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For Sale: EAGLE RODS FORD SBF and 4.6 modular blowout


Ad #182155659   Posted:2014-05-26 10:07:40

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Complete shop liquidation special pricing:
List details:
All parts are:
New complete normal
1. price is firm
2. don't ask for something different
3. YOU need to determine if the part is right for you.
4. more info @ www.eaglerod.com
5. all Eagle parts are ESP
ESP has always meant Eagle Specialty Products
6. Please email questions

crs5933f8740 375.00 std replacement dimensions 4.6ltr
crs5950f3d 375.00 1.899 rod for stroker crank

sir5400cb 170.00 .927 pin 2.1" rod
crs5400f3d 200.00 927 pin 2.0 rod journal
crs5400c3d 300.00 927 pin 2.1" journal
crs5315f3d 300.00 .912pin 2.1" journal
crs5315c3d 300.00 .927pin 2.1 journal

sir5956fp 170.00 press pin 351w rod
sir 5956fb 190.00 bushed pin 351w rod
Shipping cost to the 48 states is 25.00 for the first set, 10.00 for each additional set ordered/ paid for at the same time.
If you arrange to pick it up, there are no shipping costs.
DISCLAIMER: Read this ad before contacting me. Please respect that I will answer questions and answer them honestly… Please understand that I took the time to type all the info with part numbers, so you can research the products for sale. Only a fool asks the seller to “sell” them on the product. There are 100 million part numbers out there. Please do not call and say “What do y’all got?” Yes, we all are interested in anything cheap, but the odds are not good that I will entertain you on the phone. I have stuff to do. So do you. If you have a list of items, [be specific], type the list and email it to me. If there are 10 things you want… it is easier to check that, than ask what I have. If our conversation reaches that point, where I let you know that we won’t be able to sell you anything, and I ask you to have a nice day, and I excuse myself from the conversation, that is being polite. PLEASE think before you call right back to start screaming and acting more stupid.

PRIOR TO PURCHASING: Please check out the part # you are interested in buying and verify that it is correct for your needs. Check with your engine builder etc… Please make an informed decision, when you do buy.
14 day return policy. New in the box still sealed returns only. Sorry, they seem to lose parts or get damaged once folks try to install them, and then want to ship them back. We don’t think that you would want to receive one that someone messed with first. Right? Also, no refunds on the shipping. Just because someone changed their mind, doesn’t mean that the shipping cost didn’t happen.

We accept postal money orders [USPS], cashier’s checks from normal banks, visa and mastercard over the phone [we only ship to the name and address on the credit card]. Cash if you want to pick it up. Also, no shipping charges on pick ups.

If you happen to be in the Las Vegas area and like to make large purchases of speed parts or equipment, we can set up an appointment to have you go shopping. [10k minimum purchase for special pricing.] This is done with cash or wire transfer, and we help you load it up as you leave. We are selling off the whole shop.

FYI: Anyone who knows me or Dyno-Flo, knows that I burned out on talking to folks a long time ago. Also, contrary to loud stupid folks that I won’t sell to, I actually had a choice to continue to work in my business and make money, or quit. I had been unsatisfied for a long time. I quit. My choice. Most folks won’t understand, but in this business “racing”, it has gotten down right dirty. To clarify, not tough, tough I can do, dirty, skanky, sleezy is what I am talking about. When people in the business all around you start acting more and more seedy, when vendors you have written millions of dollars of checks to, try to cheat you, and then sell direct to your customers, when competitors have to resort to outright lies and distortion of truth to sell anything, when employees learn that they can get paid almost as much on unemployment as working so why try to do the job correctly, when the government sees that you are still making it, so they jump on your back to grab more of every dollar to support the lazy aSSes out there, when folks in the business who call themselves your competitors, call and ask me how to do something, or how to source something, while saying they are one of my customers, when folks talk $hit about me without even knowing me, and when people call me on the phone and try to find a way to get what I am selling without paying for it, or playing some b.s. game. It reminds me of a phrase I saw on a billboard once “ The only winner in a rat race is a Rat.”. Well, no I’m not. I am not going to go down that road for anyone, least of all folks that never gave a shit. I am a great friend. I am extremely honest and trustworthy. This life isn’t “Shawshank Redemption” I don’t have to swim in sewage to get through it. I have done an honest business for 17+ years. Regardless of what forums of loud mouth individuals that think that this is their chance at notoriety. Fuque you bitches. When you have nothing on the line, and you have no money, and you don’t use your own name, you are a bitch. You want to know what is swinging? When you take everything you have, and swing as hard as you can everyday, do or die. Put your name on it, and be proud. I succeeded, while watching folks who never risked more than a car payment or a house payment, say that I am a poser or wannabe. Now, I don’t know who is more pathetic, the ding dong flunky a$$ who acts like he could do everything better, or the folks who reads what he writes… cuz that is actually all he does..AND ACTUALLY BELIEVES HIM. My nut was 75k per month, 12 families to feed. There are children that I look at as mine in a way, their families relied on me to support them. So, all who want to talk, do it. You are good at it. Yellow Bullet is full of folks who can talk the talk. It is not where the weak are killed and eaten. It is where the weak congregate in groups, put on masks, arms themselves in groups, and then go attack individuals, without ever putting any of their skin on the line. Remember the Christians and the lions… yellowbullet are the folks in the stands. Not the lions. The Christians were not weak. They were killed and eaten by lions, not by the folks in the stands.
Take a moment and read posts about other people like Tiger Woods etc… wow, so much hate. You know that they don’t actually know him. Does bashing someone like him make your life better? The truth is this: those who read it, don’t care about you. So, it won’t make you bigger or better in their eyes. But, I can promise you this, you have to please you. If you are waiting for others to be wowed by your actions, it will be a long road. If you want a better life, don’t try to bring others down, so yours seems brighter… go out and make your life better.

So, at the end of the day, I know that I am not going the direction this party is headed, so I quit. To elaborate, in December 2012, I stopped answering the phone one day, because of the folks who just couldn’t be straight up. After 3 days, I decided, that I wasn’t going to do it anymore. I had planned to go another year or whatever, but it just wasn’t worth it to me. So, I quit. I am done, y’all can have it to do as you wish. I choose to head to a happier place. I truly wish you, your family, your town, your state, and this country; the greatest health, love, success and longevity.

Business Phone Number: 702 778-3312
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This ad expired 88 days ago.
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