4 21

10 Tony Kanaan IICS 3 22

11 Austin Dillon Sprint Cup 2 23

12 Justin Barcia AMASX 1 24

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7 Game 7's In A Row

If you won 7 Game 7s In A Row all in successive order, you'd be a hero over and over and again and again. But, the problem is, people will all figure out like the holes that reclosed campus in High School. If you lost 7 Game 7s In A Row and in successive order, a lot of folks will see your more than happy to find ways to keep your job out of thin Denver Air.

And, if you earned a stigma, there's no arguing out. And even if your Buffalo or Minnesota, the chance, drive, piledrive and win when it counts need to be all in, not all out. And I think, too, we got hit and had up with the fact reclosing campus in Middle and High School and having those early delinquents grow creates a 100 or 0 Mentality.

Also, I think honoring wins was the right thing to do, but, eliminator mentality for the Cup is not good. It would have been different if its 1 Day/Night Only and the Points Title still had a shot to be a President's Trophy like the NHL. I'd still delete the Playoff Racing Mentality as I'd like to see a steady pattern of Early Clinchers and Down to the Wireisms vs. Being there for the Party or worse, being there to be there and not caring about anything else.

In a world that is flying too fast, I think rising would be rewarded vs, falling and not getting up over and over and again and again.

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The 2014 F1 Chassises are a J-O-K-E,JOKE,JOKE,JOKE

I feel offended that Formula One's 2014 Chassises are uglier than most IndyCars I know, and that is no compliment. I am still hustling to see if there are more American Chassises Builders to piledrive the competition faster than Kendrick Lamar piledriving Drake just so I don't want to hear from Dallara.

And, what don't hurt is being a Role Model for Kids. And Gene Haas is shrewd and ballsy to assume he'd take Kurt Busch to Formula One. One, just having an American just to make us feel better is not a hot idea and two, we still don't want Kurt Busch.

And, its 2014, where are your good drivers, Formula One? Vettel is not a model citizen and you are not getting another Sir Jackie, even if you wanted to beg to differ Schumi was not Forever Gone by 2014's End.

I'd like to see Ford back just so every Non-Ferrari team has an engine or 10. And, in the name of what kind of people where we, the wingless USGPs of Austin and New Jersey will be back off again. And Montreal will be "fired" after the year and for good. And, diversity is a premium, but, we need ethics and we are not sheep and F1 is so totally dysfunctional it is not funny.

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The Seeds We Are Fed

Ring or No Ring doesn't change who we are and does being a Kurt Busch mean your going to be engraved in Gold?

And, to realize it, it is difficult to mint yourself past Ricky Rudd and Mark Martin. In the Gold or the Quest for the Gold, we still remember who burned who's bridges.

And, to add insult to injury, how are we going to be great? Beyond the money, I think there is something that is worth more to us: Our Last Names and depending on who we crossed paths with, we could have 100 Percent or Negative 100 Percent Equity.

I think having Cheating in School and doing all kinds of Cyberthuggery where devolved into a "skill" and it turned F Minuses to A Pluses, but, it didn't change who people where beyond the oppurtunity.

Oppurtuntisticism is not an Olympic Sport and Boosterism and Boosterization is not an Olympic Sport. And, to make issues worse, we need to work for our Final Fours and Sprint Cup dates instead of being shrewd and rude 24-7 to those who make real livings.

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Sprint Cup : Can't Brian be Fired Already?

I feel that Brian France needs to be fired already. I also feel FOX Sports and Sprint deserve to be fired,too. And, at every level, I think there is more than one way to skin a cat when it comes to the schedule. I think the track most under the gun for having 1 Race vs. 2 and that's just This Year is Dover.

I think I would strongly encourage barnstorming instead of twerking up my emotions like a bad memory from 2013. And worse, its the teams who would at least do changes on their own instead of NASCAR, NASCAR, NASCAR. I think honestly, I would like to see more different manufactueres do NASCAR and I'd prefer Dirt Sprint Cup Races.

There is no way to deny the future is coming. We can't lay up on our "Victory By Default" Game and no one likes being viewed as a market when they got to work.

And, I'd like to see Nashville Fairgrounds be back in Sprint Cup and I do believe the lack of car attention is just as big as our flat out coddling. I would like to see rewards for victories and not just the same old sorry Batman Mentality.

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Too Many Father Flanderses

I hate to call out the fact having Too Many Father Flanderses turns my great state and nation into Outlaws and I am not talking Sprint Cars,either. I think it was bad enough when John Thompson the Dad, Tom Osbourne and Bo Schembeckler had to do it, but, some of these Father Flanderses use their power nefariously and they know their running in the in too deep and too late for their own good.

I think if any of these matters need to be brought to us by the real us. I hate impersonators if they don't do a good job, and half these misfits and misfit nations need to be having the Five Firable Felonies Firewagons be dealt. The seed of getting the gold has pollenated in this day and this age and worse, they go on line with familiar names versus off line with merit. I hate it when Malls have more Mall Rats with no money than Sunny,Seventy Two and San Diego Valley Girls with money and jobs.

I don't need Super Nuts 24/7/365 and I think Rising and Shining helps folks get better. I think what's worse is Bieber and Drake are destroying real people's towns and real people's families and the babies need role models. And having Mayor Quimby in Real Life with no equity or trust is debilitating and Dr. Nick being Real is not all jokes 24/7.

