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For Sale: 1991 Toyota Supra 1300+hp 8sec street drag

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Please read this build sheet/list several times. There is a lot to take in. This car is a proven and reliable street driven/race car. It’s not just a track car by any means. All the parts are included to convert this car back to a normal street car with power steering, A/C and comfort. On a normal basis I get into this car and cruise it anywhere desired. It can be loud at times and does have a race car feel in its current setup. I would drive it across country if I wanted with a few minor changes to the setup. I have spent over $127,000 on this car in parts alone in the last 5yrs. That is not an exaggeration. That also does not include the 3000 hours of labor put into this car over 5yrs, the hundreds of track testing/tuning hours by D3 Performance Engineering and I. D3 and I used this car for a great deal of R&D and theory testing.

About me. I am a Certified Bentley/Rolls Royce Technician. I spend my daytime life repairing and maintaining some of the most expensive production/luxury cars made. This requires a great deal of precision and care. I put the same quality and effort into this supra. I have owned six supras over the years. This has been the baby of them all and the only supra I still currently own. I have also grown up around motorcycles and motorcycle racing. Spend countless days around performance shops and currently advise numerous people around the world on setup up their cars for drag racing.

This is all information off the top of my head. Please ask me for more details on specific things if needed.

1991 Toyota Supra- Hardtop

125,000 original miles, Clean Title, Three owner car. Southern Weather Life. No rust. I purchased this car with 110k miles so all of the parts/modifications have less then 15k miles.

As for the car. All the factory options work. Windows, A/C(when removed), climate controls, Heat, lights, gauges , wipers. Little door chime and warning lights. Hatchback light, Dome lights. It was daily driven in summer and Texas winter for a year and a half. Driven to and from Florida and all around Texas. Car was setup for daily driving first then used during TX2k11,12,13,14 for the drag racing event. Used weekly for street racing. 350-450hp for first two years, 700-800whp for a year then 1000+hp for two years.

Currently 1350-1400bhp at 48psi with 180 shot of Nitrous. The computer calculated HP from the ProEFI has been average 1440hp With a Max of 1518hp. On full kill mode. There are 5 different HP levels via the I-boost switch. Power can be turned up or down in seconds. 18psi-48psi Boost Via I-Boost Switch

Car won second place in the TX2K11 MK1-MK3 Supra Nationals Dyno Competition. 808whp

Car won first place in the TX2K12 MK1-MK3 Drag Racing Super Modified Class. 9.85@141

Car Trapped 177 In the TX2K14 Roll Race event the first day in a 20mph headwind.

Fastest ¼ pass to date 8.44@165 During FL2K13. Fastest 1/4 Trap speed to date 169 also during FL2K13.

Additional Recorded passes- 8.44, 8.57, 8.71, 8.76, 8.77, 8.82, 8.89, 8.95, 8.98.

20+ Ten Second passes to date and 12+ Nine Second Passes. Every single 9-10 pass the car was driven to and from the track. On several of the 8’s the car was also driven to and from the track when tested locally.

All 8 second passes were on 275/60-15 Mickey Thompson Radial Pro. Yes drag radials. Best 60ft to date 1.34- Lots of 1.3x-1.4x. I’m stubborn and refused to use a slick on my car.

Current big changes post the 8.44 ¼ mile pass. We have not fully track tuned the new setup due to other life priorities taking over. (Jakes TH400, 3.55 gear, 180shot, -175lbs weight removed, 5” inlet from bumper and side exit exhaust). There is definitely a 7 second ¼ pass with 170+mph traps in this car. My priorities have changed quite a bit since I started this project 5yrs ago. There is still a chance if the car does not sell too quickly I will be taking it back to the track to get that 7 second pass myself. Otherwise the new owner will have the world’s fastest and only 7 second street car MK3 supra. Current race weight with 165lb driver 3252lbs.

Engine Management $4710

ProEFI 128 Ecu- V3

Active Options in use- Flex fuel, I-boost, Traction Control, Rolling Anti-Lag, Boost by speed

Sensors in use- 5-bar Map, Coolant Pressure, Exhaust Backpressure, Driven Wheel Speed, Non-Driven wheel speed, Transmission Fluid Temperature, Transmission Pressure, engine oil pressure, engine oil temperature, Nitrous bottle pressure sensor

Extras- 52mm Can Gauge, Color Can usb Logger Display, Can Communication Cable for tuning

Tuned By the world famous Chris Delgado of D3 Performance Engineering.

Ignition System, $650

GM LQ9 Coils

Custom Coil Brackets and harness

Intake/Throttle body/Nitrous, $2350

Greddy Replica Intake manifold

GM LS2 90mm TB, GM Corvette C5 Throttle Pedal

NX Proflow Solenoid, NX purge Solenoid

Direct Port NX Single fogger dry nozzles- 180 shot pills

One 15lb bottle and one 10lb bottle.

