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For Sale: Dart Iron LS Next, Next 2 and SHP blocks


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For Sale: Dart Iron LS Next, Next 2 and SHP blocks

This ad expires in 22 days.

The photo above shows what can be done with an LS Next block. This killer twin-turbo, 427ci LS7 we built was featured front and center at the Dart booth during PRI2014.

Whether you are looking for an LS Next or any other Dart product, please give us a call at 815-725-2727.
Above Added: Thu April 9, 2015, 2:33 pm EST
The LS Next2 block displayed at PRI 2014 will soon be released. It features 2.75" Ford type main bearings for an even stronger bottom end.

There are a wide range of other available options such as raised cam, tall deck, 0.5" head bolts and Darton sleeved. We can supply blocks with any combination of these options, and either raw or fully machined. Already have heads but want 0.5" bolts? Send us the heads and we will ream them for you.

As the leading builder of LS Next engines, we can take your project further from short block to fully dressed crate engine with whatever type of power adder you want - and whatever horsepower you want.

Call and ask for Ken at 815-725-2727.
Above Added: Wed February 25, 2015, 5:40 am EST
We can offer Dart LS Next blocks in any stage of completion from "in-the-box" to a complete crate engine. Our LS Next builds have been featured on four separate occasions by Engine Labs. Our fully machined blocks (as shown below) can put you on the track to getting the kind of results shown in those Engine Labs articles and far beyond what is possible using out-of-the -box parts.

Call us to discuss your project at 815-727-2727.
Above Added: Fri November 28, 2014, 6:24 am EST
Optional fully prepped block ready for assembly includes:
-Square Deck to Height on 4-Axis Rottler CNC
-Deburr Entire Block & Main Caps.
-Hone Cylinders w/ Torque Plate
-Alighnhone Mains, Hone Lifter Bores
-CNC Chamfer Cylinders
-Final Clean Block and Paint with Primer
-Install Dart Cam Bearings & Test Fit Cam
-Install Oil Galley and Freeze Plugs

$3100. Includes Free Shipping to Continental US ($150+ Value) Cam Bearings, Freeze Plugs & Oil Galley Plugs ($130 Value).
Above Added: Wed May 14, 2014, 11:33 am EST

The LS Next block is the first significant change in the bottom end architecture of the LS engine platform. By eliminating the “Y-block” design and utilizing conventional style main caps and oil pans, (stock pans can be used with Moroso oil pan spacers) Dart has addressed the problems resulting from the LS engine’s separated crankcase bays. Windage is greatly reduced, resulting in increased power and improved lubrication.

This design change led to several additional improvements. The main webs are significantly stronger because the bay to bay breathing windows are eliminated in Dart’s design. Deleting the windows also allows the cylinder barrels to be extended by .3750” into the crank case, providing greater piston support at the bottom of the stroke. Two standard bore sizes are available, 4.000” and 4.125”. Maximum bore of 4.220” for iron and 4.165” for aluminim, or optional Darton M.I.D. sleeve kit allowing up to 4.220” bore.

All stock and aftermarket LS components can be utilized. Conventional style 4-bolt steel main caps are used. A 5/8” thick full deck design is utilized for superior strength, with six head bolts per cylinder to provide secure clamping. Dart’s priority main oiling system ensures high rpm reliability and includes provision for oil restrictors in the lifter valley.


• Dart’s LS Next block is cast in the USA with premium cast iron
alloy or aluminum

• Conventional style 4-bolt steel main caps with 7/16” bolts are used

• Full main webbing for maximum bottom end strength

• Cylinder barrels are extended by .3750” at the bottom, providing greater
piston support for all combinations

• 9.240” deck height, with options of 9.450" are available which allows
for a possible effective barrel length of 9.825” deck block

• Extra thick Siamese cylinder bores allow for larger displacement
capacity and a max bore size of at least 4.220”

• A 5/8” thick full deck design with a 9.240” deck height

• Six head bolts per cylinder provide secure clamping for power
adder applications

• Head bolts are upgraded to 7/16” for increased strength

• Blind head bolt holes don’t go through into the water jacket

• Provision for oil restrictors in the lifter valley

• Revised low restriction priority main oiling system

• Pro-Stock / Pro-Mod big block style stepped main oil galley

• An external oil filter must be used with stock or aftermarket oil pumps

• Dual starter mounts

• The water jacket on the #1 cylinder has been expanded for
additional cooling capacity

• LSX style lifter bosses and dog bone provision are provided

Option 1:
Bare Block Straight from Dart
4.000 or 4.125 Cylinder Bores:
Free Shipping to Continental US
($150+ Value) - 2% Discount for Cash, Check or Chase Quick Pay

Option 2:
Fully Prepped Block Ready for Assembly.
-Square Deck to Height on 4-Axis Rottler CNC
-Deburr Entire Block & Main Caps.
-Hone Cylinders w/ Torque Plate
-Alighnhone Mains, Hone Lifter Bores
-CNC Chamfer Cylinders
-Final Clean Block and Paint with Primer
-Install Dart Cam Bearings & Test Fit Cam
-Install Oil Galley and Freeze Plugs

$3100. Includes Free Shipping to Continental US ($150+ Value) Cam Bearings, Freeze Plugs & Oil Galley Plugs ($130 Value).

Borowski Race Enterprises

Custom CNC Engine Builders for Street, Race, Restoration & Marine. Est. 1968.

Our state-of-the-art CNC equipment is the most advanced available in the region. The staff boasts more than 100 years of collective experience and include accomplished racers and crew chiefs. This combination of machinery and experience mean that your engine will have more horsepower and reliability. It also allows us to turn your project around quickly.

The Benefits of a Borowski-Built Engine

1.Custom Made to Your Exact Specifications: With our guidance, you pick the sound, look, power and accessories. We make it happen.

2.Technical Knowledge: We make cutting edge engines for a broad range of motorsports. In season, our staff is at the track and on the water to help keep you ahead of the pack.

3.Machining Capabilities: Our CNC engine machining equipment and shop professionals are second to none. That shows in our build quality, reliability and performance.

4.Quality: Our levels of care and precision go far beyond OEM or standard aftermarket. Machining and assembly of your project is performed only by highly skilled technicians.

5.Predictability: On-time and on-budget

6.Build Time: Thanks to our CNC processes, we can complete machining quickly. We have strong relationships with our key suppliers which helps avoid delay waiting for parts.

7.Transparency: Your entire build is photographed and documented. Progress pictures are uploaded and viewable on our Flickr. You are welcome to visit in person any time and will be invited to attend the video-taped dyno session.

8.Honesty and Integrity as evidenced by our A+ rating and accreditation by Better Business Bureau.

9.Our Warranty

1545 Mound Road
Rockdale, IL 60436

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Business Phone Number: 815-725-2727
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Instructions for buyer: We are first in line to receive a shipment of Dart's new SHP version of the LS block. This block will be at a much lower price point and more closely mimic the GM block geometry for better parts interchangeability.

Our order is in now. Yours should be too. Call now to reserve one before they sell out. 815-725-2727

This ad expires in 22 days.
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