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On To This Red Letter Season of 2014

Granted, with what Darrell Waltrip encouraged for this Red Letter Season in Stock Cars ,Motorsports, and Sports, I want to say I am only 7 Days Until My 1st 2014 Driver of the Year is unveiled. And word on the street is whenever the Daytona 500 Entry List is uncovered, I will have the Race Through of the Stock Car Bowl VI.

I feel that as a blogger, I would like to keep cranking up the juice like Everynight Was Saturday Night and Bryan Clauson's Big Oklahoma Chili Bowl Win set the wheels of 2014 Forward. And too, I would like to see The Stock Cars Crank Up The Juice in a Big,Bad Way.

I want to break out of the box like Dean Smith's Old 4 Corners and all the fake and the believing the lies as truths will easily be found out. And, too, I want to keep the Pile Drive to Win running All Day Every Day.

If roses where red, I think we have a Right to Know if Brian Vickers is 100 Percent or 0 Percent. On short notice, it would be the Captain Burton Farewell Tour at every Sprint Cup City and Eldora.

And, Sam Hornish,Jr. will wish he'd be in IndyCar by now.

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Reasons for the Championship Seasons

I get so worked up for the real longest as some of these folks believe their own lies and other folks follow along with no awareness and no clues. And, I know a lot of us have to run 300 Yards and Running like Real Good NFL History came this and every fall for the rest of time, but, people need to know the reasons for the championship seasons.

There are reasons for our tiger stripes and old emotions still run deeper than the deep of the ocean. I sense the smug, arrogant, comfortable, recidivistic outlaw nature of some of these people hammer the culture at large. I think the thing since the Internet started is the Severe Absence of a Level Playing Field.

And worse, I think that getting a 600 SAT Recruit to a North Carolina is not just out of character, its everyone's problem. And I would have expected THAT kind of buffonery out of South Carolina, Mississippi and Kentucky, but , NEVER North Carolina.

And I fear that Cedar Rapids and Iowa City, my home region is starting to develop an Outlaw Rep. And, to add the issues up, the wrong kind of folks drive not just property values through the floor, but, every day,too.

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That Championship Season II

I know I am not a fan of sequels, but, I'd like to see 2014 bring Auto Racing back up again and not get pocketed with the tragedy later on. To me, greatness feeds greatness and it expects expectations instead of making us soft and lazy.

I don't always love who we are (or aren't) but, the fact is I like to see Good Weekends Every Weekend to make our Work Weeks rosier and better. This decade has been vicious and nasty to hades, but having Great Teams and Athletes make our lives rosier.

I think Mop Duty most times is taken for jokes and it isn't the case. I think if people didn't have a Mayor like Detroit, An Owner like Cleveland and a Professional that would bring even the non-sportsmen and women to the support, that is not a reason to act up. People like Rises vs. Falls and I would relish rises as falls cost people more money than they like to admit.

People don't just Expect Expectations, they relish and revere them and in the end, people will rise to more than the occasion as I think Rising to The Victory would trump Occasions as Rising to the Occasion will always be the City of Louisville and the University of Louisville's Athletic Motto for the rest of all time.

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Caleb Armstrong WILL Be Early Upset of the Year Nominee at The 2014 and 2015 ESPYs

I hope ESPN has this in their playbook, but Caleb Armstrong's Upset Win Last Night in Defeating Sammy Swindell in the Wednesday Night A Main at the Chili Bowl should be the Early Upset of the Year Nominee for the ESPYs.

I think ESPN will shore up their racing business in the Years Between the Next NASCAR Contract. To me, I would like to see Racing Talked About again rather than a stereotypical blurb.

To me, I think this is the 1st Red Letter Day in a Red Letter Season. People love to expect expectations and people will remember how they earned or lost their name in 2014.

You can't just have all the fun in the world and get stuck with a misfits who want to throw more than History Making Haymakers.

And Roses Are Red, but, Mysteries will be solved in 2014 and we will call spades spades, but, don't argue in the wrong when people knew that it was wrong to start with and not just wasted energy and too many bad actors don't help people's causes.

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Problemsolvers vs. Problemmakers: The Line Starts Now

I feel upset by the incessant lack of a legitimate Pile Drive to Win. To me, I would relish having fiercely fought Great Victories and not just Bling-Bling and cashing out. Even though I am a product, too, as a person, I don't like to be marketed like I was a product.

But, strong leadership trumps all the other trash that people live with everyday. I wonder if change starts and ends at home and the legit subcultural mergers is a problem and a trouble. I don't always see incentive and the last time I asked, we aren't that dumb.

I think with the Earnhardt portion of Earnhardt-Ganassi-Sabates being thirded as an unhappy reminder of DEI, and the behind the scenes horsetrash that it brewed and the merchandising rushes on the trailers every weekend in 2007 and 2008, when our economy fell off the soft times.

I don't think megateams would keep running. People have the power to make up their own decisions and Junior's Future at Hendrick is colored for worse beyond 2014 and I doubt NASCAR will let teams be having 4 Cars. I don't want to be sleuth, but, owners need to have full time drivers and not just spool Brian Vickers down the road.

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2014 and Beyond

I think in this Postmodern Curiousity, I would like to see Rival Chassises Makers in IndyCar and have Ford and Mopar be recruited into IndyCar and Dodge to return to NASCAR. I really have a hard time still with losing SPEED, even though its last Summer, but, I still think getting races steady on Network TV Again would be a plus.