Blow Down tube

5’ front bumper air intake from fog light hole to turbo. All aluminum piping. Pipe removed in less then one minute. Race Mode

KN filter attached to this pipe in minutes with no issues.

Fuel System- $3490

Fuel Injector Clinic -10 rail

Fuel Injector Clinic 2150cc Injectors- Filter Caps on each injector

Aeromotive 11105/17140 Belt Drive Mechanical Fuel pump

Aeromotive 13113 Belt drive pressure regulator

-10 Feed line, 100 micron pre pump filter, 40 micron post pump filter

-10 one way valve before pre pump filter. No drain back from mechanical pump. No primer pump needed. Starts right up cold or heat soaked. Holds 4-6psi for days.

-8 return line

Sumped and baffled stock tank. Dual ½ fittings. Red alcohol/ethanol compliant fuel tank coating. Acid dipped and coated inside and out. Rust Free and clean.


Bottom End, $7280


3.0L NA 2JZ-GE Block

86.5MM CP Pistons 9.0:1 PolyDyn Ceramic Coated tops, Polydyn Oil Coating Sides

Brian Crower Pro Series Rods with ARP 625+ Bolts Rated at 1800hp

Upgraded .225 Wrist Pins

Titan Billet Main caps with ARP Main Cap Studs

ACL-X race bearings

Sound Performance modified 2JZ oil pump

Oil Cooler Delete, NA Oil Filter Pedestal

Billet Timing Belt Tensioner

Gates Blue Racing Timing Belt

Adjustable Cam Gears

ATI Harmonic Balancer

750 miles on current bottom end build

Cylinder Head, $4182

USDM 2JZ-GTE. New Core

1mm Oversize Ferrea Stainless valves intake and exhaust. Ports blended for bigger valves

Ferrea Valve Locks

Ferrea Bronze Valve Guides

Shimless buckets

Supertech Dual Valve Springs, Super Tech Titanium Retainers

Crower 61402-2 Race Camshafts 272 10.3/10.54 lift

OEM Toyota Head Gasket

H11 Studs Torqued to 105ftlb with oem Toyota Washers.

750 miles on current head build

Turbo Setup/Exhaust, $9175

Precision GT-45 7680 Billet Ball Bearing Water Cooled. Tial Stainless V-band Turbine Housing. 1.15ar

RC-Turbo Stainless V-band Turbo manifold.

Twin Precision PW46 wastegates. Recirculated into downpipe

4’ core intercooler. 3’ hotside piping, 3.5” coldside piping

All stainless bradid boost control lines, braided oil and water feed turbo lines

Tial 50mm Blow Off Valve Mounted on Hot Side Piping. Bradid pressure line

4” Turbo back stainless steel exhaust system. With both 46mm wastegates recirculated with flex couplers. Very deep sounding muffler. Forgot brand.

Race exhaust is a passenger side exit system. Top wastegate is recircualted bottom wastegate is dumped.

Turbo has 500 miles on build due to oil feel line issues. Turbo center section was replaced.

All other turbo parts have 1000miles or less

Transmission, $8820

Jakes Performance Built TH400 3-speed 1800hp Capable

AFT Speed GM/2JZ Bellhousing adapter plate. Toyota J3 Bellhousing

Reverse Manual Valve body

B&M Quick Shift Ratchet Shifter

Griner 1+2 Billet Valve body with Probrake

Rollerized Forward Hub

Billet Alum Super drum with 36 element Super Sprag

Billet input and output shafts

Forward drum 6 clutches, direct drum 6clutches and intermediate 5 clutches.

TCI Aluminum Deep Pan

Lokar Dipstick properly measured for correct fluid level.

Protorque Revolution Torque Convertor. 2600-2800 stall no spray 5psi only. Spray on transbrake 18psi 4500-4800 stall. Converter couplers very good in the top end. Minimal slippage.

Large B&M Supercooler, -8an bradid stainless lines, 9” Spal Fan

Only used Hyguard Tractor Oil

Powerhouse racing 3.5” steel drive shaft. With 1350 U-Joints.

Correct ratio speedometer internal gear set and modified TH400 speedo cable to allow oem supra speedometer to operate.

Transmission setup has less then 300 miles.

Cooling System, $1590

Mishimoto 3 core radiator and Mishimoto coolant overflow bottle

SPAL 13” Puller Fan

Mishimoto 12” pusher fan

TRD 160 Thermostat

Polished Stainless radiator cooling panel

OEM engine underpanel

Vented Aftermarket hood

Turbo-A-Duct in front bumper

Two Bottles Redline Water Wetter and water only

Rear Differential/Rear Suspension, $6570

Ford Cobra 8.8 Aluminum IRS- Custom Mounted with solid bushings by D3 Performance Engineering

Reinforcement bars added to subframe to support hard track launches

LPW Differential Cover with support from both sides unlike oem cobra only supports one side.

