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For Sale: 1930 Ford Model A Coupe Very cool project

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See other adds for a bunch of pics

I have decided to put my 1930 Ford Model A Coupe all Ford Powered project up for sale or possible trade. I started building this project with an old buddy of mine about five years ago. There is way too much to list, I know I will forget a bunch of stuff, I will try to describe what I have here.
The Rolling chassis..... We started with a set of 32 rails, and my buddy created a masterpiece of a rolling chassis, He is a welder, fabricator and let me tell you it shows in this rolling chassis. The little attention to detail is something you have to see in person. Little things like having little threaded anchor points for brake and fuel lines, to just beautiful welding and craftsmanship. You can see in the pics that it is a very nice chassis.
The drivetrain is all Ford. The whole project was intended to be all Ford, You can see a million smallblock chevy coupes and hotrods running around, But it is just cool to have it be all ford. The engine is a 289, my buddy bought a 65 galaxie from a friend of his that had this motor in it, it was all rebuilt and it ran great, so that was the donor motor for this project, The dual quad intake and carbs are brand new, never had gas in them. The galaxie had a four speed in it, but he wanted a automatic for this project so he traded the four speed for a rebuilt automatic that another friend had. The rearend is out of a early 70s mustang. I don't know what gear ratio it is, but it was I believe a 71 mach 1 mustang.
He spent $12,000 in parts for this build. I don't even know for sure how many boxes of new parts I have for this thing. I have taken pics here so you can see the extent of the parts that I have for this car. About the only thing needed to buy yet is a radiator and grill shell and a wiring harness. Plus whatever interior stuff you want. I have pretty much everything else.
The wheels and tires are brand new. I have all new lug nuts and the center caps. The straight axle and disc brake stuff is really nice stuff. Not the cheap tube drop axle. He was building this thing to be his for life and he didn't want to skimp on anything. all bolts for pretty much everything are stainless allen head bolts. All new in bags still. The gauges are all MOON gauges, with SW speedo and tach if I remember right. The fuel cell is beautiful, I don't know if I have a picture ready to post here of it, but it is a beautiful aluminum cell with the sending unit. The lake headers are new. He bought new door handles, pads for all the pedals, all the little stuff that set apart from just using what you have, to making it shine...
All the little stuff, alt, starter, new flywheel, new stainless overflow tank, the list goes on and on. I will show pics of the open boxes and you can see the parts, but you have to see it all in person to get a grasp of how he planned this thing out. He wanted every single part on hand so as we put it together, we didn't have to wait for anything. The headlights and garnish moldings are all in one box.
I have one box, the large thin box, with I believe every single patch panel needed to fix the body up. All high quality panels. Brand new.
The body has had the tubing structure all made up and it is mounted to the frame. We didn't chop the top, because he never could make up his mind if we were going to do a three inch chop or a five inch chop.
In the boxes of parts, all new brakes, backing plates, hardware kits for the rear. like I said the entire front end is brand new.
I don't know how much more I can list here without sounding like I am rambling on. Anyone that has built one of these knows how hard it is to have all of these parts and how much it would cost to scrape them all up. You know what this rolling chassis is worth. You know what these wheels and tires are worth. Basically all that is left is to chop it if you want and patch up the body.
The parts that I have for this thing are going to make this not just a rat rod that we use whatever parts we can scrounge. This is going to be a really nice hot rod when it is done.
I ended up with the car because my old buddy has been fighting cancer for about a decade. He had a few things he still wanted to do on a motorcycle, and I happened to have a pristine old Harley that I wanted him to do it on. So that is why I ended up with the Model A. I intended on finishing the build, and if it doesn't sell, I will. but it is going to be a while and I figure if it sells, fine, if not, fine also.
I am asking $14,900 for every single thing that I have for this project..... WHICH INCLUDES THE 1930 TITLE.......
I will NOT separate anything.... as if it doesn't sell, I want it all.
$14,900 is a steal for what I have here. I see some total crap online for sale when it comes to traditional rods, or what everyone calls rat rods, and they are asking 15 to 25 grand for some pretty cobbed up stuff. This is not that caliber. all that is left is the body work, this build is really nice.
I have seen and priced rolling chassis that are no where near as nice as this one and they are at least 10 grand, The wheels and tires are about $1500 if not more. The motor and trans 2 grand with the new intake and carbs and the lake headers. The body is worth at least 3000, I sold a sedan body a couple months ago for 2500 and that's a sedan. I have been watching couple bodies, and I have seen some pretty darn rough stuff for between 2500 and 3500. And the title...... The guy that bought my sedan offered me $1000 for this 30 title for his brothers coupe, they were just about done with the car and he told me they couldn't find a title to save their butt.
So you can see, There is far more value parting this thing out than what I am asking for it. $14,900 is a very fair price for what I have. Still gives you room to be in it decent also. I just simply don't want to part it out. Like I said, if it doesn't sell, I will finish it, and I will finish it the way we planned.
I would be interested in some trades, But that price I gave, that's a cash price, greenbacks...... So a trade, I will have to really want it. and it has to be worth at least every penny of my asking price, or please, lets not waste anyones time.
Trades could include a very nice newer pickup, must be a 4x4. Possibly a diesel, but it doesn't have to be. But please, nothing with a ton of miles. A really nice lifted, newer extended cab or 4 door truck would be great. Also, a nice lifted jeep, That is something I would be open to. Partial trades of a very nice lifted jeep Cherokee, the older square ones, or a nice 70s Cherokee. But again it must be really nice. Or, I really like old anything. An old four wheel drive pickup, love the 70s fords, but I like all of them. I like many old cars also, from classics to muscle to hotrods or possibly a nice drag car. All brands. Partial trades on tactical items of very high caliber also would be considered.
I am open to many things, again, please just be fair. On my end, My price is what I need to sell it, I don't need to sell it, but I will for that much. I don't care how much someone can get it somewhere else, I only really care about this one. I don't mean any disrespect by that, but it seems I usually get numerous emails pointing that out.
I am very fair, I will work with you to make a smooth transaction any way I can. I buy and sell old cars and Harleys from time to time, and I always want both parties happy, I would rather have you be thrilled with our deal and gain a friend, than to have any hard feelings.
Message me through Racing Junk, I will respond quickly.
Thank you for your time and interest, and have a blessed day.

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