I don't all love the unrealistic that is never going to , never gonna and never will happen. We can tailor make and remake anything to our liking out of our disliking, but, Trademarking and Copyrighting have been a loss as our badisms are getting more and more noticed.

I always wonder in this Village, I'd like to see better be better. I don't think we get enough of that,now. And not always be handcuffed to a desk or office and that for those of us who are working. I love less the continued lack of direction by some of our Sports Commissioners because if your Sport or Motorsport was truly being good, you'd be the non story rather than troll for attention.

Problem is, we need to work for us, not a misfit who thinks their boss because they say so, I wonder if I'd like to see people make their relatives richer and better, not poorer and worse.

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The NFL Shouldn't Had Invited the Red Hot Chili Peppers to Super Bowl XLVIII

I hate harkening on Music and Entertainment, but, I think when the Red Hot Chili Peppers where invited to the 2006 All Star Race, that was a bad idea. I think the NFL is indingent enough to invite the Red Hot Chili Peppers to the Super Bowl as Bruno Mars is the 21st Century Donnie Hathaway.

And, this century is 15 Years Old and lastly but not leastly, we lack for Sports Greatness at the Team or Individual Level. And, I think,too if I was a Sports Venue Promoter, I'd prefer Kenny Chesney vs. The Red Hot Chili Peppers.

I doubt Pro Sports is aware that the fans are in the Board Room,too. I would live to love at least see the return of human decency to try to lead us to the straight and narrow and telling the difference between a real problemsolver and a real troublemaker.

I think what irks me is the constant irritation of the fan won't go unnoticed for long. I find that the music industry has been so broken down that every hit has to be a hit like Lil Wayne and that is irritating and truthfully, do you want to employ Kevin Harvick the same as Matt Kenseth? I don't like to be the Doubting Flanders, but, the spades are true.

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For the Next 101 Weekend Days..

For the Next 101 Weekend Days, I would prefer to see greatness vs, greatness and the fans and history decides whose good, not just because your there to be there. I would feel that personally, I want to see Saturday and Sunday Greatness to make your week hum and strum better. I find that we all have Tiger Stripes and like it or not, they are obvious and a lot of people don't always like what their sold.

And we get told by people whose lies they flat-out believe in, making it easier not to catch certain folks in a lie. And that makes it difficult and I would like to see Credit where Credit is Due, Credit for those who can Make and Afford to Handle their Money and Punishment where Punishment is Due. I think, honestly, permissiveness only makes it easier for a perp or weasel to bargain K-Mart Styled to a simpatico/simpatica ear and the truth still is the truth.

We have it easier to choose our own story or endings, and we all have our own boozes like Starbucks Coffees and that makes Alcoholics Worse, and the fact the disintergration of Tobacco Control which was worked up 10-15 Years is tragic, and steady relegalization what is already illegal is terrifying to us public because the truth is society's friend and teacher, not Tebowmania, Danicamania, or False Idols pretending to be famous.

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Stock Car Bowl VI Daytona Pit Crew Competition Pairings 1-10-2014

I, as a fan, since the fact that the absence of the Pit Crew Competition is obvious, that later Next Month, I will include Pit Crew Competitions as part of Stock Car Bowl VI and without further ado, here are my matchups:

11 38-David Gilliand vs. 6 5-Kasey Kahne

14 27-Paul Menard vs. 3 17-Ricky Stenhouse,Jr.

10 43-Aric Amirola vs. 7 10-Danica Patrick

15 2-Brad Keselowski vs. 2 34-David Ragan

12 88-Dale Earnhardt,Jr. vs. 5 99-Carl Edwards

13 9-Marcos Ambrose vs. 4 1-Jamie McMurray

 9 16-Greg Biffle vs. 8 24-Jeff Gordon

16 3-Austin Dillon vs. 1 48-Jimmie Johnson

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IndyMyIndy's Novel Concept for North Wilkesboro

I can at least say there have been plenty of ideas to restart and actually start North Wilkesboro with limited success (2010-2011) flying all over the Internet in its history, but, hear me out on this one. I am still emotional, angry and at points, mournful of the actual date of the Last North Wilkesboro Race in Winston Cup in 1996 (September 29th). But, with the original North Wilkesboro being economically and periously prohibitively inoperable due its earlier 2010-11 run out of the dark, I would want somebody to bite the bullet wide open, or pass the Old Pickle Jar to build a New North Wilkesboro Speedway.

I don't want it to be a Superrefendum, because we get sick and tired of those, and I would like it to do Weekly Racing for a Year and have USAC and IndyCar come to New North Wilkesboro. I would also have the 2nd Year where the Sprint Cup Season would end at New North Wilkesboro. I don't have anything against Texas, Kansas or Newton, but, even from Eastern Iowa, I'd like a venue where they'd wouldn't twist my arm about attending or persuade others to attend with their own friends/families.

Frankly, I don't like the ornate, replacements or worse, supplements. I would at least like to see new venues where they are necessary and those would be fun races rather than fun houses.

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Ideas for Nationwide, Or Whatever They Will Call It.

I, for one, would like to see Nationwide at least get back to being a Late Model Series, which it terribly,terribly, went astray from. And for two, I want to see Grand National in the name and the working title, and if it is McDonald's Grand National or Domino's Pizza Grand National, say it is.