Strange 3.55 Ratio Gears

Strange 1350 Yoke

Strange Steel Spool 31 spline

Drive Shaft Shop Pro Level axles. Custom 33 spline supra spindles by DSS

A1 Racing Adjustable Camber bars

A1 Racing Traction Bars

Suspension Techniques rear sway bar

Custom Adjustable Sway Bar end links

Beech Performance Solid Subframe bushings

Viking performance double adjustable coilovers

Viking Performance 10” Springs

All alignment eccentric bolts replaced with new oem bolts.

Energy Suspension Bushings throughout entire suspension

Front Suspension/Steering, $1400

Viking Performance Double Adjustable Coilovers

Viking Performance 10” Springs

Suspension Techniques front sway bar(not installed for drag racing)

All energy suspension busings

Tie rod ends inner and outer new

Ball joints new

Flaming rivers 15:1 ratio manual steering rack- Fox Body.

Custom rack mount

Polyurethane rack bushings.

Safety- $1750

8pt Roll Cage 1-3/4”x.083" wall 4130 Chromoly Tubing

D3 Performance Engineering driveshaft loop

OEM Belly pan with custom engine diaper material attached

5pt OBX Harness on drivers seat. Passenger seat harness not installed

OEM seatbelts on both seat installed for basic street driving.

Brakes- $1300

PBR Dual Piston Aluminum front calipers (94-2004 Cobra Brakes)

13” Front rotors Drilled/Slotted. Hubcentric Cobra Rotors

Stock rear brakes- Rebuilt oem calipers.

EBC Yellow pads front and rear

Goodrich bradid stainless lines all around.

Wilwood 7/8 Tandem Master cylinder with customer Toyota MK3 to Domestic two bolt adapter.

Custom master cylinder to shock tower brace to prevent movement when brakes are pressed hard. Very firm pedal feel.

Exterior, $5810

Factory Toyota “Super Red” Code 3E5 paint. Oem 1991 Color and original color for this car. Replaced exterior door handles at time of paint for smooth operation. Replaced front windshield and windshield trim at same time. All glass and trim was removed at time of paint. Engine bay was stripped of all removable parts, most holes shaved. Bay was painted and cleared to match exterior. Subframe was cleaned and painted black as well. Car was never wrecked in my ownership. Clean Carfax history as well. Pictures of body before paint available.

Shaved Antenna

Shaved rear wiper

Turbo-A- Duct in front bumper

Euro white/amber front lens. OEM Toyota Parts

New 91/92 Black Toyota Emblem front

New Oem center grilles and mounting hardware

Advan Carbon Fiber vented hood with custom hood support shocks and aerocatch hood latches. Stock hood latch is still in place and operational. Hood color matched to factory paint.

This car has two sets of doors. One set is 100% oem. With clean no damaged factory door panels with grey leather. Painted perfectly when car was painted. Both doors are perfectly painted to match the vehicle. Both sets of doors have their own mirrors which are also color matched.

The second set of doors are the race track doors. They were gutted completely removing 43lbs from each door. A window frame was made and Lexan Glass was installed. They have custom door panes with a pull handle. The molding trim holes were shaved and the key holes were shaved. The oem door latch is still inside. These doors are very light. Can pick them up with one hand only.

Interior, $1270

JZA70-R Momo Supra Steering wheel with horn pad. Working horn

Kirkey Aluminum Bucket Seats. 15.5” Drivers, 17.5” Passenger. Both seats on sliders.

Oem Seat belts and Seat belt brackets in place and operational.

5pt harness on driver’s seat.

All factory grey door panels in perfect condition.

Dash in perfect condition

Alpine Radio with Ipod. Ipod classic 40gb included. 1000’s of songs loaded. Oem Speakers in perfect condition. Rear Speaker bass boxes sound great.

3 gauge piller pod. PLX Wideband Gauge, ProEFI 52mm Cangauge, PLX 60psi boost gauge with peak recall.

All the stock gauges (speedo, oil pressure, coolant temp, Voltage) operate correctly.

Custom 185mph speedo and 9k RPM gauge overlays.

Lighting, $300

LED Lights- Dome, parking, license plate, reverse, door lights, all stock gauges and climate controls.

Glass Projector headlamps with 6000k HID. Very clean and bright.

Wheels, $5282

ARP Extended Wheel Studs front and rear.

Set 1- CCW Classic Polished Drag Pack. 17x5 front. MH Racemaster Street Front Runners, 16x10 Rear. 295/55-16 Mickey Thompson ET Street II. Toyota Hubcentric

Set 2- Racestar Polished 15x10. 275/60-15 Mickey Thompson Radial Pro, 17x4.5 MH Racemaster Front Runner Skinny. Custom Aluminum Toyota Hubcentric rings.