Also, I would like to see Nashville,Hickory and IRP back on tour and Bowman Gray to be on Nationwide. I would feel strong enough to consolidate Eldora and Knoxville into Cup and Nationwide and do an "Iowa Dirt Week".

The problem..Money. I think as much as I would love to throw Hurricanes and I wouldn't be afraid to hold my fence, but, the issue is we can't all run on fallacy. I think Big Picture, the Juvenilization of Sports is a Bad Habit we need to get out of and I don't like a Chris Brown herd of media being there for 1 or 2 People. And, I find too, having the 1 Owner Series Rule would be necessary, even though it would take half a year for New Owners to prove themselves in the Dialogue.

And, the public is entitled to see The Drive for Diversity 500, and , even though I'd be shrewd, but, trying to get Babylon to Rise and Shine is better than letting a no-namer steal your gold.

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Let's Get Real about the Sprint Cup Schedule

I don't think building new in the name of will work this time. Also, I think there are legitamately underperforming venues that need to be canned,too as an effort to make room for different venues. I think, rather tangibly, at the Nationwide Level, I think having a Late Model Format return again is necessary because those cars are better Cup Cars.

I always feel strongly the manufacturers should have a say in what car they are designing,redesigning or deleting to NASCAR. I think, honestly, people want to see real cars instead of facsimilies of them.

I can't understand why that Daytona Speedweeks isn't as contained as it is. I'd like to see the 2015 Rolex 24 start the year en masse. Another matter I'd prefer to see is the NFL no longer monopolize a lions den of the winter into Februrary and the real gut in that issue is not trying to do an Arena Jerking of Seeding, but, instead , try to at least address disparity and if this kind of subzero temps came up in the future, play up the game instead.

But, as an unhappy change because of the "Spring" Daytona 500s, I would want them Saturday Night with their Summer Counterparts.

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IndyMyIndy Presents Baseline 2014

Personally, I am wanting to set a baseline for 2014. Until I put up my Week 1 Driver of the Year Standings on Super Bowl Sunday (And if that where to vary over weather, I will try to stay in that line,too.) I won't try to consider Week 2 until at least I have an idea of who did good in racing.

I think "That 70s Vibe" is not healthy, especially in "That 70s Year After The 70s". Personally, last year helped write the book on this decade like 1993 was to the 90s and 2001 was to the 2000s. Frankly, minding the store needs to be a premium or superpremium and that doesn't include just merely being cute for the camera.

I find that if we lost Michael Schumacher forever, we will miss out on another Sir Jackie Stewart ambassadorship. Even though F1 went down to V6, which was chagrinning over the books, its no different in terms of trying to carve V-6,8,10, or 12 in different parts of the 1980s or 1990s. I think Ford needs to be back in IndyCar and Formula One and Dodge needs to be in IndyCar and back in NASCAR.

Honestly is the only policy and I find lets at least try to have the race be the story again, not the noise or anger again.

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No Quacks Allowed: Let's Call Things Out For What They Really Are

I, for one, would be happier to skin 2013 and put it in the past. SPEED's Death Hurt Everybody, and as a natural result, FOX does not care about actual Sports Journalism, but, instead, arcs Beauty Queens to make them look like the Rose. Frankly, I would be more than happy to argue, pro bono, that Fox Sports and Rupert Murdoch willfully commissioned Contract Fraud and Abuse and we're here, too, and we are still not happy over the juvenilization of our sports culture.

And, for second, I would still keep it 300 Thousand against Brian France's Future Employment. I would have been barking and I am not Lucky Dog, either, but more like the fact he doesn't offer the time of day in series related issues and worse, government shutdowns hurt our hard earned spending money,too.

And for third, even though I'd be steady willing to pile drive to win First Time Winners Immediately and Repeatedly, but, if you won 1, win 2, then 4, then 5 , then 10, then 20! I don't see balls to the wall domination rather than sissified Chad "You Can Hate Him" Knaus, but It Won't Stop" Knaus.

And forth, I am wanting Mopar back in NASCAR. I hate the way Toyota makes us broke and they don't care unless if they are seeing Yens in their pocket. This. Ends. Now. I would go with most other Non-Ferrari European Marks before I ride with Honda and Toyota Again.

And fifth, Vettel won't Red Bully his way to 5 in a Row. He'll win 10 and we will see a superunknown strong arm his way past the Feared Vettel for his 1st World Grand Prix Win.

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The Fans Keep You Employed

I think the truth, and there is no dancing with this issue, is The Fans Keep You Employed. A lot of folks aren't in love with a supersized, larger than the Western Hemisphere fantasy that people would go broke keeping up with. And also, the fans keep you employed and I have to go as far as passing the straw for references where my real life High School, Special Needs or College Buddies would not have fallen for some of these racers.

Also, I am wanting stage presence for next season's BET Awards Season. I mean the BET and the BET Hip Hop Awards with Cedric The Entertainer and Steve Harvey having a 2 Award Show Contract. And, too, people's wallets talk, too. I doubt they'd be returning to Honda and Toyota when they knew Detroit was starting to do a better job.

Also, with my intention to try getting more than the ".C.R.E.A.M. (Cash Rules Everything Around Me) Dollar Dollar Bill Y'All" to try to have the Wu Tang Clan and Elliott Sadler Team Up. As much as I would have been shrewd,rude and oppurtunistic either A.) Refiring The Sponsor Market and B). Helping restart the "Special Night" Paint Schemes of the Late 90's, and we need to talk up more than just Superheroes.

And, I would keep on trucking to try to promote Chase Austin to IndyCar to keep on Honda and their "Broken Promises" and offer him an Indy 500 Car.

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The Eddie Sharp Rules

1. I feel that pick a series should extend to owners,too. I think that extension should carry on to ARCA or K and N. I am not totally wanting to push on to series rebranding too, to cut travel costs, which is tangible and to keep workload premium enough where it is not prohibitive and the learning experience is not expensive, because other people need to learn, too.

2. I feel strongly that unless if your already upstream to Cup, at least try to stay with your series unless A.) Denny Hamlin-Tony Stewart Injury. B.) If it was more of a probationary trial to prove it with your Original Series with Suspensions due to Driver Disclipline or Substance Abuses that didn't produce an actual arrest and C.) Arrests would be an automatic disqualifier until the legal issues are resolved.

3. I think also, the truth is even in a promotion culture, we need people at least to stay back or hold the line for the series better interests. But, I know the NBA is starting to do Demotion-Promotion as more of an economic gain or punishment, to defer expensive busts of players. I hate to use Eddie Sharp as an example for another set of "Michael Jordan Rules", but, the truth is Eddie Sharp is livid his coowner he tried to team up with, Bill Gallagher, was another "That Guy" who was eager for an oppurtunity at the gold like Kendrick Lamar, but, Eddie Sharp has had to lay off his staff and worse, he still is mad his sponsor fell out of him before he could race his BGN Rookie of the Year Season in 1994 and people take their oppurtunities more personal when they weren't on to begin with only to see a sudden hit at 11:59:59.

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Stock Car Bowl VI Pit Crew Competition Daytona Eligible Candidates

As much as I love to put 2013 in the past, which I helped just do, but, for Later This Winter into Early Spring, I will try to set the table for the 1st Pit Crew Competition of the Stock Car Bowl VI and we will know the boat load of changes then, as Kansas Clint going from 15 to 66 would make him more vulnerable to missing fields.

1 48-Jimmie Johnson

2 34-David Ragan

3 17-Ricky Stenhouse,Jr.

4 1-Jamie McMurray

5 99-Carl Edwards

6 5-Kasey Kahne

7 83-David Reutimann

8 10-Danica Patrick

9 24-Jeff Gordon

10 16-Greg Biffle

11 43-Aric Amirola

12 38-David Gilliand

13 36-JJ Yeley

14 88-Dale Earnhardt,Jr.

15 9-Marcos Ambrose

16 27-Paul Menard

Granted, even though we are still in the Holiday Season, but, more will be said once Stock Car SpeedWeeks get back running Later This Winter.

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Indy Car Drivers Board 2013 FINAL

1 9-Scott Dixon   4

2 27-James Hinchcliffe 3

3 12-Will Power        3

4 90-Nicole Lyons     2

5 77-Simon Pagenaud 2

6 28-Ryan Hunter Reay 2

7 0-Bryan Clauson  2

8 83-Charlie Kimball 1

9 3-Helio Castroneves 1

10 92-Mike Conway 1

11 1-Tony Kanaan 1

12 007-Katherine Legge 1

13 20-Ed Carpenter  1

14 14-Takuma Sato 1

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The Drivers Championship IV Finishing Order

Editor's Note: Off the top, even though Scott Bloomquist is Driver 0 in The Lucas Oil Late Models, I happened to put Bryan Clauson as 0 (Pick 0) and as my infamous Off-Property Indianapolis 500 Pick, 00 (David Reutimann), 07 (Danny Efland) and my personal favorite (007) for Katherine Legge to keep in the Driver 0 or Driver 00 Theme. (Adam Alexander always liked to feed on the REM Theme in the Old Speed Report prior to Speed becoming Fox Sports 1)

1 (15) 11-Steve Kinser

2 (10) 1-Sammy Swindell

3 (13) 0-Scott Bloomquist

4 (1) 77-Kelly Bires

5 (3) 36-Kenny Wallace

6 (14) 9-Jenna Wagner

7 (7) 43-Aric Amirola

8 (9) 20-Jimmy Owens

9 (4) 10-Cole Whitt

10 (11) 99-Tasker Phillips

11 (6) 70-Johanna Long

12 (15) 75-Christopher Bell

13 (12) 01-Tony Kanaan

14 (17) 19-Ryan Gustin

15 (21) 72-Nicole Lyons

16 (25) 30-Darrell Wallace,Jr.

17 (27) 82-Katie Sullivan

18 (29) 23-Bubba Pollard

19 (18) 6-Emily Gade

20 (19) 3-Austin Dillon

21 (24) 2-Jacob Wilson

22 (20) 16-Mike Stefanik

23 (23) 80-Jake Strayer

24 (22) 34-David Ragan

25 (30) 35-Justin Brayton    61 Crash

26 (8) 13-Ander Vilarino     32 Crash

27 (5) 14-David Brabham   32 Crash

28 (2) 26-Dan Fletcher       32 Crash

29 (31) 22-Justin Barcia      14 Engine

30 (26) 0-Bryan Clauson     5 Crash

31 (28) 98-Simon Pagenaud 5 Crash

Lap Leaders:

Bires 1

Fletcher 2-3

K.Wallace 4-8

Whitt 9

Brabham 10-12

Long 13-16

Amirola 17

Vilarino 18-19

Owens 20

Swindell 21-22

Phillips 23-24

Kanaan 25-27

Bloomquist 28-29

Kinser 30

Bell 31-33

Gustin 34-37

Gade 38

A. Dillon 39-40

Stefanik 41

Lyons 42-43

Ragan 44-46

Strayer 47-49

Ja. Wilson 50-52

Wallace,Jr. 53

Sullivan 54-55

Pollard 56-58

Brayton 59-61

Bires 62

K. Wallace 63-67

Whitt 68-71

Long 72-73

Amirola 74-76

Owens 77-79

Swindell 80

Phillips 81-86

Kanaan 87-89

Wagner 90

Bloomquist 91-93

Kinser 94-100

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National Championship Of Auto Racing III Finishing Order

1 (28) 90-Nicole Lyons

2 (26) 14-Takuma Sato

3 (27) 7-Dave Blaney

4 (32) 33-Tasker Phillips

5 (24)  9-Scott Dixon

6 (23) 34-David Ragan

7 (25) 48-Jimmie Johnson

8 (22) 27-James Hinchcliffe

9 (21) 17-Ricky Stenhouse,Jr.

10 (19) 40-Jamie McMurray

11 (18) 77-Simon Pagenaud

12 (1)  43-Aric Amirola

13 (15) 5-Kasey Kahne

14 (16) 28-Ryan Hunter Reay

15 (31) 31-Jeff Burton

16 (2) 20-Ed Carpenter

17 (5) 39-Ryan Newman

18 (4) 007-Katherine Legge

19 (3) 16-Greg Biffle

20 (33) 13-George Brunnhoezl III

21 (14) 0-Bryan Clauson

22 (13) 00-David Reutimann

23 (30) 41-Chase Austin

24 (29) 82-Darrell Wallace,Jr.

25 (6) 1-Tony Kanaan

26 (7) 32-Ken Schrader

27 (9) 24-Jeff Gordon

28 (17) 99-Carl Edwards            36 Crash

29 (8) 92-Mike Conway              23 Crash

30 (10) 3-Helio Castroneves       23 Crash

31 (20) 12-Will Power                10 Engine

32 (11) 10-Danica Patrick            3 Crash

33 (12) 83-Charlie Kimball          3 Crash

Lap Leaders:

Amirola  1

Carpenter 2-4

Biffle 5

Legge 6-12

Newman 13

Biffle 14-15

Kanaan 16-18

Schrader 19-20

Conway 21-23

Gordon 24

Reutimann 25-26

Clauson 27-29

Kahne 30

Hunter-Reay 31-33

Edwards 34-36

Pagenaud 37-39

McMurray 40

Stenhouse,Jr. 41-42

Hinchcliffe  43

Ragan 44-45

Dixon 46

Johnson 47

Sato 48

Lyons 49-50

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National Championship Of Auto Racing Inversion # and Starting Lineup

National Championship of Auto Racing Inversion # Between 2 and 33 is 25

Row 1

43-Aric Amirola

20-Ed Carpenter

16-Greg Biffle

Row 2

007-Katherine Legge

 39-Ryan Newman

   1-Tony Kanaan

Row 3

32-Ken Schrader

92-Mike Conway

24-Jeff Gordon

Row 4

  3-Helio Castroneves

10-Danica Patrick

83-Charlie Kimball

Row 5

00-David Reutimann

  0-Bryan Clauson

 5-Kasey Kahne

Row 6

28-Ryan Hunter-Reay

99-Carl Edwards

77-Simon Pagenaud

Row 7

40-Jamie McMurray

12-Will Power

17-Ricky Stenhouse,Jr.

Row 8

27-James Hinchcliffe

34-David Ragan               2011

  9-Scott Dixon

Row 9

48-Jimmie Johnson

14-Takuma Sato            2012

  7-Dave Blaney

Row 10

90-Nicole Lyons

82-Darrell Wallace,Jr.

41-Chase Austin

Row 11

31-Jeff Burton

33-Tasker Phillips

13-George Brunnhoezl III

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IndyCar National Win Board 12-22-2013

1 9-Scott Dixon    4

2 27-James Hinchcliffe 3

3 12-Will Power          3

4 77-Simon Pagenaud 2

5 28-Ryan Hunter-Reay 2

6 0-Bryan Clauson        2

7 83-Charlie Kimball     1

8 3-Helio Castroneves   1

9 92-Mike Conway       1

10  1-Tony Kanaan      1

11 007-Katherine Legge  1

12 20-Ed Carpenter        1

13 14-Takuma Sato       1

14 90-Nicole Lyons 

15 41-Chase Austin

16 33 Tasker Phillips

50 Laps Will Be On The Board for the National Championship of Auto Racing III.

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Stock Car Bowl V *FINAL* Points Standings


                                                                                       W     P

1 34-David Ragan             198                  -                        1

2 7-Dave Blaney               188                 10                       1      1

3 31-Jeff Burton                187                11                              2/1A/1E

4 43-Aric Amirola              179                19                       1      1

5 17-Ricky Stenhouse,Jr.   175               23                         1     1

6 36-JJ Yeley                    135               53

7  9-Marcos Ambrose        132               56

8 00-David Reutimann      127               61                        1       1

9 47-Bobby LaBonte         126               62                         1               I