Set 3- Stock MKIV Supra Twin Turbo silver painted wheels with center caps. Used as rollers or normal driving wheels. 245 front tires. 275 Rear tires.

All three sets of wheels are hubcentric and have correct lug nuts with wheel locks.

Extras- Around $4500 worth of extra parts. Some items not added in since they were considered in above totals.

- Sparco R100 Black seats with white stitching. These are mint condition very little use. Perfect for street use. Still very light weight. Can be bolted to existing seat sliders that the Kirkey seats are installed on.

5pt harness for passenger seat not installed.

Brand new aftermarket direct oem fitment grey carpet. With correct floor mats. This was purchased and never installed. Still new in box.

Complete OEM Power steering system. Rebuilt pump, Bradid -6 line, Rebuilt steering rack, pump brackets, bolts, mishimoto reservoir and steering linkage. Removed in perfect working order.

Complete A/C system. Rebuilt compressor, new drier, expansion valve, condenser, evaporator, all lines, pressure switch. Removed in working order. A/C used to be very cold in this car. Nothing was damaged or cut when removed.

Brake booster, Rebuilt master cylinder and lines, easily reinstalled if power brakes are desired.

Oem Manual transmission brake pedal if smaller brake pedal is desired or switch to manual trans.

Transking TH400 Torque Convertor. Designed to work with oem flywheel and Toyota bell housing. Bolts included. Convertor was used for the 8.44 pass and all other previous passes. It was my perfect street convertor. Loosely stalled to help spool up quicker on the street or at the track with no spray on footbrake. Perfect condition. Stall around 3000-3500 no spray. 4800-5000 with 100shot.

Stock mint condition hood. Painted at same time as the car. Hood was only on the car for a few weeks before the carbon vented hood was installed. This hood was put into climate controlled storage. Can be bolted right back onto the car if desired.

Stock three piece oem 89-92 turbo spoiler. Factory red color but not painted to match cars new paint job. Still faded red original 1991 paint.

Three center valve cover spark plug covers. D3PE cover, one Oem Grey cover.

One Complete 2JZ-GE block- Good stock bore. Ready for a build as a spare

Two 2JZ Cranks. Good condition spares.

One Fully CNC Ported Head (Saad Racing 2JZ CNC Program by Direct Motion) , Ferrea Bronze Valve Guides, Cut for 1mm OS Valves. Head has one damaged port that needs repair. This is a badass head once repaired. I planned to build a spare full crete race motor with the spare block and head. But they would also make a good backup for the current motor. Currently Sent out for repair now.

Spare set of L19 Head studs.

Spare set of stainless 1mm OS Ferrea Exhaust Valves.

Lots of little 2jz parts- Starter, alternator, valve locks, old stock valves, springs, ETC if desired.

NEX Coilovers. Top hats are being used on the current Viking performance setup.

Stock Rear sway bar included.

Suspension Techniques front sway bar and links. Not installed when drag raced.

New in box OEM Toyota front fender liners.

New in box engine oil cooler kit with cooler, lines and sandwhic plate. Oil temps do not get too high in this car so the cooler was never installed.

OEM Ford 8.8” 3.27 ring and pinion. Used for 500 miles.

3” steel drive shaft, TH400 to 8.8 stock flange. For MK3 supra. Great for under 1000hp.

55 Gallon Drum of Ignite E98 Fuel. Unopened Currently.

Some of the above mentioned extra parts are just the stock removed parts, spare race parts for different setups or parts purchased as a backup “just in case”.

Parts Total-= $69879 I’m not including installed labor, tuning or track support, shipping or discounted parts sold to me at a sponsorship rate. Also not including the value of the car itself. I’m showing just the cost of the parts, some machine work and a little fabrication.

Consider another 100k+ in labor/fabrication to replicate this build at a shop with a 50hr labor rate.

Price- $50,000 obo, only make an offer in private PM, Email. Serious offers only. Equal Trades may be considered if I can sell your trade for this asking price or you put cash on top of the trade to equal asking price. Possibly willing to deliver car and all parts up to 1500 miles from Houston, TX. Details can be worked out upon purchase.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WtASaRg6f9c 8.44 pass by D3 Performance Engineering

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3CS8yMMbUIc 8.82 pass by Gearhead Flicks

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rVULcGM4Hao 8.89 first 8 second pass by 1320 video

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3NWKnQ9IC9E Very old video with some street racing, first 10 second pass. Car was also on a stock 2jz-gte motor and 5-speed trans.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n3hNj58wJLw Roll Racing- My supra VS 1000+whp Black MKIV supra and a 1200+whp GTR. I win all races.

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