10 32-Ken Schrader         100               98                         1

11 14-Tony Stewart           94             104                                         I

12 10-Danica Patrick          88            110                          1

13 21-Trevor Bayne           87             111                                         I

14 35-Josh Wise               85             113

15 39-Ryan Newman        81              117

16 88-Dale Earnhardt,Jr.  75             123

17 48-Jimmie Johnson     71             127

18 16-Greg Biffle            68             130

19 82-Darrell Wallace,Jr.  60           138                           1

20 98-Michael McDowell  60            138

21 93-Travis Kvapil         58            140                         S

22 24-Jeff Gordon          56             142

23 1-Jamie McMurray     54             144

24 38-David Gilliand      53             145

25 99-Carl Edwards       51             147

26 13-Casey Mears        50            148

27 33-Landon Cassill      50           148

28 27-Paul Menard         49           149

29 61-Todd Bodine        44            154

30  5-Kasey Kahne         43           155

31 87-Joe Nemechek      38           160

32 22-Kevin Swindell       38         160

33 78-Kurt Busch           33          165           S

34 95-Scott Speed         30          168

35 18-Kelly Bires           30          168

36 51-Terry LaBonte      28          170

37 20-Dylan Presnell      27         171

38 18-Cole Whitt           26         172

39 21-Timothy Peters    25         173                     1

40 14-Kelsey Bauers     25         173                     1

41 20-Jenna Wagner     25         173                     1A

42 20-Kyle Fowler        25         173

43 29-Brendan Gaughn 25        173

44 2-Travis Pastrana    25        173

45 51-Ryan Truex       24         174

46 29-Kevin Harvick   23         175                     S

47 15-Clint Bowyer    20         178                     S

48 52-Brian Keselowski  20      178

49 29-Ron Hornaday,Jr. 19      179

50 26-Michael Waltrip    18      180

51 30-David Stremme    17      181

52 19-Mike Bliss            17      181

53 2-Mike Harmon        16       182                   S

54 11-Denny Hamlin     16       182                  S

55 33-Austin Dillon       15       183

56 55-Mark Martin        12       186

57 11-Nicole Lyons       12      186

58 22-Grant Enfinger    10      188

59 56-Martin Truex,Jr.   8       190                S

60 18-Kyle Busch          6       192                S

61 11-Eric McClure        4       194                I

62 11-Frank Kimmel      4       194

63 22-Ryan Blaney       4       194

64 2-Ted Christopher    4       194

65 42-JP Montoya         1       197

Stock Car Bowl V Win Board FINAL 12-22-2013

1 48 Jimmie Johnson    8

2 34 David Ragan        4

3 17-Ricky Stenhouse,Jr.  2

4 1-Jamie McMurray         2

5 99-Carl Edwards           2

6  5-Kasey Kahne           2

7 00-David Reutimann   2

8 10-Danica Patrick      2

9 24-Jeff Gordon          1

10 32-Ken Schrader      1

11 39-Ryan Newman     1

12 16-Greg Biffle          1

13 43-Aric Amirola        1

14  7-Dave Blaney        1

15 82-Darrell Wallace,Jr. 1

16 31-Jeff Burton          1


17 38-David Gilliand     1

18 36-JJ Yeley             1

19 21-Timothy Peters  1


1 47-Bobby LaBonte    2

2 14-Tony Stewart      2


1 20-Matt Kenseth   7

2 18-Kyle Busch      4

3 29-Kevin Harvick  4

4 2-Brad Keselowski 2

5 11-Denny Hamlin  1

6 55-Brian Vickers   1

7 56-Martin Truex,Jr. 1

8 22-Joey Logano    1

9 93-Travis Kvapil   1

National Wild Card

13-George Brunnhoezl III Wh So Mod

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Grand Nationwide Bowl I Points *FINAL*

                                                                                                      W     P

1 70- Johanna Long                   244              -                                  2      1A

2  3-Austin Dillon                      159             85       

3 23-Robert Richardson,Jr.        154             90                                 1

4 31-Justin Allgaier                   129            115

5 01-Mike Wallace                     124           120

6 88-Jeffrey Earnhardt               123          121

7 29-Kenny Wallace                   117          127                                1

8 79-Kyle Fowler                       114           130                                1

9 32-Kyle Larson                       104           140                               1

10 10-Cole Whitt                       97             147                               1      1E

11 91-Jeff Green                       97             147

12  6-Trevor Bayne                    95            149                                 I

13 52-Joey Gase                        93            151                                1

14 44-Hal Martin                        85           159                                1

15 99-Alex Bowman                   78            166                               1

16 00-Blake Koch                       77           167

17 40-Reed Sorenson                 76           168

18  8-Scott Lagasse,Jr.               75           169

19 2-Brian Scott                        73            171

20 07-Danny Efland                   70            174                            1

21 11-Elliott Sadler                    68            176

22 77-Parker Kligerman             67             177

23 46-Chase Miller                    66            178

24 12-Sam Hornish,Jr.              62            182

25 17-Tanner Berryhill              62             182

26 98-Kevin Swindell                61            183

27 74-Mike Harmon                 56            188                             1     S

28 30-James Buescher              49           195

29 14-Eric McClure                     49         195                                   I

30 22-Ryan Blaney                     32         212

31 92-Dexter Stacey                  31         213

32 44-Chad Hackenbracht          31         213

33 51-Jeremy Clements             30        214                              1   S

34 89-Morgan Shepard              29        215

35 51-Chrissie Wallace             28         216

36 18-Drew Herring                 26         218

37 6-Grant Enfinger                 25        219                            1

38 55-David Starr                    25       219                             1E

39 15-Stanton Barrett              25       219                             1

40 74-Juan Carlos Blum          25       219                              1

41 66-Justin Lofton                24       220

42 87-Joe Nemechek             24       220

43 20-German Quiroga          22      222

44 43-Dylan Presnell             19     225

45 33-Ty Dillon                     16     228

46 24-Ryan Ellis                     14   230

47 37-Matt DiBenedetto          14  230

48P 33-Tony Stewart              14 230                        I

49 30-Nelsom Piquet,Jr.         10 234                        S

50 7-Regan Smith                   8 236

51 43-Michael Annett             8  236                          I

52 21-Dakoda Armstrong       8  236

53  5-Brad Sweet                  7  237

54 27-David Green               6  238

55 60-Travis Pastrana           5 239

56 21-Brendan Gaughn         2 242

57 20-Brian Vickers              2 242                      S

58 16-Chris Buescher           2 242

59 70-Tony Raines               1 243

Grand Nationwide Bowl I Final Win Board

1 70-Johanna Long            3

2 7-Regan Smith               2

3 3-Austin Dillon               2

4 22-Ryan Blaney             1

5 12-Sam Hornish,Jr.       1

6 6-Trevor Bayne            1

7 20-Brian Vickers           1

8 23-Robert Richardson,Jr. 1

9 29-Kenny Wallace          1

10 10-Cole Whitt              1

11 44-Hal Martin             1

12 79-Kyle Fowler            1

13 99-Alex Bowman         1

14 07-Danny Efland         1

15 52-Joey Gase             1

16 32-Kyle Larson          1

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Lap 200 National Championship of Stock Car Racing Finishing Order

Finally, IndyMyIndy is going about putting 2013 in the Stock Car and Racing Fans Past for good reason and whatever will happen, There Will be a  New Sprint Cup Champion. We are so in love with the "Choose Your Own Ending" Industry that I get mad enough JJ still a Gang Of 6 like we where to take 1995 again, and trust me, it ain't gonna be JJ to move on the King and The 3 for all time. I am shrewd and rude enough to keep it 300 Thousand out of 100 like Kanye to have new champs every year until decade's end, and now, enjoy the show.

1 (9) 34-David Ragan   25                              198   Cup

2 (11) 29-Kenny Wallace           16                  117 Nwide

3 (8) 31S-Jeff Burton               14                  187 Cup

4 (5) 23-Robert Richardson      12                 154 Nwide

5 (14) 3-Austin Dillon              10                 159 Nwide

6 (2) 1-Jamie McMurray            8                   54 Cup

7 (15) 12-Sam Hornish,Jr.        6                   62 Nwide

8 (17) 31N-Justin Allgaier        5                  129 Nwide

9 (18) 16-Greg Biffle               4                    68 Cup

10 (19) 88S-Dale Earnhardt,Jr. 3                   75 Cup

11 (12) 24-Jeff Gordon            2                   56 Cup

12 (6) 88N-Jeffrey Earnhardt    1 184 Transmission  123 Nwide

13 (3) 35-Josh Wise                    177 Crash

14 (16) 13-Casey Mears               157 Engine

15 (4) 17-Ricky Stenhouse,Jr.       153 Crash

16 (7) 01-Mike Wallace                 153 Crash

17 (13) 39-Ryan Newman             139 Engine

18 (1) 70-Johanna Long                123 Engine

19 (10) 11-Elliott Sadler                109 Engine


20 10S-Danica Patrick  74 Crash

21 2-Brian Scott          74 Crash

22 40-Reed Sorenson  68 Engine

23 10N-Cole Whitt        63 Engine

24 9-Marcos Ambrose   23 Crash

25 20-German Quiroga   6 Engine

Lap Leaders

Long 101

McMurray 102-104

Wise 105

Stenhouse,Jr. 106-110

Richardson,Jr. 111

Earnhardt      112-114

M. Wallace     115-118

Burton           119-121

Ragan            122-124

K. Wallace     125-129

Gordon          130-135

Newman        136-140

A. Dillon         141-145

Hornish,Jr.     146-149

Mears            150-155

Allgaier          156-157

Biffle             158-163

Earnhardt,Jr.  164-169

McMurray      170-172

Wise              173-177

Richardson,Jr. 178

Earnhardt        179-184

M. Wallace       185

Burton            186-188

Ragan             189-200

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Lap 101 National Championship of Stock Car Racing Restart Lineup

Row 1

70- Johanna Long

 1-Jamie McMurray

Row 2

35-Josh Wise

17-Ricky Stenhouse,Jr.

Row 3

23-Robert Richardson,Jr.

88N-Jeffrey Earnhardt

Row 4

01-Mike Wallace

31S-Jeff Burton

Row 5

34-David Ragan

11-Elliott Sadler

Row 6

29-Kenny Wallace

24-Jeff Gordon

Row 7

39-Ryan Newman

  3-Austin Dillon

Row 8

12-Sam Hornish,Jr.

13-Casey Mears

Row 9

31N-Justin Allgaier

16-Greg Biffle

Row 10

88S-Dale Earnhardt,Jr.</